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Victuuri isn’t gay, guys. It’s Bi.

I’ve been re-watching the YOI episodes and I realized something. Victor kept asking Yuri about past acquaitances or girlfriends, to which we all know, Yuuri only had a crush on a girl for most of his childhood and teenagehood (Yuko Nishigōri), who later became his childhood friend’s wife.
Victor on the other hand made sure to tell Yuuri (at least two to three times) that he had girlfriends before; and the series made it more than clear that Victor is a flirt who charmed both men and women alike (Paparazzi scene and later on when he explains that he “Liked to play with both femenine and masculine sides).
This is why many of us viewers were NOT expecting the Ep7 Scene to happen at all. Fanservice in anime that’s not Yaoi/Shonen Ai is very common (even if I personally am quite not fond of most Yaoi because of the heteronormative stereotypes it shows), and many times it seems out of nowhere and it’s made for comedy rather than true dramatic points.
But these two had solid stories of their own, from Victor’s character who was always in the spotlight and kept marvelling all genders (Next week we may know more about Victor’s past), to Yuuri who only had the most innocent crush on his childhood girl friend. And even if Victor is odd, he made sure he never overstepped any kind of boundaries that Yuuri had at first. It’s sweet because you see these two guys getting to know each other, sharing their passion, and it’s that passion what truly made Victor fall for Yuuri (the first time he saw him on his phone) and viceversa.
So, deeming this as “YAOI GAY OMFG!!!11!” is basically avoiding crucial plot points in their character development AND relationship development alike, just like it happened wth Korrasami when people deemed them LESBIANS when they both dated Mako. You realize this when you see that everyone is shocked by the kiss (if the guys were *gay* no one would react too surprised), except the mother whose reaction is the best.
They literally are Bisexual/Icesexual boyfriends, guys, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

[INTERVIEW] MONSTA X - “If we are nominated for first place, we will be satisfied”

MONSTA X released their first full-length album, “THE CLAN PART 2.5 THE FINAL CHAPTER,” on the 21st.

On that day, MONSTA X released Mnet ’M Countdown’ comeback pre-recording stage and met with reporters.

MONSTA X comes out wearing a suit in the title track ‘Beautiful’. Meanwhile, street fashion and uniforms are emanated from men’s charm. Hyungwon said, “I wore the suits I wore at awards ceremonies for a long time and the reaction is explosive.“

In the second year of MONSTA X, he started laughing with a good start. Hyungwon said, "The company says that this comeback is better than last time. I do not know the figures, but I want to be able to respond twice as much as I did before.” Jooheon said, “We returned after a long time. There was also a long period of time, in which the fans waited. I want to have a lot of fun when I’m working on this album and finish it without getting hurt.”

MONSTA X also did not forget to say thank you to the fans. Kihyun said, “There were about 200,000 people watching the comeback show. We received 54 million hearts, which is twice as much as last time. We were so amazed.”

The thing to watch out for this comeback, is the amazing appearance change. Shownu took off the title ‘Bear Shownu’ and came back with a sharp image. In relation to this, Shownu said, “I focused on dieting with this comeback. I am very grateful that many people like my sharp shape.”

What was the comeback stage of MONSTA X like? They gathered their mouths and said, “It was too bad.” Jooheon said, “It is always saddening to have to come down from the stage all the time, and I am going to practice today because I have no schedule for tomorrow.”

On the other hand, MONSTA X, who made a real comeback, showed enthusiastic titles 'Beautiful’ and 'Ready or Not’ on 'Mnet Mcountdown’. 'Beautiful’ is a song that expresses a love that can not be expressed as a red rose and expresses a love that is hard to resist. 'Ready or Not’ conveyed a message of comfort to the world through lyrics expressing strong pushing. On this day, the dynamic sound unfolds on both stages and captivates fans with a spectacular performance.

Trans: FYHYUNWOO || take out with full credit.