The way in which Taylor gracefully handles the media, and other celebrities, who bully her and try to undermine her success, is so important and special for young girls and boys who look up to her and struggle at school or online etc. with bullying and mean people. Taylor shows that you’ve got to be a bigger person and that you can’t let the opinions of those people who don’t know you define you. Taylor shows that you’ve just got to shake it off and keep cruising. ❤️

Look y’all. I don’t watch GMW. I literally just see it on my dash from time to time but today I went in to see why everyone was dying across my timeline so I saw the last episode. And wow this show is important. 

 I would do anything for you. If there’s anything that I know in my life it’s that you are my extraordinary relationship.

The friendship of two girls is just so solid. They are the single most important person to one another, period point blank, regardless of anything. Do you know how important it is to set that as the one constant in a show, that regardless of all to come of how people grow towards the sun and in all directions they are each other’s roots but it’s more than that. In spanish there is a word called querencia. In a rough translation it’s the place where you draw strength from, but it also describes how we always return to where we feel safe where we feel at home. They are each other’s querencia. 

“Maybe it’s because your dad left. Maybe it’s because you’ve never felt that love. But it gave you the greatest capacity of love that I have ever seen.”

When you grow up feeling half loved it makes you starve for love, you yearn for it more than anything. But it also makes you question every intimate relationship you form. Will they love you in return? Are you worthy of that love? Can you even love that person the way they deserve? Do you know how important it is for young girls to know that just because someone walked away from them, just because they felt alone it doesn’t damage them. It doesn’t restrict or break their ability to love and be loved. That is so important. 

“I choose you and I really want you to choose me.”

As you get older you learn one thing. Love is a choice. And it’s something you have to do every damn day. You have to choose that person everyday regardless of what might come, regardless of what you’ve yet do discover of them, regardless of those dusty parts of their soul. You choose them  every day even when it’s hard and hopefully they always choose you. 

“live your life, I’ll live mine. I know you’re out there and I’m out there too.

Look it’s not only a callback to one of my favorite cory and topanga moments but it’s also such a mature way to look at a relationship. it’s saying. I respect you and you respect me and we both care for each other and it’s okay that right now this can’t be happening. It’s okay for us to be happy outside of each other and continue living our lives. 

Honestly a show on Disney channel is doing a hell of a lot better job on showing important and mature relationships than most shows I’ve ever watched. 

some trans girl pidge gunderson/katie holt thoughts and headcanons (because there aren’t enough of them):

  • pidge realised her trans identity and started identifying as a trans girl at a young age.
  • not long after coming out, she started presenting the way she wanted to and socially transitioning with the full support of her family.
  • katie is a chosen name that her brother helped her come up with and her father agreed on when she began her social transition.
    • (other names her father suggested: amelia, bridget, harmony.)
  • she’s just as comfortable being called pidge, because:
    • it isn’t her birthname; rather, it’s one she chose autonomously for herself because it’s fairly gender neutral.
    • it means a lot to her, because it’s the name she chose when she started on
    • as much as she loves the name katie, it’s bittersweet for her now, ever since losing the person who helped her find it.
  • pidge is also nonbinary! she openly identifies as an nb trans girl because as important as her womanhood is to her, she finds this label is what suits her best.
    • she/her are her primary pronouns, but she doesn’t mind they/them too. (he/him are a total no, always.)
  • when it comes to presentation, the way she wants/choose to present flutuates, and not just out of necessity.
  • she really likes presenting casually feminine, but she also loves dressing more androgynously.
    • this is mainly for comfort reasons, because her soft, simple, thicker and more weighty clothes (like the ones she wears in the first episode) are like a sensory stim for her! 
    • they also remind her of home, of feeling soft and warm inside while spending time with her family.
  • when it comes to hair, she doesn’t really have a preference between long or short. the main thing is that it’s well kept and groomed. she loves having soft hair she can run her hands through!
  • she doesn’t really touch makeup, even when she feels like presenting more feminine. she likes the feeling of having a clean, bare face. she does like lipgloss, though - as long as it isn’t too sticky!
    • (she’s also still really young, so when she does wear makeup, it’s not much more than concealer, mascara, and chapstick or lipgloss!)
  • pidge being a trans girl also makes her choice to go undercover to find her family all the more significant.
  • despite the constant misgendering she knew she’d have to face, the discomfort, the dysphoria, the knowledge that she’d be living each day without being true to herself in the way she wanted to be: despite all that, she put the love she has for her family first. 
  • she put others above herself, and stayed true to herself in the most important way she knows: caring for and loving others, unconditionally, and at any cost.

this is all i can think of right now, but imo pidge is a beautiful, brave trans girl who deserves more recognition and appreciation in the fandom, and this is my contribution. feel free to add your own!

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what is ur opinion on the concept of virginity

silly how girls are trained to place so much importance on it while guys are supposed to do the opposite

Real talk, coming out of the theater after seeing Ghostbusters (2016) I was so pumped and empowered and I felt like I could do anything and I just thought this is what men feel like everytime they see a movie e ve r y time and i felt like punching something ??? girls and women in movie are SO IMPORTANT ??? Diverse and funny and clever women!!! Women in science!!!! Give me all the movie reboot with girls!!!!

Particularly, the value of friendship and the fact that the things that you do when you are a teenager and the relationships that you have with your parents, with your teachers, and with your fellow teenagers: that those are important. That they’re not some frivolous aspect of your life that you should forget about and move on from and grow out of. Instead, that these are connections that actually make you who you are, and that’s I think the broadest message of Boy Meets World. And I completely agree with that. I think that as much as I’ve creatively moved on, a huge part of me is the experience I had on Boy Meets World and then in my personal life, most certainly that the friends I had at that age were the defining friendships of my life. Whether you’re still best friends with everybody or whether you’re still dating the girl that you dated when you were fifteen, that you take those things seriously and that you treat them with respect and know that your behavior and how you treat other people matters. “Dream. Try. Do Good.” His last, final words to us. I still believe that. Pretty beautiful.
—  Rider Strong on his favorite overall lesson from Boy Meets World, Saved By the 90′s podcast. (7/18/16)

A very (very) short Camp Half-Blood au I started three months ago and just found in my drafts. There was the start of another scene tacked onto the end, but I cut it since it didn’t get anywhere. 

There were three people out on the porch, if you included the skeleton. Five, if you wanted to count the peacocks. 

Klaus blinked, his hand still frozen on the doorknob. The boy standing in front of the door, to his credit, wasn’t phased at all. It was probably difficult to phase a kid who was carrying a double-bladed celestial bronze battleaxe that was taller than he was. 

“Hi,” he said cheerfully, his smile bright even though his face and clothes were covered with dirt. “I’m Bill Heterodyne. This is the camp for demigods, right?”

Klaus looked at him, and the axe, and the dirty, blood soaked bandage wrapped around his thigh. Then he looked at the skeleton, which was dressed in a tattered union army uniform and carrying a small haversack. A smaller boy was riding on its back, clinging to the ribs. His legs were hung over the pelvis, and one of them was secured in a makeshift splint made of bandages and driftwood. The peacocks sat serenely at its feet.

Klaus turned away from the door, angling his body towards in the interior of the house without looking away from the porch.

“Chiron?” he called. “New campers!”

Mor would not tell me what to wear or not wear. She would not allow me to step aside while she spoke for me. She would not … would not do any of the things that I had so willingly, desperately, allowed Ianthe to do.

A Court of Mist and Fury, Sarah J. Maas

This part is so important to me. I love how Maas compares the two different types of friendships that Feyre had. Mor, who wants to empower Feyre and have Feyre make her own decisions, and Ianthe who wanted to speak for and make decisions for Feyre. I think this is so important to highlight that not all types of friendships are good friendships. It’s so important for girls to know that they CAN and SHOULD surround themselves with friendships like Mor, instead of those who don’t accept them for who they are.


favorite character meme: three emotions ♡ [1/3] happiness