First Love

Request: Imagine fighting besides Batman, then Batman figuring out that you’re his childhood friend that he loves. by @theshe-wolfwaits

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Bruce sat in his desk inside the cave, worrying his head deep in his palms. He had you laid on the surgery table as you bled out you stitched all the while Alfred and Dick were trying to stitch you up again.

You had gotten severely hurt in a fight against Deathstroke and Bruce was forced to take you with him to the batcave. You two had been fighting alongside for a very long time now and he couldn’t just leave you there to bleed. It wasn’t moral. Plus he had that special feeling about you.

And indeed this special feelings was proven to be real. When they took your mask off to take care of you swollen eye Bruce’s breath hitched. You hadn’t changed a lot from when you were younger. Maybe your features were more mature but you were definitely his first love’s face. He was never wrong when it came to faces.

He was stunned, at least. How could he have not figure it all this time. You weren’t even covering all your features, not even your face. He should have known, he should have figured earlier. What if he lost you now that he was too late. Bruce knew that he was cursed to lose the people he loved. He was cursed to suffer. What he didn’t know though was if you’d be from the ones who’d come back.

No. Only his sons were strong enough to come back to life and punch death in the face. You weren’t unbeatable. And for what it seemed, right now you were weak.

Bruce just wanted to talk to you. He stood and watched your unconscious body once the other males left, caressing your face slowly with brushes of his fingers. He didn’t know why he still loved you. He was known to get hooked on feelings just because he couldn’t get through anything in his life. But he had never loved someone as much as he had loved you. You were his first love and as many people say, you never get over your first love.

Maybe because you were too kind to him all the time you two spent together, or because you were the most dazzling creature he had stumbled upon. Either way he was in love with you for so many years and he felt the fire in his heart warm up again as he watched you there, sleeping, looking so peaceful yet so pained and hurt.

Soon you’d hopefully wake up. Bruce would have to face your reaction to the revelation of his secret but he hoped, deep inside his heart that you were in love with him too.

And if only he knew.

Similarities - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Requested by: @theshe-wolfwaits

Prompt: 1) “Are you insane like me?” (It was requested with the reader being the lady joker but I changed it a tiny bit so I hope it’s still alright!)

Bruce had never quite met a person like you. You were unique. Different, even. He didn’t know what it was about you that gave him this feeling but he liked it. He had met you on numerous occasions. He had first met you at a Wayne Gala where he saw you pick pocketing various guests. Usually he would’ve intervened and made sure you returned all these items but you were different. He let you get away with it because 1) he felt some kind of sorry for you that he couldn’t explain and 2) he didn’t like the guests very much anyway.

That was over a year ago. In hindsight Bruce probably should’ve stopped you that night. Maybe that would’ve prevented you from becoming one if Gotham’s most known criminals.

Bruce had bumped into you many a time when he was dressed up as a nocturnal animal fighting for justice. However, everytime he bumped into you he always let you go. Tonight was no different. He had caught you robbing Gotham’s bank with a knife in your hand and a gun on your hip. He had managed to get most of the victims outside the bank, however, there were still a few in the back of the building. The problem being that you were standing in front of the door that lead him to the people.

“(Y/N.) ” He growled, “You’re not like this. You can stop this. Just let these innocent people go.”

You laughed.

And you continued to laugh through the entire fight. Somehow by the end of it Bruce was laying at your feet with your gun pressed to his cowl.

“Why are you doing this?” his gravelly voice said.

He saw something flash in your eyes. Sorrow? Sadness? Regret maybe?

Once again you began to laugh. However this time you began to laugh so hard that you began to sob. “You don’t know what it’s like. You don’t know what it’s like to loose everyone you love.”

Bruce was shocked. He wanted to comfort you, for reasons unknown to him, but he also knew he had to get those people out. “I do.” He said, “I know all about that.”

You met his eyes with your watery ones. “What?”

“I lost my parents when I was younger. Both of them in the same night.” He knew he shouldn’t be telling you this but he couldn’t stop himself.

“Why are you telling me this?” you asked.

Bruce didn’t know why, to be honest. “To show you that you’re not alone. To show you that I’m like you.”

Are you insane like me? ” Bruce found himself chuckling.

“Maybe.” He said, his heart beat starting to slow down as he noticed you lowering the gun. “Now, (Y/N). Do you think we could get these people put of here safely?”

You looked up at the tall caped man slowly and nodded you head while biting your lip.

“Okay.” He smiled comfortingly at you and began to lead you towards the hostages who cowered away from you when you approached. Bruce calmed them and got them all out. He also didn’t hand you over to the police or bring you to Arkham. Instead he trained you. He taught you to fight properly. He still doesn’t know to this day as to why he chose to help you, all he knows is that you’re one of the best sidekicks he’s ever had. Even if Jason and Damian strongly disagree.

I’m so sorry this took so long! I hope you like it though! It’s my first time writing angst so I know it’s not great but I hope you enjoyed it!


It Just Happened

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 1437

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Warnings: SPN violence, angst

Summary:  Requested by @theshe-wolfwaits. The reader is Sam’s girlfriend and has the power of telekinesis (being able to move things with her mind). She has kept it secret from the boys, but ends up revealing it on a hunt. Part 2

“Could you fetch me a book, please, Y/N?” Dean asked from where he sat at the library table, practically elbow deep in books as he searched for anything that would tell him where to find the First Blade.

“Sure,” you replied, getting up from where you sat and stretching. As your arms fell back to your side, you caught sight of Sam gazing at you. He caught your eye, and you winked at him. He smiled back briefly.

Dean told you what book he wanted, and you wandered off into the stacks to find it. Your eyes scanned the shelves idly as you imagined running your hands through Sam’s hair.

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