You don’t know shit about what’s going to happen! An atom bomb could drop on our heads tomorrow, and this conversation is therefore just a waste of time. I suggest you stop talking about the future. The two of us are going to take this completely chill. I’ve made a Limerick, it’s called ‘Isak and Even- Minute by Minute’. It’s about… the only thing we need to worry about, is the next minute. Are you with me on that? Okay.




EXO _ Coming Over:
I’m coming over, at any time blow up
Filled with hype, it’s gonna burst
Wherever you go, rocking show
Gimme gimme go sign, I’ll bring you so high

Can’t believe we only have one episode left. There’s still a lot of things I want to know about Even, and I’m sure one episode won’t be enough. I’m excited to see whose storyline we’re going to follow in season 4 (I really, really am!) but I’m gonna miss being on Isak’s shoes and seeing Even, and enjoying their chemistry, and sobbing because of how beautiful their story is. Ugh.

let’s talk

this gif was from episode 4, during Yuri’s monologue while he’s practicing his free skate. 

I don’t know how long Victor will stick around…So please, God, give me Victor’s time, if only just for now.

He might be talking purely about Victor coaching him, but as this gif shows, isn’t he lying on bed (because of the white sheet)? He’s blushing and his eyes are sparkling. I don’t wanna sound delusional but do you think they’ve become official as early as this ep (and possibly did the deed or something less, idk fam)