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Hello, sorry to interrupt you, i need a pick me up and cant find this fic anywhere and no one knows it.. I remember it involved a church in a sparse field/land at the end, a battle where Sam gets everyone to help, there are demons are gathering toward the Church in answer to lucifer, Dean and Cas face off with Lucifer? and then Lucifer? stabs Cas through the chest with this gold cross or something.. I need this fic so bad, but lost it along time ago on my old laptop. i think it was on LJ. help??

yikes. that is ringing exactly zero bells.


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Hi there, listen, you can repeat yourself over and over on my dash, if you have an opinion about something and feel strongly about it, you need to get it out & tell people. I'm glad someone like you does it as you seem confident in yourself which is good! It made me laugh tho as when I had an opinion once I was told to stop posting my freak! lol, which did make me laugh. alot. and so I went on and posted more of it. your friends/ followers will stay with you, they wont be fickle. <3

Thank you very much for your words, seriously. They mean a lot!!

Some people think they can order others what to do, they are plain wrong. We are here sharing opinions and saying whatever we want and being respectful about it. I’ve seen tons of offensive blogs who are still there, with a shown support… and it’s creepy.

I would invest my time on baking a cake, for instance haha.