so i spend an entire fucking night trying to avoid flirting with this guy i went to high school with, but I’m too nice to just end a conversation, so i keep calling him “bro, my friend, man” and making sly gay comments but he keeps on going saying things like “i havent talked to a girl in a while, how am i doing” and everything. so i literally faked “accidentally sending him a message” and he was all like, lmao thats funny… but then he was like, back to before, how am i doing? so i’m getting frustrated and becoming very very obvious until I’m completely d o n e and just straight up said “we’re on the same page right? i’m a lesbian” 

he said it was cool, he figured i wasn’t interested in him, but that i was pretty anyways

so i saw ghostbusters today and its SUCH a good movie, like, its really well written, and the ladies are all really funny and? the dynamic is sooo so good, i love it, it’s amazing

like i never liked the old ghotbusters much esp bc of that sleezy scene with the secretary lady and like??? this movie is SO much funnier, none of the jokes felt like they fell super flat, and like. the ladies are all just allowed to be dorky or destructive and its so good, im just. SO HAPPY. erin has a crush on kevin but like, it’s only played for laughs and nothing weird ever happens, also, kevin is the goddamn funniest male character ive ever seen because he’s so bad at everything it’s amazing

the ladies are all super smart and dorky and know their shit and it just. made me so happy to see tbh, they all stick together and support each other. also im gay for holtzman tbh