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omg that roxy is super cute!! i mean every roxy you draw is cute, but i really love her expressions and her cutie little mole!!!!!! all your art is adorable! keep up the fantastic work friend!!!!! have a lovely day <3

Anon:Gosh, the way you drew Roxy in that latest picture is so so beautiful. I love it.

Anon:the last roxy you drew is really gorgeous!! its so nice seeing how your style grows and develops over time

thank you very much! 8′)




me: anyways… its so tragic becky and jackie got evicted. they were the strongest players this season can could have changed the outcome of bb17 so much

yall: omg jackie/becky stans are so fucking ANNOYING and EXTRA!? like calm DOWN?!!!!

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how about some sleep headcanons for himuro tatsubae??? thank you soo soooo muuuuch (if i didn't make it to the cut please just ignore this omg)

Aaaaah so cute.

  • Himuro’s an extremely light sleeper. You could just creak the room door open and he would wake up instantly, all ready and alert.
  • But when he gets too tired, he’s pretty heavy. You could even braid his hair and he wouldn’t notice at all. He’d probably wake up to doodles on his face with glow in the dark ink and curly hair.
  • He’s a huge cuddler with you. He would spoon you, pull you close. He’d do anything as long as he has physical contact. If you disappear in the middle of the night, he’d wake up instantly.
  • Before he goes to sleep, he actually drinks a cup of warm milk. He’s like a huge baby but he claims that it really does help him relax to sleep.

If anybody is interested, I do have a Snapchat where I occasionally post things like random translations when I watch or listen to things and find them funny. It’s antrozous8 if you’re interested in following it~ I don’t update regularly or anything though haha. It’s all quite random~

The two types of people

Me: HEY FRIEND ima show you Seventeen!

Friend: ya show me!

Me: shows her see thats them!

Friend: they too feminine for me

Me: aight *walks away


Other friend: OMG YES SHOW ME MORE




I completely agree with every post about how revolting the reblog redesign is but also i want to complain about how tumblr has made it impossible to selectively remove captions. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute or clever caption that adds something to the post. I do NOT love five superfluous captions that are all some version of “OMG BEST EVER.” I used to regularly remove pointless captions from my reblogs. Then a month or so ago it became impossible to selectively remove captions. I never wanted to remove the ORIGINAL caption and I can see the point behind protecting that. I just wanted to remove all the DEBRIS a popular post would accrete by the time it hit 10k notes. 

When I got word of this redesign I was like YUCK but at the same time I was hoping at the back of my mind that MAYBE just MAYBE they would fix this feature. After all, even a centipede or a tumblr coder could understand that protecting the intellectual integrity of the original caption doesn’t require protecting all the commentary that follows.  BUT GUESS WHAT NOPE.

I mean, I’m gonna feel pretty dumb if there’s some easy fix I’m missing, but like for example. Here’s a arousing post about how to make french toast roll-ups. On my dash the captions look like this:

The original caption is fine. Then there are four completely unnecessary captions added on reblogs that do nothing but stretch out an already long post. When I’m drafting my reblog, if I try selecting one of the unnecessary captions and hitting delete, tumblr bumps me back to the original post, or back to my dash, or to google (SERIOUSLY). The red x will let me delete EVERYTHING but I can’t isolate any particular caption to delete - it’s all or nothing: 

The problem with deleting extra captions has been there for weeks (OR MORE, I CAN’T KEEP TRACK OF HOW TIME PASSES ON TUMBLR BECAUSE IT’S A DARK AND INFINITE PIT) but it feels WORSE now because all the extra commentary takes up more room and looks so crappy. And I’m not gonna just delete it all because I usually WANT the original caption, not to mention it’s a dick move to delete it. So I guess what I’m gonna be doing more of is reblogging straight from the OP for posts like this, which sucks because I like reblogging from specific ppl that I know - it adds a little bit of connection and the chance of communication through tags, and it’s like saying HI PAL, GO YOU FOR BEING DISCERNING ENOUGH TO SELECT THIS EXCELLENT POST FOR MY PERUSAL!! NICE WORK!!! 

Anyway, if you see your post being reblogged by me but not from you in the future, I’m not passive-aggressively sending you a message about how I don’t want to reblog from you, I’m just trying to get rid of extra captions. 

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Not technically a curse, but here's another video interview of Liam & Woody for the anon & you, where Liam gets carried away saying "piss"! If anyone can make piss sexy, it's Liam! On YouTube at EPIX Catching Fire - Liam vs. Woody. It's at :30 - :47. And just for some extra fantasy, watch at 1:04. Right after Liam does the cute hand motion & the interviewer begins talking, Liam keeps going, a bit more quietly! Yeah, Liam, feed me & "sh" me all you want, & throw in some curse words, please!

OMG THIS INTERVIEW! I HAD NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE THANK YOU SO MUCH! THIS WAS SO GREAT! I’m even giffing it rn lol (too funny to not to), they were the greatest together, I need By Way of Helena to come out NOW. 

Go watch it people! 

Finley’s at the point now where I can call him to me in the middle of him playing and he immediately turns around and rockets back to me. 

Someone at the dog park said he looks like a psycho when he runs because he pins his ears back to achieve a state of aerodynamic no one has ever seen and his eyes get all big because HE’S SO EXCITED TO COME BACK OMG TREATS YASSSSSSS (except now we’re slowly weaning off food rewards for recall yay) and it’s so cute like yeah he looks like a meth addict but I HAVE A DOG WITH ROCKET RECALL YOU GUYS. 

We also had an amazing moment today where I decided not to move over and stop for horses like we usually do (the trail was wide enough that they had more than plenty of room to go past us without getting too close) and instead I just asked Finley to watch me as we walked past and he just stared me straight in the eye and did a perfect little prancing heel past like 5 horses and one of the people clapped for him it was so cute. 

He was also very patient at Petsmart when he had to try on a bazillion coats while simultaneously ignoring people and other dogs. The lady we did puppy class with was there and came over and told him what a good boy he was and gave him treats. 

I’m so happy with my little snuggle nugget :) 

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my crush is really complicated cus im polyamorus and theres these 2 really cool people ones all short chubby cuteness while the others tall muscular hotness and im too shy to even TALK to one of them. so flirting to both of them and trying to see oif they would like poly completely scares me. but there both outta my league by way too much so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

omg you should talk to them! you never know until you try.

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PSSST ENCKE!!!! Just because space mom tends to get more recognition, that doesn't mean we don't all absoluetly love you, too. You're amazing and kind and a wonderful lieutenant!

              Keeler deserves all the recognition he gets. Nobody works harder on this ship than he does, and nobody dedicates more of their hours to bettering everyone’s lives. He’s just so… committed. No matter how tired he gets, I almost always find him at his desk, filing away a stack of paperwork or helping the others down in the hangar. I don’t know how he finds that many hours in the day but he always does, and I can’t ever seem to make it clear just how proud I am of him. I’ve never… really been good at conversation. I just hope he knows.

              I really pale in comparison to him. He’s such a bright star… I don’t mind being in the background, being his background. I’ll be the night sky forever if it means he can keep shining.

              I still don’t know what I did to deserve being his partner, but… if it were the only thing I’ve ever done right, I’m glad I did.

              Because I can’t ask for anything more. And even if I could? I wouldn’t.

              I wouldn’t want it. I don’t want it, and I definitely don’t need it. Just h i m.

mamamoo on weekly idol thoughts:

+ i’ve fallen in love with wheein. her charm. her smile. her energy. her dance. she’s too cute. i want my own wheein, where can i get one?

+ aww poor moonbyul constantly messing her choreo on random dance play, i just want to hug her

+ oh my girls being all hot and sweaty after random dance play. is this the purpose of this game, to make idols all panting and sexy?

+ maknae line slaying the whole show from random dance play to finish

+ ah mamamoo really loves to punish and bully their leader. you really need some stamina to be able to lead this punch, props to solar

+ moonbyul placing a blanket back on solar’s lap was so cute and thoughtful

+ so is sexy cleaning whasa’s talent?? i am 100% supporting this. can i pay just to see you clean like that, is there a ticket sale somewhere

+ mamamoo gangsta “oi” is so cool, i wanna be part of their gang

+ somehow i knew that their visit to weekly idol would end up them receiving some yellow cards

that was epic

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Kid Carla is so freaking precious and I really wanna smallify everyone like CUTE SMALL FIDDS AND HIS SON AND CUTE KID BILL AND STANLEY COUPLE BUT MOSTLY JUST CUTENESS))

((omg that sounds cute af i want someone to make everyone in the squad a bb so that fids has to babysit all the lil shits))

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do you have any random bran/jojen headcanons? btw I love your work

omg thank you so much, yes btw I have a few.

  • Canon-verse, I have a headcanon that there’s more than one time they’ve accidentally (quietly coughs intentionally out of habit) rolled over in their sleep and cuddled up all cute. I noticed in one of the episodes how close to each other they actually sleep, so that’s pretty cute.
  • Modern au, I think they have their first kiss when they’re at a party, the first party they’ve ever gone to because Arya practically dragged them to it, and they get pushed into playing spin the bottle. It awkwardly lands on them, and they exchange a few apologetic glances before kissing. They spend around a week trying to pretend like nothing happened, yet beneath all that it’s just raging emotions and long stares. After that, they give in and end up making out in Jojen’s rusty, old pickup truck. (Arya gets a call from Bran saying, ‘hey I’m staying over Jojen’s tonight tell mum’ and Sansa takes out her wallet and Arya is like ‘I fuckin told you so’) 
  • Modern au, Bran and Jojen have their initials scratched into the tree in Jojen’s backyard, in a little heart. Because they’re sappy nerds. 
Tumblr and Halloween
  • Me:ok let's see some stuff *loads up Tumblr*
  • Tumblr:Look at these cool Halloween costumes! Only $2000.00
  • Me:*types in search box* okay let's see some pics of cute puppies!
  • Me:FOR GODS SAKE! *searches Tumblr* Memes.
  • Me:... *searches for feminist posts* they have to be ranting about something other to do with Halloween.
  • Me:*searches NicolaTheDuck* Okay my best friend can't be posting it.
  • Me:*stuffs breadsticks in purse* I have to go.

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You should start an asmr YouTube channel. You have the perfect voice and literally all you need is a smartphone and iPhone headphones to record your voice. If you don't know about asmr you should search on YouTube: Albinwhisperland what is asmr

omg this is such a cute idea???? honestly i would be stoked to do it, but honestly my voice is kinda….like….squeaky??? so i dunno if it would be calming… u n u;;;

i just mass unfollowed about 800 people and now my dash is so dead..

like/reblog this if you post:

  • - cute stuff like animals
  • - snakeys i love snakeys
  • - plants omg they cute but like omg plants are pretty
  • - s p a c e
  • - pastel like things that are pretty 
  • - cute things
  • - c a c t i

please dont like/reblog if you post nsfw/gore/blood/superwholock

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Dude Kylie and Tyga should have posted videos like her recent snaps months ago! Lol they are so cute!!!! Wtf lol I was at a 60/100 on their relationship because I wasn't sure how they really acted together. I felt like the relationship was very mature(from what I saw) and not really young fun if I make sense lol looking at them made me happy cause now I felt reassurance that Kylie wasn't in a serious all the time relationship. She looked very happy and young in her snaps. Now I'm 100% team kyga

Agreeddd!! Haha yeah don’t worry I feel you! I was even like that too a little while ago! It was hard to imagine them doing that young cute stuff haha but omg yay!! I really just hope they have a healthy and happy relationship! Even if I didn’t agree with kyga now, I would never wish an unhealthy relationship on anyone because those can be so draining and just aren’t good for anyone 😓