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“More delicious little voters. Good morning to you all. Come, kiss the hand that feeds you.” He extended his hand then, dramatically raising an eyebrow.

“Say good morning to your Master.”

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Rose wandered around, feeling rather lost in the crowd with all these people around her. She had no idea where she was, nor where she had left the TARDIS behind. One day, this was going to come back and really bite her in the arse. With a sigh of frustration, the blonde turned around only to nearly run into another girl who was heading in the opposite direction.

“Sorry, mate,” she apologized, shooting a kind smile at the girl. “Didn’t see you there.”

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"Excuse me! Coming through! No seriously get out of the way!" Teanna shouted as she ran, she had gotten into trouble... again, only this time it was with some alien green thing - baby faced with claws. She bumped into a pinstriped man coming out of a alleyway "sorry, I need to go... running.. oh hell..." she pushed him back into the alleyway and pressed her self against the wall as a fat man ran past surprisingly fast. She sighed in relief "sorry, Teanna powers" she stuck her hand out to shake.

-The Doctor was tracking a temporal disturbance. It was possibly something that fell through the rift or maybe a spaceship entering earth’s atmosphere. Whatever it was, the doctor wasn’t sure. He stopped walking and stood there when his tracking device started to glitch.-

Rubbish old…-Suddenly she bumped into him.- Oh…It’s…-She was grabbed ahold of him and manhandled him into the wall, which was a bit disturbing to say the lead. He didn’t know her after all.- I’m sorry but…what are you doing?