okay, hear me out,,, andrew and neil going to a small bakery,,

andrew orders two of everything and neil just fondly watches his boyfriend eat all of it at the speed of a world record holder. neil takes a sip of andrew’s forgotten chocolate milk and scrunches up his face because there’s way too much chocolate in it. andrew looks up for a second and offers neil a bite of the sweetest thing he’s eating, knowing very well that neil hates sweets. neil also knows this but he eats it anyway because andrew offered it to him.

Once treats Captain Swan different than any other couple (in a good way). Snow White and Prince Charming, Belle and Rumpelstiltskin, the evil queen and Robin hood, those are all fairy tale romances involving fairy tale characters. And so they follow certain fairy tale conventions; they happen really fast, they face really direct opposition (a curse, or their inherent situation, or zelena ruining everything) and they have magical direction guiding them– true love’s kiss for the first two, the soul mate pronouncement for the latter. 

But Emma isn’t a fairy tale character, so her fairy tale gets a foundation much more like a real world romance (and it makes it more relatable for her as the main character). So her romance takes time. Hook entered the story a full two seasons before they became a couple. So for the majority of the time, the conflict in their relationship is internal (will he reform, will she trust him, can she put down her walls) rather than a curse or a villain trying to keep them apart. And, most importantly, Emma doesn’t have a magical cheat code telling her how she feels. (Note: I don’t dislike the True Love’s Kisses for the other couples, or think it cheapens them in any way). Emma and Hook don’t get a glimpse ahead magically telling them it will work out. They have to work through their feelings for themselves. Emma has to go through the relationship like any normal person, deciding if this is the man she loves, the man she wants to commit to. 

So we couldn’t have had a True Love’s Kiss in New York, or when Zelena cursed Hook, or before Emma said I love you, or even in 5a, because Emma’s character growth demanded that she make these realizations about her relationship on her own. She and Hook had to figure out for themselves that they were True Love. 

BUT NOW. Now, Emma has told Hook she loves him. She’s decided she wants a future with. She’s decided to split her heart for him (which is pretty much determining there will be no breakup). She’s all in, completely of her own accord. and NOW we can have a Captain Swan True Love’s Kiss, whenever the show decides to give it to us, because it wouldn’t be proving those feelings to Hook and Emma. Just to all the haters. 

Make Me Wanna Die

*Trigger Warning and smut*
(this was requested on the website

You were in your room. You were staring in the mirror and crying. The mascara and eyeliner running down your face in black streaks. You had a horrible day today. You just found out your boyfriend was cheating on you, what was worse was that he was cheating you with your best friend. Your world was crashing down on you and you didn’t know what to do anymore. Not only did your best friend and boyfriend ruin your trust, but your father has just passed away a month ago and this was especially difficult for you because you two were close. He was the only one that got you, that understood you and your quirks. Now, you felt as if you had no one. Sure you had your mom, but she was upset because of losing your dad. Some nights you didn’t even see her at all. She would lock herself in her room with a bottle of wine and a pack of cigarettes, not reemerging until the next morning. So right now you’re still standing in front of your mirror. You’re looking yourself up and down, hating every square inch of flesh you see. You walk over to your dresser and open your jewelry box. Under the little drawer is a razor blade. The metal silver, and cool against your skin. You walk back over to your bed and sit down. You’re begging and pleading with yourself.
“Just stay strong." You whisper to yourself. More tears sneak their way out of your waterline and own your cheeks. You break down, and your positive thoughts no longer have impact on you. You slice the blade through your flesh, leaving a stinging, red line behind it. You go just beneath the first cut and make a new one, then again, and again until your arm starts to feel numb and you no longer feel the sting of the blade scraping your skin. You go into the bathroom and wash the blade off and then your bloody arm. You wrap your arm in a bit of gauze from medicine cabinet and go back into your room. You lie down on your bed and sob. You start to feel guilty for what you’ve done. You think of your dad. He wouldn’t have wanted you to do this to yourself. He would be heartbroken if he knew. You then decide to call your best friend, Andy. He would know what to do, and how to help you. You dial his number and anxiously wait for him to pick up.
"Hello?” His deep gravely voice said on the other end of the phone. You can’t do anything but cry.
“(Y/n), what’s wrong?” Andy asks concerned.
“I-I did a bad thing.” You sob into the phone.
“(Y/n), did you cut again?” Andy’s voice sounded a little disappointed and you cried harder.
“Y-Yes, I’m sorry Andy, I can’t do this anymore.” You sob loudly.
“(Y/n) just take a breath, breathe. I’m on my way over to pick you up.” He says. You feel relief flood through your veins. You did not want to be alone.
“Okay.” You say weakly into the phone. You guys hang up and you anxiously await Andy’s arrival. A few moments later you get a text from him.
“Out front.” It says. You put your phone in your back pocket, and grab a jacket, wincing at the pain on your arm when the fabric of the sleeve passes over it. You walk down stairs and to your mom’s bedroom door. It’s shut. You knock softly.
“Momma, I’m going out. I’ll be back.” You say quietly. Silence. Like normal. You sigh and walk out the door and rush to Andy’s car. He looks at you for moment. You could feel his icy blue stare. He was penetrating you with his eyes at the moment, and you could tell he was disappointed.
“(Y/n).” He started. “What the fuck is going on with you?” You bite your bottom lip and fidget with your hands in your lap.
“My boyfriend cheated on me with Kelsey.” You say weakly, Andy knew Kelsey was your best friend and he hated her from day one. He could see right through her and he saw her for what she was. A slut.She was all over him at the party you took her to at his house a few weeks ago. He didn’t like her. He knew she was too easy and that was a major turn off for him.
“Well that’s no surprise.” Andy said with a chuckle, running his hand through his smooth black hair. You give him a look of shock.
“Don’t laugh!” You shout. “It’s not funny!” You cross your arms over your chest, truly hurt.
“I didn’t mean to laugh, (y/n). You know Kelsey is a slut. This was bound to happen.” Andy finally put the car in drive and he drove to his house in silence. He parked the car and you guys walked in.
“Have a seat.” He motioned to the couch. You did as he said. He lit a cigarette and sat next to you, taking a hit and blowing the smoke out of his nose.
“So open up to me. Tell me what’s wrong.” He said, flicking his ash into an ashtray.
“My mom is still having it rough over losing my father. She locks herself in her room all damn day with a bottle of wine and pack of Pall Mall Reds. She won’t come out unless it’s to use the bathroom. She doesn’t even make dinner anymore. I don’t even think she eats anymore.” You admit, shrugging your shoulders and looking in your lap.
Andy put one of his beautifully tattooed arms around your shoulders.
“If it’s any consolation, I’m sorry (y/n). I remember when my grandfather passed away. It was hard on all of us, but we have to remember them in life. We need to celebrate their life and remember that they’re no longer suffering.” He put his hand on your thigh. Tears were starting to form in your eyes again. Andy noticed and wiped them away.
“Don’t cry.” He said, and did something unexpected. He cupped your chin in his hand and kissed you softly on the lips. You kissed him back, deepening the kiss. It took him by surprise, but he liked it. Soon you were wrapped in each other’s embrace, kissing deeply and passionately. He moved on to your neck at this point. Sucking it gently, being careful not leave marks. You straddled his lap on the couch, and you could feel him hardening under your leg. You lick his neck up to his earlobe, nibbling it gently and he let out a small whimper. You found his lips again and he nibbled your bottom lip.
“Let’s take this to the bedroom.” He whispered. Once you were there he helped remove your clothing and his.
“Lay on the bed with your butt on the edge.” He commanded, rolling a condom down his large shaft. He wrapped your legs around his waist and entered you. Filling you completely, and causing you a little discomfort. His thrusts started off slow, letting you get accustomed to his size. He grabbed your left breast with his right hand, gently rolling your nipple with his thumb and index finger, and you moan slightly.
“You’re so tight.” He growled, his thrusts getting faster and deeper and filling your belly with pleasure. He soon told you to flip over on your hands and knees and he entered you from behind, bouncing you off his hip bones, and digging his fingers in your hips, sliding you on and off his cock. You throw your hair back and moan his name as your climax rocketed through your body, making you tingle from head to toe. Andy still hadn’t finished yet, he was still pounding into you, his breathing getting heavier and his thrusts becoming sloppier. He was almost finished.
“I’m gonna cum, (y/n).” He said breathlessly. He came hard, grunting as he buried his cock deep with in you and emptied his balls into the condom. He pulled out and disposed of the condom and came back over to you and pulled on a pair of boxers. He handed you one of his shirts and you put your panties back on.
“That was fucking awesome.” He said, lighting another cigarette and lying back against the headboard. You hopped in his bed next to him and snuggled into his chest. He offered you a hit of the cigarette and you took it. The smoke tingling in your throat.
“(Y/n), I know your boyfriend hurt you. I know it’s probably hard for you to trust another guy, but I’m not like that. I would never cheat on you. The truth is (y/n), I really like you. I’ve liked you since the first day I met you. That guy was an asshole and you deserve so much better…” You cut Andy off to give him a deep kiss.
“I like you too.” You admit to him.
“Be my girlfriend?” He asked. You smile and kiss him again. “I take that as a yes then?” He smiled and pinned you to the bed playfully, bending down and kissing you again.
“You’re so beautiful.” He said, making butterflies dance in your stomach. You blush, looking into his beautiful blue eyes.
“Time for round two?” Andy joked, and you laughed. He truly did make you happy, and you were truly happy that you guys decided on being together. You both then snuggled up to each other and fell into a deep sleep.

So let me know what you guys think.
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Thank you for reading. :)

DCBB 2015 - Coming to AO3 on October 26, 2015

Written by: Elizabeth1985 | Art by: Kuwlshadow

It took them by surprise when the infection hit.

Dean had always expected the world to fall apart through a clashing of biblical forces, not from a half-dozen scientists with a serious God complex.

In the devastated remains of civilization, Dean, Sam, Castiel, and two fellow survivors travel across the country searching for others. Living in a wasteland is hard enough, having to face a plethora of new threats doesn't make it any easier. 

But for Dean and Castiel, the most difficult journey will be finding something together that can withstand it all. In a world so damaged, finding hope amongst the ruin will be their greatest challenge.

also can we talk about the stigma of mental illness in the world of Batman, ie a world where mental health care equals fucking Arkham

that’s a thing that I’m really interested in in Harvey’s story, is how he has this history of mental illness before he becomes Two-Face that he NEEDS to hide because if Gotham finds out he’s mentally ill it will ruin his career, he sees a therapist in secret, in some stories people try to blackmail him with this information, but like, there’s really no way for him to balance his life with caring for his illness because the stigma of being Crazy In Gotham is so huge. 

Everyone works at a movie theater AU

Papyrus works for disney AU

Mettaton’s goth phase

Papyrus’ my little pony phase

Undyne robs toys r us

1800’s AU

It’s actually the plot of Mulan AU

Undyne the mermaid AU

Everyone the mermaid AU (MERMAID SKELETONS)

Undyne and Frisk are rival pirates AU

Mettaton please leave Burgerpants alone AU

Burgerpants the vagueblogger AU

Mettaton is mayor of an extremely secluded town and does morally dubious things AU

Sans accidentally creates __Blank__ AU (Zombie virus/Deadly mutant/The entire bee movie script)

They write books AU

Everyone is either a superhero, antihero, or villain AU

Antihero Sans AU

Frisk and/or Chara go through the process of making an entire pie, before shoving it in the enemies face and running

Monsterkid falls into the human realm AU

The events after you let Toriel kill you

Toriel takes up farming after leaving first moving into the ruins but messes up so bad. so bad.

Chara is Frisk’s roomate AU

Mettaton adopts Monsterkid AU

Temmie is a world wide thief and Sans, Papyrus, Undyne are all cops. Alphys works in forensics.

Get the fuck outta my fridge Sans stop the puns AU

Frisk is like two inches tall AU

…Hetalia Au


The dreemurr family works at a bakery AU

Muffet is mr crabs AU

A fic where the entire plot is people trying to hug Chara and getting stabbed SOFTLY for it

Alphys follows Flowey’s blog and all Flowey does is shitpost and make callout posts about Frisk

Frisk is stuck in a shipwreck and is stranded on an island with all the monsters on it AU

Mystery skulls AU

Mettaton clones himself but since the clones don’t have souls he basically ends up with fifty genocidal versions of himself causing havoc and everyone has to stop them AU

The human souls are actually still alive people who are trapped in Asgore’s castle, not mistreated but not free either AU

Ghost whisper AU where Frisk has to help everyone pass on eventually but she doesn’t want to be alone again

Chara runs a spartan like nation and tries to take over everyone AU

Just make the goddamn He-Man AU

Danny phantom AU where Frisk is Fenton BUT Chara is phantom

After pacifist end, Asriel, all alone in the ruins, starts to grow leaves from his fur

When Frisk falls into the ruins only plant-based things are alive, in the entire underground. This includes flowey and plant based monsters, who are all tight lipped about what happened. Frisk gradually discovers what happens via echo flowers.

Shyren writes fanfic with Alphys AU

Sans is possessed by gaster AU

Through experiments during the time when Gaster was around, Sans was turned human, and now is just pretending to be a skeleton …AU?


Frisk is a hippie AU

Pacifist Frisk spares with Sans and is like *o*

Frisk is a fire sprite and turns into fire when she’s scared AU

Frisk works at grillbys AU

One of the royal guards has to choose to save either Asgore or the other royal guard, loyal to love or loyal to the crown, angsty AU

Everyone lives in a semi-trashy apartment complex and keep awkwardly overhearing everyone elses life details AU

Alphys is writing all this AU

Over the garden wall AU

Sans find a book detailing his future in a run and begins to do the same thing in every run until he has a shitload of books he wrote and he publishes them all when he finally gets to the surface and although there isn’t a reset he keeps writting them down until he dies and then the rest of his life on the surface is published

Frisk is taken down into the underground when she steps on a spider, which alerted Muffet, who then somehow left the underground, scared the beejezus out of Frisk, and dragged them down with her.

Everyone makes a haunted house that operates year round AU

Rockstar sans with long flowing hair

True lab is actually just a very elite club for cool monsters AU

One of those AU’s where a character finds a baby version of their waifu/their waifu becomes a baby and they have to take care of the baby

Five hundred word poetry about papyrus’ legs

Papyrus’ legs/Mettaton’s legs fanfiction

Sans wears like fifty layers fic

Undyne tries to suplex important political figures, to everyones horror

Everyone runs separate themed hotels AU (For instance, undyne has an underwater hotel, Flowey has a mildly disturbing Nature hotel centered around the circle of life, Alphys looks like a mix between a science theme and comic con)

I hope you think about me. On your worst days when the world is falling around you. I hope you think about the good times we shared and the laughter that never seemed to end. I want you to remember us in detail and to never forget a thing. And then as you develop that smile on your face, I want you to turn cold as ice and remember how the end was. The cruel things you said to me and how you became a monster, destroying every inch in sight. I want you to remember how ruined it all and split me in two. Then finally, I want you to feel an emptiness which never seems to leave tearing at you every step you take and on your worst days, think of me.