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“A Gryffindor and a Slytherin Oliver?” you questioned, sighing lightly. “You know the odds of that ending badly?” you asked, biting your lower lip. “Our houses have nothing to do with a relationship Y/N, I’ve fallen for you not your house” he assured you nodding lightly. “I’m not going to be liked by the Slytherin’s but the only Slytherin I want to like me is you” he smiled. 

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Is it me or are you just a master at obtaining my heart and stabbing it? XD its ok tho it's always worth it

And end you love it =)

Every body love to see someone (video game movie tv show anime…atc) get hurt XD

Clarke and Octavia and ships

Basically where I reply to @aliceofalonso and without prompting vomit up my post-s3 ship feelings for Clarke and Octavia.

aliceofalonso replied to your post “During one of the Cons, Marie mentioned something about Octavia…”

I can almost see Lincoln being O’s Costia… Her “I lost someone special to me,“ her "love is weakness,” the one that “haunts” her. I agree that she won’t really be able to movie on from it anytime soon.

Yeah, I can see that for sure.   And it’s funny, because after writing that, I was thinking to myself “Why do I feel Octavia would not necessarily have another big true romance before the show ends, but I do think Clarke will with Bellamy?” The girls are the same age, both assertive types, and they’ve both had epic romances that were violently cut short (Linctavia, CL).  So I came down to about 3 extrapolations:

1. Clarke and Octavia are different characters, so there’s a space for different choices/behaviors. Clarke has been shown as someone who can love more than once and who can move on from a romantic loss, whereas we haven’t seen Octavia experience that yet. For Octavia, what she does next is a big ole question mark.  On top of that, Clarke seems to flourish when she forges deep relationships with people, whereas I think Octavia gets too narrowly focused on her lover to the exclusion of other important things in life.  Octavia’s character needs to be independent for a while, and I think Clarke (who was isolated for four months) needs the opposite.

2. Pairings don’t exist in a vacuum. Bellarke as an escalating relationship exists before CL, during CL, and after CL. If/When it becomes romantic on screen, it won’t be like something tacked on, but will instead be informed by 4+ seasons of events and choices and feelings that belonged uniquely to Clarke and Bellamy.  Whereas if Octavia has a romance with a newcoming character, that person will have a much shorter time to establish a romantic foundation with her. A new love for Octavia will be compared to a 3-season romance she had with Lincoln, and that’s tough.

3. I don’t see CL as equivalent in scale to Linctavia. I didn’t feel as invested in it as a viewer, it was on screen for a shorter amount of time, it didn’t evoke as heartfelt a response from me, and much of the time that it was on screen, it seemed to negatively affect my fav, Clarke. Lots of pain and only a small amount of positivity for her.  In that light (and probably with my anti-CL bias coming in), it makes sense to me that I’d want to see Linctavia mourned longer than I would CL, because while both relationships were epic, only one of them seemed to actually make both characters happy for the duration. I would rather Clarke isn’t held back for ages by the history of a troubled and problematic relationship.* I hope instead that she takes something positive away from it and learns to seize love where she can.  But for whatever reason, I feel like it’s more IC for Octavia to mourn for a long while, and especially to learn how to live by herself, without a partner to be obsessively codependent on.

*Clarke doesn’t see the CL relationship that way, I’m sure. Her heartbreak was real and genuine. But as I’m an audience person, my POV is different than the character’s. I’d also say that the show expects the audience to look at relationships from a certain distance. When Clarke thinks of the relationship, she will probably think positively of her last week or two with Lexa, and have immense sadness for the loss of her beloved. When I look at the ship, I see the last week of comfort, the one day of true happiness, and the preceding 4 months of depression, rage, temptation, attraction, betrayal, control games, violence, and isolation.  It’s a big tragic picture that has a moment of positivity near the end. Sad, yes, but not what I want as the legacy for Clarke’s love life.

Don’t mind me I just have a lot of feelings about Credence going with Newt at the end of the movie (what??? Credence is fine, I literally don’t know what you’re talking about, are you sure we saw the same movie??????) and Newt tells him of his creatures and invites him into his suitcase for the first time and Credence is worried at first and expects the creatures to be all locked into tiny cages and cells and in collared and chained and muzzled and shit.

But then he sees that they’re free and happy and how much Newt cares for them and that they love him. And Credence is still not sure what to make of Newt and how nice and patient he is with him and how he acts as if Credence matters and deserves nice things seemingly without anything in return, any ulterior motive, so he kind of figures Newt sees him as one of his creatures as well because of the obscurus and that’s good enough for him, he’s happy, because all his life he couldn’t have imagined anyone caring about him as unconditionally as Newt does for his creatures - but then one day Newt just casually refers to Credence as a friend to him of someone else and Credence just…????!!!! has an existential crisis????!!!!

He tells Newt that he doesn’t know how to be anyone’s friend, how to be on equal terms with someone else and that he was fine being one of Newt’s creatures and that he can’t be a friend, but Newt tells him that it’s alright, because he doesn’t know how to be a friend either and that people find him annoying.

Credence is shocked because he can’t imagine anyone finding someone as pure and loving and selfless as Newt annoying and he can’t bear the thought that someone made Newt feel like he was a bad friend and he decides to try to be his friend just to see Newt happy and he discovers that he can be someone’s friend and that he deserves it and man, I’m just saying how this movie had such a happy ending for Credence, granting him all the happiness he deserves, I loved it.

Winter Break: Finale

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe cast, Anthony and Joe Russo, Stan Lee, and mentions of the other MCU movie directors

Word Count: 2.4k

A/N: thank you to every reader for making it through to the end with me and putting up with my crazy update scheduling. I hope you all enjoyed reading Winter Break as much a I loved creating/sharing it. (:


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Two years and six months later.

  “I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

“Me neither,” Max says, standing to the side of you while she agrees with Forest. Damon has his arms around your shoulders, chin resting on the top of your head like a limp monkey as you text your brother.

“I haven’t been able to believe it since I got the internship,” you chuckle, glancing up from your phone. Damon groans, having become comfortable, and begrudgingly moves himself away to flop away onto Chris, the high school grad not Evans, curling against the already sleeping boy’s shoulder.

“Where’s Timothy?” Forest asks, looking at you in the mirror.

“You mean Tom?” you correct him.

“Spider-boy,” Forest compromises, and Max rolls her eyes at him.

“He’s with Downey and Chris Pratt,” you tell him, and Forest’s eyes go as wide as saucers.

“Chris Pratt is coming?”

“Deforest, he was in the damn movie,” Max says. “Of course he’s going to be at the premiere.”

“Okay, shut up Maxine,” Forest replies snarkily, and she smacks him in the arm for using her real name.

“Sebastian is wondering if you’re all excited to see Infinity Wars,” you say, and Forest’s jaw drops.

“Of course we’re fucking excited!” he exclaims. “Zoe Saldana is going to be within twenty feet of me the entire night!”

Max gives Forest a look that he doesn’t see, and you laugh. “That’s a yes then.”

There’s knocking on your apartment door, and you stand up, walking away from your seat at the kitchen table to the entrance of your place.

“Hey there, Director,” Chris Hemsworth grins at you, reaching to embrace you.

“Hey Hemsworth,” you reply, smiling, and hear a sharp gasp from behind you.

“Holy shit,” Max whispers, eyes as wide as Forest’s had been moments before.

“Come in,” you say, letting him step into your apartment. You’d become friends with the older man when you’d visited the set of Doctor Strange and Thor Ragnarok earlier on, and had fun adventures pranking your brother and the two other Chrises with Hemsworth between filming and co-working with the Russos, Scott Derrickson, and Taika Waititi on directing each of the up and coming movies. “These are my friends Max, Forest, Damon, and Chris Pavlone.”
You gesture to each of your four friends in turn, and Hemsworth chuckles when you point to Chris and Damon.

“Not another Chris,” Hemsworth says, and you shrug your shoulders. “How many is that now?”

“Hemsworth, Pratt, Evans, Pine, and Pavlone,” you count off on your fingers, chuckling. “Too many.”

“Well,” Hemsworth says, checking the watch on his wrist. He’s dressed in a black suit and a silver tie, his still long hair tied up in the back of his head with a few strands hanging loose. “We should get going here soon. The Toms are waiting for us.”

“I thought Holland was with Pratt and Downey,” you reply, raising an eyebrow.

Since the premiere of Captain America: Civil War, you’d comfortably adjusted to calling the Marvel cast members by their last names when there were multiples of them, just in time for Infinity War filming too, where there were at least two Chrises in the same place and two Toms running around somewhere else on set.

“He was, until Sebastian decided to go with Evans and Anthony Mackie and Rudd,” Hemsworth tells you.

You grin, upon hearing your boyfriend had escaped from Pratt and Downey at the last minute, and turn back to your friends. “Ready to go?”

“Hell yeah!” Max responds eagerly, grinning at Hemsworth. She had his autographed Thor: The Dark World poster hanging above her bed back in her dorm room in Michigan, and in addition to that, Tom Hiddleston’s signed copy of the Thor movie. Hiddleston had been a good friend as well on the set of Ragnarok while you shifted back and forth between it and Doctor Strange – when you weren’t pranking him at least.

Forest wakes Damon and Chris, who start at the sight of Hemsworth in front of them, before composing themselves and fixing their hair. You’d gotten the four of them hooked on Marvel during the last few months of your senior year, and had brought Max to the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume Two the year before. Since then, they’d become nearly as obsessed as you were about the MCU.

“I wish Jamie could have come,” Chris sighs as you all take the elevator down to the apartment building’s lobby.

“Me too,” you respond truthfully. You’d discovered Jamie was moving to Cuba a few months ago for her association with GreatNonprofits Charity, to help out with things in Haiti. You didn’t really know the details since she didn’t share them, but she hadn’t made any real attempt to reach out to you whenever you tried. Distant as she may have been from you, you still missed her presence occasionally now that it was just the five of you.

“Jamie?” Hemsworth asks as the elevator doors open.

“An old friend,” Max tells him, seeming to have calmed herself down. She’d met a few of the celebrities over the last two, nearly three, years that you’d worked with, but her studies at Michigan State College had prevented her from visiting you more often. You started going to NYU last year in the fall, and had been able to successfully intern with the MCU directors while studying to be a director yourself. It was convenient too, since a few of the premiers and most sets were in New York.

Outside the lobby doors, you can see a long black limo pulled up, and Tom Holland standing in a black suit outside the door.

“Tom,” you grin, and walk ahead of the others. Outside, the air is warm, the summer evening perfect for the premiere later on.

“(Y/N).” He lights up when he sees you, and hugs you tightly, pressing his lips to yours in a way that had become undeniably familiar.

“Hey Tommo,” Max greets him from behind you, and he releases you, hugging your best friend and kissing her cheek before shaking hands with Forest and Chris Pavlone. Tom and Damon didn’t get along like you had wanted them to, and you had reluctantly accepted it, but they both took the high road and gave each other nods of acknowledgment.

“You’re looking more like a man tonight,” Hemsworth teases the younger actor as he gets into the limo.

“And you’re looking less like an Asgardian,” Tom replies, chuckling and placing his hand on your back before you climb into the vehicle after your friends.
Inside, Tom Hiddleston gives you the best side hug he can, smiling widely. You can see Max mentally restraining herself from fainting beside the Loki Laufeyson actor.

The drive to the venue is loud and entertaining, and even Damon laughs at a story your boyfriend tells from the filming. This is certainly not your first time at a first viewing of a Marvel movie, but every time you went, you could feel yourself becoming more and more determined to keep doing this for the rest of your life.

The laughter and thrill of it through the night combined with the pride of the crowd would fill you with just drove you further.

When the limo finally slows, and you can hear the shouts and hollers of the fans outside, you take a deep breath and kiss Tom Holland again.

“Ready for it, love?” he asks, minding the fabric of your dress as you pull away from him.

“With Spider-Man at my side? I’m ready for anything,” you joke and he pecks your lips again as it becomes his turn to get out.

His hand reaches for you as screams cry his name, and you clasp it, heart beating fast as cameras flash instantly, seeming right in your face. You move along, behind Max and Forest, who have Damon and Chris Pavlone in front of them, people screaming your name and then your brother’s when his limo pulls up after yours drives away. The Marvel cast is in front and behind you, grins all around and talent all over the red carpet.

“Hey,” Tom says, leaning down to get close to your ear so you can hear him as you approach the place where all of the paparazzi are yelling and taking photos with the sponsor billboard behind the cast. It’s your turn, and you walk with Tom in front of them, smiling and glancing up at him as he taps you again.

“I love you,” he says, and your smile widens, and a blush rushes to your cheeks as the cameras take photos of every moment.

“I love you too,” you respond, and he kisses your forehead, posing with you for the first time since you two had walked up to the wall, before moving you both along.

“Hey Little Stan!” Mackie shouts, moving towards you with his wife not far behind.

“Mackie!” you grin, and hug him tightly before doing the same with his wife.

“I’m so excited for this!” he says, putting his arm around his wife again.

“Come on Anthony,” she speaks up, bidding you and Tom goodbye before tugging her husband towards Scarlett and her husband.

“I feel like there’s more crazy people here than civilized ones,” you say to Tom as you’re spotted by a camera lady and her matching camera man.

“Who are you calling crazy?” Tom chuckles.

You don’t get the chance to reply, because the reporter has reached you and is speaking to you.

“Miss Stan, how does it feel to be attending your sixth MCU movie premiere as a working director’s intern?” the lady asks, putting the mic in your face. You glance at Tom, who squeezes your hand, before talking.

“It feels fantastic,” you say, looking between her and the camera. “I didn’t think I’d ever get to attend one of these as a part of the movie.”

“What about Sebastian? How does it feel to be out of his shadow?”

You raise an eyebrow. “Sebastian doesn’t have a shadow.”

The woman seems to catch your cold tone, because she refocuses onto Tom, who isn’t as friendly as he could have been after her comment. He answers a few questions before your brother is coming towards you, throwing his arms around you.

“Seb,” you grin, and he kisses your temple quickly before flashing a smile at the camera.

“Come on, (your first initial),” he says. “Joe and Anthony want a photo with you.”

You look back at Tom, who nods his head. “I have to find Zendaya and Downey,” he tells you. “I’ll find you before we go in.”

Your older brother takes your hand and guides you through the clumps of the cast back towards the paparazzi infested part of the red carpet where you can see the Russo Brothers laughing with each other.

“Here she is!” Sebastian calls over the loud voices, and you walk up to the brothers, and they put their arms around your waist and shoulders.

They greet you and you stand with them for a few moments, talking about the premiere and who you’ve seen and who you’ve brought along (Forest had hugged Anthony before introducing himself) before they’re walking with you towards the movie theatre entrance.

“Remember to walk up onto the stage,” Joe reminds you as you pass under an air conditioning vent. You nod before venturing away from them, looking over the heads of the famous crowd for Spider-Man.

“Tom?” you call, and Hiddleston turns around. “Not you Tom.”

He pouts, but points towards your boyfriend standing with Zendaya a few feet away.

“(Y/N)!” Zendaya grins, wrapping her arms around you.

“Hey Zen,” you smile in response, before pulling away. “You look gorgeous!”

“So do you!” she compliments. “God, I love that dress.”

“Thank you,” you beam, running your fingers through the fabric before looping your arm through Tom’s. As she walks ahead, you say to Tom, “I have to go up to the front.”

“I know,” he nods, kissing your temple. “I’m so excited. Is it going to be awesome?”

You wink at him. You’d already seen the movie last week when the editing department had finally finished and the Russos had called you to come in after hours, and it was easy to say you’d been blown away by it.

You walk around the Agents of Shield cast, waving at Chloe Bennett and Brett Dalton when they notice you looking at them, and Tom squeezes your hand.

“Are you going to be okay up there?” he asks when you both notice the crowd start to settle and the Russos take the stage.

“Hopefully,” you reply, and he holds your hand until you’re too high for him to touch on the stairs.

You join Anthony and Joe on the stage, heart pounding in your chest as you look out onto the theatre’s visitors. You can pick out your brother in the near middle, and the rest of the Team Cap sitting near him, with Team Iron Man a row or two away (yes, they still take sides). The other MCU movies and TV show attendants are clumped around, easy to pick out when you remember their faces and names.

“Good evening!” Anthony calls out, voice booming from the microphone. There’s a loud reply, and you can’t help but smile. “We’ve been waiting for this night since we heard about getting the opportunity to direct this movie.”

Joe takes the mic from his brother, and smiles at the crowd. “We spent a lot of time and hours editing and adjusting camera angles and the film itself, but it was really the gigantic cast that made it possible in the first place to have anything to make a movie with.”

He passes the mic to you, and your heart beats too fast for you to identify the start and end of a beat.

“We dedicate this movie to the people who helped to make it,” you say, voice evening out as you speak, “and to everyone who didn’t get to be in it, but still was a great part of it. Some of your characters died, and some of them had to live on, and some of you had to stand by and watch it happen. A lot of our characters have had great development, from just a thief or a lawyer or even a homeless person to one of our heroes.”

Anthony takes the mic back from you and prepares to introduce Stan Lee as the crowd applauses your three-way speech.

“We also dedicate this movie to one of the people who made our heroes in the first place – Mister Stan Lee,” Anthony says, swinging his arm out towards the old man.

You get ready to exit the stage, and Tom takes your hand as Stan Lee begins his speech.

“You were amazing,” he says, resting his forehead against yours.

“Thank you,” you grin, trying to catch your breath. He kisses you, soft and decent for the crowd behind you both, and pulls away, smiling. Chadwick Boseman winks at you when you glance around.

“You want to watch a movie?” he jokes, and you chuckle, but nod your head, going along with his joke.

“Sure,” you reply, taking his hand in yours as you walk up the aisle. “Why not?”


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// i see you //

I am finally back! A levels has finally ended and I feel more chill than ever. The entire 1 week of break was pretty much spent with my friends; eating bingsu, watching movies (I watched Moana twice because wtf, that movie is legit my kind of movie. I would definitely watch it again!), binge watching Running Man, cleaning my room, updating my art journal, finding part time job and catching up with my secondary school friends. It has only been a week and I pretty much spent all my money already. How to survive next week??? :(

also in reference to jack’s last vid: i care about all of you. So much.

i see so many posts about people being sad and feeling lost because they’re not where they thought they would be or because they don’t have their dream job and they think that means they failed, and it upsets me so much… there’s such an emphasis on working hard to get a good job as if that’s always what happens, as if ppl in low paid work deserve it, and thats not true.

life isnt a disney movie. things dont always end up the way you want them to, and thats okay. it’s okay to be disappointed, it’s okay to regret some of your choices. that’s how we learn. any time i see those posts like ‘LIVE SO YOU HAVE NO REGRETS’ i get tired because having regrets does not mean you failed. whats important isnt that your life is perfect or that you cure cancer. everyone has different circumstances, different battles to fight. the important thing is that you push yourself enough that in the end, you feel like you still did good. you dont need to have a job you love to be happy. Its ok if ur job is just there for the money; happiness can be found in friends, family, hobbies…

there will be sad times. you will fail. you will make mistakes. and that’s ok, because you’re still you, and you’re doing good. stop living to other peoples standards and do what makes you look in the mirror and say: i did good. this can be climbing a mountain just as it can be getting out of bed.

there is no one way to a fantastic life. do the best you can to be happy and to think positively, and dont be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. A lot of us here are young: this is the time to mess up. and failing doesnt mean losing the entire game. Deep breath. You will be fine.

(In the words of dodie: 'When I’m 80 years old and alone in my chair, will I look back at safety and be glad I didn’t care? No! I can hear her screaming; love, break and learn - what else are you young for? Fuck it; hurt whilst you can!’)

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How haunted do you think RDJ is by the fact that the general impression of Tony is that he is either a manchild who needs to be kept in line or an actual villain? Like I am actually convinced he's gotten to the point where he just ignores both the comics and movies and comes up with his own headcanons about Tony judging by the fact that he basically rewrote every scene he was involved in in CW and pushed for several things in other movies that would have actually added depth to Tony. RDJ is me.

the fact that rdj refused to let them write scenes with tony without at least a little input from him is pretty telling of just how done he is with those impressions, especially when the people doing that writing are ending up being the ones to canonically write his character *cough shaneblackjosswhedonrussobrothers cough* rdj is working w/ so much shit, but he continues to save tony stark from writing hell through his phenomenal acting i love him 

youre right though, it has to be so frustrating and rdj has my eternal respect for dealing with this over half a decade - actual villain tony stark what the fuck? why is that a thing

(@knightinironarmor​ talks about this a little as well, here’s their post about rdj getting annoyed about how interviewers mischaracterise tony stark)

.... probably deleting this later

I don’t care what you say: I rather go to walmart over chanel any day. Chanel has clothes and expensive bags and makeup, everything that makes you “look good” but at the end of the day walmart has food and books and movies and clothes and makeup so it’s the whole package and bonus: it’s cheaper! 😊

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One question: How are they going to get back to the future (no movie reference intended) even if future Winston somehow gets the power back up on his end? If they manage to change the past, what's the point of building the time machine? Even so, what would it look like to the parents at the future end of the time travel? The children suddenly disappearing then reappearing from the machine, replacing the new timeline children? It only makes sense if the timeline branches off to a different one.

Oh good question! I haven’t thought of it until now so forgive me if this is a little rough but this is more or less how it goes. (Also know I’ve got plenty more to add to this AU, but this is a nice little summary to how they could possibly get back home and time related incidences and whatnot.)

Winston does eventually get the machine up and running again, but when he activates it, it summons a sort of portal similar to Symmetra’s teleporter, except of course it places one in a different time period. The portal itself appears to the closest mainland from the watchpoint where it originally dropped the children off. Rohan had build a sort of turret that sensed any high level of energy to tell them when the portal appears again.

As for the whole time paradox thing, it’s tricky but I think I’ve managed to sort it out. 

Halfway through their mission to destroy the god AI and keep their parents alive, the kids begin to sort of experiencing timeline whiplash. Meaning, they begin remembering a life where the god AI was killed before it destroy so much and where they’re parents were still alive, but also their original timeline. Their changing of the past merges these two different timelines together and the kids have to basically adjust their minds and bodies to it. This causes intense headaches, confusion and distortion of their view of their lives, but in the end, the multiverses the children have experience manged to ‘settle’ with them so they don’t experience pain of it anymore. They however do remember both timelines now.

Sombra, Symmetra and Winston knew the time machine might have a paradox effect, so through Sombra’s genius programming, she allowed the machine to have a sort of ‘reset’ button. Meaning whenever the portal is used, it changes all the effects that the time travelers have done, and removes the impressions of them. Now know this doesn’t mean erasure all they’ve done, but rather the memories of it. For example, Valentine could have broken a window, and the window would still be broken, but when she walks through the time machine, anyone in the original timeline and all evidence of it happening, would be erased. Meaning, she did break the window, but not one thing or person knows how it was broken, that it is. 

Now, for when they go back home, the portal will appear, and of course their mission will be complete. They’ll return to their original time period, aware of both timelines but now knowing they’re living in the happier one, they’ll arrive to their parents and Winston waiting for them.

Now how they knew to build a time machine and send the kids back is simply because the ‘timeline whiplash’ will begin effecting the ‘new’ kids when it draws closer to the time they need to time travel back and save the world. The kids explain the whole situation to Winston and their parents and bam, full time loop.

I only hope this makes sense, but thanks for asking such interesting questions! <3

I finally figured out what the 24 hour thing in the latest ep of TVD reminded me of lol: Will and Elizabeth at the end of the third PotC movie!

“As captain of the Flying Dutchman, Will could only go on land for one day every 10 years. Will had one day with Elizabeth—their honeymoon, during which their marriage was consummated—before leaving to carry out his duty and ferry souls into the afterlife.”

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way back, squaresoft did that FF movie, and they wanted to use the model for the main character as an 'actress' to use in different roles (they kind of ended up doing this as yuna and ashe and lightning all bear similarities to Aki). I feel like disney is doing something similar in that all their 3d movies since tangled have a shared visual style. Even Wreck it Ralph. Elena of Avalor as well. almost like the same engine (like how DAI and ME:A share an engine) and then tweak/improve on it (1/2)

(2/2)that’s not to say that they couldn’t push it a lot more and more vividly realize the concept art (even moana doesn’t push it that far), and there’s definitely a marketing push behind it but I think it’s more or less a deliberate ‘this is going to be our style going forward’. You could do a frozen/tangled/moana/Elena crossover and visually they’d all fit together cohesively without any of the characters feeling out of place. And I feel like that’s on purpose

I do like Disney Animation’s style. Like it’s basically translated 2D animation to 3D, because even CGI versions of the older princesses fit right into their Sophia the First Crossovers because Disney’s style is that. It might have been some of the reason why they did what they did….maybe?

But I mean regardless they could have at least made more of an effort to make Anna and Elsa less boring. Like Anna could have been chubbier. Elsa could have been taller, skinnier. They didn’t have to make them look almost exactly alike because siblings don’t always look like each other. It would have been nice to see the contrast between their personalities visually. I know the end product storyline was also different so that’s why Elsa isn’t half of the concept art but the very least they could have done was give them both a more unique look than recolors.

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Hi Mari! I recently watched fantastic beasts, and I've been thinking about it a lot lately, when it suddenly hits me. Fantastic beasts is set in the 20's, aaand... Nico and Hazel are originally from the 20's! I smell an interesting crossover... *wiggling eyebrows*

The year was 1926 ….and neither Nico and Hazel were born yet.

BUT! that’s canon! don’t let canon stop you! believe me I don’t let canon stop me fuck you new rome university and deleting the gray streaks. if you want that crossover go for it! Because everybody knows I’m a sucker for a good HP au! and we can totally disscus this, anon. Also Fantastic beasts is just such a wonderful movie (if I ignore the whole casting of JD)

/Nico and Bianca were put into the Lotus Casino around the end of WW2, since Nico was 10 at the time, he was born in 1935ish. Hazel is somewhere the same timeline. Riordan wikia has a lot of false information that fandom considers canon but is still fanon/

this movie confirms that a roidmude can be resurrected even after their core is destroyed, so i’ll just assume that gen convinces rinna to revive heart again someday, and that medic and brain get bodies of their own soon afterwards

i guess im thankful that this trainwreck has given me a better way to imagine the roidmudes getting a happy ending, but i still would’ve much preferred them just getting to live and not pull the tragedy shtick a second time

dualitykirby  asked:

What would be the ideal horror/thriller movie to watch with each of the boys?

Note: AHHHH SORRY I’M SO LATE WITH THIS ONE!! Now is a good time to do this one, though, since I’m having a friend over tomorrow night so we can watch Deliverance. It’s the only movie that’s managed to scare the snake program director, so I’m expecting great things. Also, I’m gonna go with a style of horror movie, and maybe a recommendation from that style, cauSE THERE ARE SO MANY HORROR MOVIES DAMMIT


Psychological! Nothing else would really scare him. He’s a demon, dude, and one who’s been through a lot of shit at that. I recommend Psycho personally, bECAUSE THAT TWIST AT THE END DAMN IT GOT ME BAD WHEN I WATCHED IT. The most it would do is make him hold your hand a little more in public the next few days. He doesn’t want a crazy person taking you from him.


I don’t think it would really matter what kind of horror move you watched with him. But, I do think one of those old horror movies about a fatal epidemic/flesh-eating virus would take the smile off his face. He’d trace his fingers all over your skin that night just to make sure you even still had it LMAO.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE HIM WATCH REAR WINDOW. Alfred Hitchcock movies are masterpieces, for one, but it would make him so paranoid. All of a sudden your neighbors are ax murderers and he has a pair of binoculars from nowhere??? Let’s just say he keeps the curtains closed for the week after and makes sure to hold you close to him a lot.


Straight-up slasher flicks. Just…all the blood. I’m not a fan of these movies, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween are good choices from what I’ve heard. He’ll like all the carnage and probably grin through the whole thing while he holds you. It may help him discover he has a blood/biting kink…do with that what you will.


I feel he and Roen wouldn’t really like the brutal movies. I’d stick with a moving about a haunting or something with him. No matter what you chose, though, he wouldn’t get scared. Which is a good thing afterwards, since he’s primed and ready to whisper sweet nothings in your ears to make you feel safe.


To be honest, he doesn’t seem like a horror movie type. But he would like a clever/intelligent one if he was to watch one. i think of Silence of the Lambs for him. He’d get a new look at the human race from it, and I think he’d like the character of Hannibal Lecter, be that a good or bad thing. If you get scared, he will use that against you and tease you mercilessly for the next month or so.~

middle school aesthetic for me was. just. completely… ruled by inuyasha. i bought a really nice version of his necklace and wore it in my school photo, i was writing tons of ooc #deep fanfiction to help me cope with depression, i was making like three shitty amvs a week, i SCREAMED when i finally found the second movie in ENGLISH i could have DIED, i was always staying up to watch episodes, my mom would take me to borders once a week and i would get a new volume of inuyasha each time i went, i was frequently checking the manga updates online towards the end….


i was…. so whipped….

I had the day off work today, which has been lovely.

  • I did some work on my original novel, including finishing my last assignment for my class, which ends next week. 
  • I took myself off to the theater to see Moana. Verdict: it definitely didn’t touch Frozen’s cathartic impact on me (at no point was I reduced to a sobbing mess in the theater), but it was cute and enjoyable. Hamilton fans should enjoy Lin-Manuel Miranda popping up in a couple songs. 
  • Making the movie experience even better was that I discovered a theater gift card I got for Christmas last year, which still had a good chunk of money on it. So neither the movie nor the ridiculously expensive theater nachos I bought cost me anything. And I still have some left over for Rogue One in a couple weeks!
  • Swung by the mall and picked up a few new candles to add to my collection. I’m a bit of an aromatherapy addict.
  • The plan for tonight involves a healthy dose of gaming. I still need to play through KOTET, and let’s be honest, I’ll probably start my third Until Dawn playthrough. I’d also like to finish reading the second Expanse book.