Thomas watched the pink slowly fade from the dimming, purple sky of the late afternoon from inside his home. He was lounging peacefully on the window seat with his head resting on the white wall which he was leaning on. His book lay open on his knee to save the page - he did this when he needed a break from reading but wasn’t quite ready to close it and put it aside. This left many of his favourite novels with crinkled spines and curved pages, but he didn’t mind. It gives the thing character, he thought to himself with a gentle smile.

The view from where he rested was a good one. He could see the fields fold and part from each other for miles ahead, but closer to he could look down on the quiet, cozy streets of the village in which he lived. Yellow lamps began to flicker on when the only light left in the sky was the clear moon, and people began to settle in their homes. Thomas sighed and his eyes shut softly, not to sleep but just to rest, since he couldn’t fall asleep anyway.

Moments later, the sound of a muffled shriek stunned him upright, his book falling to the floor with a gentle thud. If his heart was beating, it would be beating fast. He listened with great attention; this scream wasn’t the kind that a child made while it was being tickled, or the sound somebody with a fear of rodents would utter on encountering a mouse. There was no mistaking the urgency of this noise.

He didn’t wait any longer for a second sign as he leaped from his seat and made it to the hallway with two long strides of his bare feet. No time for a coat or shoes, he told himself. He never needed them much anyway, not even on this chilly autumn evening. They were only a comfort to him, not a necessity like many other things, which is why he only wore his blue jeans and nothing else on this night. This was no time to think of comforts, other than the comfort of his mind, and he thought it best to at least go outside and investigate so his thoughts wouldn’t send him wild.

Thomas unlocked the door with a click and swung it open, though he caught the handle in time to prevent it from hitting the wall, and shut the door behind himself. There was no one in sight, but the scent of an undead being hit him as soon as he inhaled. Not one, no, three. And another smell existed among the scent of vampires, and that was the scent of fear. Sharp, metallic and hot. 

He knew there were others like himself, on rare occasions he would pass one when he went to London or Canterbury, simply acknowledging them with a nod of his head which they always returned politely. But the creatures near on this night were not polite, they reeked of evil and bad intentions, uncivilised. He began sniffing out a trail in the air which wasn’t difficult to follow. Thomas turned right and his feet were quick and quiet as he passed the cottages and small shops. He came to the end of a road and followed the trail around the corner into an ally where he saw them. Three ravenous vampires caging a young girl against the grimy brick wall, ready to feed.

Finding Out The Truth (closed rp with the-self-exiled)

Loki was lonely and he wanted a little company so he made his way to Crystallin’s room, forgetting to knock and just walked in. Not expecting to walk in on her undressing. “Oh sorry, I should of knocked” he blushed a little awkwardly.

~ the-self-exiled ~

       ❝ My my, you’re a long way from home.❞

                  The tiniest hints of a grin tugged at the corners
                    of her mouth, though she felt just as much
                         apprehension as joy at her findings.

      ❝ Are you lost? Or did you find yourself
            in this dimension intentionally? ❞

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"Good evening everyone. I hope you're all ready for something very special," Crystallin announced, slipping into the dormitory with a wink.

Sitting up the boys watched as Crystallin walked through the dorm. Smiling Vlad sat on the edge of his bed. “What do you have for us?” Peeped a young boy. Curious Vali set down his book wondering as well. 

Not A Good Idea

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. Nikolai, of all people, was willing to leave his beloved tower and venture out into the wilderness of some place he hadn’t heard of or seen before to explore and catalogue the different species of plants and animals he came across. But, the work of an intellectual such as himself often required field work, so he didn’t have much choice in the matter. Wearing his usual black pants and buttoned-up shirt under his black cloak, hood pulled up over his head to mask his face from the view of anyone passing by, he had knelt down beside a cluster of plants and was scribbling a rough sketch into a notebook.

“Leaves have a slightly serrated edge but aren’t sharp,” he muttered to himself, letting , doing his best to capture the detail he was describing while limited by his non-existant artistic skills. “Petals white and blue, like velvet to the touch but strangely resilient…”

Nyx sighed and closed his notebook, securing it with an elastic strap before stowing it in an inner pocket of his cloak, being careful not to disturb the collapsed staff that rested beside the pocket. His gaze scanned around the area as he got to his feet, checking for any signs to indicate he wasn’t alone. The last thing the vampire needed was some unannounced company sneaking up in his blind spot and triggering an instinctual reaction. Satisfied with having not seen nor sensed anyone nearby, he continued on, stepping over foliage carefully as to not disturb it as he made his way through the trees.

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Newborn meme: "Loki - where did yeh come by a child?" She was surprised to see him with the swaddled infant in his arms. He'd been lying low for quite sometime. Without leaving under an illusion, she didn't know how he would have acquired one.

Loki looked around and smiled a little. “There was a knock at the door and someone had just left him there in a basket, asking for him to be looked after” he answered. “I’m not sure who he belongs to”

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Crystallin watched in horror as Raine was hit. If they just hadn't wandered out this far - if they would've thought of something less risky to do - Crystallin stumbled to catch Raine as she fell, looking up with a dark glare before retrieving Raine's fallen bow and standing protectively over her to start firing off arrows. That practice was proving to be a great idea. "Raine I swear to pods if you die I'll never forgive you," she growled - panicked though it was.

She’d known they’d gone too far. She’d known. Yet she said nothing. Seeing that arrow flying for Crystallin had terrified her immensely. She hadn’t hesitated when she stepped in the way. 

 The arrow pierced her right shoulder/collar bone area. Blood spurt and pain flashed. She felt Crystallin catch her and watched with pride as the girl took her bow and stood over her, ready to fire. Those practice sessions had definitely been worth it. “Heh, then I’ll just haunt you and make you forgive me or I’ll never leave.” Raine’s chuckled was replaced by a hiss of pain. The arrow was riddled with rot and it was slowly eating away her skin and muscle tissues. The blonde could feel the Rot making its way into her system and she grit her teeth. If anything, it would be the Blight - not the wound - that would kill her.

Writer AU with the-self-exiled

Jessie Faltour was a author and she loved it, she loved sitting at home curled up on the couch surrounded with her dog curled up on her feet with a coffee or a hot chocolate in a quirky mug on the table. She made her own time table and she released her books when she wanted to and it was amazing but she was sitting on her couch biting her lip as she read over what she’d gotten so far only to erase it. Love was one of the hardest things to write for her and she was stuck.

“Why is this so hard” she said groaning and she sighed and she saved her work and she moved to her room. she put her laptop on her desk and she went and lied down under the blankets. She’d do some research tomorrow that wold help, Hours later when the sunlight hit her eyes she woke up yawned, opened her eyes and froze when she saw the very character she’d made up in her room “C-Crystallin?”

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Crystallin watched Loki as he planted himself next to her and flopped into her lap, lifting her hand to pet through his hair. "Yeh seem a bit tired."

“I had a hard day” Loki whispered softly, giving a small sigh. “My magic went a bit out of control and I nearly burned myself and then it started snowing because of me and wouldn’t stop and got so cold that I turned Jotun”

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((Not a clue where we stand ^.^""" )) "You’re trying t' seduce me. Aren’t yeh?"

//AU TIME!! x3

 Raine batted her eyelashes at the girl, twirling and dancing some more. “Maybe I am,” she purred, brushing by Crystallin’s ear. “Maybe not.” The blonde swayed her hips as she got closer, lips brushing against the girl’s cheek. “What do you think?” she murmured softly, seductively. 

Cont from here


“Yeh never know what could happen … situations can force your hand sometimes,” she explained sadly, getting her own cup of tea and leaning on Merlin’s shoulder. It was nice… having someone else around who didn’t mind her being close. “But I hope that doesn’t happen,” she sighed brushing the thought away with a little wave of her hand.

“Yeh know we can make a small fire. There’s a lovely little fireplace,” she pointed out, sipping her tea with a content sigh and smiling happily. “An’ there’s more blankets I have stored away if you’re still chilly.” She wasn’t entirely sure how to take care of a guest. Merlin was genuine and sweet and she wanted him to feel welcome, but she didn’t know exactly what would make him feel that way. “I’ve tried t’ plan for lots o’ things just because o’ how I’ve been living here. But it should be enough that you’ll be alright until we can settle things t’ your liking as well,” she encouraged, sipping again at her tea and curling up against his side.

Merlin hummed thoughtfully, while slowly nodding his head. “I’ve had to kill a friend before…” he replied. “But that was back then.. everything was different, so much simpler. It doesn’t happen like that here.” He thought back to Morgana, and to all the friends he had indirectly killed while they tried to protect him.  But now there were police forces and armies. People didn’t have to fight their own battles anymore. Not usually at least.

“I think a fire would be awesome.” Merlin smiled. “Do you mind if i…? Its just i always made them back in Camelot and… its sort of comforting.” he padded over to the fireplace, more glad by the minute that Crystalin had pulled him off that roof.  He would be happy living here forever. Well, at least until Arthur got back, he had to be Merlins number one priority, now that everyone else he once knew was gone. “I’m not too hard to please” he smiled sitting down by the fireplace, and getting to work lighting it. “Reading and practicing my magic are how i spend the majority of my days.  Perhaps someday… we could find something to teach each other.. magic wise that is. I’ve always been rubbish at nature spells…”

AU starter for the-self-exiled


Jess’s haven had been the Library and Music room, only good thing about the fact she was forced to marry him was those two things. She hadn’t really spoken to the other older girl and she was a listening device for the younger one, both being much more beautiful looking than herself but none of the three of them looking the same which is why maybe he picked the three of them. She’d seen them at the wedding where all of them got married to him at once and she stayed away from him, knowing she’d probably just run her mouth and get the other two into trouble. One girl was named Chloe and she was the youngest out of the three and she had Silver hair and these bright brown eyes, she was 14 and she had been the only one happy with the arrangement. Jess walked into the music room and paused seeing the other and older girl there and she walked over, her boots making no sound as she walked

“Hey, i figured you might find your way here sooner or later” Jess said giving him a polite smile, may as well be kind to her

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"So. Any chance yeh have a fluffy little tail under those trousers?"

“I-wh..” He blinked, completely shocked by such a question.

Never in his life…

“Do you think I’m a rabbit?”

“I have very little march hare DNA…” He then touched his neck and ears, concerned he’d missed his tea and that his head was turning into the porcelain rabbit head again.

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Crystallin shuffled into the kitchen, looking over at Dmitri with narrowed eyes. It was too bright for this. "How much did we have to drink?" she asked, stepping past him with her blanket to get some tea. ((No enter button!! D: )) Crystallin nudged Nyx with her toe, holding his shirt up over her politely so as not to kill him when he opened his eyes. "Nikolai, Where are my clothes?" His shirt did little to cover her properly.

Dmitri stood there at the counter, a bottle of water in his hand already half empty. He turned his head towards Crystallin and smirked. “A little too much for you, I take it. Went through at least two bottles of vodka.” He slid a small box over to the faery, tapping it twice before leaving it there. “Take two of these. It’s natural, so don’t worry. It’ll help with the recovery.”


Nyx groaned and slowly sat up at being nudged, rubbing his forehead and eyes to clear the sleep from them. “Huh… What? Clothes…?” He opened his eyes fully, looking at Crystallin. And there he stopped, seeing that she had nothing to cover herself but his shirt. But when did his shirt come off…?

Time to Fly (Closed rp) @the-self-exiled

“Okay, first off I’m going to take you on a nice, gentle ride on Flickr. Then, once you’re comfortable I’ll show ya how to ride her.” Raine beamed at her friend, petting her hummingbird as she talked. Crystallin had never gotten to enjoy a ride on either of her birds. The only time the faerie had ridden Flickr was after she’d been hit by a Boggan arrow and severely wounded. They were both busy during the winter, but now that it was spring Raine thought it the perfect chance to try. 

 "You ready to go messenger girl?“ The blonde asked, Flickr shaking her head and rattling her riding gear. "This bird’s ready to fly.”

A Faerie, a Cupid, and a Vampire walk into a bar...

Annamore stared down her nose at her… No, his body. At least, she was currently in the body of a man - a very familiar man“Ah… Wow.” She looked down at her legs, then held out her hands to examine them, before poking her sharp nose. One hand reached for her belly, pressing against it to try to find the egg she already knew wouldn’t be there.

She quickly took stop of where she was - familiar castle walls. “Shit.” She cursed, since she didn’t have the egg with her to make her feel guilty for it. “This is bad.” If her and Kineth had switched bodies… Thoughts went through her head of all the different things that could go wrong, including with the egg. And what of the confusion that would cause for Solus? And then there was Crystallin to worry about, too. 

Without thinking about how she did it, she made a portal and hopped through, tripping to land face down on her cloud, “In the name of the moon, I will rescue… Oh, Crystallin, you’re safe!” She lifted her head to see that the child was in front of her, staring in surprise. She knew her voice was pretty deep, and her features were sharp and scary, but hopefully the little faerie would recognize her personality.