thesis writing adventures


31.03.17 // Mini study desk!

Guys, check it out! My latest study investment: a wee adjustable laptop desk. Now I can work down on the floor without my back complaining. Every. Time.

Might also begin to use it as an art desk?

It’s been another full-on week, mainly because I was asked to provide extra cover at work. This is very helpful financially, but less so for my research progress. So, I’m trading off: I’m skipping out on this morning’s research seminar and calling it a writing day.

Task Priorities

  1. Finish article due today (not academic, though it’s about my research): Complete. Edit. Send. Update: Done
  2. Thesis writing: complete a very rough draft of the current section.
  3. Plan research: figure out the basic argument (and structure?) for next article on music as theology.

It’s a dreary day, and I don’t feel super awake yet. Still, it’s cosy inside, and I’m just grateful I don’t have to go anywhere further than my kitchen today.


aw heck, what’re these? Here’s a sneaky deaky preview of my @theadventurezine submission, and my artist icon for good measure. What could that spicy little wizard up there be so worried about?

The Adventure Zine Generosity campaign will be launching in a matter of days! I’ll be posting about it so you guys can learn about the Facing Hunger charity and the zine itself! Get hyped, friends!!!