Me Before You


A small town girl is caught between dead-end jobs. A high-profile, successful man becomes wheelchair bound following an accident. The man decides his life is not worth living until the girl is hired for six months to be his new caretaker. Worlds apart and trapped together by circumstance, the two get off to a rocky start. But the girl becomes determined to prove to the man that life is worth living and as they embark on a series of adventures together, each finds their world changing in ways neither of them could begin to imagine.

Me Before You 2016



A small town girl is caught between dead-end jobs. A high-profile, successful man becomes wheelchair bound following an accident. The man decides his life is not worth living until the girl is hired for six months to be his new caretaker.


lgbt film meme ≫ your favorite movie with a happy ending:
Imagine Me And You

“You don’t know, not straight away. It just feels… warm and comfortable, you hang in there and give it a chance. And before you know it you’re like ‘Yeah this is it. This must be love.’ – I don’t agree. I think you know immediately. You know as soon as your eyes meet, then everything that happens from then on just proves that you had been right in that first moment. When you suddenly realize you had been incomplete and now you are whole.”


Week Ending August 29th, 2016

  1. Suicide Squad
  2. Captain America: Civil War
  3. Zootopia −1
  4. Kubo and the Two Strings +6
  5. Ghostbusters 
  6. Sausage Party −3
  7. Lord of the Rings +4
  8. Thor: Ragnarok
  9. Deadpool −2
  10. Star Trek Beyond −1
  11. Jurassic World −5
  12. Spirited Away +2
  13. Beauty and the Beast +6
  14. The Handmaiden +2
  15. Star Wars: The Force Awakens −2
  16. The Hobbit +2
  17. Me Before You −2
  18. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story −6
  19. Howl’s Moving Castle +1
  20. Spiderman: Homecoming −12

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

anonymous asked:

consider: horror movie double date bc ferre doesnt wanna be alone with courf so he drags enjolras to come and grantaire is courfs #1 wingman and at some point E and R just end up making out in the theater bc enjolras kept jumping into R constantly

Ferre didn’t want to be alone with Courfeyrac because:

“Oh my god if we go alone that means he will think it’s a date. Is it a date? I kinda want it to be a date? But what if he thinks I want to date him but he doesn’t want to date me but he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings oh my god what do I DO??”

So he invited Enjolras and Grantaire to come along, thinking that it would make the atmosphere less romantic. Of course that totally firedback in his face because Enjolras and Grantaire cant stop exploring each other’s tonsils. So he’s just stuck there with Courfeyrac in that awkward situation of “I want to date you but I just don’t know how and if /you/ want to”

At some point Courfeyrac’s hand falls on Combeferre’s thigh with he was looking for the popcorn and thank god the room is dark because they’re both blushing like idiots in their pre-teens.

Wilder was a big part of my childhood.  Watched Wonka as a kid and wore out Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein as a teenager.  

I met him once in passing at the Kentucky Derby about ten years ago and let him know how much I appreciated his work.  He seemed genuinely gracious.  

There’s a line at the end of Wonka borrowed from Shakespeare, “…so shines a good deed in a weary world.”  

They’re just movies and they’re moments in time but they shine for me.  It’s sad knowing the man responsible for them is gone.

One time when I was a wee little shit, I went to Universal Studios Hollywood with some family friends. Mostly it was really dull. Not a very good theme park, especially when you’re used to Disneyland and Knotts’ and Magic Mountain. But whatever, when you’re 12 and bored  you take what entertainment you can get.

The best ride by far was E.T. Not because it was a good ride- it was kinda shit -but because at the end of the ride, a freaky animatronic E.T. would say your name, the way he says “ELLL-EE-UUUTT” in the movie. So my friend gave the ride operator her name, and her dad gave him his name, but I told the guy my name was Agamemnon. He asked me to spell it. Sure thing. He shrugged and punched it in. Did he suspect that wasn’t my real name? Maybe. Did he give the slightest shit? Of course not. Would you?

It just would not have been as interesting to hear E.T. say “Jaaaaaaaake”. If I want to hear that I just have to call up my RPG friends and tell them to pitch bad character ideas at me. So yeah- Agamemnon. God knows why I picked that specifically. Suffice to say I have always been a huge nerd.

So we go through the dumb ride, and get to the end, and E.T. turns his creaking plastic neck toward us to regard us with his terrifyingly dead eyes, and he looks me deadass in the face and his little creepy mouth pops open and what comes out is


I laughed so hard that I remember nothing else from that entire day, except sitting on a stone bench with my head between my knees, laughing breathlessly and turning funny colors until I would take in great shuddering gasps of air and let out distractingly loud guffaws. Everything is funnier when you’re 12. I don’t know why. But yeah- it created a self-sustaining loop where I laughed because it had been funny, and then I laughed because I was laughing, and then I laughed because people were staring at me, and on and on.

Shit man I still chuckle remembering that shit. AAA-GUH-MEMM

GOT7 Reaction: You Being a Horror Addict


He would raise his eyebrows a little, slightly confused on why you liked that genre. However, he would shrug it off.


He would try and watch some of your favorite movies with you, and when he gets too scared, until he begs to watch something else.


This puppy - he’d tease you and say, “When you get to scared, don’t come crying to me.” But when he spies on you to see how you’re doing, he ends up screaming at a jump scare.


Would tell you not to watch to much horror, saying it could possibly lead to paranoia that he read off a website. He wouldn’t watch it with you, would probably only come into the room to hand you your snacks.


He wouldn’t really think of it that much, would probably watch a few movies with you and jump a few times, which leads him to being teased by you.


He would grin brightly, teasing you a bit not believing you until you end up showing him your large collection of your horror movies. He would probably watch them all with you, while you both talk about how stupid a character was.


Would probably shift away a little bit, looking at the other members oddly for a moment. He would probably watch one movie with you, and after seeing how scary it really was, would never speak of it again.

LGBT+ movie with a happy ending

I just watched this Swedish movie “Kiss me” about a lesbian and a bisexual woman that fall in love and neither of them get killed by a stray bullet, and guess what? The end didn’t destroy my hope irl.

Swedish with English subtitles

ashrooms  asked:

How did you get into Bayonetta?

First of all thank you, I really need an ask (and sorry for the late reply). Hum before I really got into Bayonetta, I just knew the game but nothing more. I didn’t know the type of game, I didn’t know the story. I knew just what she looked like and her name. Anyway a friend of mine told me to watch the movie Bayonetta bloody fate because she saw it and she found it really cool. So I told her why not, I was even surprise that Bayonetta had an anime. So after watching the movie I bought the first game because I did like the story and I did like Bayo’s sassiness and I loved Jeanne’s style. So I played the game and I fell in love (and for the first time I cried at the end of a game because it was finished). I even got angry at myself because when the game first came out my big sis had show me the game and she told me: “that’s a game for you”. I remember I looked the box and I was: “Nooo don’t like and she is ugly” what a foolish child I was back at that time. Anyway I discovered there was a bayo 2 and I decided to buy a wii U to play the second game because Bayonetta was the new interest in my life… And one year later I’m still into Bayonetta. 

The one who understands me

Digimon. Pairing: Taichi x Yamato. 9057 Words. Warnings: Some cuss words.

Summary: In their twenties and right after they graduated from university, Taichi and Yamato’s relationship ended. Now. Years later. They finally get the closure they’ve needed. 

Written for @digiotpweek event. Day Seven: Lisianthus- “A lifelong bond”

A/N: once again. I agonize over one fic and then forget the rest of my outlines…ahh man. this one took a lot of sleepless nights. 

I saw this movie recently and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It really had the power to convey what it meant to be in love but not ready for a relationship. I wanted to try my hand at conveying such a raw feeling…and then I wound up with this. 

I’m pretty nervous about this lol. I’m not sure if I managed to really…make a good ff. Once I’m more comfortable with it, I’ll transfer it over to FFnet and AO3. But until then, I’ll keep it on tumblr. 

Movie trailer: Happy Together (1997) 
Song I wrote this too: Be calm by Fun

If you read this. I hope you enjoy it!

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i managed to find a copy of the handmaiden to watch and i just wanted to make sure y'all knew its got some SUPER triggery subjects in it (CSA, torture, insane asylums, physical abuse) and some very explicit sex. it didn't bother me that much but none of those are big triggers for me so i wanted to make sure people knew before they went into it so they can at least be prepared.

(same anon as the last one abt the triggers in the handmaiden) just to clarify it was still a VERY good movie, it just got VERY dark around halfway through to the end)

I was tagged by @britannia-hospital to list my top five favorite movies. Thanks! It’s been a long time since I did one of these.
Anyway, I should mention that this is hard to keep at ten, let alone five. In fact, I was planning a mega list to post someday. I always change things, too. I also want to keep it diverse. Here is off the top of my head.
-8 ½ 
- Shaun of the Dead/ Hot Fuzz/ The World’s End (tie) 
-Spirited Away 
Could have also put Psycho, The Jungle Book, Zodiac, or The Master, or lots of others, but that will have to wait for my mega list.

So, now, I’ll tag @playingwiththesquirrels, @whitenoise-bi, @purecinema, @downuntothealtar, @duchessofcinema, @michaelhanekes, and @nathan-abel-llewyn.

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Deathstroke in Batman is such a great idea because that means he'll probably be in jail by the end of the movie. Which means Amanda Waller could add him to a certain team for a certain sequel

Yep! I’d love to see Deathstroke in the Suicide Squad sequel.

Get to know me

@mokonazuna Zuna tagged me in this thing. Oh look Zuna I can tag you now! Ah ha! 

Answer 10, tag 10!

1. Last movie you saw: The Hunger games (I was kind of watching it) If you meant from beginning to end…Zootopia?

2. Last song you listened to: All that I am (acoustic) - Parachute 

3. Last show you watched: Wynonna Earp I think I missed like 6-7 episodes so i’m checking it all out now. 

4. Last book you read: I started so many…if you mean finished probably The Sword of Angels by John Marco. 

5. Last thing you ate: Fish sandwich with fries and tea. 

6. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Ha! Good question. Everywhere…most of it is to visit all the friends I would. Why isn’t the portal gun real? (ugh i’d be half away across the world right now eating some ramen)

7. Where would you time travel to: Uhh if I wasn’t able to alter in any way shape or form? or get hurt. Maybe during the height of the British Empire or Ancient China (i’d be traumatized but oh man.)

8. The first thing you would do with lottery money: Quit my job. Invest some of it in things. Donate a nice amount to charities or medical research. Buy a cabin in the woods and travel the world to visit all the friends. Good plan yes?  

9. Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Waverly Earp is so cute, smart and awesome. I feel like we could be good friends. Bonus that her girl-friend is Haught as fuck (if you watch the show you know I just made a bad pun). 

10. Time right now: 4:40 PM

I’d tag… @sirussly @dorathemetamorphmagus @notyouraveragehalfblood @hpandtheprinter @lifeasamarauder @themarudersera @pastel-sirius @callmegoddaddy @whompingwillovv @girlswillbeboys11


Combust! World Premiere at The Tivoli in Kansas City, MO

Phot Array 3 of 4

“Combust! premiered theatrically on March 3rd, 2016. Combust! is Part 2 of TBD: The Movie - a crowd-funded cinematic experience birthed on Tumblr. TBD: The Movie has overcome many obstacles since its inception in 2013. I have held the project together through great personal sacrifice and struggle.

As it stands, I estimate the film as 2/5 completed after about 3 years.
Moments like the premiere of Combust! are few and far between. TBD: The Movie is the silver key that will unlock they gate to eternity. Please bare with me while I continue to turn the key.

I can never end a note like this without thanking the countless people who continue to support my endeavors. The credit you deserve will be portioned out appropriately by the cosmos. Surrender yourselves to the infinite wisdom of the stars and lets vibrate together into the next phase of being and becoming.”

- Mr. Scradam 8/29/2016

watch Combust! on YouTube:

the-gladekeepers-disciple replied to your post 50 Posts For The Monkees’ 50th Anniversary Post…

NEZ wanted to do this?!

Yes, actually. :) It makes sense, really, because Nez was a huge fan of Harry Nilsson’s music and because of the relevance to his own childhood spent being raised solely by his mother. 

He had even recorded a version of Daddy’s Song at one point before it was decided that the sequence would be given to Davy in the movie.

As for the dancing part in Head, Mike had even acted like he would seriously try to get lessons just so he could pull it off. However, it was eventually decided that the sequence would be a better fit for Davy and that was the end of it.

Still, as much as I’ll probably always think they made the right decision there, a part of me wishes that they had filmed a version with Nez doing the song just to see what it would have been like….