2 more things for tonight, in separate posts……

According to Eddy Kitsis they’re bringing RH back cause “they heard the fans” asking for him.

Then his comeback is the biggest FUCK YOU to SWEN ever, cause we’ve been asking for Swan Queen for 6 years now (and got nothing).

We’ve been asking for a SQ hug for 3 years (and we didn’t get it)

We’ve been BEGGING for screentime for 2 years (and we got 3 episodes in season 4 and 1 episode in season 5).

I’d like, at least, that Eddy Kitsis would not insult my intelligence when he says “we did it for the fans”, cause Neal didn’t come back, Swan Queen never happened, Merlin is still dead, and every other “request” we made was simply ignored.

Don’t say you did it for “the fans”, when MANY MORE fans asked for different things and for much LONGER.
You know very well you’d lose more fans (swen) over this, and it’s absolutely intentional.

Ugh, apparently Robin is coming back. I hate that ok? I hate him and I wish I never had to look at his face again, I’m tired of seeing him ruining Regina’s storylines. My excitement for Regina’s story this season is much lower now. I understand it might be important for her to get closure and for his fans, but I hate this anyway.

BUT there are so many assholes in this fandom that I can’t even rant about this properly because people are sending hate messages to OQers… Why do people do this? Let them be happy and enjoy their thing! Of course they are happy! To me that’s the only good thing about his return… It’s making people who were very upset last season, happy! Let them be happy!

And lets be unhappy about it in our own blogs without harassing anyone. Because it’s also ok to be unhappy about this as long as we are not harassing anyone.