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hc's for the paladins reacting to their s/o agreeing after they said "marry me" over something hilariously arbitrary



-It happened after s/o is massaging his shoulders, it just felt so amazing and he was so relaxed he just chuckled and said ‘please marry me’

-He was expecting a chuckle or maybe a playful slap but then they changed the rule books on him and he is petrified

-All his recently loosened muscles are now tense again and his body temperature spikes to a dangerous level

-He gets more flustered than s/o has ever seen. He is suddenly stumbling over his words and giving a nervous broken laugh as he tries to remember how to speak

-He tries to explain that this is not how he planned on purposing, not that he had been planning, but if he did give it any thought which okay maybe he did but nothing he had put into motion and oh god oh god abort mission he can’t handle this

-He only stops his ramblings when s/o kisses him and tells him that they were joking but then Shiro gets oddly quiet and calm again and just blurts out “But … would you ever consider marrying me?” and now its s/o turn to lose all brain function


-He actually said it as an attempt at a joke. They were sparring together and s/o landed a really good hit on him so he blurted out “If you like me that much why don’t you just marry me?”

-When he hears them say yes he drops his guard completely and ends up getting hit in the face HARD

-It ends in a bloody nose and he is actually really glad for the distraction because he seriously lost the ability to talk 

-While s/o is fawning over him and his new injury they actually think that they gave him a concussion or something he is so quiet so starts to freak out asking Keith if he needs to go into the healing pod 

-Keith ignores all these questions and the first thing he remembers how to say is “When we finally win lets do it.” and s/o is all confused and thinks this confirms their concussion idea but Keith just gets this small smile and shakes his head

-”No I’m serious. After this whole … war or whatever you want to call it is over lets get married” 


-She probably said it after several days of no sleep working on some nonsense, like getting her video games to be compatible with the castle’s system

-S/o handed her a tool or brought her a snack and she just blurted it out in a monotone

-S/o probably said yes in the same tone and they just went on with their night until it suddenly occurred to Pidge in the middle of the night where she sits up bolt right in bed screaming “WAIT WHAT”

-Cue running down the hall and shaking s/o awake “okay so you said you would marry me and thats great but how to you feel about marriage??”

-S/O has no recollection of saying anything about it and just wants to go to sleep ‘Pidge go to bed’ ‘Just … give me an answer … please?’ and s/o is shocked by how intense she is with this and it makes them blush 

-It leads to a real heart to heart about where they want to go with their relationship in the future and just brings them closer and finally Pidge is able to get a good nights sleep


-He gets into this habit of saying it irnoically just all the time to every small thing that s/o does

-They bring him a drink? ‘Marry me’ They burp in front of him? ‘Marry me’ They were something extra cute? ‘Marry me’ They match puns with him ‘Omg marry me’

-S/o finally decides to flip the tables and next time he says this they get all teary eyed, pull him into a deep kiss and say as sweetly as possible ‘Of course I will marry you~’

-Lance is dead on the scene. He is sweating buckets and his voice is cracking and wow okay this is happening and he knew this would happen one day but god he can’t handle it

-He then flips the tables again! And he gets down on one knee and pulls out this cheap plastic ring from a toy machine and makes a whole show out of asking for their space hand in space marriage (cause its totally different than real marriage)

-S/o learned that day that Lance is actually more prepared to take a joke farther than anyone in the universe

-But its also kind of sweet cause afterwards they are cuddling and laughing and Lance lets it slip that one day he will get them a better ring and its just so sweet and wonderful really


-He is probably super careful about letting things like this slip actually. He takes these things very seriously cause is very much a romantic

-But i can imagine it happening in a super relaxed and intimate setting, like on vacation in the morning with the sunlight shining in on them while they have breakfast in bed and he just sighs after they feed him a piece of fruit and he dreamily says “Marry me~”

-Then there is just silence cause neither of them are sure if he meant it or not, its all held breaths and intensely staring into each others eyes. S/o finally breaks the silence by saying really sweet and shy “I know that wasn’t um real but … if you ever did want to ask … I’d probably say yes”

-Hunk then just smothers s/o in kisses and secretly starts planning how he is actually going to purpose

  • Ophelia: I don’t do phone calls, phone calls are lame. If you wanna talk to me just text me. Like I hate phone calls so much. They are stupid and I hate them. No matter how much I like someone, I will NOT answers the phone for them. Because I ha-
  • Phone: *rings*
  • Ophelia: *looks at contact and sees its Jules*
  • Phone: *rings*
  • Ophelia:
  • Phone: *still ringing*
  • Ophelia:
  • Ophelia:
  • Ophelia: *answers phone* Hey Jules.