alternate answers include: arrested, serious wood damage, and i don’t know but it’s destroying your house as we speak.

Major Gif Post - Alec Hardy Signs of Being On Your Period

When just seem to cry for no reason, and everything and everyone just doesn’t get it at all. So you go into a bit of depressed state, especially at night.

When you begin to have random moments of lust for people even those you don’t even find that attractive.

When you feel that first sign, and you can’t remember if you have supplies or not. Or you’re worried if you bled through will your pants be dark enough to hide the evidence.

When that first cramp hits you, and you just have to sit down because the pain is unbearable. Actually how cramps feel most of the time.

When you are running low, so you try search in your secret spots for your stash of pads or tampons. But you feel embarrassed so you try to search discreetly.

When people ask you how you are feeling, and with all the cramps and blood you want to say this. Because deep down you want to punch someone.

When you ask your friend if they might have anything you can use when you’re out of supplies, until you can buy more.

When you and one of your girlfriends get on synchronized period schedules. And your like that’s right we have a fucking buddy system here now. You get to be miserable with me. Let’s go buy chocolate.

Explaining when you’re own your period to men, or people ignorant enough to not know what it is. 

 When you lie in bed and the next morning you wake up to the bloody flood gates of hell being unleashed upon you.

When you get weird cravings and want to eat everything in sight. And then you cry afterwards cause you feel like a fatty.

When you get a headache during your period and the pain just makes you think of murdering someone, but really you don’t. 

When you want to eat Tylenol or ibuprofen like candy just to function throughout the day.

Finally you just want to lie in bed for the next three to five days until the bloody damn nuisance is done and over with.