Help me get to the Olympic Training Center!

Hey guys, so you might remember the post I made about getting invited to the Elite Residency Camp for USA Rugby at the Olympic Training Center in California. 

Unlike the last camp I went to I can’t earn a scholarship for this one, I have to raise the money all on my own. After camp fees and the flight it is coming out to about $1700. 

Like you guys, I’m a full-time college student too and I understand the struggle when it comes to money. If you could spare it though, I would really appreciate your help. If you can’t help with money, its no biggie, I totally understand, simply reblogging this would be a huge help to me! 

Rugby is making it’s debut in the Olympics in 2016 and my goal is to be on that squad. I’ve been an athlete my entire life and my wildest dream has always been to participate in an Olympics. I can hardly believe how quickly rugby has been paving the way for me to reach that goal. Attending this camp would put me in a National Team environment where I would be trained by USA coaches and players alike. If everything goes well, I could be on my way to a U-20 team and who knows where else. 

Guys, I love this game, and I love you for reading this all the way through. I can promise you right now that no one is going to work harder for this than I am. You’re going to see a lot of this from now on, I hope to have a video up soon or more pictures, or something. If there is an idea you have that could help me fundraise, short of selling my soul I’m open to doing it. 

Thanks again guys, Love you!  -Gabi 

The link to donate:

On the real though

This is going to sound really lame but I haven’t been hugged in what feels like a decade. And I don’t mean that “oh hey how are you” bro pats that gets given on the daily. I mean that real, pull me in so close I can hear your heart beating and you can feel mine exploding from my chest, kind. Those kind where time is irrelevant because in that one moment all that is running through your mind is the overwhelming feeling of peace you feel in their arms. Your senses are so occupied by this one persons scent and feel that the building could be burning down and you wouldn’t even notice. It’s this feeling that drives you back into their arms after you’ve parted for only a quick second. And when you’re back in their embrace, all you can do is stand there, cheesing like a big idiot because you never realized where those holes were in your life until someone comes in and fills them. You inhale deeply because you have to get closer to them. You need something to hold on to, to remind you of just how intoxicating they are to you. Even just a whiff of their scent gets you higher than anything else ever could. Its that intimacy, that closeness with another human being.

Yeah, I miss that.


I needed some motivation to get up and train today, and I got it by way of my team’s Facebook group. If you need that extra kick in the ass, watch this.

Our rugby squad is gonna kick ass in 2014.


This weekend in Atlanta was ridiculous! Thought I’d see snow (I never have before) but alas when I got there they had swept it all off the field and it became a giant ball of ice. 

I went to a 3-day high performance camp held by USA Rugby and Serevi. I was coached by the USA men’s and USA women’s 7’s coaches, as well as a player for the women’s eagles. 

Things I learned:

Communication is key (seems obvious but its easy to get caught up in the game)

I am scrawny compared to these other girls playing (lift mas)

Cold isn’t cold until its 7am and 20 degrees and with the wind it feels like 7

Evasive running is my best friend.

Turf fucking hurts. (I can’t believe the women’s world cup is actually gonna be played on this shit.)

And this isn’t official yet, but the player for the eagles who was coaching us mentioned that this was a scouting camp for the USA team and that certain players would be receiving an invitation to attend a Residency Camp in San Diego to train at the Olympic Training Center, so hopefully I made an impression :) the coach knew my name so, thats encouraging. 

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Do as many as you have

*This is in no particular order. You should better be following all these people because you’re missing out if you aren’t.*

Kennedy - g00dvibes -  I consider her like a little sister I never had lol We’ve gone through the same things to some aspect so I can relate with her really good with what she is experiencing. Known her for a pretty long time, great friend! :D

- Kelli - renegvde -  Awesome and chill-lax girl who is doing her thing, dominating college soccer. haha Have known Kelli for a while too and got to know her pretty well. Know she’s always there to talk to about whatever and same goes for me too!

- Blaise - thegameswelove -  My boy, Blaise! Haha what else do i gotta say other than look at my boy’s blog. The famous ‘thegameswelove’! haha Sick blog, future QB phenom in college, but more importantly, a cool dude. Super nice and just a great guy.

- Gabi - thesecretdestroyers -  Straight up my best friend I have, even though she lives +1200 miles away. Only person I’ve met IRL that’s from tumblr. We have so much in common and like so many of the same things, we just get along real well. One of the few people outside of my family that I feel completely comfortable around and feel I can tell her anything. Would ‘run through a brick-wall’ for this girl. Super important to me. 

These are the people I stay in contact with the most from here. I def have multiple other great people I’ve met on here and talk to, but these people I consider my closest friends from tumblr!