So today marks the beginning of the last 100 days before graduation. Inspired by Eddie’s #thesisselfieproject, I’m gonna document them by taking a pic a day for #thelast100

Day 100: Found Herbert being productive and looking rull kiute in a small nook in Quincy.

So in case it wasn’t brutally clear, I’ve decided to document my journey into the unknown. I’m going to take one selfie a day until March 15th when my thesis is due. Mostly because I’ll force myself to look cute for the camera even if I don’t feel cute. All my thesis writing friends should try it too :) If you get tired of my face you can unsubscribe, unfollow or defriend. #thesis #jterm #thesisselfieproject

Day 33.5: Throw back to sophomore year in high school when I was taking selfies with my pig named Dawg. Raising Dawg was part of the curriculum for my high school Agriculture class. I have to say being part of FFA and raising animals for the fair was super empowering for me as a teen. I really miss working with the animals. #pigs #ffa #tbt #thesisselfieproject

Day 56: Finally finished. I haven’t slept in over 24 hours and I’m looking all kinds a mess but it’s over. “Alcanzando Victoria: Liberation and Vision at a Latino Pentecostal in Barcelona” Acabo de entregar mi tesis. No he dormido en mas que 24 horas y me siento muy fracasado pero en fin ya se acabó. “Alcanzando victoria: liberación y visión en una iglesia pentecostal y latina” #finished #done #turntin #thesisselfieproject #thesis (at Harvard Barker Center)

Day 36: Level D of Widener, the most terrifying and darkest place on campus. This is where books come to die. I’m pretty sure that the light at the end of this tunnel is the one that people with near-death experiences describe seeing. I could write a Study of Religion thesis about how this place is one of the layers of Dante’s Inferno. Every time I have to come down her I remember why people are afraid of the dark. I feel like I risked my life to bring you all today’s selfie. #thesisselfieproject #widener #harvardcollegelibrary (at Widener Library)