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Japan was one of the countries who sent their rescue team to Mexico and they were received with claps.

Some people offered as volunteers to be their translators and also, the mexican people wanted to provide them food.

Japan kindly rejected their help.

What I really love/admire from both cultures is that Japan was prepared with their own resources and here in Mexico, even if we don’t have too much to offer, we always have something to give.


So there has been a lot of rumors going around about my personal relationships and well-being. People thinking I’m a bad person/just straight up outlashing at me on pure speculation.

Let me just start with I’m a very singular person when it comes to my work and what I do. Whether it be music or videos, I enjoy doing it on my own and I don’t really talk to anyone else. I don’t have a lot of friends (as it may seem to the public) and overall I’m a very reclusive person. There has been far too many people in my life that have tried to use me for one thing or another and I just keep my “circle” very small and only deal with certain people. As anyone who wants to keep a sane life would do.

Second. I was never really apart of a “trio” or group. I talked to a group of people and with time, I separated. It was nothing personal, that was just the public’s interperetation. No one did anything to hurt me, and I didn’t do anything to others to hurt them. People have different definitions of friendship. I’ve come to find in my life, that mine differ from a majority of the world’s definition. Period.

Third. I have no beef or problems with anyone. Any drifting was done on both parts and, ultimately, I’ve been alone working on all of my art. I’ve been alone dealing with my problems. I’ve been alone most of my life with any emotional issues. That’s why I turn to music. That’s why I turn to making videos. It makes me feel like I’m doing something rather than just sulking.

Fourth. Support who YOU want to support. Don’t base your support for someone just because they know your favorite creator. Or just because they made a video with them. Or because they’re friends in some way. Everyone on this crazy platform called the internet deserves a chance to be heard. Stop starting drama within communities and just let people live their lives.

I’ve refrained from making a lot of videos these days due to my emotional/physical stance. That’s why I’ve been streaming more and making music. It just feels a lot more natural to me and easier to be myself. Simple as that.

I hope this cleared some stuff up. There is no drama between me and anyone else. Just parted ways. That’s all.



just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


Fiddleford H. McGucket most likely has Strabismus/Lazy eye!

Obviously when he was wearing his glasses all the time, his eyes were righted, but this is just for pointing out the wandering eye over time.

We can see his eyes are starting to unfocus, and he’s not looking through his glasses, which are also broken by this point

Completely unfocused, he’s not worn his glasses in a very long time, clearly.

When he wears only one of the goggle lenses, one eye rights itself completely, while the other doesn’t! His prescription goggles focus his eyes!

And when wearing the goggles, his eyes are completely righted!

As a person with strabismus i would like this headcanon/unstated canon? to be more popular! Representation of characters with Strabismus who are meant to be relatable important characters is like, nonexistent, let’s bring on the headcanon!

vergess  asked:

Have you ever written a similar post about disabled people and the holocaust? If you have, I haven't seen it, and I was just wondering if I missed it or if it ended up not happening on account of being such a tall order.

  1. I have written a lot of commentary about disabled people and the Holocaust, yeah. It may be scattered across many posts, but I can give you a short list of highlights:
  2. T4, the Nazi “euthanization” program, was literally where the Commandant of Treblinka figured out how to kill large numbers of people at a time
  3. Hans Asperger (as in Asperger’s Syndrome) deliberately mis-represented how autism/Asperger’s Syndrome manifested and what its ‘value’ is. The repercussions of this are felt by autistic people to this day. (see: Neurotribes, which details the direct links between Hans Asperger and today’s autism movement and the misconception of autism as a curable disease.)
  4. Since blindness and deafness were considered executable conditions, the D/deaf culture in Nazi-occupied territories, and other subcultures/cultures suffered immensely.
  5. About 200K people were murdered, including people who were starved to death and infants who were killed by starvation or IV drugs.
  6. We were literally called ‘life unworthy of life,’ a mentality which continues to present times. (See: Me Before You and other ‘better dead than alive’ disability snuff bullshit.)
  7. 350K or more women were sterilized (men were not counted) to prevent them from reproducing, because they were ‘likely’ to give birth to defective children. This included D/deaf, blind, epileptics, autistics, and even those who had alcoholic relatives.
  8. There was a public protest and then the program was moved out of public view.
  9. 14f13 was a program which was used to ‘weed out’ those already in camps who were ‘unfit for work,’ and is an example of intersectionality between other groups (Jews, Rroma, LGBTQIPA, Poles, German dissidents) and the disabled. Those who were briefly screened by doctors under this ‘program’ were taken out of work camps and sent to death camps because they were disabled.
  10. Do not think the US was free from blame here. During this time period several states, I know Indiana was one, had laws that made it possible to sterilize ‘the unfit’ without their consent.

Here are some links for your further reading and watching. All of them come with trigger warnings, obviously. Maybe at some point when I’m not so … upset… I can write another post. (contains a large bibliography for further reading) LOTS of resources including a lot on the D/deaf community

i’m lonely and
i don’t know how to make
it sound like poetry

it’s just that i used to fall into friendships.
it’s just that most days i want to fall into
my bed or
my grave
and these bones are too
fragile for show and tell
and i’m like muesli with worse mental health and i don’t want anyone to
look at me except that i want everyone
to look at me and i don’t know what to say i don’t know what to
say i don’t know what to say to
anyone anyway and last year
my best friend
moved 413.4 miles away.
—  L.H