Yep…this is my shit now lol. And bin in not riding on this ship because of it being newly out there, I have been watched the babadoook way before the new remake of IT came out and I loved it. I also saw the original IT when I was a kid. Seeing the new one just open up a gate in me ( I am a huge horror fan) and considering what IT and Babadoook are I thought I also could agree with these two being great together. Just like Freddy and Jason. :3


Grey or Blue (1/8)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

College AU

A/N: Hello my lovelies! So this is a new series I’m working on, it’s a college AU with Bucky, Steve, Reader, and an original character named Madison. It’s originally based off the song Grey Or Blue by Jaymay, but it may stray a little bit. There will be a line from the song at the beginning of each chapter that corresponds to that part. I’m really excited about this and I would love feedback!

“(y/n)? Earth to (y/n). What are you- ohhh. Get a grip, you’re practically drooling” my friend, Madison, waves her hand in front of my face, forcing me to return my attention to the task at hand.

“Sorry” I mumble, “where were we? Game of Chess?”

“The Fire Sermon” she corrects me.

“Fire, right” I nod and turn to the next page to start reading the first stanza aloud. Once I finish the section I look at Madison and wait for her to give her input.

“This poem is shit” she tells me instead.

“I know, but we need to at least have a basic understanding before class. I can’t do this without you”

“Says the one who was daydreaming about a boy less than 5 minutes ago”

“There’s no way I read that in less than 5 minutes, but I know and I’m sorry”

“When are you going to talk to him?”

“Who? Bucky? That’s funny Madison, like I could ever talk to him” I shake my head at her foolishness.

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personal lessons + musings

-if you are surrounded by people who are not comfortable with your confidence, leave those people. they are toxic.

-you don’t have to put your own mental health on the line to help someone else. you are not their therapist and you should not replace one. 

-complimenting people is beautiful.

-do not let people excuse rudeness for “genuine concern”

-you should not be able to talk only about happy things with your partner. you have sadness and anger too.

-if they care, they’ll show it.

-it’s okay to let go. sometimes, two great people just aren’t so great together.

-don’t forget that you are priceless. don’t let someone determine your value. 

Seventeen reaction to meeting their GFs brother and him being an EXO member (Hip Hop Unit vers.)

Combining my favorite groups into one reaction? Sure will dooo. Here’s todays little reaction! Hope you enjoy it & please request me ideas! Much love xx

S.Coups: Seongcheol would knock on your parents house door, not knowing who would open the door. When the door finally opened, his mouth almost dropped to the floor seeing Sehun of EXO standing there leaning against the door. “Hello” Sehun would say trying to look intimidating.  “Oh, h-h-ello sunbae. Is Y/N here?” he’d stutter. Sehun would turn around and yell “Y/N-ah, your boyfriends here. You didn’t tell him anything about me?” You’d run downstairs and give your brother a slap on the shoulder. “You’re not my everything, oppa.” You’d then continue and pull Seongcheol inside, who was still standing on the porch shocked. “He’s you brother?” he’d whisper to you. “Yehet, indeed I am” Sehun would yell after he heard you two.

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Wonwoo: You were laying on the living room couch with your boyfriend Wonwoo, when you heard a familiar voice from the front door. “Guess who’s early home from tour?” As soon as you heard your brother Chens voice you screamed and jumped up from Wonwoos side, making your popcorn fly all over the carpet. “Jongdae oppaa” you yelled as you hugged him tight. Wonwoo was still in pure confusion, sitting on the couch with all the spilled popcorn. As you walked to the living room with Chen, he’d immediatly correct his posture and get up pushing the popcorn of his lap. Chen would give him the sweetest smile and offer him a handshake. “Nice to finally meet you Wonwoo, Y/N has told me a lot about you. Be good to my baby sister.” “Yes, sir, I mean I will” he’d awkwardly say.

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Mingyu: You’d be cooking breakfast with Mingyu in your pajamas, when Kai would arrive for a surprise visit. “Jongin oppa!” you’d scream as you saw your brother for the first time in a while. Mingyu would stare at you hugging him and then realise he wasn’t wearing a shirt to begin with. Kai would look up after hugging you and stare at Mingyu. “Y/N-ah, I didn’t know you had permission to date” he’d jokingly say. “Hello sunbae, it’s nice to meet you” Mingyu would greet him. You would walk back next to Mingyu and Kai would follow you two to the kitchen. He’d look at you two cooking breakfast and say: “You two look great together. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” while walking to the bathroom. “I guess there isn’t many rules then” you’d smirk to Mingyu “Jongin does anything and everything”. 

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Vernon: You had invited Vernon over for family dinner with your brother and your parents. You were already sitting by the table, only now waiting for your brother to arrive. In no time, Chanyeol arrived at the house, peeking in to the dining room. “Hello eomma, hello appa, sorry i’m late!” he’d say. “Hi Y/N!” he’d continue “And you must be Vernon. I’ve seen you a couple times at events and such. Nice to meet you in person!” Vernon would be surpised how genuinely nice Chanyeol would be towards him. “Nice to meet you too sunbae!” Chanyeol would laugh and say: “Don’t call me sunbae, just call me hyung. You’re basically part of the family at this point. If you aren’t planning on leaving my sister any time soon. She can be A LOT of work, right?” he’d laugh. “OPPA, stop!” you’d say, while Vernon just sat there smiling. He’d love how close you were with your family.

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wait why do people like iwaoi so much?

Hmmm I can’t say exactly why because everyone has their own reasons, but it may be because of how deep Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s bond is?

Not only have they been best friends since childhood, but they have an incredible amount of trust in each other. Literally Oikawa can point and tell Iwa to do something and he’ll do it even without words

Iwaizumi also cares about Oikawa a lot despite how much Oikawa’s antics annoy him or how aggressive Iwaizumi is at showing it.

Personally I love Iwaoi because Oikawa is the most human character, and I relate to him the most especially when it comes to having self-deprecating thoughts and it’s just really heartwarming to see a tough guy like Iwa care a lot about Oikawa’s physical and mental well being. 

Don’t forget to read the Iwaoi fics as well, dear lord I’ve never had so much fun reading about a pairing in my life. The two just have great chemistry together. 

Since there is a lack of Iwaoi in the manga, you may not really see how great they are or why people love them until you read the fics or pay close attention to their moments in the manga. Hahaha.

Everything I’m Not

Hey! So I promise I’m working on the requests that were sent it, but I’ve had some things come up. I wrote this a while back, but never finished. So instead of finishing, I decided to post it like it is, and let you guys decide if you wanted a part 2. Let me know if you want a part 2, and feel free to suggest ideas for it!

You were rambling on about some stupid TV show with Calum while Mikey and Ash took turns trying to throw Cheetos into the other’s mouth when you heard the front door to Luke’s house start to open.

“About time you got back Luke you left half an hour a-” Michael stopped mid sentence once his eyes landed on the girl at Luke’s side. “Who’s this?” he questioned.

“Y/n, guys, I’d like you to meet Sophia,” Luke announced with a goofy smile on his face.

“She’s my, uh, girlfriend.”

Luke stared at the ground with red cheeks while all the guys started yelling idiotic things and going on about how gorgeous Sophia was. You, on the other hand, couldn’t believe this was finally happening. The day you had dreaded ever since you became friends with these losers was here.  All the guys were in relationships, and you were left to be the only single one in the group. Calum, Ashton, and Michael had been in their fair share of relationships, but Luke was always there with you to watch scary movies and dance poorly to Taylor Swift while the others had gone out on group dates, but now it was just you.

“Well aren’t you going to say hi to Sophia, Y/n?” Ashtons asked.

“What? Oh, yeah. Hey Sophia, my name’s Y/n,” you mumble with an awkward wave. You hadn’t even bothered to get off the couch to introduce yourself.

“Hi.” was all Sophia said in return.

Once the guys had settled and Sophia had sat down, Luke approached you.

“Y/n, can I talk to you in the kitchen.” he snapped.

Confused, and slightly angered now that he had been so rude to you, you follow him hurriedly into the kitchen.

“What’s your problem Luke?” you demand.

“My problem? You’re the one who completely ignored Sophia, talked to her like it was a waste of your time, and couldn’t even bother to get off the couch.”

“She’s great. You two will be great together. Just like Ashton and Brit, Calum and Skyler, and Michael and Amanda.” Your voice started shaking towards the end, once you realized how alone you really were now.

Luke noticed the trembling in your voice and changed his tone to something much more gentle and familiar than the one he used moments ago, “Y/n, the only reason you’re single is because you choose to be. How many times have you told me that you hate relationships and guys in general.”

“How could I hate relationships if I’ve never been in one. That’s just me trying to justify why I’m single. You think I want to be alone. No one wants to be alone Luke.” Any hopes of not making a fool of yourself had gone out the window, and now you were just embarrassing yourself. “Luke, I’m pathetic. I didn’t say hi to Sophia because I’m intimidated by her. She’s everything I’m not.”

“I’m confused Y/n.”

“Just forget it, it’s stupid, I’m stupid.”

Again, let me know if you want a part 2!!