Me, a pervert? That’s rather unexpected. I think I am someone who seeks to find himself. But if that’s how you really feel… Kaneki-kun, you’re the one who made me this way so you should take responsibility for it. You better realize just how deliciously tempting you are…!


elliot in every episode: 1x02 - eps1.1_ones-and-zer0es.mpeg


Tom Cavanagh in A Killer Among Us (2012) [The gray t-shirt edition - attn: cramitwithwalnuts-ugly]

I always used to be against icons usage because gifs look far better and far cooler and are far more amazing… But then I started working and I never have any gifs and icons upload so fast and they don’t even look that ugly.

everytime i go to the html to make my text small it gets rid of the blockquote from the person i reblogged from!! and when i try to put it back it doesnt go around their gif!!! so it just looks ugly someone please help me!!!! ???