An accurate representation of Thomas Stanley Holland scrolling through his Tumblr watching us destroy each other over his goddamn hair:

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Being Tom Hollands PA would include...

// PA is Personal Assistant if you didn’t know//

- You and Harrison being his two PA’s

- Like Harrison, you’re Tom’s best friend

- Jacob calls you Tom’s coffee cutie 

- Chilling in Toms trailer when he’s shooting

- Lots of hanging out with Harrison
      but I mean whos complaining

- Spending time with Tom when he’s not shooting

- Sometimes Tom sneaks off to go with you and Haz to get coffee
   sometimes it’s just you and Tom 

- Fans thinking its cute how Tom has his two best friends as his slaves

- Him calling you his slave
      Lots of giggles from others with dirty minds * cough * Jacob * cough *

-Becoming friends with the actors on set

- Tom introducing you to RDJ because your team iron man

- The little kid who rejects Tom’s high five gives one to you instead

- Dressing to impress
        God Tom get the hint

- Obviously liking Tom 

- Calling him Thomas when you’re frustrated or annoyed

- He’s always there for you and you’re always there for him

- Music sessions in the trailer

- He tells you all about the movie 

- He takes you to the premier with him as a date

- Thomas asks you out at the 
    “ So are you guys dating” another interviewer asked again, each time before that you and Tom would smile and shake your heads responding with a “ no we’re just friends.” But, Tom decided that this time he would turn to you and say “ I mean only if you want to be my girlfriend?” And of course you grin at the man boy that had a hopeful smile on his face “ Of course I would, Tom” He wrapped his arm around your waist and turned to the interviewer “ Yeah we are.”

  Out of all the secrets this boy can’t keep he decided to keep this one

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