Was it legitimate defense... or homicide?

Don’t mind me, i’ve been into C.S.I. these past two months.

That apart, I’m at work right now, there’s literally zero customers since there’s a movie going on and the next one is in one hour.

I’m talking randomly, trying to organize my life at the moment.
I did some “spring cleaning” before work, and i have to finish up when i get back home later. I am determined to clean everything up, change my room’s furniture (it’ll arrive the 27th of February, so i have time) and with it arrange my life too.

Life plans: Organize my room, choose a university and sign up (eventually take the admission exam) for it, take up a dance course, start working out and eating healthy, surf, surf, surf and FUCKING SURF. Also save money, travel and organize my life.

Yes, i am obsessed with organization, and yes my room is still a mess.

Food coma is getting me, ughhhh

Ok bye!


Fast Food kills.