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I genuinely think that “I don’t know, but if we can trade it for Lydia Spring I should think it’s our top priority” is my absolute favourite line from Dirk Gently season one because it feels like such a deliberate fuck you to the caricature of the ~clever and quirky~ detective who has to be reminded that what they’re doing - the mystery they’re solving - isn’t just a game. There are real people getting hurt. The bodies are piling up (literally, in the Animal Transfer Unit).

Because Amanda thinks that almost being burned alive is so punk, Todd’s building a mystery machine while on a gay puzzle quest in the woods, and Dirk traded the corvette for the jeep so the boys could have a sleepover under the stars. They’re all trying to work out what the hell is going on, and it’s a wild ride but they’re all feeling so alive for the first time in a long time and it’s gorgeous watching them all thrive under pressure.

But underneath all of that, Dirk’s just desperately trying to help Farah save a lost girl. He’s willing to admit (on occasion) that he doesn’t know anything. He has no clue what the map is leading them to. He doesn’t know what their machine is, or whether they’ve collected all of the parts, or even whether Todd’s assembled it correctly. He’s not great at dealing with people but he makes the effort - partially because he’s lonely, but also because he knows that he needs support if he’s ever going to solve the mystery.

The CIA are looking to drag him back for further experimentation but his “top priority” is still Lydia Spring and I’m honestly overwhelmed.
The discourse on fanfiction
Hi! My name is Kitti Mezriczky and I'm studying Literature and Linguistics. This is my last year at university and I'm writing my thesis about fanfictions. In this survey, I would like to ask a few questions about fanfictions and how the writers and the readers are treated both inside and outside of the fandom community. I am also interested in answers from people who neither read, nor write fanfics and the survey contains specific questions for them after the first section. I would encourage all of you to share my survey with your friends both inside and outside of fandom and I would be extremely thankful for the help in getting this to non-fandom members. Your answers are anonymous and will only be used for the purposes of my thesis. If you don't have an answer to a certain question, please write that down for me because that is also an important information for me. Thank you all for your help!

So, good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever time it is where you are!

I’m in my last year at college which means that I have to hand in my thesis until the middle of April. I was lucky enough to be able to choose a subject which is very, very close to my heart and that is *drumrolls* FANFICTION! Some of you may have read my earlier post about my struggle with this choice but all those struggles ended when I was thankfully allowed to choose that certain teacher as my advisor whom I originally wanted and whose class I have attended this spring.

Anyway, she was very enthusiastic about my subject and helped me decide what exactly it is that I want to focus on about fanfiction. First, I wanted to write about the Mary Sue character type and that’s still part of it, but after talking to her and presenting my arguments about why I want this subject so much, she helped me realize that actually I have a mission with all this and that mission could be present in my thesis without taking away from its scientific value.

Wondering what that mission is? It’s the same thing I talked about in my earlier post. I’d like to tell people that fanfcition is more than what most people think about it. It’s more than satisfying ourselves through badly written, cliched pornography with poor grammar. Fanfiction IS valuable, there are fanfictions that have actual, real literary value and I’d like to make people realize that. In order to do that we have to start talking about it outside of fandom, WE have to talk about it, WE, who write it, WE, who read it, WE, who love and create all the amazing fanart.

So, that’s the foundation of my thesis. I need to do research on the subject, so I created a survey about the following questions:  What do people think about the stories themselves? What do they think about the people who write it? What do they think about the people who read it? If you write, do you tell people (your friends, family, etc) or is it not something that you can proudly “advertise”? And if you read? Do you tell people that?

So, I would be very grateful if you followed the link below and answered my questions. It would be tremendously helpful, if you shared it with non-readers/writers because I’m interested in their answers too, since I have specific questions for them. You can even share it with non-fandom member friends or anyone you can think of, because I’m really curious about their opinion on fanfictions too.

If you have any questions or comments or anything, please feel free to message me, or you can send me an email at

I’ll tag some of my favorite people and dear friends on here and I would be eternally grateful if you could signal boost this. THANK YOU!! 😚💕💕 (Please forgive me if I tagged you and you don’t want to be tagged, I only try to get this to as many people as I can. I need around 100 people to fill the questionnaire.)  

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i just lost almost all of my work which i loved and was proud of. any tips on how to Not Give Up On Writing Completely?

my professor once told me a story: she had a friend in college who wrote her graduate thesis, it was there, it was typed, she was happy with it

but this was a time before auto-save or google doc or a great way to back things up (tho she could have and didn’t), and she was almost done after years and years of work. And then her entire computer broke down.

It’s hard drive crashed and she lost every single word of her 120 page graduate thesis in one night, the computer would not turn on again, it was fried.

My professor said that her friend was going to give up, she was going to throw in the towel and not finish, do something else with her life than grad school, this was it. She had been given the sign to stop. But she didn’t, she decided that the only thing left to do was pick herself up after a week of mourning and start all over. She cried and hit some things and cursed technology, then sat back down again.

She rewrote the entire series of chapters in a couple months and you know what she said? It had never been better, in fact, it was immensely improved. All the information was still there in her brain but after writing it once she could now re-write the whole thing with bigger-picture cognition and synthesis.

This professor teaches at an Ivy League now and she says that losing her entire graduate thesis was the best thing that happened to her- it made her better.

My professor told us this story in the context of one thing: she was telling us to write our term papers, then close/delete/get rid of that doc and write it all over again from scratch. It’s the best way to make the best second draft you can imagine. I sometimes do this technique now and those papers are the ones that come out the best (however difficult they are to do).

I know it’s hard, I know it hurts, but everything like this pushes you, makes you stronger, makes everything you write from this point on more coherent and lasting.

The difference between millions of other writers is not innate ability or a better ‘muse’ or head for words, the difference among writers is between those who stop and those who do not. 


Pegs: Ange is off in France on her exchange student thesis thing. And aiding and abetting Laf’s communication problems. :^D

Pegs: I actually work as a shift lead here with Lex and Mars!!! ;^P

Alex: Tell Ange to kick Gil back across the Atlantic before I do it for her :T

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How much faster would time pass for us if the earth was motionless and as such we were as well at least compared to the current rotational speed of the earth, solar system, and galaxy (nevermind the other factors of life not working without rotation and such.)

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Are y’all just trying to get me to do your homework for you?

Voltron as the things my thesis group (I'm pidge)
  • Lance: I'm horny
  • Pidge: don't say it like that!
  • Lance: It's only an expression
  • .
  • Pidge: Your hair is growing out, you need to cut it
  • Keith: You think so?
  • Lance: I can't fuck Keith in bed with short hair!
  • Keith & Pidge: *chokes*
  • .
  • Shiro: Ok team, we need to start making chapter 3 or we'll fail
  • Lance: *dabs in front of the teacher* You like that?
  • Keith: *looking at himself in the mirror* these pimples are disgusting...
  • Hunk: Anyone want to buy my handknit wallets?
  • Pidge: you got your hands full,huh?
  • Shiro: kill me
  • .
  • Pidge: Hey Keith, I just noticed how long and beautiful your eyelashes are, and your eyes are huge!
  • Keith: uh, thanks?
  • Lance: yknow if Keith was a girl, I'd hit him.
  • Hunk: Lance not in front of the teacher...
  • Lance: it's just an expression
  • .
  • Lance: *flirts with Keith, then pidge*
  • Shiro: Lance! class is in session!
  • Lance: I'm just expressing myself!
  • .
  • Lance: guys, this chapter is really confusing
  • Pidge: *explains it then mentions a person named Terry who's like a big part of the thesis*
  • Lance: I guess you could say our thesis is full of Terryble statementes
  • Pidge: you're terrible
  • Lance: i'm expressing myself
  • Shiro: *sighs* Let me die now
  • .
  • Hunk: Hey pidge, check this *holds Jake the dog wallet*
  • Pidge: whoa, you made it?
  • Hunk: Yeah wanna buy it?
  • Pidge: I think Lance would love it
  • Lance: I'm expressing my love for that wallet with this noise *starts barking*
  • Teacher: Stop barking!
  • Shiro: Lance! If we're asked to defend first you're dead to me!
  • .
  • Keith: Hey Hunk, everyone says I look like a girl, is that true?
  • Hunk: Yeah man, but I think you're pretty
  • Lance: What about me? I'm pretty too
  • Pidge: Pretty pathetic
  • Shiro: Why did I ask you four to be my teammates?
  • .
  • Pidge: *talks about the thesis*
  • Keith: Oh me and Lance are going to handle that part.
  • Lance: *winks at Keith*
  • Keith: *turns red* Ugh, stop that you idiot...
  • Pidge: Your love is disgusting
  • .
  • Teacher: ok, you've done your thesis right, I'm impressed. Well as expected too since Shiro is in your team. You're all smart but kind of disorganized if Shiro isn't in it.
  • Lance: What? Ma'am you're underestimating us. I'd make a good leader you know
  • Teacher: doubt it. Pidge would make a good leader but she's kind of absorbed on other things, suffers depression and likes to babble on things we dont understand.
  • Lance: And me?
  • Teacher: You're TERRYble...
  • Lance: ayyyy!
  • .
  • Hunk: Lance if you're gonna keep talking, our teacher's going to call us first.
  • Lance: nonsense my good Hunk, she knows we can defend our thesis, she'll probably call a different group.
  • Teacher: *calls our team*
  • Keith: LANCE!
  • Pidge: hmmmm
  • Shiro: *starts crying*
  • Hunk: told you...

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Is the podcast going to stay 100% quiet until fall or do you have any kind of bonus content planned? (Because I don't know how I'm gonna survive waiting until fall XD)

A few people have been asking us this and I’m so flattered and happy that people are that anxious for new content! But sadly the answer is no. I was able to do the Sam minis last summer because all they required was me and a mic and they narratively made sense. I don’t know what the equivalent for this hiatus would be. 

To demystify things a little, we wrapped production on this season in mid-April, I was done with my edit a few weeks later and then a week after that I went immediately into pre-production for Season 4. So I’ve been working on S4 for about a month and I’m already starting to get worried about having things done in time to go back into production in July/August. 

While I have an incredible sound designer and composer and the absolute best team of actors who are all passionate about the show and willing to toss around ideas with me, contribute to the bonus content etc., I am still the sole writer/producer/director/business manager/social media marketing gal/IT guy for the show and I still do it for free (I pay myself for acting though, which is nice). Some lovely people have offered/expressed interest in helping out but I don’t feel comfortable asking someone to take on that workload and not pay them - if someone is going to do unpaid labor, I’d rather it was me (also I’m a bit of a control freak, whoops). 

I’m not saying all this to be all, “oh woe is me, I work so hard” - I am so freakin’ lucky to have the life that I do. Yeah, I work a lot, but I love what I do and it’s all worth it when I get to make an episode with my super talented team and then release it to you all. I’m just laying all this out because with our success comes the assumption that there’s this huge machine churning this show out. (I’m not saying you assume that, but I’ve responded to emails before and gotten emails back saying, “wow, I can’t believe you responded, I was expecting to jump through PR hoops!” and I’m always like…I am our PR person. No one else has access to this email. I’m currently eating cereal in my pajamas). 

We still record in my bedroom. I still spend a ton of time on social media trying to get the show into new ears or googling how to do stuff because I still don’t know what I’m doing. I would love to release a new episode every week but there’s scheduling conflicts, leaf blowers outside my bedroom window that make recording impossible, weeks when my for-rent job offers more hours and I have to snatch them up so I can make a little extra money - there’s so much practical nonsense that goes into this that I don’t often get to write as much as I would like. But I’m working on the “get paid for writing” part of my life and then hopefully I can become some sort of content machine. 

This is all very long-winded and unnecessary but I hope pulling back the curtain makes the waiting a little bit easier. And I really hope that this encourages people who think they can’t do something without a big team or a lot of money - you can. I make no guarantees about what will happen to your social life/sleep cycle, but it is possible. If you love the idea, you can get it out there. 

That all being said, there’s gonna be some more mixtape-y stuff coming out over the summer and maybe some sort of livestream Q&A type thing with more of the team, if that’s something people would be into. And maybe I’ll actually start to put a dent in our show’s tumblr inbox. 

Essays in Existentialism: Flight II

Could we have more of FLIGHT? it destroyed me.

Previously on Flight 

“So I just have to take charity cases for you to visit,” Abby teased as she hugged her daughter tightly in front of the airport.

People came and went, not caring at all about the reunion occurring on the curb. But to Abby it was everything. She hugged her daughter so tight she thought she’d leave marks, though she didn’t care about that at all. It was rare and new and tenuous, and so she clung as tight as she could while her daughter wasn’t much better.

“And promise me dinner,” Clarke taunted, surprising herself as she hugged back just as tight.

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