• Jaehee: V's hair color is quite uncommon.. You don't see blue colored hair like that everyday..
  • Zen: Blue? Isn't his hair more green than blue? Y'know kinda like turquoise?
  • Yoosung: I always thought it was teal
  • Jumin: Well clearly v's hair color is actually cerulean.
  • 707: Nah lolololol, it's totally sky blue!
  • V: *whispers softy* it's sapphire colored
SnapChat pt4: Sebastian Stan imagine

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“Babe!” You yelled through your shared condo. Your boyfriend was nowhere to be found. The both of you where suppose to go to the infinity wars set with Sebastian. It was like a fair well kind of thing.

“In the bathroom!” He called making your roll your eyes as you found him in front of the mirror, trying to do something with his messy long hair.

“Come on princess.” You teased as you walked over to him. Just as you were going to wrap your arms around him, he quickly turned picking you up and placing you on the skin.

“Can you in the bun thing.” He asked you with a sad little puppy pout. You just rolled your eyes before taking your black ponytail holder from your wrist.

“Why are you so tall?” You asked as you stretch up to reach all his hair. He chuckled as he bent down a bit for you to be able to tie his hair back.

“There.” You said as you jumped off the sink. Sebastian examined his hair before giving you a peck on your cheek.

“Thank you my dear.” He teased making you laugh.

“Let’s go, before we’re late.” You said taking his large hand. 

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It's hard to be my friend! (Roman Numeral Edition)
  • her: Katelynn. That's my real name haha
  • me: that's like 2 names in one!
  • her: Twice the names to spell wrong
  • me: At least it's not KVIIIlynn
  • her: Yeah fuck that
  • me: I dunno man, I think I have to wait until she's KXVIIIlynn
  • her: I hate you so much sometimes
  • me: HAHAHAHAHA oh fuck I laughed so hard at that
  • her: That's what fuels you. People facepalming at your dad jokes
  • me: it gives me life :D

Okay listen up.

Y'all need to go read this book now. It’s amazing. I’ve only read the first volume and I love it.
Like, the main character is an Asian woman (I wanna say Chinese since her last name is Xianting but it hasn’t been explicitly said so far so don’t take my word for it) it is very feminist and is not at all subtle with it and even has a #notallmen joke and Straight Guy jokes which gives me life and they even show a Muslim woman too (she’s white looking but still) and it’s so good you have to read it.

It’s called Princeless:Raven the Pirate Princess and the first volume is on Amazon and the kindle version is only 7.99 and you need to read it now.

Also, lesbian pirates. Probably should have lead with that.