anonymous asked:

Have you ever seen someone so beautiful you started crying? If this makes any sense because it happened to me msjsjsjksus I appreciate some people so much! And you are one of those I'm grateful for <3

you’re so adorable!!!!!!!! <3

vatsunara  asked:

I have no clue who to send this too. I don't know if you saw the new Prompto trailer but the things with Aranea are great. Yet my though was how xute she looked in her red scarf. It got me thinking... What if it was a hand made present from her s/o. I thought that would be super cute and I accept it so hard. S/o: Ah, since I know you go to cold places for work at times, I made you this. Aranea: *Does that cocky cute talk she does then shows how much she loves the present*

Aww that’s adorable!! ;3; <3 Aranea definitely seems like the type to act all cool about a gift like that and then refuse to ever take it off. Imagine how furious she’d be if someone tore it in battle… she’d fucking destroy them lol.