Legend of Korra people holding a baby

Korra: this woman is a baby guru

Asami: …is there a manual for this?


Bolin: ooooh looket da cute lil’ baby NO WAIT I DIDN’T MEAN TO DROP IT

Opal: *coos at it and obsesses over its cute nose or eyes for two hours*

Tenzin: *is calm and collected with the baby right until it yanks his beard*

Jinora: the spirits tell me that this baby will grow up to be (insert baby’s future here)

Ikki: How old is it? Did it kick a lot in the womb? Did it ever poop a really gross green color? Because that happened with Rohan, and it was really gross! If the baby grows up to be an airbender that would be so great! We will ride air scooters all day and not cheat *pointed glare at Korra*. And we would ride the air bison into the magical cloud kingdom and- hey! why’re you taking the baby away from me???

Meelo: look AT THIS AWESOME BABY *holds it skyward, epic guitar solo playing in the background*

Lin: *baby starts crying*


My short cover of Colors by Halsey

I’m not pooping. I promise lol just sitting on the closed toilet. The acoustics in the bathroom are just too good.