You know what I just realized?
When a girl sends nudes it’s like they have to show tits, ass, and everything in between.
But for a guy it’s like oh here’s my dick. And that’s it.
So you’re completely exposed in like, every way. While they sit comfortable, literally.

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I need to rant real quick: okay so im just so upset bc im literally so fat and ugly and you're so beautiful and skinny and im sooo jealous and just ugahxjjs i know veveryone says "all bodies are beautiful" and they are!! But i just feel like people tell me im pretty out of pity and that rhey dont really mean it and it annoys me sm!! I just want to be a skinny pretty girl who can wear cute clothes and acually look good!! Sorry if this is super dumb but im 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

try not to compare yourself to others because everyone is beautiful in different ways!!! im sure they aren’t telling you that your pretty out of pitty. rock your body babe!!!! ily

i know i’m fat
I know i’m getting more bigger
I don’t wanna care anymore, i just wanna do what i like
The fat is seeping over, everything’s squishy and my body has folds
But i just wanna wear clothes that make me feel happy
To wear cute stuff, because that’s so damn hard to find for myself
Everything’s either too small or even if its my size its not comfortable
i found this cute skirt so yes i’m gonna damn wear it
Its cute, its got a nice print and i don’t care if you can see my legs
Wearing leggings all day is comfortable but for goodness sake its suffocating

Just wearing clothes that always cover myself
I need to breathe, not be trapped in saggy potato sack clothing

Let me wear what i want. I just wanna feel cute. Even when i’m a walking porky