but do you ever think that louis likes to sneak up behind harry and plant soft kisses on the back of harry’s neck and every time harry is always so surprised because he’s not quite used to his short hair yet and having his nape showing all the time but louis never fails to show his appreciation everyday and i need to show myself out the door


like father                         like daughter

[get to know me meme: seiyuu edition] || {03/03} favourite seiyuu tv shows: eguchi takuya’s even we want to be healed!

important things about takumi

  • he and sakura played with dolls when they were little
  • like he couldn’t sleep w/o a doll in his arms how sweet is that??
  • he loves his family and wants to protect them
  • he was a timid child and attached to mikoto
  • he’s?? so?? beautiful??? i mean have you seen him hot damn
  • he made friends with subaki in the halloween scramble dlc (their convo was really sweet btw)
  • he’s a huge nerd
  • he’s tiny compared to the rest of the characters
  • kiragi loves him so much
  • on his days off he ties his hair up in a bun
  • he stayed up late reading a book that leo gave to him (more proof that he’s a nerd)
  • he puts up a front but he’s really just insecure and sensitive. pls be kind to him
Very important message for the safety of my followers.

If you get any messages from the tumblr account Nikkondragon , please DO NOT RESPOND TO HER and block her immediately.

Do NOT probe into her blog, do NOT send her messages, do NOT make any contact with her. Trust me, this is for your own safety. If you have any concerning questions in general, @morelovelyandmoretemperate may be able to answer them. Otherwise, stay as far away from the mentioned user as possible, please.


There’s 130 million people in crisis in this world at the moment, in humanitarian crisis, and most of them are women, more than half of them are women. So can we all stop slinging mud at each other about definition? Feminist, whatever the definition, whatever you call yourself—I am, I’m not—none of us want little girls being forced into early marriage before they’re 12. None of us want gender mutilation; none of us want rape as a tactic for war. So I just think that if we stopped playing on the superficial level and concentrated on women in real crises throughout the world, it would be a better thing if we all stood together about the important stuff and stopped getting distracted by superficial things.

prologuetothecool  asked:

First of all, I'm a huge fan. Because of tabletop, I started hosting a game night, for a bunch of my friends, some with kids some with out. It's a great way for all of us to decompress. Anyway, I'm trying to get a Titansgrave campaign going, and I'm having a bit of anxiety. Are their any resources you would recommend, for tips on how to run a RPG? This would be my first time since my early teens. Any help would be great. Hope all is well.

D&D 4E is not a good edition, but the DMG has tons of great advice. The Fantasy Age core rules that you need to run Titansgrave also has great GM advice. 

In fact, you can go to just about any indie RPG, like Fate Core, or True20, and find really good advice on running games.

But, honestly? The most important thing is that you all have fun. Tell a story together, have some battles, find some treasure, solve some mysteries, and don’t worry too much about the specifics. Nobody just walks into a room and knows how to be a GM. It’s a skill that takes practice and time, and the fact that you even care about doing it well is evidence that you’ll be just fine.

a small ( but kinda important ) update

   I am terribly sorry for being so inactive for most of the time I’ve had this blog, honestly, lmao. I have already made 2 other blogs
& haven’t been active on them, either. BUT ANYWAY.

   There will be some changes on the blog, like icons, tags
& other things like pages will be re-written. I will be dropping MOST of the threads & asks I currently have. Also this blog will be put on permantent SEMI-HIATUS since my family’s moving to an apartment ( which is one of the many reasons I haven’t been active in the first place )& I’ll be starting university on September 26th. That’s probably about these things, now―


   Now it’s all, so please everybody have a nice day, keep hydrated
& don’t forget to take your medicine if you need to take any!

It’s Nihuang!!!

I know she’s more a swordsman and archery is more of Xiao-Shu’s thing but I have plans for a matching Dong-jie piece so…¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Japanese for Travelers
Is Japanese For Travelers actually the "indispensable guide to japan"? I read through this book to see if travelers to Japan should pick this up.
By Kristen Dexter

I have always lived by the “never buy a guide for a country outside of that country” saying. Whether it’s a map, tourist guide, or language guide, they’re pretty much guaranteed to be better quality and more accurate if you buy them when you arrive at your destination. However, it is also important to prepare before you leave to go to said other country. You may know quite a bit about the culture you are about to jump into, or you may not, but that depends on the individual. With that in mind I read through Tuttle Publishing’s Japanese for Travelers by Scott Rutherford.

This book covers the basics of Japanese grammar and pronunciation, how to get around, make calls, send mail, and more. They may be the basics, but they are important things that you need to know if you are going to be spending any length of time in Japan. They are some of the first things you learn about in Japanese language and culture classes, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to attend classes on the subject. They are also things you can read about online, but having all of the information bound together in a fairly small sized book can be more convenient for someone on the go.

Read more!

lilithserenada a réagi à votre billet “honestly tho sometimes i do hate living in ireland because we never…”

This isn’t shade at all, but it’s so bizarre to me when people from the UK complain about being so far away from a big city. Your country is, like, 1/3 the size of the state I live in. I consider myself “close” to my state’s capitol city and I live the distance of one Irish coast from the other.

(i just wanna rly quick correct the UK thing bcos the republic of ireland isn’t in the UK it tends to annoy irish ppl a lot bcos we only very recently became independent after a lot of bloodshed and destruction etc etc.) but ya i get you but honestly dublin really isn’t a big city at all you could get across from the far north side to the south side fairly quickly if there’s no traffic our country is really heckin small we r tiny we kinda have nothing colossally huge except maybe a needle in the centre of oconnell street that was meant to be self cleaning but the self cleaning mechanism doesn’t actually work so we have a non functioning giant dirty silver needle in the middle of a street here it is!! 

titaniathefairyqueen replied to your post:this can go tho, like why would komaeda be on a…

Maybe that crash was the crash that killed his parents? I don’t remember if his free time event specified exactly when it happened.

while that’s plausible i guess, i don’t buy it. if you look into his fte, it’s clear he was actually traumatised. he’s very anxious when around a jet, which implies it must’ve happened at a young age, considering how everything just drips off him further down the line. 

honestly i don’t consider dr3 canon anymore, like i get it’s a gag to balance the “fucked up” part of the ep but the fact that we’re sacrificing something so important as an actual character weakness is just.. no to me. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Opal do you live alone or with parents or? I live with my dad and I'm almost 20 and I just feel like a waste of space and money and I just feel lost and I want to die.. I'm sorry if this has brought any bad feelings I don't know what to do..

Me and my Bro, Joe, live together. But there is no shame in living with your parents. I have had to move back with my mom at one point. Getting out on your own is hard. Apartments are expensive, bills take a lot of money. <3 Don’t feel bad. You are not a waste of space, you are important. Things may seem bad now, but they will look up :3

(sorry I am REALLY shitty at this. I hope this made you feel better)

I always feel like I ought to be doing something else.

Therefore, relaxing after or before something is a bit complicated.

I know it’s the most important thing is could do, but perhaps something less… unproductive would be just as relaxing…?

*attempts to accept that it’s my job to lie down and read fanfic at the moment*


Hope you guys enjoy this compilation of funny moments/scenes of Supernatural!! :D

I made it myself, it took some time due to some problems, but the important thing is that I was able to make it.

If you enjoy it, I will do more videos with this compilation.