Ramy - fanfiction - Chapter 1

FanFiction – RAMY

Chapter one  - Forever is a long time

Ricky and Amy are in the apartment with John. They are having some family time, playing games with the little man. Amy gazes up at Ricky Smiling and Say’s I really love you, do you know that? My life would suck without you. Ricky smiles back, Amy I know you love me, and I love you so much too, you have completely turned my life around, you’ve changed me for the better, you and john have changed me, I’m happy that I came to New York while you was away to see you and we could finally figure things out, without having other people being involved, it was a really good weekend, and I enjoyed spending it just with you, just me and you. Amy then stands up, walks over to Ricky, and put her arms longing around his neck, you’re not the only one who was happy that you came to New York, I was glad that you called me and decided to come and see me, I missed you them two weeks that you wasn’t around, To be honest with you Ricky, it’s you and always has been you that had my heart, I know we may not have shown it in the years before, when we found out we was pregnant and when John came along, we was young, well we still are young, but back then there was so much going on it was crazy.. But I always hoped that me and you would find our way to each other, it may have taken two long years, but were finally here, me you and John, our little family in the apartment above the butchers shop. And I’m grateful for everything that you have done for me and our son, you’re an amazing Father and fiancée, that a little boy and girl could wish for.. I love you and will continue to love you forever, even though that forever is a long time, I wouldn’t mind spending every minute of it with you.

Oh Amy, I love it when we can talk to each other like this, just have these moments, these amazing conversations, you make me happy and you complete me, you’re the missing piece to my life, that I longed for, for a long time, and now I’ve finally found you, you complete the jigsaw to my heart, you hold the key, I’m forever yours.  Then they both gaze into one another eyes, smiling, then intimately kiss. Then little John runs over and shouts Mommy, Daddy.. I love you too… Ricky picks John up and they both say we love you too little guy.. They give him a big hug, and stand together for a few moments all smiling and laughing.

The End


Bene. Devo smetterla di iniziare nuove serie tv, perchè quasi sicuramente ne divento dipendente
Dopo la fine di “La vita segreta di una teenager americana”, “Skins” (che per me rimane SEMPRE la migliore) e “The L Word”, ora è il turno di “American Horror Story” della quale sono già catturata e innamorata. 
Mannaggia a ste serie tv.