thesis defense

Scheduling my defense

11.06.2016 // Spent the morning cramming reading source materials for my research paper that is due tomorrow 💪 because I watched Dr. Strange yesterday with friends and I have no regrets ✨ 

Recap of the last two hectic stressful weeks:

  • All my midterms are done 📝 
  • Omg my grad pic is cute 🎓 
  • Thesis defense went downhill but the profs were really helpful 🚫

maygunbun  asked:

Dude if u liked Achilles and Patroclus GO CHECK OUT The Persian Boy holy smokes

It’s about Alexander the Great and a eunuch called Bagoas. Basically in history records, he’s only ever mentioned once or twice, but was called the most beautiful anongst all men and women. Not much is known about him, and the author weaved her own story for him and Alexander. It’s like a mix of fiction and non fiction and is definitely as good as the song of Achilles dude!! :DD [2/2]

Thank you dear for the rec. It sounds absolutely awesome. I am going to read it asap, since I have my fourth thesis defense in a week.

@badnovels You may wanna read this.

My defence is being scheduled for two weeks from now….panic time! And heavy revisions time. 

This morning was insanity. But I got the last signature from advisor 3, and he ticked the box saying he recommended I move to the examination. I thought he’d say I wasn’t ready, based on yesterday’s meeting.

Begging the question….why did he say those things, only to approve me moving to examination? I’m confused. But I’ll take it. PI gave me a high five when I showed her.

Working at the moment...

If you have been noticing, I haven’t been very active lately…..most especially at posting my draws….That’s cause my thesis defense is nearing and as much as I like to slack of all the while, I have been to dedicating my time to the work assigned to me. Though fret not! For I will still be responding to some asks.(wish I could respond to all of them… Q//w//Q) I’ll hopefully finish soon because I really want to keep in touch with all of you Sunshines as frequently as possible! WISH ME LUCK!!!