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‘Cause you have stars in your eyes and sunlight in your smile

I converted parts of the latest comic into useless gif just because I want my babies to have a cute moment together. Someone need to stop me and kick me back to work XD

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The snowfall effect is not mine!


Owari no Seraph Nagoya Kessen-hen / / Owaranai Seraph: Nagoya-hen 01

Entertain us with an artistic performance.
However, you may not use your sword!

anonymous asked:

Can I just say your O.N.A.S.Y comic is amazing and I realy enjoy it but I do have one question what's with the whole memory thing I'm still quite confussed on that?

thank you! it makes me super happy to hear when people like onasy :D and i cant say too much cuz of spoiler stuff, but basically autumn and summer lose their memory and they have to rebuild their relationships with spring and winter

The recent chapter made me think of this scene.

I wasn’t sure which roles Furuta and Kaneki/Sasaki should take but I like the idea of the latter character going all out as ghoul so… :>

Edit: Apparently I can proofread a comic multiple times and still mess up text bubbles. Oops.