Lush Anon:

Well, I did this in Art Class (and everybody looked at me like “wtf is she doing?!”)after I read the musical headcanons about your OCs. Just while I read it, I pictured the two, Minty and Twilight hanging out together and this is the result.

Of course, I’m not a skilled artist like Aaid-senpai, so it looks rather shitty, also, I had no proper cam to take a photo, it ended up with this bad quality.

Maybe, it lifts your motivation for the con. ^^ Have a nice evening, Shark-senpai.

Shh no it’s okay, the fact you put a lot of effort into this and showed it me is just fantastic in itself, I’m so happy about how enthusiastic you are about these ocs and how interested you are. 

I’m super happy about this and i really love what you’ve done, I really wanna write you something so if you want me to write about any specific characters please let me know. It’s the leastI can do for how lovely you have been to me these past few days!!