supcrsanvers  asked:

SO i just saw the gif set where kara's like "i'm supergirl, i don't run from anything" and abusive hell goes like "yeah it's ONE of the more annoying things about you" LIKE??? i'm so mad bc when kara's talking you can like see a little smile?? like she's proud of herself and mon who just keeps shooting her down?? HOW DO PEOPLE SUPPORT HIM like how fucking dare you i hope he dies a painful death

if they weren’t so homo/transphobic i’d actually feel sorry for karahell shippers. if they really think a boyfriend who constantly puts you down and tells you how “annoying” and “selfish” you are is goals then that’s really sad.

Karen’s fucking cancelled. She really made Kevin feel like shit, he was about to cry.

As an awkward introverted person, and dealing with people who don’t understand that, that shits frustrating.

I know it’s Big Brother but she didn’t need to do him dirty like that, plus asshole Cass putting her two cents in every five seconds.

If any of the girls were treated like this in the house y'all would be up in arms.