welcome to the space parade

(keith made them do it)

I drew the amazing @therealjacksepticeye

Quick shoutout to Jack, thank you for being a boss!! Your videos always manage to put me in a good mood and you’re positive attitude is soo contagious!! You are one of my favorite YouTubers, thank you for doing what you do!!

And yes, I know that this isn’t the best and it needs a lot of work, but I’m pretty proud of it. For my first legitimate piece, it’s better than I was expecting it to turn out.

Any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!


23. evening | @adotjones

Hui Fang was more than surprised over how hectic it really was, even on the opening night. 
Or should opening nights be this hectic? Hm.

Still, she was looking forward to seeing America. He was a really nice guy, through and through, and she was looking forward to seeing him. She knew he was a bit reluctant to come, and that’s why she wanted him to have the best time ever. 

Her costume turned out better than she even expected it to turn out.Deciding that she could do better than the regular pretty dress, and lots of puffy sleeves, Hui Fang decided to make them look Asian even. Or well, the Western idea of Asian. Deciding to copy one of Chinese dresses, she sew a long red dress, but unlike her inspiration her dress was a lot more covered up over her chest, but a lot shorter, barely brushing over her knees. Still, she was really proud, and the customers that she helped serve while waiting on her reservation sure thought so as well.

But when she got notified that mister America was there, she went quickly to the entrance to greet him, and she did so with the biggest smile she could manage. 

“Welcome to the cafe, mister America ♡ ! Would you like me to show you to your table?” 

bio-tm  asked:

When I first started following this blog I expected a way serious, super secretive story with a lot of twists and turns and stuff. What I got out of it was a considerably less serious story and AU, which is honestly more relatable and easier to follow than I thought it would be originally. And before I got to know you better I honestly thought you were female, lmao.

ahah, thanks my dude!!

wait what was that about me being a female

Hoping for the Best, but Expecting the Worst

Today was a LOT better than expected. My doctor had met with other hematologists and radiologists and reviewed my scans. It turns out that after comparing my scans side by side that my cancer is shrinking faster than they originally thought and it’s right on track!
They had some issues comparing measurements because at St Mary’s the radiologist measured in 2D and at Grand River the radiologist measured in 3D. This made the math a lot harder. When my doctor told us the news, she was only given measurements and it seemed as if the cancer in my chest was not shrinking by much.
The cancer in my neck still has not shrunk but hopefully the rest of my chemo will take care of that. We talked a bit about radiation but that would be after my chemo is done. I’m going to continue with my chemo as planned, but still meet with the doctors in Hamilton and get the PET scan to be safe.
So yes they have come to the conclusion that the mass in my chest has in fact shrunk by 60%. I’m so overjoyed. These past few weeks have been so scary and unknown. I’m so glad to finally feel safe again (well as safe as I can).


Lots of wig work today. Straightened my Ella wig to turn into Bobbi’s wig. (Don’t worry- I’m planning on buying a new wig for Ella with an actual center part)

Also detangled, straightened, and re-curled my Amora wig to use it for my Aquarium night costume. It’s turned out much better than I expected.