Okay I normally don’t make posts like this - but this is really important - I’m just after receiving one very shocking message from a good friend of mine and basically the long story short is, he needs a new binder.

If anyone has an old binder they don’t need, or a binder they plan to give away or if there’s any give away’s at the moment - could you please message my lil bro Ivan and let him know! 

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Dr Jongin and Mr Kai - Part 2

Part 1

“K-Kai?” You stuttered, staring into his dark, cold eyes. Suddenly you felt exposed. You crossed your arms over your chest, trying to cover them from the intense gaze of Jongin, or should you call him Kai?

“Yes sweetie, I am Kai. Do you want something?” He asked you, while the obviously drunk girl beside him nibbled at his neck. You stared at him dumbfounded, completely taken aback by his attitude. Was he the same guy you had met earlier that day? They looked exactly the same, but they surely didn’t act the same way. He couldn’t possibly be the cute shy guy with the precious smile who played with puppies…

“No. Sorry, I must be mistaken. I thought you were a friend. I’ll get going then.”  You mumbled, before turning your back towards him, and walking away, as you stared at your feet.

You were too confused, and too mortified to notice the slight change in his eyes, the way they followed you as you left, no longer dark and piercing, but slightly warmer, as if they held back the longing in them. He sighed, pushing the girl away from him, ruffling his already messy hair, as he began walking straight after you.

You tried to make your way across the dance floor, pushing between the sweaty bodies that covered it. You managed to reach the exit, but to your discomfort, you hadn’t managed to find any of your college friends. You gave the area another look, before deciding it was probably best to go home, clubs weren’t within your comfort zone anyway.

You walked outside, rubbing your arms, wishing you had decided to take some sort of coat with you. You also resented the impressive height of the pumps you were wearing. Your flat wasn’t too far from the club, so you decided to just walk back. Sure, it was late, but it wasn’t too risky, right? Nothing had ever happened to you before.

“Hey there pretty lady!” You heard a man slur, you refused to turn back to look at him, so you just quickened your pace, and hoped he would go away. You heard longer strides follow your own, and you could basically feel his presence right behind you.

“Hey! I am talking to you! You look awfully cute with that short dress. Why don’t you come with me to my car so you can show me what is under it” you heard him slur right behind your ear. Your skin broke into goose-bumps. You felt tears stinging your eyes, and you began wishing you had called a cab. Or at least waited for a familiar face to show up so they could accompany you.

“Hey jackass! Back off. The cutie is mine!” You heard a familiar voice roar behind you. You turned around to see Kai walking towards you, his playful smirk plastered on his face. The guy immediately froze in place, his jaw hanging down, as he took in your savior’s frame. The stranger stuttered, before walking backwards with his hands raised, before bolting off in the opposite direction. You stared at the man’s retreating back in confusion.

“Hey again sweetie” Kai purred in your ear as he wrapped his arm around you. You pulled away from him with a scowl on your face.

“Hey, that’s no way to thank the guy who just saved your ass” he replied with a smug grin on his face, his arm finding its way around your waist again, this time holding you tighter than before.

“I didn’t need your help. So you can wipe that look of your face. I don’t even know you.” You replied, trying to unwrap his hold from you, but finding it impossible. He was stronger than you thought.

“Honestly, I thought you’d be a little happier I just saved you.  It’s not my fault you were stupid enough to walk home alone at this time.” He hissed at you.

“Well thank you. Now if you excuse me, I must get going.” You spat back, trying to walk back in the direction you were heading before the pervert stopped you.  He let out a sassy laugh, and you had to force yourself not to punch him straight in the face. How could you have ever confused this guy with Jongin? He didn’t even sound the same.

“I’ll walk you. I wouldn’t want some other pervert messing with what is mine.” He chimed in happily, before walking behind you, this time avoiding physical contact.

“Excuse me?!” You hissed, opening your eyes wide. He gave you his trademark smug grin, but continued walking. “what is yours?”

“Well yeah honey, I just saved your cute little ass. You belong to me now.” He replied, grabbing your hand and tugging on it so you would walk faster. “Hey I know your legs are short and all, but can you hurry up? I have to find that jackass before he can hide.”

You calculated how far up you would have to reach to kick him in the face, but decided it wasn’t a smart option given your shoe choice. You felt anger bubbling inside your veins, everything flashing red for a moment. How could he be such a jackass? This guy couldn’t possibly compare to Jongin.

You sped up, and led the way back to your apartment block. You attempted to leave him at the entrance, but he followed you all the way to the lift.

“What? I need to make sure you get home safely. And also, it is nice to know where my girls live.” He spoke, smirking at you with a cheeky grin that begged to be wiped off. You couldn’t stop yourself, your hand flashed out faster than you could control it, and slapped him straight across the right cheek.

“Watch yourself bitch” He growled out, his eyes turning dark as he grabbed his reddening face. “Do that again, and you will regret it.” His icy tone sent chills down your spine, and you finally began to feel afraid of this Kai guy. Were you being stupid letting him walk you all the way back to your house? Was he going to murder you? Or worse, rape you? You wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if that disgusting misogynist pig touched you.

The elevator doors opened at your floor, and you quickly walked out, making your way to your front door. You stopped in front of it, to get your keys out of your clutch. Your  hands shook a little as you managed to open your door, swinging it open, and quickly trying to make your way inside without turning to look at the boy who was obviously standing behind you. You were almost sure you were going to get away with it, when you felt a hand wrap itself around your forearm, pulling you back.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows, and flashing you his cocky grin. You growled at him as a response, making him laugh. “Do I not even get a kiss?” he asked you, with a softer tone, almost guilt tripping you. You sighed, and closed your eyes tightly, before leaning in and kissing his cheek.

“That’s my baby” He told you, before heading off in the opposite direction. You wanted to scream at him. How could anyone be so irritating? Just as he reached the elevator, you saw him turn back towards you, and flash you a look you couldn’t quite recognize.

“It was nice meeting you Y/N. See you on Monday!” He yelled back, before the elevator doors closed, hiding him from your sight.

It took you a while to process what he had just said, but the moment you understood, you were frozen on the spot, mouth hanging wide open. You hadn’t told him your name. And how the hell did he know about Monday?

Lucy lay on the floor of the woods, in the midst of all the dirt and the leaves. Slowly her eyes fluttered open, the bright lights blinding her for a moment. She glanced around, trying to figure out what was going on before she took a deep breath. She had died- Bobby, her own brother had killed her. How was she here, how was she awake? “Hello?” She called out. “Someone help me!” She yelled into the distance, hoping someone would find her. She knew one thing for certain. She wasn’t in Albert Square anymore.

My doctor said she doesn’t want me going past 39 weeks so this baby will definitely be here by August 14!!!! I’m so ecstatic you guys, I cannot wait to meet this precious baby girl! I’m also pretty dang nervous and I’m feeling very unprepared. Seriously. We dont have a crib, a changing table, anything! My baby shower is on Sunday so I know I’ll be getting my bassinet from my friend and we’ll get a ton of clothes and hopefully some gift cards and stuff. And my mom gave us money cuz she wants to contribute to the crib fund. So I’m thinking next week we’ll get the crib. That’s the plan anyway.

Moms, what helped you prepare for your new addition? I’m about two weeks away and I can’t wrap my head around everything we still have to do! fuckyeahmumblrs