Watching the homestuck fandom rise from it’s slumber to flood my entire dash with the exact same snapchats 5 times over in a row, occasionally with a different caption or two, is so god damn entertaining. Reading all of the commentary and reactions in the tags, seeing everyone collectively freaking the hell out, laughing at all the shitposts and jokes, im so happy its back. I’m so happy i get to be a part of this ridiculous, silly and convoluted mess with everyone else. I just keep refreshing the page over and over again with a big dumb smile on my face. 

I love this fandom so much.

Love is many things.

It’s that smile you get when you see them excited over something small. It’s doing the dishes because they made dinner. It’s listening to them vent or letting them cry on your shoulder after a hard day at work. It’s taking out the trash when it’s raining outside. It’s reassuring them that they are beautiful on days they pick themselves apart. It’s listening to their favorite music, even if you hate it, because it makes them smile. It’s that first kiss after an argument that you worked through. It’s remembering little things, like how much sauce they like on their spaghetti. It’s knowing about the scar on their knee from when they learned to ride a bike. It’s showing them off because in your mind, you are the luckiest one in the room. It’s holding their hand in public. It’s grabbing their favorite candy because you thought of them at the grocery store. It’s having a great day and wishing they were standing next to you. It’s the good moments and the bad.

Love is many things, but it shouldn’t be hard

There are hundreds of reasons to watch the Animated Series (the cheap animation; the stilted, downright bizarre dialogue; the increasingly outlandish plots), but here’s an unironic one: Animation allowed them to do a lot of things that budgetary and technological limitations wouldn’t have permitted in TOS.

Such as…

Zero-gravity scenes

These super-fabulous space suits/life-support belts

Pre-TNG Holodeck!

Giant alien beasties!

And don’t forget I-fuckin’-Chaya!

In conclusion, you should all go watch TAS.