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Also can we just yell about the gif where y and j's heads are pushed together when they are both at the sink... like where was the need :) for that :) you can see their hair touching and its soo nice :(((

!!! in the ch+ bts you can see them being all cozy talking to each other as they work too,,, i love yoongi and jimin being all domestic and intimate and totally forgetting about the others as they work together

A Thank You

You know, over the past seven months since I returned back to Tumblr, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to properly thank you guys. I mention briefly how much I appreciate you guys during my follower milestones, but I never got to actually stop and take a moment to thank each and every one of you for being such great followers!

It’s weird to think that before I came back to Tumblr, I was just a walking ball of stress and anxiety who only ever used Tumblr as a means to find dumb pictures of dogs. And some Dragon Age things and all. But coming back, being apart of the Final Fantasy XV fandom – it really inspired me to come back to Tumblr and start doing things for a change! I started writing – introducing my first legitimate fanfic since my Dissidia times, Flowers, to the fandom as apart of the Ravyn shippers. They were few, but it was still warming to have had people following ever since I first introduced my writings to Tumblr.

And although I got popular through my fanfic writings at first, it wasn’t until you guys began to show interest in my gif-sets and edits that things really got crazy. With This is Ravus being introduced in February after I had spent a week house-sitting (and needed to entertain myself), things got crazy as this series became popular, with my favorite high commander doofus as the center of the mayhem. It branched out to other ‘This is…’ series things, a discussion for an Abridged series that might come to fruition with given help, and just overall positivity about my work… Gosh, it’s so surreal.

Seven months later, I’m now from 50 followers all the way to over 1,250.

And each one of you has been so kind to me! So supportive of me and my antics, of my writings and thoughts, and it’s super amazing of you all! It warms my heart, knowing that it was you guys that reignited the creative spirit to do dumb graphics, silly writings, and random blurbs of thoughts and things for the fandom. And it warms my heart even more to realize just how blessed I am to have such kind followers, such charming people, such great friends. It’s so humbling and great…! I’m speechless and feeling so sentimental and emotional just thinking about it!

So with that: thank you all. So very much! Your continuing support, your kind messages and thoughts sent my way – I value it all, and I continue to value it with each day! Thank you guys so much for being such amazing followers! :D Keep on being awesome and terrific souls!


Team Let Steven Dye His Hair Pink But Only If He Reclaims It As His Own Instead Of Trying To Imitate Someone Else First Because Really That’s Pretty Fucked Up 2k17

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You always seem to have all the answers. What do we do to stop Trump? I feel helpless. I know of the elections in November for Senate, Congress, etc. what can we do in the meantime?

I took this question really seriously, so I asked my parents to help me answer this. Here is what my dad said: 

Here is what my mom said: 

Here is what I say: 

First of all, I am sorry for referring to you as “kid” to my folks. It was just a shorthand I used for them to understand in a simple way that I think you are someone younger than they are. They are professors/teachers, and are often tasked with communicating effectively with young people. (also, sorry if my dad misgendered you? I guess kid = boy in his head)

Next: Yes. To what my parents said. When I feel helpless I often turn to them because they are so blisteringly smart and compassionate, and if I seem strong and like I have all the answers, it’s because I come from an incredibly supportive family. I wanted to share that with you. 

  1. Furthermore, staying informed in the time of “alternative facts” is an act of resistance. Knowing is half the battle. There’s an app called Countable that will keep you informed of the latest developments in your local government and issues you care about. 
  2. Because our representatives are firmly planted in the last century, online activism doesn’t cut through the noise to them—but phone calls do. Here is a website called that helps you make those calls with a script, and is especially effective if you (like me) have social anxiety. 
  3. Here is a great “Stop Trump” reading list that @batlordart compiled. 
  4. Don’t focus on a mountainous goal like “stopping Trump” and instead expend your energy on things that will make you happier and healthier.
  5. Thriving is our first act of resistance.
  6. Don’t despair. I could vibrate with the conviction of how fiercely I believe it: we will get through this.

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