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Hi I love your au and I don't really indulge in AUs and I was wondering do you think you will do more?! Oh man!!!!

ahhh i really don’t know ^^; i enjoy it so much but it was never meant to go beyond the initial 2-panel strip, and then the chance to collab with @alphacentaurieth came up and no way was i saying no to that (also go check their blog out).

i’ve only concentrated on certain parts of the story and those kinds of comics take me forever to do so it’s a big shrug on that one.

Ughhhh this could be more finished but I don’t wanna stare at this anymore.

Y'know, when I actually watched the show way back when, I never found Marik that interesting. I just never really thought about him. But the tumblr fandom for this guy it crazy! They come up with the most amazing headcanons and discussions about this guy and now I find him really interesting.

So I guess this is less of a Marik appreciation picture and more of a Marik-fandom appreciation picture?

He can be my first aid personnel all day everyday ~



this, eternal  (o.q)


planning art stuff for a potential future project ft. a picture of the dog i’m dogsitting looking like an old russian woman

Episode 1 part 3 (final)


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This isn’t violence this is just a war in my head,
I give it time but it never seems to end.
I feel a fire in the back of my throat,
So let’s get covered in flames and play some games with the smoke. 

(Axel, he/him)

Episode 3 rambling commentary

These are probably hard to follow since I give little context for anything. Sorry!

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