‘We stand on the shoulders of giants'—any woman who has gotten an education, gotten a divorce, owned property, voted in an election, or even worn pants stands on the shoulders of feminists. In treating “feminism” like a taboo word or in euphemistically calling it “the f-word” and conflating a political and ideological movement with a common curse, feminism is both stigmatized and trivialized.

reasons i LOVE perle noire:

she hardly ever wears heels, she’s clearly got some serious dance training, she incorporates african dance which makes her completely unique in the burlesque world (as far as i have seen), and hello, that final pose. damn. she rocks

Me, watching Daredevil: I recognize that the system is completely messed up and does a completely shit job at protecting the people it was theoretically designed to take care of, but what else do we have if not the nominal rule of law and a system to punish transgressors against it?

This week: *happens*

Me: I’m not a douchebag like Phoenix Jones, I could make it work. Let’s fuck some assholes up.


FINALLY got my thesis “The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9!” uploaded in HD!  It sounds soooo gooood now.


Okay, so over the last 8 weeks or so, I’ve read what probably amounts to my body weight in fanfiction, several times over. For a little more than three dozen of these pieces, I’ve developed a pretty cool annotation method. Here’s an example with Ash’s Drink It Down.

It’s a little tough to see the colors (my scanner isn’t that great) but here’s the basic rundown:

Pink is for references to explicitly canon facts, including names. Green is for implication: anything that is implied in canon but never explicitly stated. Blue is for accurate characterizations. Yellow (which aaahh is super hard to see) is for references to personal choice and agency.

Now, what’s the point of doing this, you ask? (Or not; I’m gonna tell you anyway).

Keep in mind I’ve done this with over three dozen pieces (Tower Tower took me a week and a half), representing five different ships (bubbline, fubblegum, finnceline, righteous flame, and marball). What I was looking for was a difference in the frequency of the colors, which I expected to find, since in the normative exclusionary matrix, the mechanics of shipping these pairings should be different. Righeous Flame should require less use of implication, for instance, because it’s canon. I also expected, based purely on the previous literature on the subject, to see differences in the mechanics of shipping queer and non-queer ships. The theory is that the vector for pairing off non-queer ships is more direct, i.e. there’s more canon material to draw from even if the ship itself is not canon.

Here’s what’s cool though: I didn’t find any difference at all.

This is true across any line of comparison I could come up with: queer/non-queer, canon/non-canon, across like pairings. It means a couple of things, most interestingly for me that within the space of fandom, the distinction between queer and non-queer ships is an arbitrary one. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t different, or that shipping a queer ship forces that ship to assume a heteronormative facade. Quite the opposite, in fact: it’s the heterosexual ships that I found the anomaly in. They should rely more on canon material, because ostensibly there is more for them to rely on, but they don’t. They assume the reliance on implication and analysis that previous literature on fan production says is only required for queering characters.

I don’t want to spoil too much of my thesis (lol I have fantasies of an audience innit cute?), but this means that both queerness and non-queerness are livable spaces within fandom. And hey, that’s kind of my whole point.

Here it is, here it is!! This is the first of three character models I’m doing for my thesis film. You can check out the original design here. You might recognize her, she’s one of my OCs that I’ve done drawings of. :D

I’ve been working really hard on this for the past couple months and I’m really proud of it so I hope you guys like it too. :’)

*I didn’t model the tombstones/shovel.


I finished my thesis project! It’s a 28 page recipe book for desserts from around the world! Here’s a few photos of the recipes inside <3

If you want a copy, you can pre-order it here! (comes with a free postcard print!)