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I obsess over small accessories, whether it be bracelets, wallets or phone cases, I am obsessed! (The fantasy of miniature stuff has always intrigued me, maybe that’s why I love LEGOs so much.) Especially when nano bags as bag charms came to the fashion scene a season back. Everyone has gone gaga over them. Fendi being the front-runner of them all. Even Kim Jones, creative director for menswear at Louis Vuitton, did his own take of this bag-on-bag action in his F/W 15 Collection for the French fashion house. Rendering a market for the masculine bag charm which I am accustomed to buy from as soon as I get my life together. I for one love things hanging on my bag , given the curated taste for the key chains, bag charms, etc. It makes my bag personal and stylish. In effect, I made a new version of my credit card holder which can easily be made into a key fob or bag charm. 


Leather | Cutter | Needle & Thread | Ruler | Scissor | Sandpaper | Unused Pencil | Sharpie or Marker


1. Download the card holder template HERE and follow the included guidelines. Cut the template and trace it on a piece of leather. Cut the leather pieces and fold the parts that needs to be folded. Now, put the big flap through the slit near the flap and sew it on.

2.Take the smaller piece of leather and insert it to both slits located at the center part and sew it on. This will hold the closure that we will make later on.

3. To close the sides of the card holder, insert the side flaps into the slit parallel to it and sew it on. You’ll see that I designed the card holder to expose the stitching while keeping parts hidden by inserting it through cuts on the main body of the card holder.

4. Take an old pencil and cut it to your desired length, mine was 4.3 cm. After cutting, sand it to a smooth finish. Some pencils have flat surfaces, if you want, you could sand it to a cylindrical shape.

5. This step is optional because you could keep the raw wood look of the pencil, but I decided to color mine with a bronze colored sharpie.

To make it a bag charm simply add a leather strap closure at the back. Sew it with the big flap during step 1. For the fringe just cut two 4.5 x 13.5 cm leather rectangle. Before cutting the fringe, draw a line from the top of the leather rectangle 1.5 cm in length. This will act as an allowance for you to insert it in the side slits, this will allow it to be easily sewn on. Cut the fringe 0.5 cm in width, it will give you exactly nine fringes. Insert it in the side slits along with the sides of the card holder and sew it on. 

Download the fringe and strap template HERE.

See? It’s very easy to make. I designed the card holder to only be a card holder, it was just a recent thought that I turn it into a bag charm due to my admiration for the trend. The card holder proved to be versatile and easily customized! You can personalize it easily by simply adding studs and rhinestones or using different colored leather for the body and flaps, be creative with it! If you want, this could also be a clutch, just adjust the size of the measurements of the template according to your desired size. Just let yourself be creative with it and personalize it to your heart’s content! Til’ our next project, ciao!


The charming men of CNBLUE speak English for Talk Talk Korea on KBS World.

roustabout-roleplayer asked:

(art ask prompt!) What is one of your pet peeves? Something that may seem tiny, but you cannot help but find irksome.

“There are… ah… a few ‘pet peeves’ that I cannot seem to overcome…” Kotori lifts her hands, counting off on each finger while she goes. “Chewing with one’s mouth open, too much food in one bite, spitting, laughing loudly, acting pretentiously, wearing too much cosmetic, lack of color coordination,  excessive boasting, puns, flirtatious men who think they are charming, flirtatious men who cat-call, and flirtatious men who otherwise do anything I have already listed. That is about one-fourth of the whole list, but I will spare you the rest. I do my best to brush these things off, but they are beginning to wear me down, I fear…”

finished my batch of x-men characters! some turned out better than i thought =D