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(this is my submission for the current matsu games challenge! the matsu games is a month long event where participants split up into 6 teams, one team for each brother, and compete in a variety of art challenges! the team with the most points wins, and having followers on our team blog, @team-kara , helps us get points!)

BNHA Quirk Zine!!

A new potential zine is coming to town and it’ll hopefully be good enough to impress Aizawa-sensei!!

With the hype of season two and more people knowing about the animanga, we’ve chosen to take charge and set up a BNHA zine we’ve been interested in making for a while!!

The zine will be focusing on the quirks of characters in BNHA, including, but not limited to, students, heroes and villains!!

We aren’t sure as to whether this zine will be successful or not an so this post is to promote and see how many artists and writers would be interested in taking a part in the zine. As well as whether or not people would be interested in buying the zine!!

Our blog is currently under construction, but will soon be fully functional and updated!! 

Till then,we would appreciate any way of promoting this post and blog to help us out to see if anybody would be interested in a BNHA QUIRK ZINE!


Thank you!!

Originally posted by yaoyorozus

Please re-blog and help us spread the word. It’s time to show love and support for Bughead and the amazing actors, Cole and Lili. I’m tired of reading certain hostile bullies constantly attacking them and the writers. Instead of tweeting support for their own pairing, they invade our Bughead tags on twitter and tumblr…and insult people on all the Bughead related posts. 

So let’s show lots and lots of LOVE. I would really dislike to see bullies get their way through hate and anger. Showing support is better in the long run for us. 

So next Thursday, during the first LIVE airing of the NEW episode, we will tweet “Believe in Bughead” phrase…and let’s hope it trends. I’ve listed different timezones for fans living in different states in the US. Of course, I don’t really know the timezones for all the other countries involved. We would LOVE to get help from as many countries as we can for our trend. So if you know the time it airs in your country, please write it in the comment section for others to see. Or make a different postcard. 

I want Bughead to stay a couple in season 2. And I would hope the writers would rather listen to a supportive fanbase than people who call Bughead “lice” and tag actors and writers with constant hate. 

Please re-blog and RT on twitter too. Also, if you know how to make fan art, please do create your own postcards to promote.

Thanks so much. (I didn’t tag it in the Riverdale tag because I don’t want bullies to invade my post.) Just used Bughead and Sprousehart/Lilicole tags to keep it friendly and nice for the fans.


NiallHGifs is currently looking for a few more members to join the blog and help us keep it as updated as we can, especially now that Niall is starting his promo season again. 
If you’re interested in become a member, please fullfil these questions here:

  • Name, age:
  • Where are you from?:
  • Link to gifs: *YOU MUST HAVE PHOTOSHOP*
  • How often can you update? (be honest):
  • Why’d you like to join? (Optional)

If you any questions, you can send them here, we’ll get back at you as soon as we can. Thank you. 

Lana CC...

This is just a small @sssvitlans appreciation post. I know how much everyone depends on you here, and I just want to make sure you know it. You’re so great, and I can’t believe how much detail you go into in your blog. It’s so useful and helps so many people. Thank you, you lovely person.

Это всего лишь небольшая должность благодарности @sssvitlans. Я знаю, насколько все здесь зависят от вас, и я просто хочу убедиться, что вы это знаете. Вы так здорово, и я не могу поверить, насколько подробно вы входите в свой блог. Это так полезно и помогает очень многим людям. Спасибо, прекрасный.

disney--girl  asked:

Hey I'm new to this particular ship so I was wondering if you could recommend your fav fics? Thanks!!

welcome to the fandom!! i will guide you towards the mothership @dramioneasks, an amazing blog with people that helps us find specific fics to read!! 

i recommend joining hawthorn & vine alongside and ao3 for reading; i would advice you to keep an eye on the rating aka the amount of sex you want in the stories and the trigger warnings and timelines too (just for a more comfortable and safe reading environment and material!!) 

I joined this ship three years ago and still reading my way through, but here are my personal favorites:

happy reading and come back here if you want more fics or have any questions! hope this was helpful x

- purqatory 

my picks are very similar to purqatory’s but i’ll add some extra ones that are my absolute favourites that i could read over and over!

and i also have a fic rec page here!



Yoosung★ here~

I hope everyone is doing well and I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your time at our previous party! We’ve included the link to this blog in the invitation card you’ve received at that time so if you’re able to access this blog, know that you’re our honorable guests! Unless you are a hacker greater than Seven ><.

The information of RFA’s two new admin for this blog (who will be helping us with sharing information and processing your requests) has been updated at the side of the page. But just for preview’s sake I’m going to post it here for everyone! If you want to know more about them and check out their personal blogs just click the ‘RFA Admin’ button at the left side of the blog! 

Do not hesitate to ask them anything! You can also contact us through them, since I will busy with school and LOLOL as usual, Jumin and Jaehee will be busy with C&R International, Zen with his stage plays and I have no idea what Seven is up to most of the time actually (He pops in and out of our chats randomly) 

Hope to hear from everyone soon! Anyeong~

Dear Mom ii.

[A little note: I needed something to help me cope with this week Freshman chapter. Though re-blogging and using gifs help, I also find this very therapeutic 😏. Hope it helps you too. Keep calm and choice on!]

Dear Mom,

Another couple weeks of spring have flown by and yet I’m starting to forget my place in the universe. I think about all the things I’ve accomplished since starting at Hartfeld, all the friends I’ve made and all the adventures I’ve had - but none of it seems to matter anymore when everything kind of feels like it’s falling apart. Like we’re falling apart.

I can feel the pressure now more than ever. It’s so bad that even Professor Atiyah can see it too. When we met to discuss my novel, I think she saw a lot that I didn’t want to show her. Somehow she’s managed to see past my facade. She’s finding all the little chinks that I’ve been trying to hide in my armor. She gives me this look that adults give you when they think they understand everything. Then her next words makes my heart sink because it’s what I’ve been fearing for awhile. She told me all my latest chapters are missing something - its usual umph…its spark. She says they lack detail. Somehow, she’s seeing all the wear and tear from college.

If Professor Vasquez could see me now, I dread what he’d say. He’d probably curse me for not being able to channel all my emotions productively. He’d probably toss my papers back at me and demand that I do them over until he’s satisfied. But he’s not here, and I’m struggling to remember what he’s taught me. I half-stumble through the rest of our conversation; admitting to Professor Atiyah that I wasn’t sure where I was headed anymore. I wasn’t sure where I wanted it go. She tried to comfort me in her own small way; giving me her weary adult advice, but it barely dulls the unsettled feelings I have.

So much has changed in one semester.

Chris is so busy that he’s rarely ever home anymore and when he is it still feels like he’s not here. He’s been propositioning the Second Chance Scholarship to the student council. It’s all he talks about and he barely makes time for anything else. I’m beginning to think it’s some sort of obsession for him, like he’s trying so hard to beat Sebastian at his own game that he doesn’t care about anything else. The rest of me knows that’s silly; he just wants to do something good for Hartfeld and its students. He wants to leave his mark, and give people like Zig a second chance in life. I can respect that but not at the cost of our friendship. He’s forgetting the little things until they become big things. He forgets his chores, our meet-ups by the cafe, friday movie nights - and recently he made up some lame excuse not to come with us to Kaitlyn’s concert. He called the whole thing dumb. Dumb. We’re his friends, we’re supposed to support him no matter what but I don’t like the idea of my own experiences being chalked up as dumb in comparison very well. I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to read this and tell me that it wasn’t his intention, and that he means well. You’re going to say I shouldn’t give him such a hard time - but I’ve tried being patient. I’ve tried being the supportive friend. I’m proud of him for doing something so important, for working tirelessly  - but I’m starting to feel like we don’t matter anymore.

James isn’t doing much better either. He’s been gone for less than two weeks and already I miss him. I miss his advice, his eerie wisdom for his age and our casual meet ups that didn’t revolve around work. I know he’s trying to get settled into the Hollywood world; its demands and its sacrifices - but no matter how much he misses Hartfeld, he’d miss this opportuntity more. Our last skype call together didn’t end well. He muted himself when he thought I wasn’t looking. I know that doesn’t sound like much but I was in the middle of sharing my ramblings about our lives, all the drama and all the tension that’s been slowly stifling us. I know his work is important - but aren’t we important too? Don’t we deserve to be noticed? It’s not often that we get to talk, and I wasted all this time venting on my end with nothing but an invisible wall between us, and his shifting eyes that followed the movement of his fingers on his keyboard. We’re supposed to be able to talk to each other - no matter what, except all I can hear from him is his own constant struggles with his movie adaption. What about my own struggles? 

Kaitlyn’s the worst of it. You know me mom, Kaitlyn and I are inseparable. Normally I’m the one defending her when our other suitemates get mad at something she says or does. I deflect the snide comments with humor or brush off any kind of antagonistic behavior. She’s important to me, and nothing anyone else says should change that. But now I can barely come up with a reason to defend her anymore. She’s been spending a lot more time with her bandmates, and a lot less time with us. And by the time she gets home, we’re already getting ready to start the next day. Abbie’s right to be worried; the Kaitlyn we know now is barely recognizable. Where’s the fun-loving, hilariously adorable Kaitlyn that I used to tell everything to? We used to spend a lot of nights together, staying up late to watch horror-films, bundled in blankets and laughing at their poorly developed plots. Or the week we spent switching through different clubs in our desperate attempt to find our own place to fit in on campus. Now that she’s found her own niche, it’s just sad because I don’t see the rest of us fitting. I don’t see myself in it. I miss her, the old her.

At least things are going well for Abbie and Tyler. They’re still the only constant ship that’s sailing in our lives. Abbie spends a lot of time with Tyler and vice versa; so one is never really around without the other. I think if they ever broke up, I wouldn’t have anything worth coming home to anymore. Recently, we finally had some time to catch up, we were over due for some serious girl-talk when Abbie confessed they crossed that final intimate barrier. I’m happy for her, but the surge of jealously is hard to ignore when I can’t seem to find any luck in that department. But at least there’s still something good left at home.

Zig’s the most recent addition to our little group. Well I wouldn’t call him so much of addition except that he keeps popping up everywhere. He’s a surprisingly good listener even though I shrugged him off at first as not the type. He’s so interesting; a bundle of mysteries just waiting to be unraveled. I really hope this Second Chance scholarship works out for him. Even if he isn’t doing it for himself; maybe some day he’ll find a reason to. 

Remarkably out of everyone, Zack’s looking more and more like the greatest friend of the year. Whenever I’m feeling down - he’s already there, sketching by the roof or poking his head in my room when the door’s open. He’s there - ready and willing to listen to me. We give each other advice, and lean on each other for support. Sometimes we don’t even exchange words, sometimes neither of us wants to, and just sitting around each other, watching tv is enough. Sometimes the silence is all the comfort we need. 

There’s only a couple weeks of spring left and yet I can’t shake the feeling that the worst of it is yet to come. Maybe it’s because everything’s been so hard lately that I feel this way. In any case, I just can’t wait for the rest of the semester to be over.

Yours truly,


Fanworks are streaming in!

As of this afternoon, March 4, less than a month and a half after bidding closed, we already have (by my count) 100 completed FTH fanworks documented in our spreadsheet: 96 first-bidder auctions and 4 second-bidder auctions.

Some of them you can find on this blog (but not all, because not everyone has made a rebloggable Tumblr post or link that we can add - that we can find, anyway), some of them on the official AO3 collection.

Creators are coming through with beautiful, high-quality work for dozens of fandoms: so far we’ve seen Animorphs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Cal Leandros series, Check Please!, Conviction, Daredevil, DC Comics/DCU, Disney, D&D, Don’t Trust the B- in Apartment 23, Dracula, Dragon Age, Hamilton, Hannibal, Harry Potter, Homestuck, James Bond, Kingsman, Law & Order SVU, Mad Max, Marvel/MCU, Miraculous Ladybug, Original Fiction/Original Characters, Pitch Perfect, Prime Suspect, Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes (Ritchie RDJ/Law movies), Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, Steven Universe, Suits, Supernatural, Supernatural RPF, Teen Wolf, The 100, The Fall, The Newsroom, Voltron, WWE, Youtube RPF (Phandom), Yuri!!On Ice and, in one case, a beautiful portrait of the winning bidder’s dog.

Please keep us posted as your work comes in so we can keep track of it, make sure it gets promoted on this blog, and help us ensure that at the end of the day, everyone gets the work they bid for.

If your work meets AO3 guidelines, please do post it in the AO3 collection

If your work is posted on Tumblr, please tag @fandomtrumpshate and/or @fandomtrumpshateofferings to make sure we see it. 

If you’re posting under a different name than the one you used to sign up for FTH, please include that name on your post so we can find you in our files.

If your work is beta-reading, translating, or another form of fan labor that might not get its own social media post, please send us an email at to let us know that you’ve finished.

Thank you ALL for participating, and thank you so much for the wonderful works you’re creating for all of fandom to enjoy. You make FTH a win-win situation for everyone.

Richtor’s FAQ

This is very long overdue (and also just very long).

This post, and any subsequent FAQ posts, will be tagged as #faq for mobile access, and I will display the tag and a link to this post in my blog description. I will also be making a page for this on my blog, and maybe reblog it at intervals for exposure. 

Please read this thoroughly before asking me any questions or sending any messages. I will redirect some questions (not all) to the FAQ if the answer is there; otherwise, they will be deleted.

Updated: July 14th, 2017


What pronouns do you use?

They / them, please!

Do you mind if we call you by your birth name?

If you know it, not particularly - most people do. It’s not a matter of being triggered or feeling dysphoria if I’m not called Richtor, it’s just personal preference.

Spells and Resources

Do you have any spells / resources for _____?

Have you checked these lists?

Have you looked through my tagging system?

Have you searched my blog via the search function?

If you have not answered “yes” to all those questions, please do so before sending me any requests for spells, resources, or lists.

Half the time, I already have lists for what is being asked for, which are readily available to those that take the time look for them. I promise you, you will likely find the stuff faster if you look for it on your own, instead of waiting whatever amount of time it takes for me to see your ask, compile the links, then answer your ask.

Most of the links I provide are things that I find on my blog - I search my own blog to provide the resources you ask for. It is all already there.

What is _____ used for?

Have you searched my blog for that answer?

Have you checked Google for that answer?

Most of these messages are able to be Google’d. Sometimes I *do* Google them myself, just to try to prove a point. Especially when phrased such as “uses for _____” (which are pretty impersonal and don’t make me feel nice btw, I’m not an answer machine).

Commonly, in regards to crystals and herbs, typing “metaphysical properties of _____” into Google will help you find what you are looking for.

What does _____ term mean?

Same as above.

If I can use Google to find the answer, why don’t you just do it for me?

Because it isn’t my job to do so. Because I don’t believe I should spoon feed people these types of answers anymore, when they’re already so readily available. Because it is promoting more and more of those types of questions, and I am not very happy to answer them anymore. 

Because I believe it is important that magic users know how to do research on their own, and to actually do so; to me, it is a super important and personal part of the craft, and I don’t believe there will be a lot of growth if you are not putting any effort into it yourself.

The bottom line is - I have allowed a certain type of behavior on this blog go on for far too long, and that is my own error. I should’ve been a bit more severe on my boundaries, but I wasn’t, and now a lot of people expect certain behavior and questions answered of me. 

Now, however, I am putting my own boundaries as a person first before my desires for this blog, and even that is still before those that follow this blog. Basically, I’ll do what I want on my own blog, because it is my blog; what I offer to do is up to me, what I actually do is up to me.

This list has broken links, will you fix them?

Eventually, I’m sure. 

What do we do in the meantime?

Use what is already there; I make my lists as full as I do in case stuff like this happens, so you still have options. 

You can search for that post on my blog, it most likely will be on there. If not, go to Google, type “ [name of post] [old blog name of poster],” and generally that pulls up some reblogs of that post on other blogs.

Asks and Submissions

Why have you not answered my question?

Does it fall into the list of [Questions I Will Not Answer]? If so, that may be why.

Otherwise, I may have found the content too triggering to post, or I was otherwise uncomfortable answering it or posting it. That list is not extensive, and there are lots of other things I find myself not comfortable answering.

I may not be on Tumblr when your ask gets sent, and therefore it won’t get responded to right away. I also have other things to do outside this blog, and may be busy. 

There are some circumstances where I am on mobile, and I need to wait for desktop access to provide a proper answer and/or resources.

Sometimes I don’t have an answer to give; in these cases I may try to redirect you to other blogs, or ask my followers to provide advice if they can, but depending on the ask’s nature (i.e., if it can be triggering), I may just delete it.

I also have had instances of missing asks - where someone sends in a three part ask and I only get one and three - I won’t answer those sorts of things unless I have all the pieces. Tumblr is notorious for eating asks; I may not have gotten it in the first place.

There are cases where I’m just not in the mood to talk about something, so I won’t. Sometimes I try to leave it for later; if I know I will never get around to answering it, it just gets deleted.

Why do you just delete stuff you don’t want to answer?

Because it is still my blog, my ask box - I still have control over it and decide what I answer and what I post. 

Aren’t you a resource blog? Don’t you *have* to help us?

No I am not a resource blog, not by my own definition. My blog was never made for it to be a resource for other people, ever. It may have become that, sure, but that was never my desire or intention. I have always used my blog as a way for me to gather information I care to know about, for my purposes; the fact that other people get use out of it too is just a side effect. 

I never once bound myself to answering every question I got. I may try to help, yes, and am glad to in most situations, and while I may offer something I am still free to retract that offer whenever I wish. I am not obligated to answer asks. Again, this is still *my” blog, first and foremost. I am not getting paid to be here, I am doing what I do for free, at the cost of my own time and energy; ultimately I decide how I spend it in the end.

Why don’t you post asks you’re not comfortable answering, with messages saying so?

Because it clogs the dash, for one thing. I honestly don’t really care to either. Why would I post it if it still makes me uncomfortable? I do not need to justify that for anyone, or provide reasons for not doing so. 

I am going to send you asks, asking why I haven’t been answered!

Okay, but I’m deleting them.

I am going to resend you my ask in the messaging system!

You really think pestering me to give you an answer is going to get you your answer faster? No; it’s just going to give you a snippy response, if one at all.

Can you open your submit box so we can share you things?

Sadly, no. I have had unsavory things sent to my submission box in the past, so it will never be open again.


Are sigil / spell / tarot reading requests open?

No; they have not been for a while, honestly.

If they are, I will make a post about it, change the information in my blog description, as well as the text for the ask box.

Trust me, when they are open, you will know.

Can I send a request in now for you to get to when they are open?

Nope, I don’t pre-book slots. These will just be deleted, as I feel it’s pretty disrespectful to still send in requests for a future time when they’re closed.

What if I miss the next time you have them open?

If you care that much about getting something done by me, you can receive notifications on mobile for when I post, so you would not miss the post saying I am taking requests for such things again.

Or, you know, regularly visit my blog to see.

I know your requests are closed but it’s an emergency, can you help?

I will likely send you to someone else who has similar services open.

You said requests are closed, but you still did something for so-and-so?

Yep, because I chose to; I decided I wanted to do that and so I did it. I will choose who I offer my services to, when I want to, and will not be made to feel guilty or bad for denying it when I don’t want to or feel able to do so.

I don’t think you guys understand - last time I opened requests, for maybe half an hour, I got over thirty of them. Sigils take about a half hour for me to do, from first sketches to digital format. That is over 15 hours of work, that I offer to do for free, on top of whatever else I may have going on in my life. I often can’t keep up with the amount of requests that come in, which is why they often stay closed.

Why don’t you do a limit to the number of requests?

It is something I am thinking of doing, yes, but it will still be when I feel up to doing so, and not a moment sooner.

Promos and Casting Spells

Can you do a promo for me?

Depends - have we ever interacted before outside of you asking me to promo you?

If “no,” then I will most likely not promo you.

Why not?

Because I don’t know you, and you’re basically asking a stranger if you can use their follower count as exposure for your own biz. I don’t appreciate my blog trying to be used as advertising, particularly if you have never interacted with me before on Tumblr.

If your first and only time talking to me is to ask for a promo, I am not going to be very inclined to do that for you.

Regardless, I still post what I want on my own blog, and sometimes I’m just not in the mood.

You reblogged a promo post for this person!

Yep, because I chose to - that was my decision to make for what I wanted on my blog, and I made it. 

Most likely, these people are my friends, and we’ve talked beforehand and I’ve *offered* to do that for them; they don’t ask me.

Will you cast spells for me?

Same as above.

I have limited energy to do the things I need to in my own life. Sometimes I need to conserve what I have to do what I need to do - I can’t go around casting spells for every person that asks.

You offered to do a spell for this person!

Yep, because that was my own choice - I decided I wanted to. I will not be guilt tripped or forced into doing something I don’t want to do.

I have made a post about this [here]. 

Other Blog Biz

Will you put long posts under a “read more” cut?

Not likely - in the instance of my blog ever being deleted, most things under “read more” disappear forever. I want my information to remain intact in case of accidental (or otherwise) deletion.

On desktop, you can hit the “J” key to skip past an entire post. I also tag long posts as such on my blog, and Xkit has a blacklist option which can be used to filter those posts.

For mobile, well I’m sorry, you’re just gonna have to scroll for a few seconds. 

I use “read more” cuts for personal matters or trigger warnings, not for long posts.

For now, that is all, although I am sure I will be editing this and adding more to it as time goes by. 


We at onsdaily want to celebrate all of the beautiful graphics made for Owari no Seraph by their fans! While the series has ended, our love for ONS has not. Many anime fandoms have ensured the recognition of graphics by creating a general “edit tag.” The Owari no Seraph fandom have existing blogs, but unfortunately, most of the existing ones are either inactive or update at a slower pace due to the admins’ busy lifestyles.

That’s why onsdaily was created to share and provide your wonderful creations at a much faster pace. We proudly introduce to you onsdaily, a new Owari no Seraph fansite to celebrate all the fantastic content that the ONS fandom creates! Not everyone is aware of our brand new blog, so help us get the word out!

Using tags help other graphic makers find and reblog your work more easily and can help you find like-minded fans! Just tag #onsdaily or #onsedit in your first five tags.

(*Original text taken and inspired from dailyfma and attackontitans promo posts.)

Do as Deadpool says and send us your application here


  • Be active. You don’t have to post everyday, but posting one gifset/edit per week is a requirement,
  • Use photoshop. We need members who know how to use photoshop and make gifs.
  • Respect the other members and our followers.

Please, before you send your application, make sure you will have time to make things for this blog and do not apply with the intention to only gain notes to your own posts. We are looking for people who really want to be a part of our blog and help us! Thank you!

hashtag-med-school  asked:

I just want to say thanks so much for this blog. It really helps us a lot! Today I felt proud that we have good people like you who focus on the positive, and I'm proud to be a part of this! I love liking and occasionally reblogging people's achievements!

You guys literally make this blog

A big thank you to the amazing blogs that helped us to news, had fun, and is just a great bunch of folks. The storia blogs.
@his-torybegins @wthistory @history-kr @history-kpop @history-network @naadokyun @fyhistory @fyeah-dokyun @fuckoffjaeho @incorrect-history-quotes @his-torybegins @yijeonglover @jangyijeongbabo @sihyoungstorm @sihye0ng

I’m sorry if I missed someone, I’m still in tears. Thank you! 대단히 감사합니다! Now we must support our boys as they go beyond the History!

roleplay is about respect. & it should a community where help is easy to find & reliable.

so what do we do??

rp advice / fc help / some html help / promos & shoutouts / ask memes / theme bg giveaways / plot ideas / aesthetics / muse help & ideas / fill base icons requests / playlist help & requests 

this blog is run by a few select admin, & focuses on some of the growing needs for the rp community. our dedication is to make roleplaying easier for you, & all we ask in return is patience when you make your request. even though there are a few of us working on this blog together, we all have lives outside of this blog as well as our own roleplay blogs.

please reblog & help us get started if you agree with our cause. thank you.

1 Year Anniversary + 2,000 Followers!


2,000 Followers! And on our 1 Year Anniversary too!

We’ve done so much in this year since we started this blog and we’re so proud of what it has become and the community that follows us!

So, from all of us at CreativeRogues, we’d like to say thank you.

For Liking, Commenting and Re-blogging our content and listening to us ramble on for a whole year about Dungeons and Dragons.

You guys and girls our the life-blood of this blog, you tell us what you’d like to see on our blog, ask us questions, and help us out in creating some really great community made homebrews and D&D Content.

Keep reading