“The opening number is a perfect example of that dichotomy, because on the face of it it’s a very exciting, happy song, but there’s a lot of melancholy in it as well,” [Justin Hurwitz] says. You’ll find that melancholy right there in the title: “Another Day of Sun.” It’s upbeat, but there’s something a little weary about it too.

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Eddie meeting Richie through his job at McDonald's ("Hello, would you like to order?") ("Yeah can I order a fine piece of that ASS")


* Bill is driving Stan, Beverly and Richie to this specific McDonalds because his new friend is working there and he wants to support his bud.
* Richie and Stan are bickering in the backseat as Bev is fooling around with the radio in the front as Bill ordered for the group.
* When they roll up to the window to pay, Richie gawks at the pretty boy wearing the Mickey Dee’s headset and holding their food out the window.
* “Holy McFucking Shit”
*Richie seems to forget that the window is open and Eddie can hear that loudmouths reaction as if he was speaking directly into his ear.
* He begs Bill to get a copy of his new friends schedule for the freckled boy.
* “Can you just once be cool? Once. Please? Just once. Just once be cool. Please?”
* Bill gives in and tells Richie what he knows.
* Eddie works the window on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
* When Richie rolls up the next week his heart is racing in his chest.
* “Welcome to McDonalds, what can I get for you today?”
* “Can I get, uhhhhhhh, piece of that ass with a large fry, large chocolate shake and your phone number, please?”
* “One large fry and one chocolate shake, is that everything?”
* “Cutie, you know for a fact that that ain’t everything.”
* When Richie rolls up to the window, Eddie is fighting a smile while holding the shake in one hand and a take out bag in the other.
* Richie gives a weak smile and just when he’s about to drive off Eddie speaks, “Wait.”
* Grabbing a spare cup and a sharpie he scribbles his name and number down for the freckled boy.
* “Holy McFucking Shit.”


You’re The Brightest Light I’ve Ever Seen Tate Langdon x Reader

Words: 2,108

Description: You move into the murder house after some unfortunate event occurred

Request: Anonymous:  Thought this might be interesting, but the reader has a power that if she touches another living person they die. Which has caused her to cut off everyone in fear of killing them. Till one day her parents allow her to live alone in the murder house to keep everyone safe from her. She ends up getting really close with Tate and instead of being the darkness, he becomes the ‘light’ in her world. Since he is all she has in her small world.

Author’s Note: I apologize so much for not being active! I promise to make it up to all 431 followers!!! Thank you so much! I love you guys XOXO


          I was eight years old. I was so young and innocent to have this curse on my shoulders. I was playing on the playground with my two best friends. A big thunderstorm rolled in out of nowhere. We were jumping rope and writing with chalk on the sidewalk. It rained. It poured. I didn’t understand why it didn’t affect my friends. They were with me. They got soaked. The storm quickly passed over. We were kids, we didn’t run off when the rain came, we played in the rain instead. I walked over to my friends so that we could come up with our secret friendship handshake. It all happened so fast. They were on the ground. Their bodies lifeless. Then the sirens came. I watched as two men came and dragged their bodies off. I stood there speechless. The paramedic came over.

           “Sweetheart, do you know what happened here?” He asked crouching down. I looked down not knowing how to answer. I looked up at him and told him what happened.

           “I just touched them. It’s all my fault they’re gone.” I paused realizing what had happened, what I had done. “IT’S MY FAULT!” I screamed. The man tried to reach over to comfort me but I stopped him.  “Don’t touch me. I’ll just hurt you.” I said crying. 

           “You didn’t kill them. You can’t hurt me. It’s all alri..” The man stopped. He died. He reached over and touched my shoulder. Another person I had killed. I needed to get away. A couple minutes later my mom and dad came. I was surrounded by police officers.

           “Let us through, that’s our daughter.” My mom and dad said, “Sweetheart, it’s okay.” My mother reached over and hugged me. She was unaffected. She helped me up and took me to the car. I opened the backseat door and buckled myself in. My parents then got in. The car ride was silent. It was so silent you could hear a pin drop. A few minutes later we arrived home. I got out and ran to the unlocked door. I ran to my room, slamming the door.

          “Sweetheart may we come in?” My mom said as she knocked. I didn’t answer but they came in anyways. “We have something to tell you (Y/N).” my mom said as she sat next to me on the bed.

          “Is it answers on why I seem to kill everything I touch except for you guys? If so then continue.” I said.

           “It is answers. (Y/N), you have powers. It is passed on to you from us. It doesn’t affect us because we have it as well. You get powers by a storm passing and raining on you. We tried to protect you because we didn’t want you to have this curse. I’m so sorry baby.” my mom said.

            “That’s all I needed. Now get out. My friends are dead, I need some time to myself if you don’t mind.” I said. 

             “Of course. Take as much time as you need.” My dad said as they both left.

          That is how I found out I had powers and an even more unsteady path down my life.


          Ever since that day I have been home schooled. I am now sixteen and I have not left my property since that awful day. Mom thought that if I stayed away from people then maybe the curse would go away. I was going to test that theory. I had met a boy when I was twelve who newly moved in next door. We would play from our backyards. I will say that he has grown up quite nicely and he was taking me on a date to a movie theater. I was excited. He was coming to pick me up at six and it was four. I got up and went to take a shower. After the shower I got dressed and waited. A knock then soon came. I leaped off the couch and opened the door.

          “Hi Jacob!” I said. He had blue eyes and brown hair. He was dressed in a blue dress shirt and black pants.

          “Are you ready?” Jacob asked. I shook my head vigorously. He offered me his arm but I declined not wanting to hurt him. He opened the door to his truck letting me in first. It was a smooth drive to the movie theater. “Do you want anything? Soda? Popcorn? Candy?” He asked.

           “I’m fine thank you.” He got what he wanted then handed our tickets to the man. 

          “How to Live Life, number seven on the left. Enjoy your movie.” The man said with a sarcastic voice.

           “Jeez someone doesn’t like their job!” I said as we both laughed. We arrived at the doors and he opened the doors and let me chose where we were going to sit. 

            “I can’t wait to watch this movie! I heard it’s supposed to be really good!” Jacob said.

            “Yeah same!” The lights soon dimmed and the movie began. I was keeping to myself keeping aware of where my hands were so I didn’t hurt him. The movie ended and he drove me home. He walked me to my front door.

           “I had a really good time tonight.” Jacob said.

           “I did too.” I said as I smiled. We stood there awkwardly for a minute just staring at each other. He leaned in and I didn’t stop him our lips collided and then all of a sudden he drops.

           “JACOB?!” I scream as I back away. I banged on my door. My parents opened it and grabbed me and pulled me inside. “What do I do?” I ask.

          “You go into your room (Y/N) and stay there.” my mom said as I rushed to my room.

       It was too late Jacob died and it was my fault. That day was when I realized that this would never go away. My parents had a plan and that when I turned eighteen I would move to a house by myself called Murder House. It was perfect and I couldn’t wait until that day would come.


        It was moving day and I couldn’t wait. I just wanted to get away from everyone so that I could no longer hurt them. It was a long drive to Murder House, but I didn’t mind. It was worth it in the end.

       After an hour we arrived. I quickly got out of the moving truck and unlatched the back of the truck. I picked up the first five boxes I see. My mom comes out and laughs as she sees how eager I am to move in and be on my own. 

“Careful sweetie. You don’t want to hurt yourself.” My mom says as she laughs. She grabs the top two boxes off the top and helps me.

I unlock the door and take in my surroundings. The house is so beautiful that I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. I went upstairs and picked out my bedroom. I let out a sigh and breathed it all in. I went downstairs to finish unloading.

After four hours I was finally settled in and I had said goodbye to my parents. I went into the living room and sat down on the couch turning on the television. I just watched the first thing that was on and didn’t think much about it. A couple minutes after I just got comfortable, the doorbell rang. I groaned as I got up and went to the door. I opened it and was met with very dark brown eyes.

“Hi, I’m Tate Langdon, your neighbor. I saw you move in and figured I would say hello.” Tate said. He held out his hand and I just stared at it for a little bit.

“Sorry, I’m a huge germophobe. Anyways, I’m (Y/N),” I said as I smiled at him.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” Tate said. I blushed furiously and looked down but then looked up with a smirk.

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” I say.

“Only on the special ones, and so far that has only been you,” He said as he looked at me and smiled.

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“Anyways, it was nice meeting you.” I said as I was closing the door. Tate stopped it with his hand.

“Can I see you again?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure.” I said as he smiled.

“Well than I’ll see you tomorrow.” Tate said cheerfully. I smiled back and closed the door. I was absolutely blown away that this cute guy was talking to me. Then, I felt even worse because I could never have a real relationship with him. I shook off the sad feeling and decided to go to bed. I fell asleep thinking of Tate.

The Next Day

         I woke up and took a shower. I went downstairs and looked in the fridge to see if I had anything to make for breakfast. I decided on making pancakes. I had just finishing making the pancakes and heard a knock at the door. I dropped everything and went to open it. I unlocked the door and opened it revealing Tate.

“Good morning! I smelled pancakes and decided to come over to see if you would be so kind and share them with me. Please?” He said with puppy dog eyes. I laughed and let him come in.

“Of course. How else am I going to make friends? The kitchen is down the hallway and to the left.” I said while I laughed.

“Gotcha. So shouldn’t you be like in school?” He asked. I came into the kitchen and placed some pancakes on his plate and then I sat next to him with my own plate filled with pancakes.

“Nope. I was home schooled throughout my life and so I didn’t go to college. What about you? Shouldn’t YOU be in school?” I asked while laughing.

“No I dropped out. Didn’t like school. I felt imprisoned so I had to get out.” Tate said. I nodded my head while we ate pancakes. “So why did you move here?”

“Things happened and I had to leave where I was.” I said while looking at my plate.

“Let me guess, ex boyfriend?” Tate said.

“Something like that.” I said as I smiled and looked down. I saw out of the corner of my eye Tate moving my hand to my cheek. “Don’t do that. I don’t want to hurt you.” I said as I moved myself out of hands reach.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” Tate said. As he slowly retracted his hand looking embarrassed.

“It’s okay. I should tell you.” I took in a deep breath and told him my life story, right from the beginning, “So that is why I moved here. I apologize for not telling you the truth. It’s okay if you run away. Everyone does.” I say as I looked down and let out a soft chuckle. 

“Well I guess we do have something in common. I haven’t been completely honest with you either. Please don’t laugh or run off. What I’m about to tell you is true. I’m dead. So it’s okay if you touch me. I’m a ghost so you can’t do much damage to me anyways.” Tate says.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” I said with tears. Tate started to slowly approach me.

“The thing is, I’m not.” He brought his hand up to my cheek and kissed me deeply. It had been my first kiss and it was amazing. I pulled away and looked into his eyes.

“So you weren’t kidding huh?” I said laughing with tears. 

“No,” Tate said as he laughed. We kissed again and just stayed in each others arms for the rest of the day.

Two Years Later

“I love you Tate Langdon,” I said as I leaned in and kissed him deeply. 

“I love you even more, (Y/N),” Tate said as he pulled me in for another kiss. Life has been complete since that day. I’ve defintely have felt the most love I’ve ever received in my entire life. “(Y/N), you make me so happy. I am thrilled you moved in here.” Tate said.

“Tate Langdon, you’re the brightest light I’ve ever seen. There is nothing that could change the way I feel about you. I love you.” I said as I pulled him into another kiss. I died in the house. A robbery occurred and I was shot and killed. I was sort of happy because now I can spend forever with Tate, my love.

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No disrespect to cats or food or sleep or Florida or hockey or Chris Pratt or Star Wars or Mark Hamill or Christmas or snow or porgs or Robert Downey Jr or cheesecake or even my Avy, but Reputation literally just brought my two favorite things on this planet together and I want to cry: Taylor Swift and the Great Gatsby. 

 Don’t believe me?  It took me an entire listen all the way through but I AM DYING; Gatsby is my all time favorite book and I have written about it, read it, and watched the movies thousands of times…so, let me know what you think.

Let’s start off simple.  For those of you who haven’t read the Great Gatsby, it’s a dramatic love story that doesn’t have a very happy ending.  Jay Gatsby is a rich, yet shady to the public eye, man who throws parties for the girl he used to love before he went to war.  He moved near her and eventually they got back together…only to end up in a crazy, mixed up tragic ending.  Daisy is married to Tom, but Tom is seeing Myrtle..this will all make sense later on.   So, if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read ahead…but please do anyway, haha.

The book/movie had a few themes that were repetitive – the color green, which included hope and wealth, the locations, and giant parties representing the 20s.  Start with So It Goes, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, and Dress - all mention the same color gold, which is also equal to the idea of wealth and money that the color green gives in Gatsby.  The lyrics in SIG are ‘gold cage, hostage to my feelings’, DWOHT says ‘painted my golden’, and a ‘golden tattoo’ is mentioned in Dress.  

Now, take notes of the songs Ready For It, Delicate and Dress – all discuss the theme of an island or the east and west side.  In RFI, she talked about moving to an island, and in Delicate she talks once about the ‘east side, where you at?’ and later says ‘third floor on the west side’ – yes, she is talking about New York, I assume, but the East and West Egg are mentioned over and over again as the home bases for the characters in Gatsby. Last: in This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, King Of My Heart, and New Year’s Day, the lyrics are almost a mirror to the party life of Gatsby.  TIWWCHNT is a complete match, using lyrics like ‘it was so nice throwing big parties’, ‘everyone swimming in a champagne sea’, ‘bass beat rattling the chandelier, feeling so Gatsby for that whole year’.  This is probably the only time I’m going to mention this song in this rant, though, since it’s solely about the parties when discussing this Gatsby idea.  KOMH mentions fancy cars and the idea of ‘fancy me not fancy stuff’ which is how Daisy sees past the parties to see Gatsby for him.  NYD discusses ‘glitter on the floor after the party’, which again, is obviously a party mention.

Now, here we go with chronological things that I feel line up to the story of Gatsby and how Reputation follows this.

In Ready For It, the question of ‘ready for it?’ definitely reminds me of when Daisy asks ‘Gatsby?  What Gatsby?’ in the opening of the book/movie; this sets up the whole story, as does this first song on the album.

Lets move onto End Game.  The words ‘big reputation’ are repeated over and over again, which, yes, is the album title, but in Gatsby, Jay is always given a bad wrap by people he doesn’t know, and he knows the rumors being shared about him – example, when Nick is trying to locate Gatsby at his first party and he is told several things, including murder, about the man before they meet by other guests.  Gatsby definitely has ‘big enemies’, like Taylor has in End Game.

I Did Something Bad and Don’t Blame Me both remind me of the song Lana Del Rey did for the latest movie version of Gatsby, ‘Young and Beautiful’ - they both have that mystical backing vocals.  Now, I Did Something Bad links back to the reputation of Gatsby/Taylor, saying ‘cause for every lie I tell them, they tell me three’; she is saying the can always one up her with more rumors or lies.   Then, Don’t Blame Me states that ‘your love made me crazy’ – yes, we can relate this back to Blank Space, but in the end of the book/film, he also goes over the edge and gets angry, eventually scaring Daisy off.

With Delicate, Taylor asks ‘is it cool that I said all that’ – which directly uses the word cool, as Daisy does when she tells Gatsby he always ‘looks so cool’.  She also talks about pretending someone is ‘mine all the damn time,’ as Gatsby does the entire time they are separated and he is pursuing getting Daisy back.  Gorgeous also uses the word cool, then mentions ‘consequence[s] of you touching my hand in a darkened room’, which could relate to when Gatsby and Daisy go off to the woods during the first party of his that Daisy attends.

Let’s head into So It Goes, which furthers the discussion of the party in which they escape together in secret, hiding from Tom, Daisy’s husband. Taylor sings ‘all eyes on us’ and ‘but when you get me alone, it’s so simple’, which is how easy it is for Daisy to fall right back into place with Gatsby once she realized he is living near her.  She also writes about ‘doing bad things’ which could foreshadow how Gatsby and Daisy get in trouble near the end, but NO, I do not feel like this mimics how the book/movie ends…completely.

Look What You Made Me Do was our first single from the album and while I love this, it also covers a big part of the Gatsby story line.  ‘You said the gun was mine’ directly relates to how everyone blamed Gatsby for killing Mertyl, when in reality, it was Daisy but no one knew.  This is the part of the book/movie where everything turns from good to bad, and for the album, this is where it goes from good to bad and is the beginning of the demise of Gatsby…so, turning points at the same place?

Getaway Car follows, which ironically follows the story line of Gatsby, too!  Yes, Taylor is probably referring to Joe saving her, BUT it also can relate to Gatsby and Daisy using the car to escape back to New York after Jay raises his temper and scares Daisy off while in the city.  The song starts off with ‘I wanted to leave him, I needed a reason’ and Daisy wanted to leave Tom and was waiting for Gatsby to tell him and give her a reason to.    ‘We’d never get far’ refers to Gatsby and Daisy never getting far with their relationship, as Taylor hadn’t with her past relationships.  Then, she writes ‘I shoulda known I’d be the first to leave’, as Daisy leaves before Gatsby dies, knowing she could never truly be with him.  The other big parts in this song are ‘but you weren’t thinkin, and I was just drinkin’, well, he was runnin’ after us, I was screaming’ and ‘it hit you like a shotgun, shot to the heart’ – the first just sets up the car ride home where Daisy is wildly driving after they were all drinking in the hotel in the city, and the latter is the scene where Gatsby is, quite literally, shot and killed in the heart by Mertyl’s husband.  Last, one of the lyrics is ‘the last time you saw me’, and after that scene I just described, Gatsby never saw Daisy again.

Continuing…  Dancing With Our Hands Tied uses the phrase ‘love you in secret’, for obvious reasons.  It also says ‘nothing in the world that could stop it’, which is what Gatsby though, because, after all, he was seeing the world through the eyes of God…but that’s a different in-book concept.  Later on in the song it talks about ‘I’d hold you as the water rushes in if I could dance with you again’ – Gatsby hears the phone ring while in the pool before he is shot and whispers Daisy’s name, even though it was Nick calling; he is shot and killed with the hope that Daisy had come back, and as he sinks into the WATER, he is thinking about the past few days he spent DANCING with Daisy and trying to get her back.

Call It What You Want, a personal favorite, generally relates to the incident with the gun at the end and how Gatsby was finally taken down by Mertyl’s husband.  His ‘castle crumbled [literally] overnight’, and he didn’t bring any weapons when his killer brought the gun.  After he died the windows of the house were boarded up – ironically after the shit show of a storm their lives became.  AND ‘late November’ is in the fall (even though Gatsby is shot near Labor Day).

And now the last song on the album, New Year’s Day, is the one that differs, but it is GOOD.   The one big line that stands out to me is ‘don’t read the last page’ – DO NOT READ THE LAST PAGE OF GATSBY, because it delivers the end of his life, and states it is time to move on, not be ‘borne back ceaselessly into the past’.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY LAST POINT! As a recap…one of my FAVORITE THEMES that I have not mentioned yet is the idea of repeating the past.  In the book/movie, Nick tells Gatsby he ‘can’t repeat the past’, in which Gatsby replies ‘can’t repeat the past?  Why, of course you can!”  He will never let go of that hope of getting Daisy back.  I Did Something Bad says ‘I’d do it over and over again if I could’.  Don’t Blame Me uses ‘I would cross the line, I would waste my time, I would lose my mind’, talking about how desperate Gatsby is to go back to how things were.  AND in Dancing With Our Hands Tied, the lyrics are ‘I could’ve spent forever’.

AND THE KICKER?  She blatantly uses the name Gatsby in TIWWCHNT and even says ‘now I’m your daisy’ in Don’t Blame Me –  SHE IS NOW JOE’S DAISY, AS HE DOESN’T WANT TO LET HER GO, EITHER.  But in a healthy way…so DON’T READ THE LAST PAGE AND KILL THE STORY – the story will go on!!!

IN CONCLUSION, Taylor is the epitome of Gatsby, from starting as a party thrower to having rumors spread about her, to desperately clinging for love and trying to repeat the past until she finally killed herself (the ‘old Taylor’), only she is REWRITING HER OWN STORY and not killing herself off…she is simply jumping characters and being in love.


We are in a movie theater, watching
the VHS of your third birthday party &
I am not in the video because I was half
a decade away, waiting or sleeping or both.
The movie ends & you drive me home.
I imagine the highway erupting, ripping itself
apart, your car & our bodies swallowed by
the freshly paved ground. I say, sometimes 
I still think about that thirteen year old who died. 
You say, it might rain tonight. The world
is ending, or at least, this world is ending.
You keep driving & all the still sleeping cicadas
stretch out of 17 years. They burst out of the ground,
straight into your mouth, one smooth movement.
It is noon & it is Autumn, & there are no floral curtains
& I can’t write a motel pool into this story. Instead,
our memories spill onto the ruined tarmac, a film reel
bleeding backwards, the sky leaking
& empty.
Best Fic I've Ever Read

Holy fucking shit I just finished this amazing piece of art.

It’s a Drarry Titanic AU- but not really based on the movie (the ending had me sh00k)

Harry’s a magically repressed wizard; he doesn’t even know that he IS one. He’s been raised by the Weasleys after his parents are killed in a factory fire, and has set off to America to see Ginny and marry her, not to mention meeting his son for the first time. Draco’s an aristocrat who has his family after him, trying to kill him. He rushed into marriage with Pansy and got on the Titanic to escape the world of Wizardry in Europe, and start completely over with Pansy’s fortune in America.

This is one of the best, if not THE BEST Drarry fics I’ve read. It’s historically accurate, Harry and Draco are characterized perfectly, and so are the other characters, like Seamus and Pansy were PERFECT.


If you ship Drarry, I beg you to read it. It’s honestly a masterpiece.

Both Jealous A.I.

Anon requested: Can you do one where ash is your bf but then he starts to get close with other girls so you make him jealous by getting super close and flirty with Luke then he makes you ~regret~ it ;)) ??😂 thank you

I hope you like it, babe. Feedack is always appreciated(:

Word Count: 1.4k

Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

TW: little smut in the end

There is nothing more exciting than having your boyfriend back from tour. But him ignoring you, pushing you away, wasn’t exactly how you thought it would be like when he got home.

The first night he was home, he had told you that he had missed you and more shit. The next day he had gone to flirt with every single girl in Los Angeles, though. At first, you didn’t think much of it, although when you found that he was texting one of the girls, Ashton though for a moment that you were going to go crazy.

Since then he promised he would stop texting her and stop flirting with every girl. He seemed so sincere that you believed him.

Sadly, he was already forgetting about it.

We were having dinner with the band and some other friends. Everyone was having the time of their lives; alcohol, good food and better company were the only things we needed. Luke and you were telling each other everything that had happened while we were apart when you saw from the corner of your eye.

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