Handy tools for BJD owners under 10$

Thought I’d compile a list of some of the hardware I use and handy stuff you can find cheap to help with dolly problems. Some of you are going to know this stuff already, that’s great but somewhere out there someone could find this useful I hope. Cali is going to help me today, aren’t you?

Cali: Do I have a choice?

Of course not. 


Forceps are awesome, they really are. They are surgical instruments used for pinching and holding tissue but they can get a death grip on anything including… STRING! Yep these things are a godsend for restringing. Specifically my favorites are sponge clamps because of their lack of pointy and potentially damaging edges. They also have double the string-holding area of a normal set of hemostat forceps, and only cost about 5$ or less for a good pair. Cali is holding my large sponge clamps here:


You can buy this in packs sold as silicone earplugs from anywhere and it’s cheap as hell! Good for holding in eyes or making fake boogers (hey, it could happen). 


SUEDING! Sweet baby Jeebus this stuff is great! Do not be afraid of it because you think you’re a noob. Just buy a small low-temperature gun (mine was 7.99$) and rub a small amount of hot glue with the tip of the gun inside a joint. Try to kind of cross hatch it, that gives it extra grip and if you fuck up no big. Grab some ice water and dunk it, the glue will get hard and easy to peel off


Now you can buy an actual doll-targeted set that looks like this and can be purchased on Ebay for under 10$:

Or you can find a bead store or wholesale beads, buy some 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm round spherical beads and attach them to sticks. Label the sizes and voila! It can’t account for domes but it really helps get a handle on the size the socket can accommodate. 


What can this shit do? Shit, what can’t it do! Posing? Check! tagging your carrier bags or items as yours? Check! Wrap a doll box closed for travel without using sticky nasty tape? Hells yes! Cheap as hell in a hardware or gardening store. Just make sure you pick up some nice wire snips with it. I have no pics of this because I’m out right now but the gardening stores are stocking BWHAHAHA!


GOOD GODS I LOVE THIS STUFF! Usually it’s just little baggies or boxes of silica gel but it does so much for you. Hate mold, moisture, rust or string rot? You want desiccant! It’s great stuff (do not eat it) for packing in with dolls (don’t fucking eat it) or their clothes (JUST DON’T) or your tools (SERIOUSLY IS NOT FOR NOMS). You get packets free in any shoebox, purse, or backpack at a department store or ask friends before they throw that shit away. Even if you can’t see moisture or humidity it may be there which leads me to one warning and another product recommendation: DO NOT PACK REAL LEATHER WITH DESICCANT UNLESS YOU LIKE WASTING MONEY. Leather is skin and skin needs moisture and food. If you have dolly real-leather goods I recommend Huberd’s Shoe Grease. It is the GOOD shit. Don’t buy any bullcrap from Kiwi, that stuff is lies in a tin. Buy the Huberds from Ebay for your leather needs and if your leather feels stiff wipe it lightly with either water or water+saddle soap then wipe the soap off and dry it, then rub a tiny TINY amount of shoe grease between two fingers (just enough to give you a sheen) and rub it into the leather. BOOM! Soft supple and happy leather. 1 can can last you 2-3 years and that’s doing human shoes every two weeks or so (trust me I’m a bootblack). 

Cali cut that out…


Ever sawed vigorously at some doll elastic while praying parts don’t ricochet and kill you? You need EMT shears/scissors! The BDSM community keeps them around for ropework in case there’s an emergency and someone needs cut out of rope. I repeat ROPE. These puppies are awesome for cutting that old doll elastic and they’re cheap as hell! 



Fairy Tail 516 Notes

Since everyone in their grandmother spelled out how ridiculous the last chapter was I didn’t bother with reactions. However the snark has returned with this one:

  • I see Mashima is starting to go down the same “I’m better at designing character outfits than coherent stories” route that Kubo travelled. That being said, Lucy looks cute.
  • Speaking of the guild, is Zeref just chilling there waiting for someone to show up? Mavis, Invel, and Irene are all gone. Guy must be mad lonely.
  • Irene you may think you’re a bad parent, but no one is going to take that title from Gendo Ikari.
  • So the key to beating Irene is family! How painfully ironic and contrived. 
  • Thank you, Mashima! I was starting to think you weren’t going to do an ass shot this chapter. It pays to have faith.
  • I remember when Erza’s armor had different functions: Heaven’s Wheel allowed her to manipulate up to 100 weapons, Flame Empress reduced fire damage, The Robe of Yuen was elastic, hell even the Nakagami armor as BS as it was “broke the laws of magic”. What’s the playboy armor do? Give her the powers of Hugh Hef and the mansion?
  • Nice to see Wendy caring about Irene abandoning Erza, because Erza sure as hell doesn’t.
  • So did Zeref not tell Irene that the dragons were sleeping inside their slayers, thus preventing them from becoming dragons? What a dick move. I mean he had to know since he and Anna sent them into the future for the express reason of the dragons regaining their strength and fighting Acnologia. Why would he not tell Irene - SOMEONE STRUGGLING TO UNDERSTAND HER OWN HUMANITY - about this? Did he think it was useless because she already turned into a dragon? I guess but he’s still an asshole for not telling her.
  • So is Igneel the manifestation of the acceptance stage of grief? Because four other people told Natsu he was going to die and he just shrugged it off.
  • Also, why did Igneel not think to tell Natsu he wasn’t out of danger when he emerged from his body. He had enough time to tell him, Sting, Rogue, and Gray about the dragonification but couldn’t spare a few seconds to tell Natsu: “Hey son, you have an extra demon seed in you that’s fusing with your dragon seed and it might kill you later. Alright time to Acnologia, love you.”
  • Really Irene should be pissed at Zeref for not telling her this information.
  • On the one hand I’m glad Wendy is casting more advanced spells, on the other I love how she has counters for someone who has literally been enchanting for nearly half a century. You’d think Irene would laugh at Wendy’s ability.
  • So the armor’s special ability is fusing it’s sword into one…how underwhelming.
  • So Erza literally being Irene’s flesh and blood daughter, birthed from her own womb with similar genes didn’t make them compatible because of their magic - which Erza didn’t have yet. I call shenanigans. 
  • Even if Irene needed the very specific combination of a dragon slayer/enchanter to transfer bodies she still could have used Erza. I believe that even if Erza was “born human” she would still have to have some dragonic traits because she was conceived after Belserion gave Irene his magic, and if she wasn’t couldn’t she have just placed a lacrima in her body and made her a 2nd Gen? (I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out Irene invented that process too).
  • She could have raised Erza with the exact purpose of taking her body. Taught her how to use her magic and teach her enchantments, and eventually seizing Erza’s body when she was strong enough. 
  • So Irene took a huge power decrease just to be human again? Seems very counter-productive. Especially since she never gave a shit about being human until Wendy told her what Zeref should have ages ago.
  • “Decreased somewhat?” Irene you have been cultivating your magic, practicing spells, and gaining strength for 400 years. Switching to Wendy is more than just a small decrease. You’ve been nerfed to shit. This is exact opposite of what Ginyu did to Goku in DBZ. He [Ginyu] just didn’t know how to tap into Goku’s latent power. He basically bit off more than he could chew. You just took a step down to become a loli.
  • Part of me hope Wendy stays possessed just so Erza has to call her Mom, but I know this will result in Irene getting beat in the most underwhelming way possible and her crying in apology to Erza for abandoning her.