It’s a day early but I’m feeling sappy and proud of myself for these drawings so here. This is my boy. This is Mat. I’ve been with him for over 8 years now. What a long time. I HATE HIM SO MUCH but I’m very very very stupidly thankful that he is in my life and loves me and my derpy dogs so much~.

storytime motherfuckers

ya boi used to be an anti ‘til he realized how fucking stupid and ignorant he was being and that ships like sheith and shance are 100% valid and i am in no place to fucking shit on them. besides, what’s the point? what’s the point of shitting on people and being genuinely angry at them because of who and who they like seeing together? seriously, tell me, in the end, what’s!! the!! fucking!! point!! and legit, they’re literally fucking FICTIONAL characters from a fucking KIDS show. christ get over yourselves not everyone ships the same fucking thing.

moral of the story:

dear anti-shaladins,

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anonymous asked:

Why do women love you one moment then steal the house and throw you out on the street the next?

My initial reaction is: because you’re an asshole, obviously. But that’s not fair. I don’t know you, anon. You could be a perfectly righteous individual.

I dunno, people are complicated. You ever try to make sense of a veritable sack of intangible essence? What with the emotions and motivations and aspirations and all? Maddening. I leave that shit to the professionals.

The closest thing I have to a reckoning is this: people change. Situations and expectations and understandings and the rest change. Sometimes you decide you prefer tangelos over tangerines and life goes on. Sometimes you’re picking your shit up off the curb while you mash out anonymous inquiries on the Internet instead of, I dunno, texting a friend to see if you can crash on their couch tonight.