WHY do i keep seeing main vs. side gays fights?? can’t we love and be excited about both?

i mean yeah you prefer a couple but that doesn’t give you the right to shame somebody elses preference. everybody has their tastes.

In my case I love both couples. I enjoy each update whether they’re about the main or the side gays. They both have a different story and different problems which are interesting and very well developed. The moments where Old Xian gives us all of them together are super adorable, especially when He Tian and the main gays did everything in their power to help Mo Guan Shan. I hope there’ll be a moment where the reverse happens too.

Anyway, please try to be nice. I don’t want to make this blog one where I keep nagging about this but I think a fandom should love each other and don’t upset one another.



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Cris I'm asking honestly because you've always been kind/open/respectful everytime I came to you, & I'm happy to discuss this off anon too but I keep seeing&hearing things like these: [redacted] -is it true? why would people wanna hide that? it seems so cruel to do that to your followers, when you could just say 'i think they broke up, it's alright, lets move on' and that would help people a lot... thanks :)

Hey, I hope you don’t mind, I redacted the link you included because I see no value in promoting anti blogs.

But is it true that someone hacked Harry’s flight itinerary and IP address? I don’t know about the IP address, but I know the UA’s used to be able to track his flights, but those weren’t Larries. And they “found nothing”? Like, what would you expect to find from an IP address? Where he is when he logs on from that particular IP? 

I know some ex-Larries “hacked” Calvin’s (or Oli’s?) Facebook and were bragging about knowing things, but everything they said they found out turned out to be untrue, most notably that Louis would be an XF judge. But that was last year. And I think that bunch thought Xarry was real, but seriously, his sending a dick pic to a girl who was fishing for Xarry info, but said she was looking for a 3-way with Harry and subsequently being dropped entirely from Harry’s friend circle is pretty damning evidence that it wasn’t real.

And is it true that some “big” Larries don’t actually think they’re still together, but pretend they do? None that I’m aware of, but I’m not friends with everyone that people call “big Larries” either. The ones I know would delete their blogs or change topics entirely before faking that they believe it when they don’t.

Some have gone the route of just not blogging about Larry any longer, but keep posting band things without mentioning their change of heart. But while that’s a little dishonest, they’re still blogging the truth of what they think about the band, so I really don’t fault them for that since they aren’t slamming Larry or Larries or calling anyone ‘deluded.’

There were some Larries that were popular that changed their minds, but they’ve said so. Blogs like the one you linked to are ex-Larries that are very, very bitter for some reason.

I can’t say that no one ever has moments of doubt, but those are usually brief and passing.

And while it’s really nice to have a voice in this fandom that doesn’t go unheard, it’s not a job for any of us. So if we don’t believe it and we’re just faking it to keep our followers… what would we gain really? I don’t understand why people think that’s something appealing.

I get asks all the time telling me that I “know good and well” that Harry & Louis aren’t together, and that I’m manipulating my followers. And every time i get one of those I just squint and think “Why?”  What in heaven’s name would I gain from that? A few thousand people that I (mostly) don’t know sometimes pay attention to what I say. That’s… not a good enough reason to lie about the whole reason for my blog.

I’m not always right in my conclusions or observations, but every one of them that I post truly is what I think. And I genuinely think that’s true of all of the people here that I call my friends and most of the blogs that I’m even casual acquaintances with. 

So the person that posted that is living in their own little bubble. Maybe they have a friend or two that’s done that, but it’s not a majority or even a significant minority from my perspective.

Hey everyone! I am burning with way too much curiosity about random fandom things like: who ships what and who hates who and how we all ended up here in this community! So I thought it would be fun to do a survey to find out more about us!

This is basically for anyone who watches Emmerdale in any capacity, whether you follow it casually from afar, or watch it devotedly every day.  

The survey will probably take you 5-10 minutes. Feel free to skip questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering or that you don’t have an opinion on.

This is completely anonymous, although you will have to log in using a google account in order to take it.

Survey link is here.

I’d love it if you could spread the word by reblogging or telling your fandom buddies, because the more people who take this, the more informative it will be!

The results will eventually be posted on my blog: dingleautomotives

(Thanks to @aarondinglestears and @itwasjustmisplaced for all their help on this!)

Commonly Confused Words [That I Keep Seeing Online]

When it comes to writing anything online, words that don’t look like they sound can trip people up. Even when spellcheck doesn’t stop you from spelling a word the way it sounds, sometimes that spelling does not mean what you intended. Using these words incorrectly can confuse readers, and lowers the overall quality of your story or blog post. 

Before you go over this list of problem words I see most often, you might want to read this article to help you understand why these kind of mistakes happen so often within the English language.

Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Writing?

Allowed vs. Aloud - The first one means permission has been granted, the second one means it was spoken to be heard: “The teacher allowed them to read magazines during quiet hour, but they could not read them aloud to their friends.”

Definitely vs. Defiantly - The first one is an absolute certainty, the second one is to act rebelliously: “She was definitely acting defiantly when she refused to take out the trash.” 

Board vs. Bored - The first one can be a hard, flat surface used to write on, play with, or build with. It can also be a group of people that have meeting to discuss things: “The school board decided some new whiteboards and board games were needed in the classrooms.”

The second one is when someone has nothing amusing to do, and is also when you make a small hole in something: “He got bored, so he bored a hole into his notebook with a pen.”

Hanger vs. Hangar - The first one holds your clothes, the second one houses your airplane: “I left my shirt on a wooden hanger inside the airport hangar.” 

Bear vs. Bare

The first one is an animal, but also a verb: “The bear could not bear being hungry any longer.” 

The second one can be used three ways: 

- When something is uncovered or empty: ”Bare-footed, he opened the cupboard to find it was bare.“ 

- As a verb to uncover or expose something: “She bared her heart to him, but he broke up with her anyway.”

- Or to show how little of something there is: “There was barely any battery life left on the phone.”

Peeked vs. Peaked vs. Piqued: 

One can take a quick "peek” at something to look at it.

- “He peeked out from behind the curtain.”  

When referring to someone who looks sick, peaked is pronounced “peak-ed” or “peakéd” emphasizing the "ed.”

- "She looked peaked and sickly.” [pronounced peek-ed]

It is a mountain “peak”, like the television show Twin Peaks.

- “The hat was peaked like a dunce cap.”

If something is intriguing or offends you then the spelled is “pique.”

- “The noise piqued my interest, but then I was piqued when it was just my siblings calling me names.”

There are dozens of other confusing words and spellings that will get in your way when you write. 

It may not be a big deal to miuse or misspell a word when texting or commenting in a thread. However, when you’re posting fiction, an informative post, or even writing to a potential employer it can be hard for others to take your work seriously. Using the wrong word with the wrong meaning is like linking people to the wrong website, it’s distracting and confusing.  Always look up a word if you aren’t sure you’re using correctly. Either search for definitions online, or keep a dictionary handy. It will defiantly definitely help you out in the end!

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I just tried to kill myself and I'm reading your blog from my hospital room. Thank you for writing, it's very boring here.

Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m glad that you’re okay. Hopefully you get the help that you need and can overcome this. Also, thank you very much - I’m glad my blog can be of some use and I’m always here if you want someone to speak to.

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Bonjour! First, I LOOOOVVEE your blog! It's one of the most helpful and up-to-date blogs for me (especially with slang!) I was wondering if you could explain how France breaks down their government? I was watching the show Marseille on Netflix, and I was a bit confused by the names used. Do they have a Senate, a Republic, etc??? How/when are these representatives elected? Thank you!

Our country is a republic, la République Française. We’re currently under the Fifth Republic, since 1958. Our republic switchs to the next each time we modify the constitution. That means the constitution has not changed since 1958. 

Our government is directed by a president and his/her Prime minister, and the rest of the ministers. 
The parlement of France is split between two assemblies, the National Assembly and the Senate. 
The role of the National Assembly is to write law, debate and vote them. The deputees (the ones doing that) are elected by the citizen during the Legislative Elections. 
The role of the Senate (Sénat), made of Senators (sénateurs) is to check those bills, validate the bills, or send them back to the National Assembly so they work again on them because they are not satisfied. They do so until everyone agrees. This is called “La Navette” (”Come and Go”) The senators are elected by an electoral college made of deputees, advisors and city hall representatives. 

Our country is divised in regions, and subdivised in departments. Both regions and departments have their own councils. The Region’s council is generally more about financial, environmental matters, big stuff. The Department’s council is supposed to be more down to earth and close to the people. But I don’t precisely know what they do, they just run locally.  

And then we have majors (maires), who are elected by the citizen and run their city. 

On another note, our justice system is also very different from the USA’s one. We have so many American shows available here that we all tend to believe it’s exactly like on TV, but it actually isn’t at all. I’ll explain if someone asks :) 

Stenopelix valdensis

By Jack Wood on @thewoodparable

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Name: Stenopelix valdensis

Name Meaning: Narrow Pelvis

First Described: 1857

Described By: Meyer

Classification: Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Genasauria, Neornithischia, Cerapoda, Marginocephalia, Ceratopsia

Stenopelix is an enigmatic dinosaur from the Wealden Formation in Germany, dating back to about 127 million years ago, in the Barremian age of the Early Cretaceous. It is known from a partial skeleton that completely lacks the skull, which is where the problems surrounding this little dinosaur lie. It has been thought to be an Ornithopod, a Ceratopsian, a Pachycephalosaur, and an indeterminant Marginocephalian. Though it has been recovered as the sister taxon of Yinlong, this is still up in the air; for now, it’s best to say that the jury is still out, and will be until better remains of this animal are found. 


Shout out goes to @itstimeversusyouandme!

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Oh my gosh okay so I just found this blog and I love it and the first one I see is #275 and that reminds me of this kid I went off on for saying "I work with r***rded kids so I can say the word" when he had used it as an insult... I got right pissed off at him and my friends were all super shocked at how angry I got

Why are abled people like this, tbh. I’m sorry you had to deal with that!!

Thank you, we do our best with the blog!! I find it’s really helpful to have a place to vent, especially if you can’t do it in other places because you don’t want anyone to see!

-Mod Rhys

askwolfandsphinx  asked:

Wolfgang: Hello, Goldie.. I see you have an ask blog.. Did Dreamcatcher help you how to use a computer?

“Funny. Like Dreamcatcher could DO such a thing! She doesn’t even have hands to type with! Of course, I turned the computer to gold, since it looks better that way. However, it is wonderful to see you here.”

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Seriously Anna, don't ever try to spite your venomous crap in italian again, My beautiful language wasn't born for you using it like that. Capito? E se non mi capisci non mi importa. Fatti una vita, serpe!

Nanny Nonny, I understood you perfectly, but I have to admit I asked an Italian closet Skeptic for help to write my reply to you in your language (because I really, truly care!)

So, this is the closet Skeptic’s version:

“Io ho una vita, a differenza della tua che mi sembra molto (ma molto) inesistente, visto che stai perdendo tempo a leggere il mio Blog. Quindi, ti prego, dal profondo del cuore, fatti una vita e se non lo capisci c'è un bellissimo posto dove puoi andare tu e tutti quelli  come te, penso che tu sappia già la strada. Cordialmente e go fuck yourself  (o vedi di andare affanculo, come preferisci). Thank you for your time, sweetie ;*

I have to say my own personal version would have been far more concise because my command of the language is admittedly poor, but here it is:


Have a very Merry Christmas Nanny Nonny!  I love your country!!  :D

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blogs like this mak me happy. To know there's acceptance in part of christianity is lovely

It is my pleasure! I am glad my blog has helped you. I want people to know that Christians who use Christianity to support their homophobic and/or transphobic views are wrong. You are loved. 

Have a wonderful day and thank you for the message. 

calie1003  asked:

I'm wanting to write a JonxSansa fic and participate in the Winter challenge, but I'm not overly familiar with all things in the Game of Thrones universe. I think I'm more concerned with common words or phrases that are used that would be specific to the show. For example I would say underwear, but I notice it's called smallclothes. Are you aware of any good resources that might help me keep this somewhat consistent with the speak on the show? Thanks! And I love your blog.

Hi calie, It would be great to have you participate in the winter challenge and never fear because help is at hand for getting the language for Westeros right. 

The resources I found are book related but as GOT gets a lot of its phrases from the books, that shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s a list of words and phrases used within the books on the ice and fire wikia. You can also use A Search of Ice and Fire page to check if words/phrases have been used by GRRM in any of the books. You can also filter by POV on this so useful if you want phrases that Jon and/or Sansa use regularly.

If you’re still not feeling comfortable writing within that milieu, you can always write a modern au! We’re always happy for AUs too.

Hope that helps and hopefully see you post something for the winter challenge ~ Rumaan

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So uh, I checked for the new BCB page and it still isn't there or posted on this blog. I'm confused because the time for the next page is Monday, as if you guys DID post a page today. What happened?

Oliver: We don’t post updates on stream weekend days! It helps us build buffer, and seeing as we do hours of drawings it’s kind of like new content, isn’t it? Join us here!!

The chapter resumes Monday!

nerdgurlbenerdy  asked:

Hello friend! Good luck with the blog! I was wondering if you could do UT, US, and UF skelebros having an S/o who wakes up at 3 in the morning for absolutely no reason but usually can't get back to sleep until hours later (me). Thanks in advanced!

UT Sans knows what it’s like not to get a full night’s sleep, even if it’s for different reasons. He’ll try to use some tortured sleep puns to make you feel better, but when that doesn’t seem to help any, he’ll wrap you in his arms and keep you close, hoping that making you feel safe and loved will help you get back to sleep.

UT Papyrus doesn’t rely on sleep much, so he’s most likely already awake when you get up. Would making you a world-class dish of midnight spaghetti help? No? In that case, he’ll just have to read you a bedtime story. If it helps him get to sleep, it’s bound to help you! He’ll even result to reading his dating manual when he runs out of material. If this is becoming a regular problem for you, he’ll suggest that you accompany him on his daily jogs with Undyne. Those are sure to help you get to sleep.

UF Sans might seem a little standoffish in public, but when the two of you are alone he’s actually a big red affection-starved teddy bear. He’s more touchy-feely, so he’ll rub small circles on your back or stroke your hair, hoping he can relax you enough to help you fall back asleep.

UF Papyrus is a light sleeper—in his world, you have to be prepared for anything—so if you start shifting around in the bed he’ll wake up almost immediately. He’s not the most sensitive monster in the world, so at first he’ll just tell you to be quiet and try to go back to sleep. When that doesn’t work, he’ll awkwardly place his arms around you while grumbling to make you think he’s annoyed (he’s really not) and tell you that if he does this, you have to try to go to sleep. No real explanation why he does that in particular, but he’s secretly hoping that it helps…somehow.

US Sans is convinced that, like him, you just have too much energy in your system to stay asleep for very long. He doesn’t require that much sleep to function, but he borrowed a book from the Librarby about humans shortly after you two started dating and remembers reading that sleep is pretty important to their wellbeing, so he’s determined to get you back to dreamland as soon as possible! He’ll suggest taking you out to run a few laps around the house, but if you don’t want to do that, he can always talk to you instead until you feel sleepy.

US Papyrus will make you tea with a bit of honey in it and bring it to your bedside. Always manages to calm him down when he has a rough night. If you’re having a lot of trouble, he’ll try and sing you a lullaby before crawling back into bed and nuzzling your shoulder. He’s a better singer than he gives himself credit for, and it always helped Sans, so maybe it’ll help you?

If you like eyewitness watch it legally through purchase or use a country blocking device to access sites in other countries. If you keep watching it from torrents and watch series I’m telling you right now this powerful show will not make it past episode 10. If you need any help you can always ask me or just about any fandom blog.

Hello everyone! As promised, the new mods will be announced today, so a big congratulations to  Craig, Johan, Mona, and Marcie! The mod page will be updated accordingly today with their blogs.

Thank you to everyone else who has applied, though. Your constant support of this blog has helped us to make it better with each new day

-Mod Jay

Hey I still need members for @latinxheroes especially if you can make original content and/or if you’re in different fandoms than the ones we already post about. We still have just a few followers and I feel like the blog is kinda dead? idk  I think it would be great to have more members.

Please let me know if you’re interested! You can apply here  but If we’re mutuals you can just send me a message