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A GOOD BOY!! THE BEST BOY!!! ٩(*•̀ᴗ•́*)૭✧

Finally a spread with colors that are fitting for summer. Ryuji himself also reminds me of summer, all bright and warm and aaagghh I just love him so much sobs.

I’d imagine Ryuji has a shelf full of shoes, from regular sneakers to expensive running shoes (he saves up money!! so he doesn’t burden his mom with his shoe collecting hobby), but he only uses that one pair everywhere since it’s already worn out and comfy for him to wear.

20.06.17 // exams are finally over and my draft thesis submission meeting went really really well! Proud to say that today marks a month since I have been recovering from anorexia and I have stuck to my meal plan and am feeling like I am truly making progress with this disease. Sending out good vibes to you all and a reminder that you are the universe in ecstatic motion. Do not be afraid from whence you came. 💙

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been down two times || steve harrington

Disclaimer: So, this weekend I was supposed to finish my thesis for my research journal to be published, study for finals, and prep for the GRE - instead I went bouldering, watched a sunrise, and wrote this. So, I hope you enjoy! Again, I’m still a lil rusty with creative writing. Feedback is appreciated! :)

Words: 2000+ (lol, sorry)

Warnings: Fluff fluff fluff fluff FLUFF F L U F F (I guess, idrk)

Song: Inspired by Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac (because I love them!)

Featuring Steve x Henderson!Reader (because I 110% support this trope) Dustin x Sister!Reader

We are young!” You belt out during your jam session to Pat Benatar’s Love Is a Battlefield in the backseat of Steve’s car. Your usual passenger seat is occupied by your brother, who, you’ll admit, is looking snazzy in his suit and bowtie – although he might have done one-too-many pumps of the Farrah Fawcett spray. “We are strong! No one can tell us we’re wrong!” Your voice isn’t terrible, and it’s Dustin and Steve, so you have no problem looking like a fool when you try to mimic the dances from the music video.

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11-12-2017 aka day 63/100

It started snowing yesterday and I went outside to take some pictures. I found two flowers that haven’t accepted that it’s winter yet.

My class was cancelled because of the snow, so I plan on finishing my assignment for Wednesday now. I’m not too happy it got cancelled because we were supposed to discuss or historiography and research question today, but it does safe me a trip of an hour. It also means I can pick up my brother from school so my grandmother won’t have to go outside in this weather.

I’ve started a “getting-up-tracker” in my bullet journal this week, because I find myself staying in bed for too long after I’ve woken up and it makes for a very lazy and unproductive start of the day. So, I hope it will stimulate me to actually get out of bed when I’m awake.

1. 毎日のように (まいにちのように、mainichi no you ni) - almost every day (adv)

I’ve been writing my thesis and reading journal articles and reports almost every day.

2. いずれ (izure) - anyway (adv)

I realize that when I go on to graduate school, in order to get my doctorate, I’ll have to write a thesis anyway.

3. 学術誌 (がくじゅつし、gakujutsushi) - journal article (n)

I’ve been writing my thesis and reading journal articles and reports almost every day.

4. 過程 (かてい、katei) - process (n)

The process is tedious.

5. 長ったらしい (ながったらしい、nagattarashii) - tedious (adj)

The process is tedious.

6. 採点する (さいてんする、saiten suru) - to grade (v.n.)

The teacher said he would grade me harder than the other students because I’m a good writer.

7. 取り組む (とりくむ、torikumu) - to work on, to undertake (v)

I worked on my paper all day.

8. 見本 (みほん、mihon) - example, model (n)

My teacher sent me an email; he said he wants to use my paper as an exemplar (example).

12:30 | Thesis 

 Today involved a lot of research, some critical writing and a lot of black post-its. I can’t get enough of them!

I have to say I am enjoying research more and more. Architectural theory is not a common field of study in my university, most people choose a practical project for graduation. 

 Also, Manolo (the cactus) says Hola!


8-12-2017 aka day 60/100

Here’s my spread for December! The reindeer didn’t come out too great and he looks kinda angry…

So far I haven’t been too productive today. I’ve given myself some rest this morning after a stressful few days of trying to finish my historiography that I had to hand in yesterday. I really hope I did okay, so fingers crossed.

This afternoon I want to finish my assignment for tomorrow and tomorrow I want to start my assignment for wednesday. The weather isn’t going to be great this weekend, so I’ll have to stay inside anyway. What are you up to this weekend?


“Finish quickly, do your thesis defense earlier, graduate faster, longer (and stress free) holiday.”

It sounds better and more motivating in Bahasa Indonesia believe me.

A new monthly spread for my thesis bullet journal. It’s also a progress log, a place to draft, inputs/revision notes from my thesis supervisor, to-do lists related to my thesis, potential samples list, and a lot more. It only has 6 months in because I need to get it finish by January haha rip me (;´Д`)

TAPOPS Affiliates’ headcanons.

Note that there could be a lot of unmentioned rank-holders in TAPOPS, but for the time being, let’s stick our noses to these people:

Commander Koko Ci

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  • Squad Father™
  • Does part time secret agent jobs as a spy ofc shhh
  • this man has an advantage of disguise
  • and acting skills
  • Probably owns a collection of dark shades
  • and costumes

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Admiral Tarung

  • The Long Lost Step Dad™
  • An infamous intellectual
  • He has a thing with knowledge, war strategy, military education
  • Probably write his own books, thesis, journals..
  • also The Welfare Dad™
  • A generous man of health and wealth who cares about the cadet’s well-being, also smile-generous (outside office hours of course)
  • He is someone who earns respect, rather than someone who demands respect

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Captain Kaizo

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  • The Battle Horse™
  • Man of the (battle) field
  • Well, simpler said, he’s something like Nicollo Machiavelli, or Alexander The Great
  • Alright, we’re talking about influence; actions
  • An individual who have so much influence, especially on young people
  • An icon who symbolizes the power of youth spirit and brings it to a whole new level
  • street mob; or an activist who would lead a confrontation or road demonstrations
  • Contributes to the powerhouse or something using his own method to generate energy sources for the use of the entire Galaxy *after seeing the Kaizo winking gif i was wondering what was he doing on that screen so i started thinking*
  • Or maybe an officer of the Custom Department; since his job is to confiscate any power that falls on the wrong hands
  • Alright enough serious talks, he has a thing for pomades
  • Is too busy so he has to turn down a modelling offer for perfumes/hair gel commercials
  • The acclaimed *despotic* future leader coughs*KomanderKaizo*coughs

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Lieutenant Lahap

  • Hey why does no one question about his appearance in BBB Galaxy he was in the opening!
  • Omg if it isn’t his father, this guy is Kaizo’s Best Man™
  • I seriously want to see more of their friendship not just coworkers
  • He really does not like Kaizo being mad; if anything happens he would want to take actions instead
  • Especially when people disrespect the Captain, or any rank officers in general
  • Or when Pang (or the kids) is being irrespectful, Lahap would be the first to rebuke
  • Honestly he doesn’t like the siblings to argue either
  • Though Pang won’t stand a chance against him because Lahap would always back him up
  • Basically he has been around them for a long time and treats them as a family at heart
  • Anyways here’s a little story

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Team A

  • They are the closest role model for aspiring new cadets
  • They quick to adapt in different environments and very alert to their surrounding
  • Which these risk-takers are often given special tasks or challenging missions on another planet
  • Sai and Shielda would enjoy outdoor recreation such as rock climbing, hiking
  • The twins also have a thing on fashion senses, make up
  • Sometimes they do vlogs
  • The Shield Siblings would auction their collection of armors
  • Alright I’m not gonna talk about Fang
  • Or maybe I will
  • Fang aka Private Pang :
  1. The Peer Role Model™
  2. Would definitely be assigned as a facilitator on New Cadets’ Orientation Week heh
  3. This nerd is smart and talented
  4. Friends often rely on him as a representative; sending complaints to the authorities
  5. It’s something like this: “The food at the dining hall sucks! Fang! Go and talk to them and do something about it!” “What?! Why me?! I can’t do that!”
  6. Having a thing in music, this guy probably joins an orchestra, or become the lead of a marching band
  7. Or maybe someday given the honor of composing TAPOPS new anthem(imagine our Galaxy defendors standing up and sing in formal occasions)
  8. Of course our Earthlings and Mr Papa are there to help him with the lyrics

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Captain Papa Zola

  • Well, if Fang doesn’t want to, Mr Papa would shamelessly talk to them!
  • The Squad Daddy™
  • Don’t forget our inside Captain!
  • Runs through the hallway screaming: Truth needs to be told, justice must be enforced!
  • With his words of wisdom, nobody can outtalk him
  • There’s no term of boring flight, this Captain Comedian would have some *extreme* ways to overcome your gloominess
  • No matter how much annoying the serious people™ in a serious organization ™ think he is,
  • He only meant to cheer people up
  • ‘Cause being a grown up doesn’t stop you from being silly, fun-loving and creative

Lans Coperal Yaya, Lans Coperal Ying

  • They have such outstanding records as new recruits
  • They even look at each others as mentors
  • They are curious to learn about Galaxy societies and fashion trends *proceeds to stalk Shielda’s SpaceGram and found many high profile TAPOPS men in her followers list*
  • These girls are rank-holders but they have no shame to go and wash the dishes in TAPOPS’ kitchen, give these humble people an applause
  • Volunteers a counselling service to help those who have lost their powersphere friends
  • Or maybe a support group to comfort the victims of cruelty and help to overcome traumatic experiences

Cadet Boboiboy, Cadet Gopal

  • Laundry and food delivery service ™

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  • Of course, Gopal would be the head of catering
  • Omg imagine BBB delivering food, riding his motorbike
  • Though he may not be completely stable, BBB would do anything to help with the Support Group
  • BBB would have been offered some extra personal training with different individuals, but he kindly rejects
  • Team A and Team B agree to often have a friendly match just so they would get used to healthy competitions
  • But most importantly they want to beat each other’s rank in virtual games

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went to the library on campus today with my best friend to get some thesis work/comps studying done (my comps aren’t until next semester but it’s better to get an early start on prepping to save myself from stressing when the time comes!).  After a while my study space got a little messy.

I also got a tentative start date for my big-girl job and a few things I need to complete before I can start, so that’s a little stressful but really exciting at the same time!

A Little Too Potent

“–Tasuku-chan I have a favor to ask!”

… And it was innocent enough.

Kakeru was testing out the effects of an anti-aging recipe listed in a medicinal thesis journal he picked up from a used bookstore. On himself, he couldn’t necessarily feel or deduct any sort of immediate change. So to avoid missing out on observing any sort of physical side-effects, that’s where his adorable assistant came in. (Though he felt a little guilty using the honest Tasuku as a guinea pig, it was hard not to admit how amusing it was to see him squirm sometimes..)

“Some patients were asking for youthful serums, so I’m trying to deliver.. wanna drink this for me?”

Holding out the corked, cylindrical vial (filled with a murky liquid, due to the properties of the ingredients) Kakeru smiled with eager anticipation as he pulled out his notepad and pen to begin scribbling down any obvious changes he could notice. 

A few gulps later, and much to Kakeru’s dismay, something completely unexpected happened, Tasuku rapidly shrinking down and–

“Um….. u-uh oh….!”

Witchcraft Trickle-down Effect

-Actual historical event occurs. From which we’re left limited kernels of record/evidence to decipher.

-Academic research paper/thesis/journal is published.

-Educated practitioner reimagines in print with a severe lack of footnotes and sources cited.

-Popular paganism blogs make reference, or it is made bite-sized by books you can find in Barnes and Noble.

-Diluted further by Tumblr.

-Facebook Meme.