1. Hinata… you actually said it.
2. And Kageyama looks genuinely worried about breaking this smol crow’s heart.

Episode 18!

Get ready, miraculers, for the exciting release of episode 18! Tfou only gave a vague description this week, but based on previous sources, it looks like it might be La Marionnettiste. It’ll be airing at 9:40am February 7th in France, which will be 3:40am EST, ie. about 6 hours from the time I’m posting this. It’s only approximate, though, so try to watch at least 10 minutes before the predicted time. Tune in to a livestream at one of these links: (mobile-approved) (mobile-approved)

And while you’re waiting around and making sure you’re not missing it, you can also hang out with your fellow miraculers at @mlsubbing’s chatroom here. It’s a ton of fun, and if you want to see Beach!Miraculous and Horse!Miraculous in the hour before the premiere you should be there :)

mlsubbing or @miraculousubs will hopefully get a subbed version out soon. Remember, patience for people uploading the videos (whether that’s Tfou or users), and for translators! Please don’t expect too much within the first 5 hours.

I’ll be starting something new this week. The subtitled version of the episode will be reblogged ASAP to my ‘premiere’ tag. This week I won’t be at the livestream, so you’ll have to wait several hours, which is why I encourage you to check the sources listed.

Imagine Person A hasn’t confessed their feelings for Person B yet. Even though they haven’t told Person B about their feelings, Person A still blatantly creates a lot of OCs similar to Person B, which seems to fly right over Person B’s head most of the time. Person B often says things like “Wow, [character] was really cool in this story. I probably would’ve done the same thing if I were there!” and Person A usually responds with something like “Oh, really? That’s cool.”

So the banner sucks but there’s like no transparent pictures of any of these band members soooo…

If you like Vinyl Theatre, The Griswolds, Magic Man, Walk the Moon, Smallpools, MisterWives or ANYTHING similar and want to follow other blogs who do, this is the net for you!!!

How to apply:

  • follow me maybe?? not necessary but would be appreciated
  • fill out this type form
  • reblog this post (likes do not count)
  • track the net tag #tinybandnet


  • new mutuals
  • posts/selfie reblogs
  • people to talk about these bands & find new bands like these

There is no end date!! Everyone who applies gets in and every once in awhile I’ll keep you updated with anyone else who joins!

!! wish it had been my original post but this is still very nice to see so im happy (and hopeful that she was like Hey! Let Me Show This Beautiful Drawing To Louis)

i wonder if you have
the same memories of us that i have

i wonder if you remember
the first time we kissed
as clearly as i do
(we were sitting on a wall on liffey street)
(eating cookies and drinking chocolate milk)
(there was something happening behind us)
(that bram stoker festival)
(and hyper kids running around to our left)
but you kissed me
and all of that faded away

i wonder if you remember
the first time your hands went further
than just my waist
(stephen’s green park)
the first time i told you i love you
(pearse street train station)

i wonder if you remember these things
the same way i do
and maybe, if you don’t
could you tell me about them?

—  i love the sound of your voice