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“I don’t know if I will have the time to write any more letters because I might be too busy trying to participate. So if this does end up being the last letter, I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school, and you helped me. Even if you didn’t know what I was talking about or know someone who’s gone through it, you made me not feel alone.”

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How come I only just now notice that TQ stands for Trash Queen...

It’s okay. When I was a kid, I watched Balto like fifty billion times or something, but it wasn’t until I rewatched it in High School that it actually occurred to me that the grandma in the live action parts of the movie was the little sick girl in the cartoon parts. …Her grandkid even frigging calls her Grandma Rosie towards the end. …So yeah. It’s okay to miss obvious things sometimes. =u=;;;


Realest Movies you'll ever watch

Blood in Blood Out
Mi Vida Loca
American Me
Mi Familia
Boyz N the Hood
Menace II Society
City of God
Voces Innocentes
The Godafather I & II
Baby Boy
Training Day
End of Watch

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i have no idea what is that e_e make it easier for me

Demi and Selena were in a “friendship” movie on the Disney Channel called Princess Protection Program that everyone called a G-rated lesbian movie bc of how gay Selena’s character was for Demi’s.  First off, her name is “Carter.”  It was like a hate to love kind of friendship.  And instead of going to prom with dudes, they went together with a bunch of other girls.  In the end, Demi’s character became queen and they both become secret agents together to protect other princesses.  I watch it 3 times a year man.  Fuck it, I’m gonna rewatch it tonight.

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I absolutely LOVE the new Power Rangers movie and I ended up scribbling down a pic of myself as a ranger 😉💜 I think my favourite characters are Trini and Billy (I can’t believe how well they portrayed someone on the spectrum!) 🌸

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No interest in live-action Disney? Not even in a Mulan one?

especially not a mulan one

growing up, mulan was the first movie i ever saw that had an east asian protagonist. my family loved it. we played that movie on repeat for months on end. we still have sing alongs, we still will get together just to watch mulan. and we’re not even chinese, so we know and acknowledge that this movie isn’t even about us, but god it was so great as a seven year old mixed race east asian to actually be watching a movie where the characters looked like and acted like my family, where i could see some of our family values played out on screen.

and even then, the animated mulan movie was flawed. like i said, i’m not chinese, so you can probably find chinese sources on why the story of hua mulan was not portrayed right on screen. on top of which none of the directors and writers were chinese, save for rita hsiao who was one of the screenplay writers. you cannot write an such an inherently chinese story with such a grand lack of chinese writers and directors, not without sacrificing important cultural elements and romanticising others.

so that brings us to live action mulan, where so far we’ve endured the leaking of the first script that brought in a white man to save china instead of mulan, then the rewriting process has been done by white men with no significant input from chinese writers, they’re taking the romance plot out of the film (which there is a long history of taking romance away from people of color in film), and we still don’t know if they’re writing out the white guy from the original script or not.

its a trainwreck, honestly, but i never expected better from disney. disney does not care about marginalized peoples. from the bastardization and romanticization of pocahontas, to the fact that the only black protagonist was a frog for the majority of her film, the fucking debacle that was introducing le fou - already an implicit joke about homosexuality - as their “big gay moment” and we have all the proof we need that disney does not give a shit about marginalized people. why are we expecting them to do any better by us with mulan?

shit, beauty and the beast got a full live action remake complete with the songs, costumes, etc. that was frankly not very good, but they got an actual true-to-the-original remake. mulan is getting scraps. we’re just crossing our fingers that they’re gonna cast actual chinese actors to play these roles, and even that is a big fucking maybe.

so no, to answer your question, i don’t want a live action mulan remake. i want it to stay far the fuck away from me. go watch mulan: rise of a warrior. it was made in china, by chinese writers/directors/actors in 2009, it’s true to the actual story of hua mulan, and that’s the only live action mulan i give a shit about.

Okay, but why nobody is talking about this? I see so many people talking about everything related to Beauty and the Beast but not this.

Russia rated this movie 16+, essentially banning kids and teens from seeing it, as it has a gay character.

It makes me so angry, I just can’t express it. It was one of my most favourite movies as a kid. And now they are denying kids the pleasure of seeing this movie because of the two second scene (and confirmation from the director) at the very end.

It is so unfair, I don’t even know where to start. There is nothing in this movie that could have offended the gay propaganda law in Russia as there is NOTHING. I bet that most people didn’t even realize LeFou was gay at all as it is never shown explicitly.

Talk about this people. Because I am sad on behalf of all kids in Russia who won’t see it on big screen.

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Ava chan!! I have a prompt for you coz you're killing it...writing Kagehina intimacy i mean.. you know how much i love intimacy that comes from some sadness...So prompt #11 please!!! <3


11. You’ve said you’re going to leave, but I don’t want you to go and if I don’t say something now…

Kagehina. College fic. Unestablished Relationship.

The movie comes to an end too soon, in Kageyama’s opinion. He’s not really one for curling up with popcorn and watching a movie, but whenever Hinata’s involved, things just kind of… happen. 

They didn’t have anything to do on a Friday night, being lame freshman volleyball losers without girlfriends, so Hinata had suggested a movie and Kageyama had suggested his dorm room and then they’d gotten instant soup at the campus quick-mart and burned their tongues on too hot ramen cups as the opening credits rolled on the screen of Kageyama’s ancient laptop. He had stacked it on top of all the textbooks he wasn’t reading for class so they wouldn’t knock it over or trip over the power cord while watching, but really it was because he didn’t want it to get in between him and the possibility of Hinata’s sleepy, cuddle-prone limbs.

He apparently likes to torture himself.

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my biggest memory of the lotr fandom was like

okay so i read the books in 2nd/3rd grade and reread them like every year after that. but i didn’t watch the movies until almost the end of high school.

so i remember looking for lotr fanfiction when i hit middle school and finding so much aragorn/legolas and being SO CONFUSED

‘gimli and legolas are best friends??? WHEN DID ARAGORN AND LEGOLAS LIKE EVEN TALK’

and after i watched the movies i understand. why it was there.


Just got back from Dutch Comic Con, I had lots of fun! got a pokemon manga and a few older manga’s! and in the weekend me, @kamenmango and @sunshinetrappedinourhearts went out to see the Power Rangers movie, which was surprisingly a lot of fun! and then we finished the Towards the Terra anime series and watched a few Gravity Falls episodes,! we also played some horror games, our first new one was the game Lavender but no offensive to Clockwork Prince but the game isn’t scary at all, the amount of warnings for the game was unnecessary, the game is way too short, the latter puzzles are way to easy and both endings to the game leave you unsatisfied. But I give it props for it’s pretty creative pixel work. thanks to @maple-and-pie who told me about Bendy and the Ink Machine, we played that game right after and it ,,it was good…the short demo made us want more, going to draw this guy soon but here is a quick digital sketch

expect some more strips of me, Danganronpa stuff, fanart, orimonsters and replying to new messages I got into my inbox but at a slow space cause im kinda tired lolol

I have decided that 2017 is a year of transition. A lot of it is painful transition, like a werewolf transformation from a gory horror movie. There’s blood, there’s guts, there’s splinters of bone flying. But at the end of it, I will emerge as a terrible creature with talons and fangs and the strength to defend myself and feast on the flesh of those who would subdue me.

You know, I think you might be right about them ending the movie with Nina because it would explain why minor characters in the series like Cornello and Tucker are given such high billed casting and why we don’t get casting for homunculi besides Envy, Lust, and Gluttony. Also if you put those episodes together….. it’s about a movie length. Which makes me a little sad bc if they’re not cramming season by season the movies will probably never get to the the end of the series and season five was my FAVORITE season (but also the idea that they won’t be making one of the mistakes that doomed the Avatar movie is relieving) @greed-the-dorkalicious