Alright, lemme see if I got the plot points from this chapter sorted out:

  • Assuming the mission to take the Progenitor 9 years ago refers to the first attack on the walls in 845, the current year 854
  • Since last chapter ended on 1 year following the attack on Trost, making the year 851 then, there’s been a 3 year timeskip
  • The reason Marley hasn’t attacked the walls in so long is because they’re dealing with a war already; taking the coordinate has been postponed
  • This war has been going on for 4 years, since the year 850.
  • This also explains why Marley didn’t go all out at the battle of Shiganshina – not enough resources to spare
  • The nation Marley is at war with is called the Middle East Union
  • BUT the war is supposedly coming to an end, so says Gabi
  • Marley has a weak navy – that may be good for those on Paradis Island
  • They do make use of air warfare though – we’re shown soldiers preparing to be deployed from above
  • The Middle East Union has developed anti-titan weapons in the form of tanks; even the captain here is cautious to deploy their titan warriors against these
  • The Eldians in Marley are taught to believe their oppression will end if the “bad” Eldians on the island are killed
  • Zeke and Reiner are alive…for now
  • Zeke’s successor has already been chosen
  • Reiner’s successor is about to be chosen
  • Interestingly, the candidates for Reiner’s successor are kids while Zeke’s successor is older, possibly late teens/early 20s
  • The 9th shifter is called the Jaw Titan
  • The pilot is named (Galliard), but seen only in titan form
  • The Cart Titan (probably the mule/quad/horse titan by Zeke’s side at Shiganshina) has a named but unseen pilot (Peak/Pique)
  • It’s unknown how long Galliard and Peak have been shifters, but there’s no mention of choosing successors for them so they probably aren’t too close to the 13 year limit

Supply Recommendations for Graphic Design Students

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something like this… so bear with me! It was requested by an anon that’s entering a university as a Graphic Design major, so here are some supplies I recommend and why! (I may do a spoken and visual extended version as a video, so let me know what you guys think!)

(disclaimer: this is my opinion and I haven’t tried everything in the world, so if you have your own recommendations definitely reblog and say so in your caption! I’d love to check out your favorite supplies!)

Categories include:

  • Day-to-day supplies
  • The Big One$
  • Projects
  • Some Fun and Fancy Stuff


Sharpie pens and markers

  • Cheap-ish
  • Reliable
  • You can find them basically anywhere
  • Great for black and white abstractions/sketches with different marker thicknesses
  • They also have pretty colors for note-taking!

X-Acto Knife

  • Cuts in a straight line
  • Replaceable blades
  • In most art and office stores and even in places like Walmart
  • If you cut something sticky and ruin your blade, just replace it!
  • Goes with a ruler to cut in a straight line

Masking Tape

  • Holds things down without ripping it
  • Keeps prints rolled up
  • Keep one with you or at home

USB Drive

  • Always have a USB drive ready for use!
  • Turn in files, take files to the printer, or even just taking files to a different machine to work on is always a possibility. 
  • If you make it a habit to keep it on you, then you won’t forget it on the days that really matter.

Noise canceling headphones (or at least ear buds)

  • Rowdy classmate ignorer
  • Helps blast music in your ears to help you focus
  • Marshmallow buds that go in your ears works best for this

A drink that makes you happy

  • That morning coffee before a 9AM studio 3-hour class, or that water bottle during an afternoon session can really help you out. 
  • Helps keep you going!
  • I know it sounds small, but your mood definitely affects your productivity!

A sketchbook (any kind will do!)

  • Literally, can by any paper quality, based on what you usually draw with or sketch with (like to use marker? Either have an extra page behind it or get marker paper)
  • Any price, any color, any size (try to aim for letter-size/A4)
  • Make sure it fits with what you usually carry around (backpacks can hold a 9″x12″, but purses would carry a Moleskine size or smaller)
  • Have 15 minutes before English starts and you thought of something? Take out that handy dandy sketchbook! Bored in said English class? Handy dandy sketchbook strikes again!

Notebook for notes

  • More than just for typical note taking!
  • Good for recording feedback
  • Track any last-minute changes to projects or deadlines
  • To-do lists will help understand what’s due next class and not get super anxious!

Metal cork-backed ruler

  • A great companion for that X-Acto knife!
  • Cork back helps not slide around
  • Metal means you can’t accidentally carve off the edge (like you would a plastic or wooden ruler)
  • Found in most art stores and can get pricey for bigger ones, but if you take care of it then it’ll last forever
  • Make sure to get at least two sizes (a longer one for trimming cover sheets for 16″x20″ mounts and a smaller one-foot ruler for trimming business cards and smaller things like that)

Post-it notes

  • Great for making notes on things that you don’t want to directly mark. 
  • Good for just keeping in mind anything you don’t want to forget (especially if you stick them to your laptop, they’ll be hard to miss).

Prisma Markers

  • These art markers are my personal favorite. 
  • You’ll hear all kinds of brands, preferences, and prices. 
  • Copics are nice and are very aesthetic, but they’re also about $7-$8 per marker. Concept markers from Jerry’s Artarama are very cheap at about $2 per marker, but the colors on their caps are sometimes misleading, and Prisma Markers are a happy medium at about $4 - $5 per marker. 
  • They’re at most art stores 
  • For me, they’re a happy medium price-wise and I like working with them. (Concept markers maybe I’d get the black because it’s cheaper)

Binder clips

  • Keep sketches and randomly sized and trimmed papers together
  • I prefer binder clips over paper clips because they can hold more and group things nicely
  • You can also hang things with these if you want on a thumbtack

Hair Ties

  • Keeps hair out of the way when creating mock-ups that include glue and X-acto knives
  • Rolls things up
  • Groups things up (markers and other utensils)
  • Cheap and effective!
  • Rubber bands are a little meaner, especially to hair or trying to get them off a long paper roll.

Circle Tool

  • Basically, something that makes perfect circles. 
  • This can either be a circle template, a compass, or some other device that you find that makes different sized circles. 
  • You can go cheap on these

The Toolbox

  • All these little things that I keep mentioning to bring with you need to be contained somewhere
  • I like putting what I’m using for a current project in a toolbox and bringing that to school.
  • I suggest going with something that’ll fit in a backpack or that you don’t mind carrying around.
  • Really only carry it if you think you’ll need it.
  • You can carry a smaller version of typical tools (pens, pencils, markers, scissors, x-acto, etc.) and leave the rest at home, too.

The Baggage

  • Not the emotional kind, but the one that carries all of these crazy supplies I’m recommending. 
  • In university, you don’t have all of your graphic design classes in one day (I would hope), so having a typical backpack works fine for the smaller supplies. 
  • If a project is due the next day and you’re planning to work at the school and you need to bring everything, then I highly suggest a rolling backpack!
  • Don’t kill your back!! Messenger bags only work if you’re not bringing much, otherwise, do a backpack (or a rolling one).



  • Almost all graphic designers will tell you to use a Mac, but of course, not all graphic designers can afford one.
  • If you can afford a Mac, I’d recommend it.
  • If you can’t afford a Mac, go with a cheaper alternative, but not TOO cheap. It still needs to last 4 years and run all of your programs.
  • Wait until you actually need to buy one (that way you can get the latest models or earlier models at cheaper prices).

External Hard Drives (BACK EVERYTHING UP!)

  • I would even say have at least two (current semester and archive(s))
  • You never know when previously mentioned laptop may die, malfunction, or wipe everything.
  • Keep a back-up for sending to competitions, putting in portfolios, and just for safe keeping.
  • KEEP IT ORGANIZED. You need to know what you have and don’t have so you don’t “double save” something in two separate folders.

A decent phone with decent camera quality

  • Nowadays most people do have this phone already on them, but if you’re one of the low-budget phone holders, then I highly suggest to get a higher quality phone.
  • Picture taking for process photos can actually be done with a phone camera if it’s good enough, you can just fix things up in photoshop. 
  • Having a decent phone will let you also use helpful and productive apps such as camscanner, schedule makers, and Adobe apps
  • Raising your mood with a higher quality of life will help raise productivity!
  • If you can’t open snapchat without it force closing then you miss out on your friend’s lives or whenever they get an update on a project and you don’t. Social media can honestly be helpful sometimes as people post their process online!

Drawing tablet

  • Wacom works well enough for me!
  • You don’t have to go super expensive with all the bells and whistles for this… you just need something that draws.
  • These can get a little pricey (mine being at $90 and I got one step-up from the cheapest one at the time)
  • You don’t absolutely need a tablet, but it is very handy.
  • If you don’t do illustration often I would not recommend it.
  • You can also hold off on getting a tablet and just hand-draw something, scan it, and fix it in whatever program (or vectorize/image trace in illustrator and mess with it that way)


Tracing paper

  • Helps trace things when abstracting
  • Covers mounted work with a protective sheet
  • I prefer the rolls, but they’re way more expensive than the 9″x12″ pad (maybe not per foot, but it’s initially more expensive)

Spray mount/Adhesive spray

  • One way to stick two things together
  • You need a lot of space and throw away paper under what you’re spraying
  • You’ll definitely get all of it everywhere (which is good if you want to make sure corners don’t stick up on a mounted piece, but it’s bad if your garage floor is suddenly sticky)

Liquid cement

  • Another way to stick things together and is a little more forgiving. 
  • Elmer’s brand is the one that I have, and basically, if you mess up or “over-glue” something, you can rub the excess off (like you would the typical white Elmer’s glue).
  • When you’ve rubbed it off, it basically becomes those little gray things that erasers produce that you can just brush away. 
  • It comes with a designated brush attached to the lid on the inside (super convenient) and it’s easy to apply and store (smaller bottle than the adhesive spray can).

Portfolio case

  • For when you’re carrying larger pieces from one place to another (such as a mounted piece or a large editorial) like turning in your final presentation of your project.
  • You can get a big fancy one if you really want to, but at least get the bare minimum to carry something from one place to another without it getting folded or wet. (especially you commuters/bus-riders)


The big paper cutter

  • Even I don’t have this one, but whenever I use the one at school or at FedEx it makes trimming things down so much easier! 
  • You line it up, you drag the blade across, and then you’ve got a perfectly straight line. 
  • Again, if you can afford the money and space for it I recommend it, but my school provides one for us.
  • It’s kind of one of those things that you don’t NEED if you have an X-acto knife, but it speeds things up a bit

High-quality camera

  • Similar to the phone concept… taking nice photos of your work is always a plus. 
  • The camera I would reserve for mock-up photos for submitting pieces or getting photography for an editorial work. 
  • Someone in your class ought to have one that you can borrow (and maybe even the program will offer one to borrow), but it’s always good to have your own things.
  • Also, being able to stage your own photos instead of photoshopping mock-up templates always feels more authentic and looks better in a portfolio. (you’re not the only one looking up Photoshop mock-up templates in the design world)

Light table

  • You can either buy one or make one (easier than you think)
  • Very helpful when you’re tracing! 
  • This is the most useful when you’re doing abstractions or you’re trying to refine hand-drawn ideas. 
  • You can make one with a shadow-box frame and some LED lights. 
  • Again, not necessary since programs might actually have some at school that you can borrow.

A second monitor

  • Web design!
  • Programs like Brackets do live-preview, so when you code the changes apply immediately to a chrome preview window, so seeing the changes as you code is helpful! 
  • Putting up inspiration or just other documents to keep in mind on the other screen makes things easier to work with.

Fancy keyboard with custom keys

  • This one was actually a recommendation from my boyfriend (who is a tech geek). 
  • Basically, there are keyboards that you can map shortcuts to specific keys on the keyboard. 
  • There are some shortcut keys that you’ll use a million times in a project and if you feel that a function key being assigned to it would be easier instead, and you have money to splurge, this is the keyboard to go with! 
  • This is totally unnecessary, but could be lots of fun and helpful!

iPad and Apple pen

  • Digitally drawing on a tablet with a stylus can be good for digital note taking or just drawing in general (as an alternative to the drawing tablet). 
  • My professor uses his for sketch notes (which is always fun) and sometimes I see people doing illustrations straight into the tablet or just concepts. 
  • Sketching concepts digitally allows you to put down ideas quickly, but also be able to save them without having to worry about scanning or taking pictures of the drawings. 
  • Another splurge option that obviously has other uses than this, but is completely unnecessary.

MORE Prisma Markers

  • Remember when I said Prisma Markers before?
  • You really only need a basic color set and maybe a gray set. Any more than that then you’re falling into a fun and fancy category for supplies. 
  • They’re not the cheapest things in the world, but using markers definitely brings your sketches up a level versus pencil or black and white sketches.
  • It’s also good for making preliminary color schemes and other illustrations. 
  • Have several blacks because those are usually the first marker to go dry.

That’s all I got! I hope that helped and I’m sorry it was so long, I tried to condense… but I’ll make a visual/audio version that might be easier to digest!

To Date #1

This HC/series is a MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to everyone here who has helped me reach over 100 followers! I never thought I would get 1 follower let alone 100- so thank you so much. I apologise for the lateness of my thank you but I’m afraid my cheating mini series took much longer than I anticipated!

This is dedicated to the beautiful @zahnbuerste who was one of the very first people to ever converse with me over Tumblr and is just the dearest person- truly nice to the core. Thanks for all your kind words and inspiration and I hope you enjoy these

The RFA & CO try to plan the very best date for MC… and of course… because they’re RFA & CO…. everything goes to hell.

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[lyrics] lee minhyuk - purple rain (feat. cheeze)

lyrics by: 이민혁
composed by: 이민혁 & jerry l. 
arranged by: 이민혁 & jerry l. 

the fresh image of you turning your back against me, stings me like thorns
the painful memory are craved into my bones and turns into icy rain

it was raining at night right? i saw how the pillows are wet again
although i have thought it maybe a dream, i thought “it couldn’t be”, perhaps, of course it still is real
in a blink of eyes i will be used to it, yeah, i will be used to it
i believe and i believed, its like i am being hypnotize

i will feel nothing, right? even if i am drenched by this rain called you
in this pitch black swamp, please grab me tightly
no, enough is enough, i made up my mind.
although i am trying and trying, 
why am i still, timidly, being bounded by you

no, enough is enough, i made up my mind. although i am trying and trying, 
enough is enough, i had it with all these

the fresh image of you turning your back against me, stings me like thorns
the painful memory are craved into my bones and turns into icy rain

falling in the rain, falling in the rain
falling, falling
falling in the rain, falling in the rain
oh falling
what’s the problem, is there really a problem?

caught in  a question without an answer booklet, although i am doing my utmost to come up with an answer
all that is left with me is this damned habit, this cruel habit
barely have my eyes opened, i can only see your face clearly
and your warm hug, all those moments, moments

in the falling rain, i once fall back into my habit of missing you
to put it simply, i still very much regret it
who’s right, who’s wrong… they no longer matter
without you by my side, i am suffocating
as long as i can hug you again
if in this never ending rain, you the sun can rise
even if i am in pain, its alright, as long as i have your smile, it will be alright
i am held captive by the illusion named “what if”

oh, sorry, enough is enough
regarding us starting all over again
sorry, you and i
the we

the fresh image of you turning your back against me, stings me like thorns
the painful memory are craved into my bones and turns into icy rain

falling in the rain, falling in the rain
falling, falling
falling in the rain, falling in the rain
oh falling


by Eoghan Ballard, University of Pennsylvania

In Cuba, using very much a late renaissance European
metaphor, Palo has been classified as existing in two major
forms, Palo Endoqui and Palo Nzambi, the former called Judio
– “Jewish” – and the latter Cristiano – “Christian.”
These two forms are in fact based upon African originals and
a distinction that goes back to feuding sources of authority
in Kongo religion during the earlier days of the Kingdom of

Religion in the Kongo was always a political thing and
associated both with the spirits but also with the kingship.
Religion’s primary role was the maintenance of the kingdom
and the king was himself sacred. So these shifts represented
shifts in political control.

The generally accepted understanding is that there were
several forms of cult in the Kongo that passed, as these
things usually did, for political reasons, in and out of
favor with the aristocracy.

One cult associated Lukankasi as the supreme deity and the
other Nzambi. Lukankasi was of the sky and Nzambi of the
earth. A third deity, Kalunga, associated with the sea and
the underworld, also was considered a supreme deity.

Although in the Kongo Nzambi, Lukankasi, and Kalunga were
the supreme deities of contesting political factions, they
were not all that different from one another – or perhaps
more accurately, there is little evidence remaining to
distinguish them. To this day in the Congo and among
neighboring peoples, Kalunga and Nzambi are both names for
the supreme deity and are used differentially depending on
the language spoken.

In time, however – and in the Americas – these three
contending supreme deities of the Kongo became associated
with quite different entities of the Christian and Yoruban

When European missionaries arrived in the Kongo, their
entire religious exchange with the Kongolese was accurately
described (and I believe both Thornton and MacGaffey have
used this metaphor or variations on it) as “a dialogue of
the deaf.” This is because the symbol systems and structures
of the two peoples had certain very visible similarities,
especially in the linguistic metaphors they used. As a
result, Christians adopted the terms used by the Kongolese
for religious issues and deity. The Europeans and the
Kongolese were then able to speak about religion and
spiritual reality using a common “dialect” or vocabulary.
The problem was that the Kongolese meant one thing and the
Christians another. Both however, thought they understood
each other.

Nzambi was associated by the early missionaries with the
Christian God. They accepted Nzambi as God because they were
trying to graft Christianity into the existing hierarchy.
This identification occurred when the Kongolese king Aphonso
I became a Christian, and was undertaken to shore up
political power in the face of opposing contenders for the
throne (who were ever present) apart from any other
spiritual concerns. In the Diaspora, Nzambi remained the
dios otioso, mentioned but never really invoked in Cuban

Lukankasi, because he was the deity who was displaced in the
Kongo by the Cult of Nzambi, became associated with the
Christian Devil. Because he was the deposed deity in the
Kongo at the time that the European missionaries arrived,
he had already been “demonized,” although not to the
degree that the Europeans tended to demonize former deities.

Kalunga, because of his association with the ocean, became
associated in the Diaspora with the Yoruban Orishas Yemalla
and Olokun and subsequently changed gender to female. The
association of Kalunga with Yemalla and Olokun only occurred
after the Kongolese encountered the Yoruban pantheon. This
happened in the New World.

Remember that “Kongo” in the New World religious scene is a
“shorthand” for a large group of closely related peoples who
came here, not simply those who spoke Kikongo, although for
example in Cuba and North America those dominated. Still,
languages are very, very close in that area of Africa and
each culture and tribe had minor variations in belief and
usage. This makes a very flexible understanding necessary
when dealing with the development of Kongo-derived religions
in the Diaspora.

It is also necessary to point out that there are fundamental
differences between Kongo Palo and Yoruba Ocha beyond the
well-known adage that “Palo deals more with the dead than
Ocha,” while “Ocha deals more with the Gods.” Although Palo
does deal more with the dead than Ocha does, its true
distinguishing feature is that Palo is a religion based upon
the beliefs and religion of the Kongo – it is of Central
African Bantu tradition. Ocha, on the other hand, is a
completely different tradition. It is Yoruba, which is West
African and of the language (and cultural group) generally
referred to as Sudanese.

In Cuba, as elsewhere in the New World, the slaves of Kongo
origin eventually made an uneasy peace with the more recent
Yoruba arrivals from Nigeria in the 19th century.

The two mixed, and still do, somewhat uncomfortably, largely
because a fair number of people intermarried and people came
to have access to both religions as part of their ethnic
heritage. There are those who move between the two easily
and many more on both sides of this line who are ill at ease
with the other tradition. What is more important than the
subtleties of the interaction is the recognition that they
are not in reality two parts of the same tradition but two
distinct religions from vastly different and widely
separated cultures, the Yoruba and the Kongo.

The contemporary belief expressed by some Cubans and
Cuban-Americans that Ocha was considered “greater” than Palo
was a view largely advanced by the Yoruba and one rarely
shared by people of Kongo descent. Another Cuban idea, “Your
head belongs to Ocha [worship of the Gods], your back to
Egun [ancestor veneration]” is explained because the spirits
in Palo are not placed on your head but rather on your back.

In the Diaspora, two major varieties of Palo emerged over
the last hundred and fifty years. They are called in the
more Kongolese terminology Palo Nzambi and Palo Endoqui
(Ndoki). These have been glossed in Spanish, using European
equivalents, as Palo Cristiano and Palo Judio – “Christian
Palo” and “Jewish Palo.”

Without exception, all Cuban Paleros will agree on this
point: Those houses that follow Endoqui traditions (those
which are not syncretised with Christianity) are called Palo
Judio. All others (namely, Palo Nzambi) are Palo Cristiano.

The association of one type of Palo as “Jewish” in contrast
to “Christian” is unfortunately a negative one generally,
and it does not refer to Judaism per se. More accurately, it
really refers to the absence of Christian symbolism in the
religious practice. Palo Nzambi makes visible use of the
Crucifix and holy water in its religious articles while
Palo Endoqui avoids Christian symbolism.

It is worth noting that few Paleros who are Endoqui refer to
it using the European terms, but rather prefer the African
ones. Also, there are Paleros Endoquis who work with both
sets of symbolism and methods. And, I hasten to reiterate,
while Palo Endoqui, aka Palo Judio, is not Christian in its
orientation, you will find nothing relating to Judaism in it

Of course, as Palo really is a number of fairly closely
related religions and not one single tradition, there are no
absolute universals here, either.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommendations of E/R fanfictions?

oh boy do i! probably too many, so i’ll just give you 10 for now and hope that you haven’t read at least a couple of these

The Second Carriage by captainskellington

There’s a really cute guy on Grantaire’s train.
A book turns up with a couple of curiously familiar characters.
The story of an artist, an author, some nice coincidences, and a train.

When I first saw it on ao3, I almost didn’t read it, but I’m so glad I did because it’s really cute!

Word Count: 6,220

Open up the door by tictactoews

Enjolras pisses his parents off one too many times and finds himself kicked out of his family home. Unfortunately, almost all his friends have gone back home for summer holidays. Fortunately, Grantaire hasn’t.

R gets an impromptu roommate, but I don’t think he’s really complaining.

Word Count: 7,988

Nocturnal Activities by sarahyyy

“Take all the time you need. I’ll take a quick shower,” Grantaire tells him. “Join me when you’re done,” he says, and then flushes when he realises how that sounds. “Not in the shower, I mean. In bed.”
Enjolras’ lips quirk up, almost like he’s laughing at Grantaire.
“That doesn’t make it any better, does it?” Grantaire laments.

E and R are roommates. E can’t sleep and there is bed-sharing. Also sex pancakes (that part will make sense once you read it!)

Word Count: 5,722

Plan M by captainskellington

12 unsuccessful* plans Les Amis came up with to try and get Enjolras and Grantaire together.
*(…or were they?)

This one is super funny and cute! It was really well done.

Word Count: 6,875

Situational Irony by ryssabeth

“There will be a beep. That’s your cue.”

Warning: Only read if you’re ready to have your heart ripped out
(this one’s a series of 10 works)

Total Word Count: 7,852

Love in a Coffee Shop by tellthemstories

Grantaire’s a famous rock star. Enjolras owns a coffee shop slash book store that makes no money and is dangerously close to becoming hipster. One night, Grantaire stumbles in when they’re closed.
Somehow, that’s the most normal part of his week.

I think this was the second E/R fic I ever read (right after World Ain’t Ready which was the one that got me hooked onto enjoltaire)

Word Count: 22,887

Friday I’m in Love by The Librarina (tears_of_nienna)

Enjolras is spending spring break on Martha’s Vineyard with his parents, and he needs someone to disrupt their matchmaking plans.

The fake dating trope!!

Word Count: 34,598

Date Night by samyazaz

Grantaire leans against the edge of the door and looks out at him in bemusement. “You’re the smartest man I know, Enjolras. I know your memory isn’t this bad.”
Enjolras’s smile fades away to a bewildered frown. “What?”
“They’re out again. They’re always out on Thursdays. It’s date night. I know you know this, I’ve only told you half a dozen times. And yet you keep showing up.”

Grantaire is the oblivious one in this.

Word Count: 9,102

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by tellthemstories

Fourteen times Grantaire tried to kill Enjolras.
And one time he fell in love.

This one is pretty amusing, and I’ve re-read it several times now if that gives any indication to how much I love it. 

Word Count: 10,655

We’re So Paris (When We Kiss) by zimriya

Enjolras spends his entire seven hour flight to Paris with only a stranger named Grantaire for company. (And, you know, the entire rest of the plane as well, but no one else on board is wearing both a three piece suit and a beanie. Or has the gall to only turn their phone on hold.)

So worth the read. (I lost track of how often I rolled my eyes at these two while reading this) 

Word Count: 6,615

anonymous asked:

Can i request a Taeyong smut where you make a bet with him for not having sex for as long as you two could last and it ends up with him losing and showing you how much he misses you with lots of kinks??thankss

Hola, I don’t see us writing a full scenario for this, but many people seem to like these

  • The bet would probably be formed out of competitive haughtiness- neither of you willing to back down.
  • For women I think this challenge is slightly easier.
  • Taeyong is very competitive, but lacks patience, especially when it comes to sex.
  • His sexual frustration would be amplified and be on his mind 24/7!!!!!1
  • He’d last maybe 4 days??
  • Obviously, he’d give in first, getting touchy as you two watched a Christmas movie on the couch together.
  • As you’d point out his lack of control he’d huff, annoyed you were able to manipulate him so easily.
  • He’d get over his attitude pretty quickly tho, being a whiny beggar- trying to get you to want him as much as he wants you.
  • Forget the bet, you’ve won, sex time
  • It’d be really quick sex because he’d just be so desperate to feel your slick walls and cum inside you instead of his hand.
  • I think his only kinks would be rough hair pulling and/or spanking- he’s in a hurry
  • However, I think after the deed he’d slow things down, intimately cuddling with you for like an hour tbh, whispering to one another teasingly and giggling beneath the sheets.
  • In fact, your intimate cuddles may even turn him on once again and create a round 2- 
  • He’d be slower the 2nd round, taking his time to appreciate the warm body he missed so much, very sensual.

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PSA About Knife Sharpening

See these

The el-cheapo stone you buy for like $8 in a hardware store? This is a knife I seriously messed up on it even AFTER I just took it to my good stones and tried to savage the edge the best I could. It was even worse before I worked at and get a serviceable edge on there again.

Blame me being a little younger and a lot more stupid in dealing with knives.

Don’t buy these because they’re so uneven and rough (you know them because they feel more like a cinder block then a stone) because they will screw up your knife.

Get something like this instead

Since it’s literally a sheet of flat metal coated with an abrasive, you don’t have to worry about being uneven or wearing down into a pothole. 

For honing, find something like this cheap (there’s all shapes and sized being sold on Ebay and I love mine)

As for straping, just use an old leather belt. I got one for like $3 at Goodwill and screwed to my wall like a barber’s strap.

no offense but niall is the best person, you know you’ve stan the right one when you have days like

a cocky sexual icon who knows just how to work the crowds

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and then there are other days like

a big dork

and then the best days when we have these

the rosy, cheeky boy you just want to hug and never let go

i just love niall muhc oh my god

yo chill out Xigbar

i went a little overboard with Xigbar because he’s my favorite, but yea, here’s nochill!Xigbar

10+ for hair down 8)

ehehe.. eye eye captain…

my face started to hurt from scowling so much when drawing these


Chill Saïx

Aggressively Heterosexual Marluxia




teddybear! Xaldin


Lexaeus won’t STFU





Xemnas lacks public speaking skills


anonymous asked:

more little enjolras things: only ever cries when he gets angry (usually about grantaire. always about the government); only knows how to cook ramen noodles; is ambidextrous so he can write with one hand and drink coffee from the other; practices martial arts

thank god for these

  • the first time he tears up during an argument with grantaire grantaire’s obviously alarmed and he stops arguing immediately like “oh my god, are you crying? shit” and enjolras is like “no! no! i’m not crying! keep arguing with me goddamn it you’re wrong” and just, he’s bright red and there are tears in his eyes and his hair’s mussed because he keeps yanking his hands through it and grantaire’s like “uh huh, nope, maybe later big guy how about you take a nap” and enjolras practically shrieks 
  • when grantaire goes over to enjolras’s place the first time it’s a lovely apartment with a great view and the sofa’s are plush and huge and there’s an honest-to-god floor to ceiling window but when he opens the cabinets there’re piles upon piles of ramen noodles and grantaire just kind of “what, the fuck,” stops. upon closer inspection there’s another cabinet full of coffee but jesus christ that does not make this better and when he turns around to look at enj he’s so guilty, like he’s making himself all big and defensive and crossing his arms but he’s also biting his lip like…. “i don’t know how to make anything else,” and grantaire just starts howling with laughter because “oh my god fucking same” 
  • one time grantaire breaks his hand because he’s being stupid, and oh look it’s his painting hand! he’s so jealous of Enjolras’s ambidexterity that he could cry- actually, he does cry one, hopped up on pain meds and staring at the shaky sketch that was all his left hand could do. it’s still great, because grantaire’s ridiculous talented, but he thinks it’s awful and starts practically wailing in the back corner of the musain (much to the distress of everyone else in the room)
  • the first time grantaire tried to wake enjolras up he got the hardest kick he’s ever taken, right in his gut. enjolras is endlessly apologetic about it but when grantaire pops back up his eyes are bright and he’s, like, bubbling because “oh my god you’re amazing and wonderful and also can we spar together because i would do anything” 

  • everything in enjolras’s flat is meticulously clean except his desk, which is an actual wasteland. there’re coffee cups months old crowded dangerously on the edge, papers strewn everywhere- grantaire, who happens to be the exact opposite kind of person, nearly cries when he sees it because “dude, you have my flyers from two years ago on here, how long’s it been since you cleaned it? how can you even find anything?” and they clean it together because grantaire’s sure as hell not tackling that alone
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