hey everyone! I’m Alicia ✨ I’ve hit one of my personal milestones a few weeks ago and decided to quickly make this to thank all of you! and before this week starts getting busy yikes

I only actively started making content for this blog about 6 months ago so I’m quite taken aback about how many of you guys actually follow me! I wanted to thank you all so much for following me and for supporting me. I also want to thank the lovely people I follow for making my day better with a dash filled with wonderful posts! 💕

*special shoutout to my chim, sally! we both started our blogs together and i wouldn’t be making content without her tbh;; ily ma chim! plus she helps me figure out what to use as my captions for most of my stuff;;;   

anyways, lets get to it! 

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Hey guys ! So I decided to make a tumblr queue group for all of us similar blogs to queue from each other. If you are interested please do follow the rules below. 


*Mbf me @lushlity

*Reblog this post at least three times.

*Likes doesn’t count 

*Similar blog post as mine

*Must be an active blogger.


*Introduced to a group of bloggers to do q4q regularly 

*To help with other types of promos (faves, awards, networks, etc.)

*Gain followers

*A group of new friends!

*Get to be featured on the page ( currently in the process of making it )


*I will choose when/if this gets a decent amount of notes and add members as the notes increase :)

*Banner is made by me 

*Feel free to inbox me with any questions.

Happy reblogging! 

Another block alert.

User savemypoorsoul is posting some of the same harmful and inflammatory stuff that the person with “pussylips” in their username was posting last night. The things they are saying are extremely harmful to peoples’ mental health and they are invading what should be safe spaces. 

Do not read their blog because it’s full of triggering posts and pictures. Block them and move on.

I’m posting in the #autism tags that I know of, but Tumblr only posts to the first five tags you use.Please copy this into the self harm and lgbtqia tags as well as any tags related to mental health. This person may be putting lives at risk with their behavior.

savemypoorsoul is really desperate to upset people and the only way to take away their power is to block them so they don’t get any reaction. Don’t message them, don’t anon them, just block and leave them with silence. Then maybe they’ll get a life and deal with their problems instead of trying to hurt vulnerable people.


Get ready for something… darker., the biggest and most rapidly expanding website on Fifty Shades is now looking for members to join our community.

Fiftyshades is the most diverse blog by far when it comes to fansites on tumblr, and we want to keep it that way. We believe that different people with different ideas and ways of doing things is the best we can offer to our followers. 

In you will not be only joining the biggest FSOG blog, but also you will be joining a community, that works like a community and that every voice is heard. Come join us and let’s spread all together our love for the Fifty Shades cast! 

Click here to submit your application.

If you’d like to help us, please reblog this so that it reaches more fans (:

ionlylooklikeahipster  asked:

The end is near. What'll you do when the hiatus ends?

(Mod: This blog remains active once the hiatus is over! I will go through the rwby tag to reblog things from the upcoming volume, all of which will be properly tagged and saved in drafts until the public can see it (when we get closer to the premiere I’ll make a post about which tags this blog will be using to help you guys avoid spoilers), as well as any fanmade content I may come across. We just won’t have a daily countdown post every day.)

Thank you everyone who joined #stweek!

So, Stranger Things Appreciation Week is over. We would like to thank everyone who participed and also everyone who reblogged the info post to spread the word. 

When we came up with this, we had no idea so many people would join us. This week has been so much fun and it couldn’t possibly happen if it weren’t for you guys!

It was so lovely to see your beautiful creations and help you to have your work appreciated. Everyone did an amazing job! 

Also, a special thanks to the blogs @strangersource and @strangerthingsedits who joined us this week. We really appreciate it.

We’re very happy this event worked out and we can’t wait for the next :)

P.S: everyone who’s late can keep posting and tagging #stweek bc we’ll be checking the tag for a few more days :)


Daily Stranger Things Team

bloosrgent  asked:

hey, i'm a new blog and i really could use a tumblr rec. would mind to list some of your favorites blogs?

hey!! so these are the ones on top of my head right now and are just lovely:

@ohczerny @kaitegecko @neils-josten @asteriea @softgansey @heartenders @doriaelin @softghafas @minrd @aaronminyardt @andrewminyardt @danwilds @mendcza @melaniemartienz @kettardam @ninazaenik @perspephone @wlw @cassiophea @breker @cznery @ravenreayes @mavencalore @wvlan

there’s a lot more I’m sure I’ve missed but I also have a blogroll (can’t link it atm, I’m on mobile and my laptop kinda died)

hope this helped!! 💕

Theme Making Resources Masterpost

This is a masterpost of resources that can help you make themes! It includes:

Useful links - Links to things you can use in your themes

Fonts - Places to find free fonts

Helpful codes - Codes to add things to your themes

Pixel blogs - Blogs dedicated to pixels

Text icons - Websites to find navigation icons for your themes

Backgrounds & patterns - Websites & blogs with backgrounds & patterns

HTML & CSS - HTML & CSS help

Colors - Websites & blogs to find color palette inspiration

Image formatting & uploading - Websites to format & upload photos & files

Base codes - Base codes to start with

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mingyoose  asked:

Hi, I just started this blog with my sister, and our dash is pretty empty so I was wondering if you could recommend any of your favourite blogs for us to follow? Only if it's not too much of a hassle :) xx

Of Course I can help! Here is a list of some of my fav blogs:

@17hateblog @17dad @souppa @mallcopdino @woojeez @woanu @dokyumswife @vitaminniedk @vernonlaugh @httpxseventeen @dearhoshi @amillionwon @doogiipd @swaghao @dopekwan @kwontv @18jww

That’s just a short list so I probably missed some amazing blogs!

I have a full list of all the blogs I follow here!!

I hope I helped!!

Want to join the Lucaya Fanfiction Team?

You’re in luck! We’re looking for an Admin to help with everyday functions of the blog. As y’all know, I work a lot and can’t always sit down at my computer to manage this page the way I’d really like to, and so I’m looking for someone to help this baby stay fluid.

Expectations of an Admin:

  • Must be able to properly manage a tumblr blog
  • Must be able to log on at least once a day to keep up with the blog affairs
  • Must be cool and not hate me when I slip up LOL!
  • Must be ok with reading and acting as a Beta if need be.

If this seems like something you would be interested in, SEND IN AN APP! If you have any questions, feel free to message us through our ask or chat.

anonymous asked:

my ex abuser literally always checks my blogs and my social media and shit and at this point i dont know how to stop him other than getting a restraining order on him? ive even blocked him on fucking everything ever and he stil finds ways to stalk me its fucking creepy as hell. i dont really need advice ig bc itd be kinda hard to give advice for but i just wanted to vent uughhghghr

Tbh reinvent urself online, just use new usernames for Everything Ever and automatically block him. Also make it so u can’t just google ur blog, like so u have to be on tumblr to see ur blog. Idk if this helps but good luck

anonymous asked:

Hello! so i need to ask you a favour, due to everyone leaving the klaine fandom and blogs being abandoned I thought my best option at someone helping me find a fic would be you :) i cant remember much it was probably skank/badboy!kurt mm maybe nerd blaine? Or just canon. kurts friends with quinn she knows hes falling for blaine and doesnt like it so she tells B all this lies about k hooking up with a lot of ppl and B believes her and goes on a date with sebastian bc of that pls helpme! Luvya

Hello! Before I answer you, I just wanted to let you know about my fic rec blog - it’s the KlaineCrissColferLibrary.  It’s very well organized, and my co-moderator and I love helping readers find fics all the time. So, next time ya need a fic, please send us a message over there.  Thanks!  Here’s your fic:

Heartstrings Verse by @holdingdaylight

Kurt is just trying to disappear. But when he meets Blaine, he learns that isn’t ever going to be an option.

Presenting: Kirra & Chlo’s Colourpop Awards!

**Please don’t self promote or delete the text, it won’t show up on your blog**

R U L E S:

  • Follow me ( @redivide ) and Kirra (@bhliss )
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Two winners per category ^-^

P E R K S:

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O T H E R:

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Good Luck! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

Love, Chloë & Kirra

anonymous asked:

help I used to be terrified of yeerks and thought the invasion was a bad thing But I'm finding myself entertaining the idea of becoming a voluntary host more and more every day how can I test the waters (so to say) and can I stop if I don't like it

I’m very glad to hear that you’re reconsidering your negative opinions on Yeerks and starting to consider being a host! You have nothing to fear from us, especially if you do become a voluntary host; you’d be very well treated.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to “stop if you don’t like it” when it comes to hosting a Yeerk. For help in making your decision, I would advise learning more about the perks of being a voluntary host – there’s some information in this blog’s archives, but you could also talk to any voluntary hosts you might know, and the best resource is definitely your local chapter of the Sharing. Good luck, and I hope you’ll make the compassionate decision and choose to become a host :)

anonymous asked:

Hi friend. Last week I really screwed up with a guy- something I NEVER do. I felt a lot of shame and frustration because why did I have this new struggle? We're my other sins not enough for me to deal with? And shame because my church leaders found out and it was just a lot. For some reason your blog description: "you are retrievable" just kept being repeated in my head and it really encouraged me to seek and accept forgiveness. So thanks for existing. You helped just by being you.

awww i love you so much

“You are retrievable” is my favorite line from a poem I wrote and it’s bc of the hope it gave me.

We get so lost in measuring our actions we lose sight of Jesus’ action for us

Ps sex isn’t evil, you are human, and in the right context, its beautiful and godly and anyone who makes you feel any different can shove it


Hey everybody!

First of all, thanks to all these new followers! It’s great to see people excited about this blog and people finding it helpful! As previous posts have talked about, neither I or the wonderful mod Devon are able to work much on this blog currently, and while I appreciate your asks it’s hard to reply to all of them, bear with us!

Many of you are simple asking ‘how can I help?’, here’s the answer:

The best way to help is to transcribe! Even just a few minutes of audio transcription really helps, there’s a lot to get through and the only way to get it done is for volunteers to chip in!

Another way is by editing! Look over previously uploaded scripts (I believe we have a page with an index of them, forgive me for not linking while I’m stuck on mobile) and sweep them for spelling/grammar mistakes, or just general formatting!

The whole point of this project is accessibility of reference so we want these scripts to be as readable as possible.

Scripts are open to everybody to at least comment, please make use of that!

The NUMBER ONE THING we’d like to prioritise right now is finishing the transcript of episode one! As a double length episode it’s still sitting there incomplete, if you’re looking for a place to start that would be it!

Thanks for hanging in there, and please be patient, Devon works hard to respond to y'all while I’m unable to and all I can ask is you keep messages polite, we aren’t paid professionals or anything here and we have minimal free time so just be cool

- Daisy 🌼

Gentle reminder for all tumblr blog users

I would like to give the gentle reminder, that tumblr users probably aren’t trained in the medical sciences. Unless this person has specifically said “Hey, I am an RN” or “Hey, I am a counselor for a living”, they likely haven’t gone through medical school and/or gotten a degree in psychology to help you guys out.

It is unfair to go to a tumblr user, asking for some kind of “miracle cure” for your illness or act like we have the power to diagnosis you. Please do NOT start naming off all your diagnosis to us, in some hope that we will be able to help you medically. If your messages look like something we would find on a medical chart,  you might want to be talking to a professional.

If you feel the need to ask if you think you need to go to the emergency room, go to the emergency room. If you feel the need to ask to do ___ or ___ to help your symptoms, you should probably go do that. Remember that it really isn’t our place to give specific medical recommendations to you, and that YOU are responsible FOR YOURSELF. Meaning, if you get bad advice on tumblr, don’t blame us, you’re the one who did it. This isn’t victim blaming, it’s being aware of what’s going on with your body (and doing the proper research), since everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different.

I STRONGLY recommend joining support groups for you specific mental illness and/or physical illness, and go to them to vent/get support/etc (facebook has a SHIT ton of these for just about every illness under the sun, mental AND physical). It is unfair to suddenly throw all your diagnoses on us. 

If you feel a problem is severe enough, PLEASE go talk to the proper professional in said areas (cops, doctors, lawyers, counselors, etc). If you feel like you can’t afford it and DO NOT have insurance, ask if they accept sliding scale.

I love yal, but it is unfair to expect me to help you through every medical crisis and/or issue. This is also a great tool to use to find local mental health professionals!:

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite memory? (Also you're incredible and so beautiful and strong. Your blog and your journey has helped me through my rough times and has given me so much motivation. Thank you so so much for that. You can do it!)

my favorite memory is running along the road with Airy for as long as he wanted to go, as fast as he wanted to go.. until both of us were winded and free… and then stopping at a traffic light and being waved at by a Cowboy Woody doll held by a little girl with downs who’s sweet shy smile I’m pretty sure is why I went the direction I did all these years later.

sorry I just re-read this and realized I skipped right over your kind words, I’m sorry about that I just honestly do not know how to respond especially right now.