Anyways random post but I’m all for boy positivity. Boy body positivity, boy mental health awareness, and just overall positivity for boys in general. You’re stars, all of you. Boys are allowed to cry and feel emotion in the same breath that they partake in “manly” activities- that does not reduce them as human beings and we need to stop perpetuating this notion that boys have to be stoic rocks incapable of feeling anything. Y'all are great 🌟


It’s that time again friends! I would’ve posted this yesterday but I was insanely busy all day long ;~; Happy Astroversary everyone! Per usual, here’s me and the bias.

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I adore your stories, and your Sims and everything about you and your simblr! It all makes my heart so happy and I can't stop reading your posts over and over!

t ah nk u nonnie this legit means so much to me right now,,;

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stop being afraid of
the most important
thing in the whole
world and the one
you should take care
of the most is yourself.
go fulfill your dreams,
go on and do what makes
you the happiest person
on the planet.

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i think there are obviously concern trolls who just like to stir drama, larries who dont want harry to do well unless it has to do with Louis and others who do not want to do harry do well and are open about how they want him to fail so he goes back to 1D. But there are also really harry fans who are nervous and i think it is ok and normal. i get butterflies when the people i love got important things to do. i want him to kill it. i have faith he will kill it but still nervous for him x

Idk….i guess my faith in him overrides 99.9% of my nervousness for him. He just has something about him. I dont think ive ever been so completely captivated by one person in my entire life. Im just all in for harry.

Animated map shows the states with the most and least mortgage debt

Owning real estate and having a mortgage is a right of passage for most Americans. Mortgage debts can mount up well over $100,000. 

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Team Let Steven Dye His Hair Pink But Only If He Reclaims It As His Own Instead Of Trying To Imitate Someone Else First Because Really That’s Pretty Fucked Up 2k17


Who You Really Are 


emeraude talking about how the writers room handles different sexualities (x)

i honestly cant imagine how frustrating it would be to spend hours working your ass off to put up videos that you put a lot of emotional (and physical) effort into for the majority of the comments to be talking about a mark on your neck or a stray hair or some insignificant thing like that

Rhett (and sometimes Link) commented on this in recent interviews how annoying it is when you work hard on something but its all overlooked because there was a kink in your hair that wasnt there before and thats all people talk about

just goes to show how much of this industry is focused on looks and presentation so much so you share something you put literally everything you have into but people are too concerned about the tiny wrinkle in your shirt