He paced up and down anxiously. Yiviria had tried to tell him to calm down, but she wasn’t the one who was getting married, was she? She also happened to be dying slowly after being poisoned by a Shaeki from Nektelion, and Aradir didn’t want to stress her.

It wasn’t that the others had all abandoned him, but the war had been going on for so long, and they were losing. Most of the Black Lords had refused to help, citing that their own Kingdoms came first- that, Aradir understood- but not all, and now he was fighting against the same people he had shared a drink with many times. It was Aesirae’s charisma that drew them, he thought; after all, the fire Vierr did seduce people to gain secrets for a living before they had met.

“They’re here,” The flap to his tent opened, and Grairy stepped through. He wasn’t very happy about the marriage, and it showed on his face. The Aeryn was Aradir’s bodyguard, and most nights they shared a bed for safety and comfort (he was also very, very tall for an Aeryn, and sometimes it felt nice to be held). They didn’t think that Titania would allow that kind of behaviour to continue, “Shall I show them in?”

“Yes. And- Grairy?”


“Try and smile. If this works, we’ll have more people… maybe we can go home again,” The Aeryn looked at him doubtfully, then visibly steeled himself as he left the tent again.



Her green hair tied as neatly as she could manage (which wasn’t very neat, given that she had spent all her childhood having someone else tie her hair for her), Demigir tried to stand still as she watched the politicians arrive. Not the best word, but that didn’t matter. Nerë Anhyo had asked her to show them around after the initial audience with the King and Queen, but upon the doors finally opening, it appeared that there was only one that looked important enough to be given a tour. No matter. Demigir beamed at the lady and bowed her head slightly.

“I have been instructed to give you a tour, déanyo,”

Escorting A Lady

Standing outside of the club waiting for a woman he was to have a job with the man lit a cigarette inhaling the chemicals before exhaling slowly. This wait was rather boring and he wasn’t sure what this lady looked like. Seeing a woman seemingly look for someone he put out his cig and walked towards her. “Are you Crystallin miss?” 


Thomas watched the pink slowly fade from the dimming, purple sky of the late afternoon from inside his home. He was lounging peacefully on the window seat with his head resting on the white wall which he was leaning on. His book lay open on his knee to save the page - he did this when he needed a break from reading but wasn’t quite ready to close it and put it aside. This left many of his favourite novels with crinkled spines and curved pages, but he didn’t mind. It gives the thing character, he thought to himself with a gentle smile.

The view from where he rested was a good one. He could see the fields fold and part from each other for miles ahead, but closer to he could look down on the quiet, cozy streets of the village in which he lived. Yellow lamps began to flicker on when the only light left in the sky was the clear moon, and people began to settle in their homes. Thomas sighed and his eyes shut softly, not to sleep but just to rest, since he couldn’t fall asleep anyway.

Moments later, the sound of a muffled shriek stunned him upright, his book falling to the floor with a gentle thud. If his heart was beating, it would be beating fast. He listened with great attention; this scream wasn’t the kind that a child made while it was being tickled, or the sound somebody with a fear of rodents would utter on encountering a mouse. There was no mistaking the urgency of this noise.

He didn’t wait any longer for a second sign as he leaped from his seat and made it to the hallway with two long strides of his bare feet. No time for a coat or shoes, he told himself. He never needed them much anyway, not even on this chilly autumn evening. They were only a comfort to him, not a necessity like many other things, which is why he only wore his blue jeans and nothing else on this night. This was no time to think of comforts, other than the comfort of his mind, and he thought it best to at least go outside and investigate so his thoughts wouldn’t send him wild.

Thomas unlocked the door with a click and swung it open, though he caught the handle in time to prevent it from hitting the wall, and shut the door behind himself. There was no one in sight, but the scent of an undead being hit him as soon as he inhaled. Not one, no, three. And another smell existed among the scent of vampires, and that was the scent of fear. Sharp, metallic and hot. 

He knew there were others like himself, on rare occasions he would pass one when he went to London or Canterbury, simply acknowledging them with a nod of his head which they always returned politely. But the creatures near on this night were not polite, they reeked of evil and bad intentions, uncivilised. He began sniffing out a trail in the air which wasn’t difficult to follow. Thomas turned right and his feet were quick and quiet as he passed the cottages and small shops. He came to the end of a road and followed the trail around the corner into an ally where he saw them. Three ravenous vampires caging a young girl against the grimy brick wall, ready to feed.

Finding Out The Truth (closed rp with the-self-exiled)

Loki was lonely and he wanted a little company so he made his way to Crystallin’s room, forgetting to knock and just walked in. Not expecting to walk in on her undressing. “Oh sorry, I should of knocked” he blushed a little awkwardly.

Not A Good Idea

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. Nikolai, of all people, was willing to leave his beloved tower and venture out into the wilderness of some place he hadn’t heard of or seen before to explore and catalogue the different species of plants and animals he came across. But, the work of an intellectual such as himself often required field work, so he didn’t have much choice in the matter. Wearing his usual black pants and buttoned-up shirt under his black cloak, hood pulled up over his head to mask his face from the view of anyone passing by, he had knelt down beside a cluster of plants and was scribbling a rough sketch into a notebook.

“Leaves have a slightly serrated edge but aren’t sharp,” he muttered to himself, letting , doing his best to capture the detail he was describing while limited by his non-existant artistic skills. “Petals white and blue, like velvet to the touch but strangely resilient…”

Nyx sighed and closed his notebook, securing it with an elastic strap before stowing it in an inner pocket of his cloak, being careful not to disturb the collapsed staff that rested beside the pocket. His gaze scanned around the area as he got to his feet, checking for any signs to indicate he wasn’t alone. The last thing the vampire needed was some unannounced company sneaking up in his blind spot and triggering an instinctual reaction. Satisfied with having not seen nor sensed anyone nearby, he continued on, stepping over foliage carefully as to not disturb it as he made his way through the trees.

Forests and Faeries

Alice loved trees. Being around them was like listening to the natural music of the earth. Something about the way the leaves moved in the wind was inspiring, as if they were dancing. Playing her violin while being among the trees made it all the more magical. 

She wandered further into the forest, further than she had gone before. She wasn’t worried about getting lost, though. She always managed to find her way back easily from unfamiliar places. Right now, Alice was just listening to the music and watching the trees as they danced to it.

Suddenly, Alice heard something that broke her concentration. She stopped playing and spun around, looking for the source of the noise. “Hello?” She called out, curiously. She’d never run across anything except small animals and insects in this forest. This didn’t sound small at all. Something new… How exciting! 

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((Not a clue where we stand ^.^""" )) "You’re trying t' seduce me. Aren’t yeh?"

//AU TIME!! x3

 Raine batted her eyelashes at the girl, twirling and dancing some more. “Maybe I am,” she purred, brushing by Crystallin’s ear. “Maybe not.” The blonde swayed her hips as she got closer, lips brushing against the girl’s cheek. “What do you think?” she murmured softly, seductively. 

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Crystallin shuffled into the kitchen, looking over at Dmitri with narrowed eyes. It was too bright for this. "How much did we have to drink?" she asked, stepping past him with her blanket to get some tea. ((No enter button!! D: )) Crystallin nudged Nyx with her toe, holding his shirt up over her politely so as not to kill him when he opened his eyes. "Nikolai, Where are my clothes?" His shirt did little to cover her properly.

Dmitri stood there at the counter, a bottle of water in his hand already half empty. He turned his head towards Crystallin and smirked. “A little too much for you, I take it. Went through at least two bottles of vodka.” He slid a small box over to the faery, tapping it twice before leaving it there. “Take two of these. It’s natural, so don’t worry. It’ll help with the recovery.”


Nyx groaned and slowly sat up at being nudged, rubbing his forehead and eyes to clear the sleep from them. “Huh… What? Clothes…?” He opened his eyes fully, looking at Crystallin. And there he stopped, seeing that she had nothing to cover herself but his shirt. But when did his shirt come off…?

Visiting A Place Once Called Home

It had been quite a while since Aksel had visited Luna or any of the Tsukimori family. The last he heard, they were locked in a vicious battle with another clan who had caused some trouble for everyone involved. He wondered how Dmitri and Nikolai, once friends so close he considered them to be the brothers he never had were doing.

His thoughts traveled to Lyra, and how the once young girl turned out, after growing up, he wondered out to the gardens, catching a noise somewhere within them, something like a giggle.

“Who is there?”

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Crystallin tilted her head. She could’ve swore she just heard a voice… She walked over slowly to wear she’d heard, surprised to see a small version of Annamore. Well - she’d found that sometimes she was a male. Why not a child? “Hello there.”

“Ah…” She calmed down, taking a deep breath as she looked up at the woman. “H-hello.” Annamore looked at her wings and her feet, then back at the woman, “Where are your wings?”

the-self-exiled is wandering through the swamp

Faint mist permeated the marshlands, obscuring anything distant from sight and softening everything else. There was a feeling in the air, a presence, and a soft flickering will-o’-the-wisp dancing above an open pond.

From beyond the water, perched in a dead tree with the fog pooling around her, Wisp observed the newcomer. Fae. Of which court was a more pressing question, and on what business.

“Are you lost, wanderer, or have you come here on business?”

Meeting for the first time (Closed RP with the-self-exiled)

Loki had never been popular on Asgard, none of the other kids really involved him in any of their games, but whenever it snowed Loki didn’t care. He was the only one that went outside and just built snowmen, granted they weren’t very good but it kept him happen.

The young Prince was working on a snowman, and trying to use his magic to form the body and put it all together when he heard some footsteps coming his way, which was off. Nobody ever came out in the snow while he was out there, he turned but as he did the snow followed covering whoever it was that was out there with him. “Sorry, I really need to learn to control that, are you okay?” he asked softly.

Faery Lore and Headcanons

~Please note that this is a compilation list and is drawn from books, mun knowledge, and the cannon lore that said mun frequently pulls from. This list is by no means complete and will most likely continue to grow as new information continues to show up and is interpreted. They are in no way meant to offend or clash with someone else’s take on lore or faery headcannons. (In fact it would be fun to compare and discuss notes) This list is meant to help the mun and RP interactions with others. <3
(PS: this is under read more for length. not smut)

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The day had grown dark thanks to the thick clouds covering the sun, a storm was threatening the island but that didn’t stop Hiccup and his dragon from their usual flight around the island. 

Breaking records, preforming tricks, free falling. It was amazing! Even in high wind, going against it was a lot of fun.

After about an hour of that, Toothless and Hiccup were interrupted by the storm. Metal and lightning didn’t go well. 

The two flew over the forest, since they were on the other side of the island, it was the fastest, and possibly the safest way to go. About half way there, Toothless started growling. “Toothless? What’s wrong buddy?” Hiccup asked. Before he would fix his dragon the two were headed face first into the thick trees.