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Does that hoodie have a cowl instead of a hood?! DOES THAT TECHNICALLY MAKE IT A COWLIE? THESE QUESTIONS NEED ANSWERS.

Now that you mention it…………..


I don’t know if anyone else spent 8 hours of their Saturday night arranging, recording, mixing and editing a cover but I adore Little Mix and I wanted to do it justice. Hope you like it!

Little Mix - Black Magic

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To the anon who wished for you to get "aids": are you fucking kidding me? AIDS is a serious illness that first, needs to capitalized, and second, should NEVER be used lightly. I've had 6 people in my life suffer, and 3 of them die, from the illness and it physically sickens me to see someone using it as an insult. You need to stop, you're not funny, it's not cool. That's similar to saying "I hope you get cancer." Please do educate yourself and be considerate of both grammar and feelings. Thanks.

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just-french-me-up (who is 100% fabulous nerd 11/10 recommend go follow) tagged me in the six selfies thing, and since I never miss an opportunity to shove my own face in everyone else’s face, why not?

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"Aven. Aven how much money do you have? I need it," I asked. I was having a crisis. They were discontinuing cookie cats and I needed to buy every last one of them. It was important. I'd ask Dad, but I think he wouldn't give it to me because what if I got food poisoning and died? But it'd be worth it. It'd be 110% worth it anyone who wouldn't do this doesn't have their priorities straight.

Aven gave the half gem half human child an annoyed look. She never understood human money or how it was relevant. “Doesn’t your dad have money?” She asked. His dad did stuff and got money, right? “Can’t your make your own money?” Citrine asked, walking out of her room. “I did it once and they took it. Then they played tag and tried to get me.” She went on. Humans were so weird and cool. They were like animals and monsters but smarter. And she loves animals and monsters.

Okay, I’m dead but the spoons are still in the house.

So I was talking to my boyfriend about women..

I don’t know all women things in the body confuse me dude. Like if you’re ever wondering about something to do with women don’t ask me cause I’ll be like “How the fuck should I know?” Then you’ll be like “You’re a woman..” Then I’ll be all “Oh fuck yeah quick pretend this didn’t happen”

Like, I only just found out what they do during abortions holy fucking shit it’s some scary stuff. Like periods used to sound scary to me then I started them and it’s all cool, but do you know what happens when you take an abortion pill? (Only one of the many options of abortion) It’s like a period except IT’S BY FORCE. First you swallow a pill, then you fucking insert one up there and it BREAKS DOWN THE WALLS OF YOUR WHAT EVER IT’S CALLED AND MAKES YOU BLEED LIKE SATAN WANTS IT SOUNDS HORRIBLE.

I mean it’s probably just a period by force but. Forced period. No.

then there’s the option where you can like stick a hoover up there and suck shit out which is what most people get. What the fuuuuuuck