headcanon: mages show their emotions through magic

we know that the rite of tranquility takes away a mage’s magic and emotions, yes?

my proposal: what if a mage’s emotion corresponds with their magic?

imagine the hands of a pyromancer growing hot like coal when they’re angered, their fists tightening around nothing but the incredible fire in their palms, searing those who dare touch them without their permission. imagine a pyromancer in love, flustered and trying to hide faintly smoky exhales, nervous breaths and giggles. their kisses are wood fire and wonderful warmth.

imagine a storm mage feeling their scalp tingle with faint electricity when they get excited- as they run their fingers through their hair, the discharge ripples down their arms and shoulders, their magic only intensifies with a broadening grin. imagine a storm mage’s robes sticking to them with static electricity when they’re bored or tired, their exhaustion evident not only in their lazy slouch, but also in the way the air around them gives occasional sluggish pops and sparks.

the spirit mage is a lot quieter than the elemental mages, their abilities revealing their emotions in a more subtle way. but imagine an aura of peace settling over the people around a subdued spirit mage. when they are sad or anxious, and don’t want to talk to anyone, their abilities lay an invisible barrier that dissuades others from approaching them. imagine them subconsciously pulling at the fade, bringing through whispers from spirits in times of great passion, a faint chorus of spirits from the beyond joining their speech- a music only they can hear.

and perhaps you can tell when a winter mage is content- when the surface they rest their hands on ice over with an intricate lace-like pattern, it speaks more than the secretive, concealed smile on their face. when they’re concentrating, the air around them grows sharper, colder, the smell of metallic frost that they are unaware of- something that puts them completely in their element so they can focus on the task at hand.

“We’ve had a lot of horrific deaths that I’ve read through … before I’ve seen the show,” says Clarke. “And this was one in particular. I’ve never gotten crazy emotional reading them, but then that finale was the one that had me genuinely in tears when I read it. I called Kit and then called (showrunners) David (Benioff) and Dan (Weiss) and being like, ‘Are you f—-ng kidding me?’ - Emilia Clarke interview with New York Daily News

So I went to this Steven Universe discussion panel at Animaritime 2015 and somebody got talking about how Ruby and Amethyst are the reason Sugilite gets so out of hand and the whole room is nodding and I’m just sitting there in this bigass Garnet wig with shades on grinning to myself like


Awesome things I have on the wall in my bedroom!

There’s a mix of purchased, gifted and printed things. Here’s some links:

  • The Book Thief quotes are by my mum’s friend
  • The Inside Out and Minions posters are from poster books, and I put stickers on some just because I felt like it
  • That dark thing above Baymax is a collage of my favourite Christopher Nolan movies - The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar
  • Minion Bob with his snacks is next to my TV hehe
  • Also I have a Rapunzel print that allisunargents got me for my birthday, and two things drawn by raecheerbooks but they’re not on my wall yet. :(

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The middle pictures were from my mum’s facebook LMAO. I’m not big on selfies, so I had to  take em. And also, I don’t use filters because filters make humans look fake. And scary. My photogenic-ness (what) all depends on the angle and lighting. :’)

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I got a few messages about the Stana/Kris issue, most with the same general tone, some with some iffy stuff within them. So i’m just gonna address them all and say, yes I agree that the people who tweet them rude things are not nice, and we should keep our opinions to ourselves. 

For those people messaging me your opinions, I really don’t care. Wanna discuss Josh and Beckett vs Castle and Gina? I’m all for Castle discussions/ genuine questions. Actors real life stuff, I’d rather not discuss unless it’s harmless things like omg look how pretty stana was in that purple dress



I make $9.50 an hour, 25 cents over minimum wage, and I’m part-time and can’t work more than 28 hours a week. I work around 21/22 hours a week, about $200 a week

If I worked every week of the year, at this rate, I will make $10,000. That will be my annual income. That is nowhere near liveable.

Now assuming I worked full time for the same pay rate, let’s say $9.50 an hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, my annual salary would be $19,760. Which is, guess what, still barely liveable.

How is anyone expected to pay bills, buy food, pay car insurance, house insurance, rent, buy clothes, necessities, get money taken from their paychecks every two weeks for taxes, and still be able to live comfortably? Even with coupons and food stamps and living in a $500 a month studio apartment in a bad part of town, buying clothes only from the thrift shop, cutting nearly every corner, it is not possible to live comfortably.

And that’s not fucking fair. Why do people like me not deserve a liveable wage? Why is it expected of us to do a full day of work on our feet for next to nothing? I’m grateful for my job and my paycheck and to even be making money at all, but I don’t think I’m asking a lot when I asked to be paid enough to live.

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