okay but the last two episodes have been pretty universally accepted as the best of the last season (maybe even last two seasons) and you know what they both had in common? teen wolf actually utilized its female characters, and gave them their own storylines. And not only that, but the last two episodes showed extremely close bonds between the girls and them working together and helping each other. 

the strong female characters make teen wolf great and tw needs to keep giving them ample screen time and important storylines if they want to keep this string of good episodes going.

Second Anniversary Pt.1

Hey! I haven’t written a story or anything in years! But, I had this idea come into my head and had to write it down. I have read so many brilliant fan fictions on here for MMFD that I really wanted a go at writing my own too. There is a second part to this which I hope to have up next week.

Hope you like it :)


6:23pm, 04.12.1998

Two more hours. Just two more and I can go home, have a bath, put my pjs’ on and watch The 11 o'clock Show.

I need to find a new job and soon. This is just depressing. Mike has been here since we opened at midday. And Sally arrived not long after. Have they got nothing better to do with their lives than to just drink them away? I know they are paying my wages but still.

Guess I’ll just wipe the bar down .. again. Bored. Bored. Bored. BORED.

As I’m rinsing my cloth out I hear someone sit down at the bar. I know who it is before I even turn around. He has been here everyday at 6:30 for the last two weeks.

If he ain’t careful he will end up like the rest of this sorry lot.

I turn around and wait for him to finish taking his jacket off. He looks at me and gives me the same tight lipped smile he does everyday. His eyes are dark and guarded and his face looks a little blotchy like he has been crying. Though it could just be the cold has gotten to him. They were talking about snow on the news earlier.

“Usual Finny?”

“Yeah. Ta’ Cass.”

While I’m pouring I glance over at him chewing his fingernails. He is staring at the bar like it has all the answers written in it. There’s a slight wrinkle in his brow as he continues to chomp away at his hand. When I place his drink in front of him he starts and looks at me and gives me that same tight lipped smile.

He takes a sip of his drink and continues to stare down at the bar, that crinkle appearing again.

I should just leave it. He obviously doesn’t wanna talk about it.

He’ll talk to me when he’s ready. He hasn’t even noticed me staring at him.

I look around the rest of the pub at the sorry sods who have been wasting away here for years.

They must know each other. They spend everyday in the same pub but none of them talk to each other. They barely acknowledge one another. All just staring at their pints, or the clock, watching the days pass them by.

Finn doesn’t belong here. Not with these lot.

I pick my cloth back up and start cleaning the taps. He is now picking at the bar slowly with his change, making a dent in the old wooden surface.

Whatever is eating him up needs to come out. Usually it would be a few days and he would blab. But this was fucking ridiculous. Two weeks he’s been here. It must be bad.

Dad was talking about it on the phone last night with Gary. By the sounds of it he ain’t talked to no one. Just got up one day and decided he was coming here. He only ever comes here when things are shit in Stamford. The only time he didn’t was when Nan died and that’s only cause we all turned up there instead.

He also hasn’t mentioned Rae once since he got here. I know they broke up but Gary says they are still mates. She is usually all he talks about. It must be to do with Rae.

Gary says its not. Gary says he’s fine. Just having a hard time. My arse he’s fine.

I lean across the bar and pick the change out of his hands. That’ll stop him digging more holes.

When I turn back from the till he is now picking at the hole with his nails. Enough is enough.

"Come on then, out with it.”

He looks at me like a rabbit in headlights. Wide eyed and scared.

“Out with what?”

“Why are you here Finn?”

“I just wanted a dri-”

“Not in the pub, knobby, in Leeds. Why are you here? You only ever come here if things are shit at home. You can’t just sit in here drinking away the days. It’s been two weeks, Finn. Out with it.”

He looks back down at his drink, take another sip and swallows. He’s still looking at the bottom of his glass when he mumbles his reply.

“I don’t just come here when it’s shit.”

"On your own you do.”

He takes another sip and then downs the rest. He stares at the bottom of the glass for a minute. They all do that. He looks back up at me. His eyes stubborn but yielding.

“Fine. But I’ll have another one first.”

He starts picking at the bar again while I pour. That hole is only getting deeper.

“Finn stop-”

“We fucked it all up.” Sad eyes look up at me and then back down at his hands. I watch him as I place the drink down on the bar. He has another swig.

Then he starts speaking. And he doesn’t stop. “Both of us. Me and Rae. We both fucked it up. She started it but I made it so much worse. I don’t know why I believed her. She were going on about being Rae’s friend and how she was worried about her and how Bristol was Rae’s dream and how Rae deserved to get what she wanted. As if I didn’t know that! And then she turned up at mine going on about how Rae was dragging me down and I deserved better. As if! And then she threw herself at me and Rae turned up.”

He takes another swig and looks at me, defeated. “The look on her face Cass. Everytime I close my eyes thats the face I see. The amount of times I’ve seen her smile and laugh and its the look fo disgust that comes back to haunt me.  I should never of hidden her in my room. I thought Rae wouldn’t know she was there. Of course she knew. I should of told Rae, outright, why she was there and what had happened. Rae started it but if I wasn’t such a wanker we could of sorted it out. Moved past it you know.”

Finn has never said so many words in under 2 minutes. This must some sort of record. Whatever it was was really eating him up. I thought it would be like last time. This was much worse.

“We would of been together two years today. If I hadn’t fucked it all up.” He took another sip of his pint and stared back it hands.

I am so confused. “Okay so who’s this ‘her’ and what did Rae do that started all this? And where’s Rae now?”

“Katie. She was Rae’s … 'friend’. She’s a dick. Me and Rae were kinda on a break cause she lied to me. She told me she didn’t get into uni and agreed to move in with me. I turned up at the pub a few days later and everyone were going on about how I must be so proud of her cause she was off to Bristol. They were buying me and drinks and patting me on the back. So when I eventually found her she started coming out will all this bullshit, about how she didn’t wanna go cause I was the best thing that’s ever happened to her and all this crap. I didn’t wanna hold her back so I left and told her to decide. I thought that if I weren’t around she would make her decision on what she wanted not cause I asked her to move in with me. So all this crap happened and now she’s in Bristol.”

“Wait. So did anything happen between you and this … Katie?”

“No. She tried to kiss me and then Rae turned up. I pushed Katie in the bedroom cause I didn’t want Rae to know she was there cause she might get the wrong idea. It was stupid. She walked straight in and saw her.
I’m such a dick. I shouldn’t of hidden it. It made it look loads worse.”

“So, did you tell Rae? That nothing happened?”

“No.” He looked back down to the bottom of his glass. There’s never anything at the bottom of an empty glass. “I told her I did kiss her. Katie said Bristol is her dream and I didn’t want Rae to stay because of me. She needed to go off and have the life she deserves. I didn’t want to be her reason to stay and for her be unhappy. She always hated Stamford and she wasn’t gunna leave if she stuck with me. She deserves to be happy. Bristol will make her happy.”

And there it was. Why he was so miserable. It wasn’t because of what had happened. And it wasn’t because what had happened was unfixable. Telling the truth could fix it all. In Finn’s eyes Rae was happier without him.

It’s a Nelson trait. We all believe everyone is much better off without us. Like his Mum was happier without him and his Dad. Like my Mum was happier without me and my Dad. It happens often enough and you start to believe it.

Not them though. Finn needed Rae. They were always happier together than apart.

He was back to picking at the bar again.

“How do you know she’s happy?” He looks back up at me, that crinkle appearing again and then scoffs.

“Of course she is. It’s her dream.”

“Did Katie tell you that?”

“Well yeah-”

“And isn’t Katie the 'friend’ who tried to get off with her 'friends’ boyfriend?”

“Well yeah-”

“So, why the fuck are you taking what Katie say as gospel? Did you even ask Rae what she wanted?”

“I didn’t need to. She went to Bristol anyway so she obviously did want to go.”

God Finn could be tool sometimes. “Did she have any other options? She probably thought she had two until you lied and told her you snogged Katie. Why would she wanna stay to try and make things work with the knobhead who snogs her friends? She probably wanted to get out of town and as she already had a place at Bristol just went. It wasn’t really a decision by the sounds of it. Sounds more like she had no other options.

Have you spoken to Rae?”

“No. Not since she left.”

“So how do you know she’s happy?” I watch the realisation on Finn’s face appeared. He didn’t know. She could of been feeling just as shitty as him and he has no idea. Too busy wallowing in self pity.

“I don’t.”

“You should talk to her. At least then you’ll know. At least you’ll be miserable for a reason then.” He sticks his tongue out at me and I do the same. He smiles into his pint and goes to down the rest but places it back on the bar instead. He looks at me with a smirk and I can see the wheels turning.

“I’m gunna go see her.” He gets up and starts putting his jacket on.  

“What now? She lives 4 hours away!”

“Yeah. Look, if I ring her it makes me look like a coward. And you can lie on the phone too. She could pretend like its all hunky dory. No, I’m gunna go now and tell her what really happened. And that I’m sorry. For lying. For being a dick. Everything.” He fished his keys out of his pocket and then lent over the bar and kissed my cheek. When he stood back he had a proper, all teeth, grin on his face. God, I hope it goes well.

“Thanks Cass. I’ll call you when I get there okay. Tell Uncle Kev I’ll be back tomorrow. Or in a few days. You never know.” He winked and threw that big grin at me again. He was now at the door. “Laters.”

The door bangs shut behind him and Mike starts in the corner.

Sadie rushes through the door as the clock chimes, shouting apologies as she takes her coat off and hangs it out the back.

Half past eight. Home time.


11:57, 04.12.1998

Jeez! Who is this ringing at this time?

It could be Finn.

I pull the blanket off me and reach behind me for the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me. I’m here. Her light’s on.”

“Okay. Good luck! And don’t leave until you have told her everything. And just the truth this time. No bullshit”.

“I know. Thanks again Cass.” He sounds nervous. Pull it together Finn.

“It’s alright. Now go! This conversation has been delayed long enough.”

“Alright, alright. Night Cass.”

“Night Finn.”

The line goes dead. I really, really hope it goes well.

So is Angie just chilling in NYC on her own? I’m assuming she is still staying with Peggy in one of Howard’s apartments because I don’t remember the show saying otherwise.

I love the idea that the two are still set up in the apartment from the end of season one for so many reasons.

1) It means that Peggy simply rotates through Howard’s properties as she needs or as her world saving plans dictate.

2) We could eventually get Howard forgetting Angie is still in New York and drunkenly stumbling into the apartment one night only to get a baseball bat to the face.  

Satisfaction. Illusions.

Dabble in Drabbles 7

Okay, I was extremely unsatisfied with The Puppeteer. One episode, they show Ladybug needing Chat Noir and that they’re a team. And then the next, they show that Ladybug can do anything on her own, she doesn’t need Chat Noir? I mean, seriously.

I want to keep an open mind. Maybe this was just foreshadowing into the next episode which draws the conclusion because I’m guessing that those two are connected.

ANYWAY, to ease my grouchiness, this drabble’s a tribute to ep 18.

Summary: In which Chat Noir visits Marinette late in the night. Feelings are revealed, and some are hidden. Thoughts voiced out.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Marinette wakes up blearily from her uncomfortable position on her desk. With sleepy eyes, she gets up and walks to the window. 

She meets a pair of glowing green eyes and knows who it is. Opening the window, she says softly, “What brings you here so late in the night, Chat?”

Marinette doesn’t notice the tenseness of his shoulders, the slight droop of his ears, the way he looks at her with sad eyes glazed over his smile. She doesn’t seem to notice those. She never does.

“I’m sorry, princess.” Chat says apologetically. “It’s just…is it alright if I - I mean, I just need to talk to someone right now.”

She lets him in and he slips inside and stands in her room, not touching anything, not looking at anything. Something is off about him. “Chat, is everything alright?”

“Yes! No, I mean…” He pauses and does not finish his sentence. Marinette steps up to him and cups his face in her hands.

“You can tell me anything.”

Chat gazes at her. Finally, he speaks. “Marinette, who is Chat Noir?”

Marinette frowns. “Ladybug’s partner.”

Chat closes his eyes and a small laugh escapes from him. It’s anything but mirthful. “Of course. Chat Noir is Ladybug’s partner. That’s a given fact.”

“Chat?” Marinette is confused.

He looks at her. “But is he really? Is Chat Noir really Ladybug’s partner? Is he really an equal to her?”

And then she realizes the hidden meaning behind his words.

Am I good enough?

“Chat, you’re just as important!” She is shocked. She has never thought of him as anything less. “Both of you form a team! Why would you think something like that?”

He takes her wrists and removes her hands from his face and lets them drop on her sides. She wants to reach out to him, to reassure him.

He turns away and his eyes feel on the poster of Adrien on her walls. She blushes and tries to find an excuse, but he just smiles. “Even a stray is nothing compared to prince charming. Tell me, princess…”

His irises burn her. “Would you let in a stray cat in your house?”

“You’re not a stray, Chat.” She says quietly.

“Yes, but you believe that I think of myself as a stray.”

She grows mad. He dares to play mind games with her. “That’s not fair!”

“Everything in life is not fair. Just like how the sun will always shine upon the moon, but the moon will never be able to cast a shadow on her.” 

She’s crying now. But she doesn’t stop the flow of her tears. He watches the watery gems slide down her cheeks. “Why are you crying? I’m the one who feels like crying.”

“I’m crying for you.” She sniffs and says, “She needs you, you know that right?”

“But does she really? The more I think about it, the more I believe it’s the other way around. I need Ladybug.” He looks like he wanted to use another word other than ‘need’. “But she doesn’t need Chat Noir.”

“You’re a team!” She cries out, but that sounds weak even to her.

He shakes his head. “Team is just a word that downplays the fact that one person recieves all the glory, and the other are just there to help.”

“So is it glory you want?”

His expression is unreadable. “Marinette, you would never understand.”

“Why are you denying the fact that you’re just as important as Ladybug?!” Her feelings are boiling inside her. She wants to understand him. She want him to understand that he means so much to her. Too much.

But she could never tell him that as Ladybug. Not ever. And she does not know why.

What he says next breaks her. “Because it’s not a fact. It’s just an illusion.”

Ladybug doesn’t see him for the next few days.

“My lady.”

She turns around meets her partner’s eyes. She sees him now. Clearly.

She sees his real self. This is Chat Noir. His mask is his reality. But behind those, was an insecure soul. A soul in need of reassurance. Reassurance that he is as important as any Ladybug out there.

But she can never do it as Ladybug.

Because he has put her up on a pedestal so high, he does not see her pain for him or see that she needs him.

And it hurts her to know that she could never curb that mindset.

I get the feeling that Adrien is more insecure of himself than he let on. Even when he is Chat Noir.

And it hurts because his low self-esteem won’t ever be assured until much later.

He needs to be loved! My kitty deserves more than this!

Two things:

- Episode 18 Joshimatsus. Karako stands up in shock when Osoko tells her she bought two unlucky gifts and a theme starts playing. Karako equivalent of Karamatsu’s theme?????? PleASE????
I went back and listened to the previous two Joshi sketches to confirm and while there’s not quite a theme that kicks in when Karako in particular is talking/on-screen, there is a theme there. Here’s hoping!!

- Okay, you know what, damn Episode 18 to hell. I worry about Karamatsu and Ichimatsu on a daily basis because of how they feel and are treated and now I have to worry about them ALL because they’re ALL dying inside. EVERY SINGLE ONE.
When were we ever led to believe that Choro felt unaccepted? Or that Totty felt unnoticed? They really feel like that? Everybody knew damn well how much Kara suffers every week, we all had a pretty good idea about how Ichi REALLY felt under the surface, but now Oso is starting to feel like his brothers are the only collective force keeping him on anyone’s mind because he himself is NOT WELL LIKED AT ALL and it’s breaking his heart. It’s making him fight to the very end of the world, literally, to stay the protagonist of his own show because if he isn’t the protagonist no one is going to look twice at him. W h a t t h e h e l l.

To hell with this, to hell with the popularity polls and character support blogs.

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destiny brings them together. it takes its sweet time, but eventually it brings them together.

[or, the one where i watched this whole show in about two days and then i was like, you know what this fandom needs? a gay soulmate au.]
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A Crown of Gold, A Heart That’s Harder Than Stone

Chapters 3/?


Louis Tomlinson has a great life far, far away from his home in London. But a phone call from his mother changes everything and before he knows it, he’s diving head first into a past he’d rather forget with people he can’t.

“You’re back.” Are the first words out of his mouth, the first words he’s spoken to Louis in over two years.

Louis glares hard at the man in front of him. He wants nothing more than to hit him square between the eyes and call it a night. God knows he needs to. But he doesn’t, keeps his hands at his sides, and gives a curt nod.

Harry scrubs a hand down his face, rings glistening and exhaustion present, and meets Louis’ eyes again. He takes him in, all of the changes. Two years. He’s taller, taller than Louis. His hair is longer, his jaw more prominent, his features harder. He has tattoos, more than before. He’s a man, now.

“God, Lou…” And no. Nope.

What really got me in Antibug is that Marinette has her own doubts about being Ladybug and stuff, like, when Tikki told her to go help Chat even tho she wasn’t in costume she kept telling her she can’t. Tikki continues to say that she is Ladybug whether transformed or not and I feel like that shows a lot about Mari.

We know Adrien has his own troubles with being Chat and all but Mari always seems to be the idea of self confidence. Ladybug does all this amazing stuff and earlier in the series she’s so sure she doesn’t need anybody else and blah blah. But we never really get to see how Mari sees Ladybug. Like, Ladybug and Chat are obviously where these two can really be themselves in a sense but from what I can recall Adrien has never doubted himself as Chat. Maybe along the lines of feeling as tho LB doesn’t need him but never that he wasn’t Chat. Shown kinda through his actions in Le Gamer. But Mari, on the other hand, feels she isn’t Ladybug without the mask and that she isn’t particularly amazing.

Maybe I’m looking to into it but if it doesn’t come up later in the series than idk. Maybe this will go hands in possible Akuma!Marinette or she’ll be influenced by a akumatized villain like Chat was in Le Dislocœur?

au where you confort him after cassandra's death

You sighed as you watched the group, one by one, their faces showing sadness and anger. Cassandra was a big loss. You two weren’t best friends, but you actually cared for her. She was a strong woman. And now she is gone. The most affected was 10K. She was really special to him, and he just couldn’t bare more losses. He had to kill the people he most cared about and that crushed him.

No one dared to try and confort him after the speech he made. And, honestly, he needed some time alone. But you just couldn’t watch him suffer like that on his own.

You slowly rose up, walking to the teenage boy. His back was pressed agaisnt a tree and he was sitting down, his eyes glued to an empty space. The group didn’t bother to question your actions as you sat beside the boy.

Neither of you spoke, the only sound you could hear was the one of the birds singing. It was oddly calming.

“Are you okay?” You whispered.

After a few seconds passed and he still hasn’t answered, making you sigh.

“10K, please, don’t shut us out.” You said and he finally looked at you, his eyebrows furrowed. “We’re all devastated, but, please… Don’t do this.”

“Y/N, Cassandra is dead.” He muttered slowly, his gaze burning holes through your skin. “She is gone because of Murphy and I had to mercy her. Don’t try to make me feel better about this.
You can’t.”

You simply watched him, sadly. He huffed and leaned his head against the tree, looking at the empty space again.

“She died the moment Murphy bit her, 10K. Don’t blame yourself.”

He averted his gaze, his eyes starting to water.

“I know.” His voice cracked. “I just- She’s gone.”

10K breathed heavily, trying to keep his tears in. He was such a strong guy. It’s amazing how he could keep his emotions in for so long, even though his heart is heavy on his chest.

“It’s okay to cry.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Of course it is. 10K, please, you’re the bravest person I know. Don’t put this weight on your shoulders. Don’t try to keep your emotions in, it just hurts even more. You’re strong enough to handle this. And if you’re not, I’ll always be here.”

He quickly wiped the tear that had escaped his eye, and he silently cursed himself for letting that happen. He’s supposed to be strong. He’s supposed to take care of the group, the way he didn’t with his father and Cassandra. All he wanted to do at the moment was scream, cry, and just let his emotions out. But he would be vulnerable. Weak. Pathetic. Even though you told him otherwise, and your kind words only made his urge to cry grow bigger.

And he just let it go. He let it all go. The anger, the pain, the sadness, the sorrow. He threw himself in your direction, burying his face on your shoulders as sobs and screams left his mouth. And the sight broke your heart. You hated to watch him like this. He always made you smile, and to see him in such a vulnerable state, it was awful.

The group watched them, their hearts breaking as well. Cassandra’s death hurt him more than they could ever imagine. Words wasn’t capable to describe what he is feeling at the moment, and you honestly don’t want to know. You just want him to know that you’re there for him. Always.


“Hey, kid.” You smiled a little as you saw him wake up. “You okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” 10K tried to return the smile.

“Vasquez and Addy got food. You want to come?”

“Uh… sure.” He slowly got up, stretching his muscles. “By the way,” He stopped you.

“Hm?” You asked.

“Thank you… for comforting me. It was really nice of you.”

“Oh, of course.” You smiled. “I just wanted you to know that I’ll always be here.”

10K blushed, looking down and giving a small smie.


“No need to be thankful for, kid. Come on, I’m starving.”

10K’s cheeks became even more red when you held his hand, pulling him downstairs with you. He felt a warm feeling inside of him and smiled. He actually felt happy.

Look, I understand some people might prefer Joan to have a romantic subplot but listen for a second. I’m no expert, but I think she’s also getting her own subplot, just not a romantic one. Which I find great, because female characters are so often pressured into love stories just because a male is around them (and specifically a male).

But not Joan. She had once a romance and the guy ended up dead. There’s still a great deal to discuss about how the show brushes off many of the things that happen to her, and that needs to change. This season I’ve noticed some real effort to flesh her out a little bit more. 

Aaaaaaaand Sherlock, the most cynical about romantic love in our show, is going to get out of his depth when he gets that squish/crush on Fiona. It’s a great opportunity to flesh him out as well, and to have Joan put her own two cents into the narrative. 

Now, if we hadn’t established Joan’s own arc for this season I’d be worried, but for now I’m carefully optimistic. Plus, from what I’ve seen, I like Fiona. I cannot speak of how much of an accurate representation she is, but within the universe, she’s a kind, honest, intelligent person. I say we give it a try.

And yes, let’s be critical, of course. But let’s give it a chance. 


pyaar ko ho jaane do, pyaar mein kho jaane do!

Dragon Booster Reboot Ideas: Moordryd’s Character Development

Ah, Moordryd, the fan favorite. I love the guy, but his writing had a lot of issues, mainly relating to the show’s episodic nature. We could go from Moordryd showing his better side in an episode to a snap back to villainy in the next. 

Moordryd’s character development needs two things: a solid floor to start from and backtracking only when it makes sense.

First, the solid floor. Just a basic sense of what he will and will not do. Will he simply a child? What about genuinely leave the kid to die? Does his thieving have a code? Is it purely done on his father’s order or does he do some on his own? Will he abandon his crew? Will he maybe abandon some of them but not Cain or others he’s close to?

We need the floor as a place to start. A hint that Moordryd has some morals.
Then we get to work. Moordryd doesn’t need too much development early on. His general season one plot should work okay through the end of “Pride of the Hero”, actually. Moordryd serves as the primary antagonist working for the big bad with the occasional hints of a better nature. We get a bit of foreshadowing during the Horn of Libris incident, but after “Pride of the Hero”, some stuff has to change.

Artha, or more accurately the Dragon Booster, should confront Moordryd with the events of that episode whenever he can. We should see some cracks appear in Moordryd and Word’s relationship as well—Word remembers both the betrayal and the Dragon Booster telling Moordryd he was chosen too; Moordryd wonders how far he’ll really got to make Word proud and whether or not Word actually cares about him—which should eventually come to a head in “Wraith Booster”.

This probably would require swapping around some episodes*. In my opinion, Wraith Booster should be moved to much closer to—if not right before—“Return of Drakkus”. “Wraith Booster” is the perfect tipping point to push Moordryd firmly away from his father and towards Arrmeggadonn. Then in “Return of Drakkus” Moordryd gets the Shadow Gauntlet so we can have the Shadow Booster in season 3.

Season 3 is pretty much die or fly time for Moordryd’s character. He’s cutting ties with his father—meaning Word is bringing in hired help more and more, so we should see more of the Voice of the Dragon and rogue experiments and so on—and trying to get into the Academy. Word should probably try to get Moordryd back under his thumb. Moordryd starts getting a little drunk on freedom, which results in him going overboard with Mag Claw in races and the Shadow Booster wreaking almost senseless havoc (encouraged by Arrmeggadonn, who plays to Moordryd’s issues by being more supportive than Word). Instead of playing Moordryd’s actions as evil, play them as him slowly losing control. Which frankly makes him more dangerous than just him being malicious.

Here is where all Moordryd’s important non-Word relationships come in. After the events of “Wraith Booster”, he has trouble facing Lance in a fight, even as the Shadow Booster, and gets weirded out when Lance acts pleasantly towards him in casual situations. Artha, also remembering “Wraith Booster”, is trying to give Moordryd a chance…if constantly getting frustrated as Moordryd gets more and more out of control. But most important is Cain. Moordryd’s relationship with Cain becomes strained by his odd behavior (which of course affects the crew), and hits a breaking point in “Cain’s Mutiny” or a similar episode. After this Moordryd starts pulling back again. His relationship with Arrmeggadonn begins to strain.

This then sets up him teaming up against Arrmeggadonn with Artha and they can start teaming up more regularly after. Penn Stables allies with the Dragon Eyes at the end of season 3 and Word can have one of his great freakouts where he screams at his control console.

*naturally of the ones that will be kept, several should be dropped or extremely altered to where they only keep the basic premise.

Two people, completely different from each other — each one with their own dreams, reality, their own perspective. Both destructive, scared, both falling apart.
One of them needed someone to show them who they could be, and the other one tried to survive wearing their heart on their sleeve.
Both were trying to survive.
Is it true that another person can complete the world you have even if you are not a half?
Two lonely people, each one lonely in their own world, meeting, crashing — but they both had the same dream: to come home. And that’s when they realized, that they fit together right. That’s when two worlds collided. (at Pirámide de Cholula)

Sad when you see someone take credit for your own breeding line. No wonder the breeder never shows his “keepers” (the best out of the line) or sells them. Breeding two siblings you purchased from the breeder, does not make the line yours. Yes, the fish if yours but not the breeding line yet so do not take credit for it.

On another note, locals need to stop asking me if my plecos are breeding (male is ready but females are pretty much like nope!). Sorry but I do not force my fish to breed and make a large profit. I feed them food to condition them and they will breed when they want. Those macs? I let them eat their eggs. Yes, I know I can make a somewhat good profit for them but personally, I do not care. If the fish or inverts breeds, I sell the extra (offspring). Too much work? I let the parents take care of them. Some survive the parents, good.

misogyny and one-uping are my favorite workplace activities

So I was limping at school today because I broke a toe over the weekend. No big deal, just slammed it into the coffee table. I’m a klutz, so it isn’t the first time. However, it does hurt, and limping alleviated a little of the pain.

Toward the end of the day, my coworker asked me why I was limping. I simply replied, “broke a toe,” because I didn’t want to make a thing of it.

Well she then proceeded to let me know that I need to “man up,” because one time she rolled a four wheeler over her foot and broke all five toes……

So, two things here.

1.) The fact that you were one time dumb enough to run your own foot over, has no bearing on the fact that my foot hurts less right now if I limp.

2.) if being a man means that I have to endure unnecessary pain then please show me where to sign up for a vagina. Congratulations on your internalized misogyny.

crystal-pepes asked:

y'all need to realize garnet is ace, she has two lesbian nonbinary gems that made her, and she's like their child/a mix of them, but she's still her own gem, and she's not lesbian!!!!!!!!!! they're a re multiple other lesbians on the show, so please let aro/ace people have their representation

SpreadADay4 Day 5:

1. This card represents something negative that has happened
2. This card shows how you have worked to healed yourself
3. This card represents what healing may or may not need to happen still

1.You were born to Create
2. Nourish The Soul
3. Seek Your Answers Within

Question One:
I was born to create, with my sorrow I created a prison of my own making. I was so assured I wasn’t good enough for love or hope, thus I created a wall that kept them out

Question Two:
By embracing witchcraft, Wicca and learning how to read the cards, my world of greys explored into millions of tones of colors. My world became something of colors, smells and delights

Question Three:
I need to find my sacred space, still myself and seek the answers I already know is right to bloom within me. I won’t find the answers in people around me

( I do find it amusing and rather curious that I drew all ‘space-y’ cards for all 3 cards…)

  • Me:*changes layout on some social medias to Tae as my incon*
  • Me:*changes all my backgrounds on every device I own to vkook pictures cause I'm vkooking the shit out of this joint*
  • Me:*shows it to my sister*
  • Sister:ok you gotta chill
  • Me:I know. It's your fault for showing me them tho
  • Sister:I showed you two songs... only TWO songs
  • Me:... yeah I don't know why I got so obsessed
  • Sister:it's because it's a group with seven men, that's why
  • Me:.... well
  • Sister:ugh straight people