Masterlist of head canons

hihiii! so i decided to make a masterlist to keep track of my writing 

my rules are here~! 

** ~ my absolute favorites, recommend you check them out

* ~ kinda proud of these

V is included in RFA now


RFA+V+Saeran ex’s to lovers hc angst with happy ends

RFA+V+Saeran a very rich MC who has a crazy car collection

RFA+V where they met MC before unknown leading them to the apartment **

RFA+Saeran sleeping hc (very short and not a request basically written to stave off my boredom)

RFA+V+Saeran with a tomboy MC who becomes self conscious and starts to change so their s/o won’t leave them

RFA+V with MC who has been mentally abused 

RFA with MC who is the game character (total reversal!)*

RFA members caught singing disney songs by MC **

RFA+V+Vanderwood with a bipolar MC who is terrible at apologizing

RFA+V+Saeran with a muslim MC who is clueless about a holiday

RFA (Jumin, Seven & Yoosung) MC’s younger sis visiting them in Korea in secret from their parents who MC wanted to get away from part1*

MC’s younger sister visiting them in Korea in secret from their parents part 2 [feat. Jaehee, V, Saeran & Vandy]**

RFA feat. Saeran react to mc who is mentally ill and goes into trances **

RFA’s reaction to a clingy, MC who acts kind of possessive because of their insecurities

RFA+Saeran catching MC masturbating (they are not dating) nsfw


Seven/MC feat. Saeran in preparation of the twin’s birthday **


short fic where Zen comes home later nsfw


none yet


none yet


Jaehee/male MC (a/b/o hc) *


V/MC where they move in together and it’s platonic and fluffy; till one day they realize they are kinda married

V reacts to MC who are insecure and hate taking pictures of themself


none yet

Cough cough

The Atlanta airport still has smoking rooms. You know, those smoke filled glass boxes where people go to smoke if they can’t go outside.

Every time I walk by thesev things, someone happens to be walking out, bringing waves of cigarette smoke with them. Every time.