baekhyun imitating the different type of fan screams in different tones omg

boyfriend! wonwoo

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  • the cutest bf 
  • friday night movie dates !!!!! 
  • either at the movie theater or ur place bc sometimes u guys are in the mood to watch some classics and other times you guys want to catch a new movie coming out 
  • cuddling until you guys fall asleep 
  • lots of home dates
  • he doesnt feel like he HAS to go outside and do something with you
  • he’s comfortable enough for you two to just enjoy eachothers company @ home
  • just lounging around together
  • spontaneous ice cream runs
  •  outside dates tho !! 
  • includes cafe dates and bookstore dates !! 
  • he recommends all his favorite books to u bc he wants to share something he enjoys with someone he loves 
  • hes the type to say i love u when u guys are in a tight hug like he’d hold u so close and whisper against your ear
  •  texts u with emoticons omg … so cute 
  • sweater paws !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • lets u wears his sweaters 
  • hed probably go to the store and end up buying matching ones so he can have another thing that reminds him of u 
  • if u buy him any gifts he’d try his best to use it all the time 
  • like a bracelet? only comes off his wrist when hes in the shower and when he cant wear it during performances 
  •  cologne? hed spray it on every morning
  •  a sweater ? hed wear it as many times as he could before he has to wash it ( and without being called out for wearing the same shirt 24/7 lol) 
  • ahhhh eskimo kisses !!!!!!!!! 
  • like him crinkling his nose when he smiles and he comes in to rub his nose w ur nose
  • him telling u random old man jokes 
  • “hey wonwoo im hungry" 
  • "hi hungry im looking for my girlfriend do you know where she is ?" 
  • "did u just ……………”
  • him coming over to ur house for sleepovers 
  • him coming to ur house at 3 am just because he missed u 
  • but being too embarassed to admit it 
  • “why are u here ????" 
  • "wow !!! this isnt my house ??? how’d i get here ??? i wonder ….." 
  • ”…… just get inside wonwoo" 
  • taking!!! care!! of !! him !!! when!!! he !!! is !!! sick!!!!!!! 
  • making sure he eats all his meals and helping him when he’s in pain 
  • comforting him by holding his hand and talking abt things to distract him from the pain 
  • calling in to check on how hes doing 
  • hed always assure you that hes fine and wouldnt show u that hes in pain bc he wouldnt want u to worry 
  • when ur on facetime w him he blows u kisses 
  • sometimes mingyu texts u to tell you that wonwoo wont shut up abt u and asks u to do something abt it please
  • whenever you do something cute, he’d just pause and blush bc omg ur so cute???? how?????
  • he likes to admire you a lot
  • like when you’re sleeping on his bed beside him he’d look at you
  • and he’d just be like
  • “wow how’d i get so lucky?? “
  • if u ever catch him doing this he’d deny it at all costs w a very red blush on his cheeks
  • dotes on you a lot
  • he can’t say no to you
  • mingyu says he’s whipped and he doesnt want to admit it but he really is
  • when you tell him ur on ur period he’ll google how to help ease ur pain
  • tries to shower you in kisses to make you feel better
  • being super gentle w u!!!! bc he sees u as a fragile person that must be protected at all costs
  • taking pictures of all the places he goes to so he can show you and share his adventures with you if you arent there
  • polaroid pictures!!!
  • hanging up the pictures of you two in his room
  • ok reading books together but listen… you two on the floor with you sitting between his legs and his head on your shoulder and his arms around you holding the book up
  • “are you done with this page yet?”
  • for your one year anniversary he’d give you a book he made himself that’s filled with all the things you guys did together 
  • like a receipt from that one restaurant you went to
  • the ticket from the fair you two visited
  • movie ticket stubs 
  • ahhhhh he’d spend so much time on it like he’d decorate it with stickers and write tiny little mementos for everything in the book
  • and it would have everything starting from the first date you guys had
  • couple rings!!!!
  • whenever you’re feeling under the weather he’d buy you your favorite food to go and come over to your place
  • he’d have your favorite movie playing and wrap the two of you in a warm fluffy blanket so you two can cuddle
  • if you ever cry, he’d be your shoulder to cry on
  • he’s kind of awkward but he’ll try his best to make you feel better with a good hug
  • wipes away ur tears for u
  • “wanna go get ice cream?”
  • bringing you to his garden!! lmao
  • when he finds out ur favorite fruit, he’d try his best to grow some on his own and surprise u with them
  • generally  a giant sweetheart !!

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Hello!! Just wanting to ask, are you planning to do anymore ACOMAF art cause I can't get enough of it. They're the best and Feyre and Rhysand look so cute together in your drawings :)

Ahh thank you so much Anon!! <3 And yeah omg don’t worry, all I can draw right now is ACOMAF haha. I plan on drawing all of my fae baes soon :,)

it says WIP but i dont think I’ll ever finish this drawing whoops

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Omg Sailormoon Drops looks so cute, but I hate gem games x_x I really wish there was a SailormoonGo where you ran into Negaverse cronies! *-*

The only drawback to Sailor Moon Drops is that to get to the adorable cutscenes you have to actually play the game. 

Honestly, just imagine a game where you could collect all 150+ of the monsters of the week. Some of these guys basically look like pokemon already. (Looking at you, Ball Family.)


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remember when jk said jm had cute toes like who says that?? alSO, during fansigns they flirt so much they ignore the fans.i love how JK hovers when JM hangs out w/ others, that frozen smile he gets on his face (when hes jealous) gives me life like during that fansign when min/joon were all touchy and he ignored JM (bc he was jealous), im pure trash for this sHIp. the prom backhug, all the backhugs im just...dfksanf. and how all the members seem so done w/ them sometimes like???


LOL I laughed so hard when Will (@pafuyu-mu​) said that thing about the toes in his Jikook analysis video. I was like lmao TRUTH. 

DONT BRING UP FANSIGNS WITH ME. JUST DONT. If you read my tags you know all the rage I have for those. but tbh I try to blame it on the seating arrangements but last time they did Jimin publicly vetoed it in front of everyone so ._. I guess it’s harder than it looks XD

Jungkook gets jealous of Minjoon so much like: 

Relax Mr. Spreading Legs. (also namjoon’s jpg face lmao)


^PROM COUPLE RIGHT DERE. ngl first time i saw those photos i fucking screamed. and i did a double take wondering if it was actually them.but it was. so i screamed some more. favourite pictures of them.

ngl. as much as i ship them. sometimes im hoseok and taehyung when it comes to them lmao.

^“can you guys chill? ._.”

even my sister (who is originally a taekook shipper and still claims to be) sees them interact sometimes and she’s just like O.O “wtf they’re so weird.”

(and shiet, ur Canadian too? Come join my moose party :D) 

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Love your blog ^__^ can you please do a GOT7 reaction for when their gf is a terrible dancer? Hehe, I'm really bad!

Aw this is so cute!! Omg I am too don’t worry!!!

Mark: “Regardless of how bad you are I still love you and thats all that matters”

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JB: “Don’t worry I’m a great dancer, I’ll teach you”  

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Jackson” He’d like dance bad and be like “don’t worry i’m a bad one as well”

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Junior: He would always just want to see you to dance for him regardless of how bad you were

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Youngjae: “Okay we’re going to learn how to together” he would just make you feel good about your dancing regardless of how he can dance

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Bambam: It’s okay, the first thing i’ll teach you is… (i’m sorry i had to put this)

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Yugyeom: omg…. “it’s okay, i got this”

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i’m just gonna show the maknae being rude af 

Hope you like it <3

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i feel really shy... .-. so i'm going to do this off anon. do you have any 2jae fic recs? ( preferably nothing erotic but das okay too :b )

*bambam voice* oF COOOURSE

all of these are ao3 because i only do ao3 omg

Separated -893 words

really really cute and they share a bed so yea

It’s Raining Kisses -787 words

really cute with a lot of sleepiness and sleeping and kisses

Thinking Out Loud -4020 words

Summary: Jaebum wakes up one day to find himself able to read minds - or mind. Fortunately, it’s Youngjae’s, so it can’t be too bad, right? Oh how wrong he was.

Tech Support -2951 words

jaebum is bad with computers and the tech support guy has a cute voice

Lost -8236 (4 chapters)

college au where they’re roommates and just all around cute just read it

Rejection -806

ok the title gives it away there is no happiness but i like it so mmmmm

Oh No -6207 (5 chapters)

hahaha self promo for the win there’s coco in it

Something Good (can’t take my eyes off of you) -810

youngjae talks to jb about how he always stares at him on camera

You Matter To Me -10246 (7 chapters)

college au they broke up but then they still like each other and it’s really really really good

Dealing With a Bad Date -1722

bartender!jaebum and sulking!youngjae its cute tho so yes

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i hope this is good enough haha have fun reading ;3

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I feel like since Rowan grew up she's so much more comfortable doing intimate scenes with Peyton like how cute


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HC; when satya is really mad (or dosent want people to know what she's saying)she'll yell at people in her native tounge to freak them out, in the beggining of her crush on Jaime she frequently mutter "why are you so attractive!" At him,thus confusing the hell out of him, as a bilingual person I do this often its halarious, sorry for the long ask, love your work

This is an incredibly cute headcanon. Consider me subscribed! I imagine Satya as proficient in several languages due to the nature of her work at Vishkar – she went on missions all around the world for their redevelopments – but her getting incredibly flustered and reverting to her mother tongue to shout frustrated compliments at Junkrat just make me smile omg.

All I can think of is her just rambling on in an absolute giant paragraph of things she finds irresistible about him while he’s just sitting there with a look that reads “the fuck you on about” as he toys with one of his empty grenade shells between his fingers.

I like to think she uses speaking in other languages to fluster him, too. I just imagine that when they’re in that limbo between friends and lovers, she approaches him when they’re alone and trails two fingers down his back and presses a kiss to his shoulder and says something completely ordinary in her mother tongue, but uses a lower, sultry tone that just destroys him and makes him think she’s talking dirty.

8) I have a lot of feelings about this.

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amigo, think for a sec about Rex havin pups and six is the only one who currently knows about it so they need names, but six is shit at names so all the pups end up getting named after companions but with junior added on, to stifle confusion. Hijinks ensue w said companions. "Aw six who's that cutie?" "Hm? Oh that Arcade Jr! He's the cutest outta them all, but don't tell the others I said that" *winks @ Arc* "What's that?" *growl* "That's Craig Jr, he's a real softy when ya know him" I <3 u btw

All of the puppies are named after companions? I’m in! That is so cute! “Craig Jr” omg! Boone would hide in a corner with the puppy and snuggle him! That sniper has a soft spot for puppies! I just know it. 


Life updates 1: the cat cafe.

Last week I went for the first time to a cat cafe! It’s called Torakiki cafe and it’s in Prato, a town near Florence.
There were four kittens and three adult cats, all well fed and cared about. I spent a couple of hours there playing with them, and it was so nice and relaxing. They have a big room with a lot of playthings, cat towers and passages on the walls and the ceiling, as well as a lot of places where to sleep. And air conditioning, of course.
I can’t wait to go back there, they now have a new kitten!

For @fatcatfishdish, who wanted to know about the cat cafe. :)

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I feel like Dan would be the parent to want to buy their child like the really expensive types of sweaters and clothes like his yeezy stuff and Phil would be like "Dan it's just a sweater that too much for a sweater!" It would be hilarious (all of what i just said makes no sense sORR)Y 😂😂

Thats so cute omg


bias selfie tag:

i was tagged by @justbwi (u are so cute omg) 5ever ago ahahaha. but tae’s selfies have been making me all alsdkjfalgh so i decided to do this and the rest is history (:

i tag my loves: @taehxyung @winterchim @taechubs @aguxstd @smashtaehyung  @mochiyoongs and anyone else


ArsMagna Special Live Chronos Senior High School (21/?).

JUST (1/3)

*insert a high-pitched screeching fangirl scream here*

I took too many screenshots for a 4-minutes long song omg what have I done;;

Idol 2-A!
Yes, you read that right! The 2-A Combination as idols!

Raccho is so shiny and kirakira and looks just like a real idol!

While Sou-sama looks like a snow prince asdfghjkl so beautiful and perfect uuugh ;///;

All screenshots are mine.


Omg BB8 is so cute.

And little.

Aaron got all misty eyed when he saw the baby had arms and legs and fingers and toes. Like a tiny human.

The techs said my doctors office will know on Monday of there’s anything to be concerned about.

I just love it so much.

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Your makeup is hot af!!! How do u do dat why r u so cute!!??! 😍😍

omg thank you!!!! you’re so sweet!! my friend sarah did it for me, so she should get all the credit!!! she’s so fucking good at makeup it’s ridiculous !!!!! 😍😍😍😍