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The discourse on fanfiction
Hi! My name is Kitti Mezriczky and I'm studying Literature and Linguistics. This is my last year at university and I'm writing my thesis about fanfictions. In this survey, I would like to ask a few questions about fanfictions and how the writers and the readers are treated both inside and outside of the fandom community. I am also interested in answers from people who neither read, nor write fanfics and the survey contains specific questions for them after the first section. I would encourage all of you to share my survey with your friends both inside and outside of fandom and I would be extremely thankful for the help in getting this to non-fandom members. Your answers are anonymous and will only be used for the purposes of my thesis. If you don't have an answer to a certain question, please write that down for me because that is also an important information for me. Thank you all for your help!

So, good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever time it is where you are!

I’m in my last year at college which means that I have to hand in my thesis until the middle of April. I was lucky enough to be able to choose a subject which is very, very close to my heart and that is *drumrolls* FANFICTION! Some of you may have read my earlier post about my struggle with this choice but all those struggles ended when I was thankfully allowed to choose that certain teacher as my advisor whom I originally wanted and whose class I have attended this spring.

Anyway, she was very enthusiastic about my subject and helped me decide what exactly it is that I want to focus on about fanfiction. First, I wanted to write about the Mary Sue character type and that’s still part of it, but after talking to her and presenting my arguments about why I want this subject so much, she helped me realize that actually I have a mission with all this and that mission could be present in my thesis without taking away from its scientific value.

Wondering what that mission is? It’s the same thing I talked about in my earlier post. I’d like to tell people that fanfcition is more than what most people think about it. It’s more than satisfying ourselves through badly written, cliched pornography with poor grammar. Fanfiction IS valuable, there are fanfictions that have actual, real literary value and I’d like to make people realize that. In order to do that we have to start talking about it outside of fandom, WE have to talk about it, WE, who write it, WE, who read it, WE, who love and create all the amazing fanart.

So, that’s the foundation of my thesis. I need to do research on the subject, so I created a survey about the following questions:  What do people think about the stories themselves? What do they think about the people who write it? What do they think about the people who read it? If you write, do you tell people (your friends, family, etc) or is it not something that you can proudly “advertise”? And if you read? Do you tell people that?

So, I would be very grateful if you followed the link below and answered my questions. It would be tremendously helpful, if you shared it with non-readers/writers because I’m interested in their answers too, since I have specific questions for them. You can even share it with non-fandom member friends or anyone you can think of, because I’m really curious about their opinion on fanfictions too.

If you have any questions or comments or anything, please feel free to message me, or you can send me an email at

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How much faster would time pass for us if the earth was motionless and as such we were as well at least compared to the current rotational speed of the earth, solar system, and galaxy (nevermind the other factors of life not working without rotation and such.)

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Are y’all just trying to get me to do your homework for you?

I feel like teachers are the people in my life who have either made me or broke me. After a year and a half with this frigid bitch of a professor I tutor for and nothing to show for it but a boatload of anxiety and feelings of invisibility and worthlessness, now I just want to cry happy tears because this other professor (an absolute angel…too pure for this world) has been advising me on this tremendously stressful honors thesis, and he is so kind to me and makes me feel competent and exceptional.

And this young hunter trainer just doesn’t give a flying fuck about me; she’s extremely immature and scatterbrained, yet she overcompensates by acting like a pretentious bitch. But little does she know that I’m checking out another barn this weekend… an eventing trainer that retrains/sells ottbs. Fingers crossed I finally find a trainer while I’m at college that 1. doesn’t insult me 2. won’t turn me into a floppy fish.

I can’t stand being treated like trash anymore. Out with the old, in with the new. That’s my kind of spring cleaning!


Utena has turned into a car.

I think it is incumbent on the viewer at this point to try to unravel both why this makes sense as a gesture and why it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Point 1: It’s a magical girl transformation sequence.  Ikuhara, having worked on Sailor Moon, knows all about this stuff.  The beats of a transformation sequence are as follows: upon activation of an arcane device, a girl loses all her clothes and emerges clad in fetish gear.  The ideal transformation sequence from a commercial perspective ends up with a girl wearing an outfit which appeals as much to young girls as it does to grown men.   As has previously been established, grown men like cars – but this car is hot pink, shaped like a uterus and is trying as hard as it can to be a horse.  Or two horses.   It is a “car” in the same sense that Sailor Moon is a “high school girl”.   It has been optimized to serve all of the needs of the academy at once.

Point 2:  What we are dramatizing here is the fact that despite her avowed wish to leave the academy Utena has still been socialized in patriarchy and therefore cannot fully transcend her status as a player of the academy’s game.   When she took Anthy’s hand and led her in the general direction of “out” she was still playing prince, saving the damsel in distress.  This gesture does not work because the academy owns it.   When she attempts it, she is revealed as what the academy forces her to be: an object.  An exciting, ambiguously-gendered object, admittedly, an object which is absolutely up to date and this year’s model, but an object that is nonetheless made to please a particular audience.  As long as Utena can still be the receptacle of male fantasy – as prince or princess – the story cannot work.

Point 3: Back in the old academy Anthy’s role in the final confrontation was to get stabbed a whole lot and lie in a coffin.   Of course, something important and transformative did take place there, and the gesture that changed the academy did come from Anthy in the end; but she didn’t look cool doing it.  Utena did all of the on-screen work.   If Anthy is retelling the story here she wants to emphasize that despite all of Utena’s princely self-sacrifice the most difficult thing anyone did in that room was reach out of that coffin.  She also wants to emphasize that she’s the top.

Akio killed himself earlier because he was unable to find his “key”.  He lost it when he realized that Anthy was, if not enjoying herself, at least tacitly “consenting” to what he had been doing to her, which was, as far as he was concerned, not nearly as hot as the whole drugged princess routine. Anthy, however, already has Utena’s key. Get it?  What we are emphasizing here, in case anyone got the wrong idea from the TV-mandated chasteness of the original series, is that queer desire is actually an integral part of the revolutionary moment.  Anthy is able to go through with this because she really, sincerely wants to fuck Utena’s brains out.

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It just occurred to me that by the end of this liveblog journey (if not already let’s be honest) you could say the “I’ve written so much on it I could write a book” thing that people always say, and it would be legitimate. I am tempted to just compile all the words you’ve written from your liveblog posts on TRC and see how much you’ve said, because the word count would be massive~

I love that this is so entirely true. 

Compiling all the words I’ve written would be an absolute nightmare, but every time I log in to Tumblr it likes to remind me just how many posts I’ve made. 

Granted, not all of those will be about Tsubasa, but in a few chapters I will easily pass the 5000 post mark. 

Multiply however many words I put into each post by 5000 and you get a horrifying number of words.

I might get another opal scroll

That calls for a new pair

I’m talking chrome automaton skydancer sentinels
Now with cracks to show the ice magic within
Super creepy and unable to talk but they might be super nice if you get to know them???

Anyway! Who’s in?


reasons i LOVE perle noire:

she hardly ever wears heels, she’s clearly got some serious dance training, she incorporates african dance which makes her completely unique in the burlesque world (as far as i have seen), and hello, that final pose. damn. she rocks