Start To Finish Sims 4 Clothing Port Tutorial

A tutorial I cooked up pretty quickly for you to show you how to get your Marvelous Designer meshes, EA Meshes, or meshes from other videogames in game. This not only applies to clothes, but anything that you want to be morphable to the sliders ! Enjoy bbys.

Sorry for the crappy editing btw lol. Wanted to get this out quick! Huge thanks to @circasim for letting me use their mesh by the way! I will fix this baby up and put it up for public download sometime soon, just wanted to get the tutorial out first!


Derick ran up to Tori as soon as he made eye contact with her. Though it was only six hours in Simax it was two weeks for her, he felt really bad. She reached out to hug him.

“Where the hell have you been?!?” She sternly whispered in his ear. “You had me and your daughter worried!”

“I’m sorry, I went on a uh, a…. business trip, yea.” He felt horrible about lying but he knew if he old her the truth he’d sound ridiculous and shed think he was cheating.

“Gosh, you couldn’t let me know?”

“It was last minute, if I didn’t go on site I would’ve lost my job, and we can’t really afford that right now…” He surprised himself, being able to make up a lie right then and there.

“Well, you’re gonna be mad… I’m pregnant and you missed the first trimester.”

“What!! Dammit!” He numbered to himself.

“Yup”. Smiled hoping to get a better answer from him.

"Don’t worry honey, I’m going to be here the entire second and third trimester.” She leaned in and kissed him.

“I missed you so much.”


“I’m pregnant!” Ayden said happily. 

“What?!” Rylee replied, not very happy. “What about your living situation?” She asked concerned. 

“Mom no, that’s why I’m so happy. I moved back in with Danny. We’re working things out.” Ayden said she hoped her mother saw how happy she truly was. 

“Oh, sweetheart,” Rylee said as she leaned in to feel Ayden's belly. “How far along are you?” She asked. 

“Almost four months,” Ayden replied. “I didn’t know, I was so stressed with the break from Danny and everything that I didn't pay attention to my own body.” She finished explaining.

“I can tell you are happy. I love you my baby girl.” Rylee said as she planted a kiss on her daughter’s cheek. 


                                   [Elliesimple] - Jogging

  • 8 swatches
  • All merged
  • New mesh by me
  • Hope you enjoy !

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