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  • most of the group activities will be in a skype group chat
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  • looking for 16-20 members, if i can get that many! i’d love to have at least one of you of each type, that would be so fun :o
  • a basic understanding of the cognitive functions would be appreciated - after all, the entire mbti theory is based upon those
  • please please be courteous to other members! (as an entp) i love a good debate, but it gets ugly when it’s personal.

Here she is… Algar’s little sister, Acacia!

Birthday: Winter 27
Weapon class: fists/light magic
Loved gifts: Orichalcum, Gyoza, Emery Flower
Liked gifts: minerals, jewelry, accessories, flowers
Disliked gifts: boss items, rainbow trout, lamp squid, blowfish, devil blood
Hated gifts: turnip heaven, ultimate curry, cursed doll

“Algar’s younger sister. Haughty, and claims that the ‘commonfolk’ are not to be messed with. Scared of the dark, and loves shiny things. She loves to gossip about various happenings in town, especially those that occur at Emmee’s cafe. Enjoys mingling with anyone and everyone; however, she can be very sly at times. She is easily distracted by clothes and accessories, much like her brother, whom she often looks out for.”

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Thought you said JK was camping. Just saw a pick of him and Karlie in the park, at least I think it's him. My guess is since we're getting this joshlie pic, we may get some kaylor on KK's birthday. This is becoming almost predictable.

Here’s a link to the pic I was talking about. There’s one more on his IG too. My guess is since CH is failing in the bearding dept, and Joshlie is still ok (believed by a large chunk of the straight ppl with zero gaydar), they chose who they could get ahold of to have make an appearance today and who most straight ppl still think is still together. Lol.

Side note that may or may not relate to everything, but just for those that, like me, like conspiracy stuff, the op of the pic on IG was at the NYC secret sessions. The links are on here too. Just an interesting thought. Might be nothing, but it is worth noting.

Josh Camping Pic:

Links to the OP: - Joshlie pic - Secret session

Anecdotal stuff but Rousey did 5 million google searches. For comparison, I think Jones-Cormier did 200k and Silva/Diaz did 500k. Doesn’t always translate to PPV buys but people were paying attention. Hell, that result post I made after the fight probably has more notes than most entire cards I’ve done pbp for.

All those #s will probably only go up seeing as Tate is the 2nd most popular woman in the UFC and it’s likely to be in the US.

I fall in love, or rather, begin to cocoon
myself in the silk sheets of it all, and I
dream in groups of household items.
Bouquets of silverware. Corsages of
bobby pins. Sprays of toothbrushes.
When you meet someone who can
make the everyday so unconventionally
pretty, you begin planning for a love that
takes up the entire bedroom.

For her, I will sleepwalk. I will sing
refrigerator songs, write kitchen sink
love notes. After all, she is the most
gorgeous feeling one can hold at her
chest. For her, I will paint every lump
in my throat her favorite color. Loving
this girl is the easiest fear I’ve ever
had, and I know one day my childhood home
will tumble to the ground. It won’t be able
to keep its eyes open forever.

Neither will we. But so long as I can lose
my fingers in the backyard creek of her
hair at night, I will be gracious to every
neighborhood. Maybe we will never go
back to the street where it all started, but
at least I can say I dreamt that it would
never end.

—  The Most Gorgeous Feeling, Lydia Havens

Upset and offended at the so-called “polite reply” to my post by inkskinned. I know it’s just one pathetic jab at a post which I’ve had a lot of support for, but the hurtful messages still hurt… Especially when I’m accused of things I don’t support and I fight against. I think it’s most upsetting that their post is actually gaining notes… Almost 1K already, and each one feels like a stab at my dignity. I wish I’d never come on tumblr this evening, I wish I’d never seen that stupid post. If you’ve reblogged their post, please just leave me alone.

Notes on Tomb Raider

I finally played through most of the Tomb Raider reboot recently, specifically the “Definitive Edition” for PS4. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, but not in a good way really. Most of the time the game feels almost like a parody of a AAA blockbuster, laboriously checking off a massive host of unnecessary features (”secrets” that grant audio logs, lengthy QTE cutscenes, RPG-like upgrades, and so on), without adding anything new to the mix. And throw in a cutscene camera that constantly lingers on Lara’s cleavage in a way that would embarrass even Roger Corman, because why not.

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(I like to many fics by this author to give them a separate post.) These are all by greymichaela (also greymichaela on Tumblr). The author has one more fic that I absolutely adored, which I cannot link because it’s been taken offline (due to publishing). However, should this come back online in a different form it will be added to this list. This author also has Original Works that I will be making a separate post for.

Note; it has been a while since I read most of these fics, so the comments may not be too accurate at some points. I’m telling it how I remember. Also, for the fics that have art. Though I didn’t explicitly mention anything about them, it’s worth checking out because the art for these is amazing.


S/G & D/C | 35K | Explicit | Explosions, Post-Apocalypse, world at war, Torture, Bloody, Loss of Limbs, hurt/comfort

summary: Sam is a rebel fighter, working to bring down the post-apocalyptic government. Gabriel is a soldier working for the regime Sam hates. They share a one night stand and part ways, thinking they’ll never see each other again.

When Gabriel is injured by Sam’s plot, Sam has no choice but to take Gabriel back to his camp with him to save his life and keep him from bleeding out in the rubble.

They must put aside their differences and learn to live together, with the world at war outside their front door.

comment: I am a lover of fics in which my favorite characters get hurt or tortured and I can tell you that this fic was almost like a personal heaven. Things get graphic, angsty. It’s been said that this fic is worse than Buttons on a Coat (the fic that has been taken offline) and I can guarantee you it is.

I found the way that Sam and Gabriel fell in love, in their ways of hurt and comfort, taking care of each other oddly satisfactory. But the thing is, the thing that makes you fall in love with these stories is her way of writing. Short and to the point with maximum impact. (Which also applies to the other fics, but only mentioning it with this one)

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Blue Striped Tie - Chapter 6

Chapter Title: The Adorable Katie
Summary: Ross attempts to learn more about Chris’ life. The results are unsatisfactory.
Pairing(s): Smornby (main), Xephmadia, Parvill, eventual Nanocoffee
Rating: SFW
Words: 1,488
Warning: RPS - don’t like don’t read
(Read on AO3)
(Chapter 5) - (Chapter 7)

After the first few days of introduction, the school year kicked off. Instead of basic round ups of the course and lectures on what to expect, teachers started to actually teach course material, and Ross got an idea of how hard A Levels actually were. People said that the jump from GCSE to A Level was bigger than the jump from A Level to University. Ross could see how that could be true.

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Ay, yo. You got 5 things that make you happy? Why don't you tell us that shiz. And if you're feeling so inclined, ask some more people. Like, the peeps who gave you your 10 most recent notes, for instance.

( nickthewolfie sorry i didn’t get to this when you sent it earlier! it got buried and i lost it ;u; )

oh jeez um

  1. when i draw the thing
  2. when my friends draw the thing
  3. cute furry girls
  4. sushi
  5. nintendo
Australia is Australia and England is England. Let’s look at America’s own history for a moment, shall we?

(NOTE: This is, for the most part, a direct copy/paste of a reply I made to another post recently, so if you’re experiencing deja vu, relax, this isn’t a glitch in the Matrix.)

Time and again, in the wake of tragic shootings, people have called for guns to be banned in America. It’s about time for that nonsense to be put to rest.

If there’s one thing all of these shootings have irrefutably proved, it’s that marking an area as a place where guns are forbidden does nothing to stop someone from bringing a gun in and killing people. They make the people in them feel safe, but the only people actually protected by “gun-free zones” is the shooters. They have 100% of the weapons, they have 100% of the power. Everyone in that GFZ is a sitting duck for them.

Look at every mass shooting that’s happened in the past 20 years and compare how many happened in GFZs versus how many occurred in non-GFZs. Look at the crime rates for cities with strict gun control (Chicago, IL) and for cities with very loose gun control (Kennesaw, GA). While looking at Chicago’s figures, look at how its crime rate dropped in tandem with gun control laws relaxing enough to allow people to apply for concealed-carry permits.

Look up the effects Prohibition had on the alcohol industry. Moonshiners, speakeasies, the Mafia…Americans had no shortage of access to booze even when the government said there could be no booze anywhere in the country.

Look at how widespread illegal drugs and human trafficking are in this country. Then look at how drug-related crimes have changed in areas like Colorado, Washington, and Alaska since they legalized marijuana.

Regardless of how things may have turned out in other countries, the evidence is clear: Banning guns on the small-scale has proven to be a failure in America, and banning booze, drugs, and anything on a national scale has proven to be a failure in America as well.

How could anyone logically come to the conclusion that banning guns on a national scale could possibly be anything other than an unmitigated failure in this country?

We’re not Australia. We’re not the UK. We’ve tried this shit with other things, we’ve tried it small-scale, and we’ve spent the last 1.15 centuries proving that banning people from having something in this country just plain doesn’t work.


“We know we can show them anything and for years we took that as an excuse to merely profit and distract while sometimes educate. Now, we’re using it not only legitimately entertain and educate, but also enlighten. They’re used to expand their mindset and show possibilities. Instead of just introducing information, they’re introducing wisdom and through the best way possible: without them even realizing they’re learning anything at all. They’re fun, exciting and silly but also smart, artistic and insightful. They play with mood, character and different ways of telling a story than any kids show has done in the past.” - Nostalgia Critic: Are Kids Shows Better NOW Than Ever?

but did y'all hear harry???? he hit that note with such ease??? like he aint falter not once he opened his mouth and the most heavenly note came out i love harry so much he did that shit !!!!!


Jared Love Week | Jared Padalecki + Hair |  “let them see the beautiful hair

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