My focus is at the background, the clapping cutie pies👏👏👏😂

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look at these babies


DRESS: Bea & Dot  SHOES: Bait Footwear

Sorry these pictures are kind of weird, hardly got any good shots, original files got deleted, and the weather was just too damn hot so I gave up!  I’ll properly coord this again eventually, but I needed to make some sort of an update. It was at the end of another photoshoot I did…I’m supposed to make an appearance in a very cool magazine! Can’t post the pictures yet though. 

By the way, this was one of those purchases were I wanted to dress more than I cared how it fit. Once again, defeated by the bust. If you’re pear-shaped you’ll love this but ugh, the dress makes no sense in the chest area. So tight (as you can see). I was trying to achieve kitsch house-wife status but it looks like my boobs need the jaws of life.  But the print was too adorable to pass up.