Leather Look Book 

Hair(X) Skin(X) Lashes(X) Eyeshadow and Mascara(X) Lipstick(XNails(X)  

  1. Leather Vest(X) Leather Pants(X) Shoes(X) Watch(X)
  2. Dress(X) Shoes(X)
  3. Sheer Top(X) Leather Skirt(X) Shoes(X)

Big thanks to all the CC Creators 

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We Are Here !

You guys ! We are here on our vacation and I am beyond excited. We are vacationing in Isla Paradiso. It’s a tropical island where there are tons of things to do. I can’t believe Fabian surprised me and brought me here. He has everything planned up until our last day here and I took no part. Only thing I agreed to was not bringing the kids and going on this vacation which btw is actually a mini vacation because we are here for only 4 days excluding today because we took a late flight and it’s night time here. Tomorrow I’ll be back to show you guys what Fabian has planned. I guess there’s no need to find things to do since it’s already planned. He’s such a romantic huh? Planning everything and leaving me clueless. But it’s fine as long as I am with him I’m completely fine. Talk to you guys later while Fabian is checking us into the hotel. I am beyond tired but I want to be fully awake tomorrow. Later, Ciao.

-Madam Cara


600+ Followers Gift  - I HIT 600 FOLLOWERS! 

Thank you all for following and the lovely messages! This is just awesome, I would have never imagined to get this many and we are still growing <3 <3 <3 I would love to make you guys some awesome CC furniture, but I don’t have the skills for that. Instead I learned to make a bunch of awesome posters for you guys!

You can download them seperatly or as one package

Let me know if you guys like them, and if I should make more in the future

Poster set 1: Scandinavian Nature Posters

Set of 10 different prints, both standing and hanging DOWNLOAD

Poster set 2: Scandinavian Black Ink Posters

Set of 9 different prints, both standing and hanging DOWNLOAD

Poster set 3: Scandinavian Kid Posters

Set of 7 different prints, both standing and hanging DOWNLOAD

Poster set 4: Scandinavian Marble Posters

Set of 10 different prints, both standing and hanging DOWNLOAD

Poster set 5: Scandinavian DANISH Art Posters

Set of 24 different prints, both standing and hanging DOWNLOAD

Poster set 6: Scandinavian Kids ABC Posters

Set of 30 different prints, both standing and hanging DOWNLOAD
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Orginial mesh by [BLACK] & Leehee @ BPS and TS2 to TS4 conversion & Recolor by Puresims


[elliesimple] - Hair recolor ombré

Hello ! I come with A LOT of recolors !
8 hairstyles with 8 different ombres. it took me like SEVERAL hours to do all those hairstyles x.x

Hope you enjoy !

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if you use my recolor tag me at #elliesimple.

please don’t claim as your own !


*My recolors are completely free no worry ! You can donate if you like my recolors and if you support all the time I spend in that. This money will be used to buy me expansion packs of the sims 4, because i’m too young for work. Thanks for understand !!


Hey guys, I’ve been wanting to release my poses to the public for awhile now so today I decided it was time. The first pose I created is based on Kylie Jenner’s selfie with dread-lock hair, captioned “I woke up like disss”. The second pose I created was based on a model posing at the beach. These poses are not poselist compatible, the codes are listed above.