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Part 1: Engaged/ Newlyweds 

A/N: I’m not relevant anymore but here’s part one of a possible series of a reader and Tom growing up, growing together, and growing old. 

Word count: 3,112

It’s like a scene out of a movie when you and Tom finally have a date: a streetside café bustling with New York natives, a wall of plants and flowers fencing where the sidewalk ends and the seating starts. A slight breeze cools the piping hot coffee you ordered, a gorgeous spread of food laying in your sights. Tom says something, but you can’t quite hear him over how loud everything is.

“Can you repeat that babe?”

“I said the back of your head looks really nice today.”

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Can you do 103 and 104? No pressure just whenever you want to! Also side note I love your writing!!

Thank you so much love! I’m sorry this has taken so long, but thanks for bearing with me :) hope you like!Xx

103: ‘Oh, you’re playing hard to get? That’s cute.’
104: ‘Where have you been all my life?/Probably hiding from you.’


The Smile

There’s a certain thrill one might get when they succeed in amusing another person, who doesn’t like to show it or admit it.

Jughead Jones got this thrill with every bitten-down smile, squinted flare, playful scowl Betty Cooper had on her face.

She would say something, he would throw out a witty comment and she would act like she didn’t find it humorous.

Just imagine the sexual tension.

But this thrill can only get you so far. After a while, Betty Cooper ought to give in to his devilish eyes, sneaky smile, annoying smirk.

And Jughead Jones should get her to reveal that hidden, beautiful laugh; small blush creeping up on her cheeks; and that smile.

That smile.

The one people have only heard about but never seen.

A real one.

It’s hard to visualise, but Jughead had thought about it at great lengths.

Betty Cooper was no ordinary girl. She was a girl living up to other people’s expectations of her; she had been taught everything she knew; and she had a smile on for everyone to see.

But it wasn’t a happy smile.

Jughead had only seen himself been able to smile a happy one after he got acquainted with the blonde beauty: she had brought the smile out of him, so he would do that for her.

It just took a little time.

So here they are, in the Blue&Gold office on a Friday afternoon.

“You know you have to take off the packaging,” she scoffed, not even looking up at him from her computer screen.

“Wow. Really? I did not know that. Where have you been all my life? I don’t know how I’ve survived up until this point.”

She rolled her eyes, small smile playing on her lips, “Probably hiding from you. And neither do I.”

He grinned, moving to sit on the edge of her desk after devouring the wrap. “Betty. Betts. Elizabeth.”

“What?”she groaned.

“Come on, let’s get out of here. You’ve been proofreading for ages, it has to be right.”


“You’re not listening to me,” he stated and snapped his fingers in front of her face.

“What did you have in mind?” She asked.


“You just ate.”

“Not enough.”

She sighed, saving and logging off, “Alright, let’s go. Only because I can’t bear to hear your stomach rumble any longer.”

“Whatever it takes, babe. Whatever it takes.”

Slinging his bag over his shoulder he just managed to catch her little smile-the ‘he’s-an-idiot-but-I-love-him smile’.


“Alright, let’s cut to the chase.”

“And what would that be?” Betty inspected her fingers as she finished off her fries.

“You find me irresistibly sexy and I’m willing to sink to your level.”

She laughed, “Right. Okay.”

“No, I’m serious, Betty. Why play the ‘not-interested’ card anymore? It’s not fooling anyone.”

She looked up at him, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m saying, that right here, right now, all I want to do is kiss you.”

She shook her head, trying not to grin. “You’re ridiculous.”

“Okay, I get it,” he rested his face in his hands, elbows on table. “You’re playing hard to get. And that’s cute. It really is. But not as cute as me, and definitely not as cute as kissing me.” He winked.

She mimicked his position, curious at his words. “So what you’re saying is, once you ‘get’ a dose of me, you’ll leave me alone?”

“If that’s what you want, babe, anything for you.”

She rolled her eyes, laughing lightly as she took his face into her small hands, and united their lips over the table.

It was better than he could have ever imagined.

It really was one hell of a kiss.

But the best bit was when he opened his eyes he saw it.

The smile.

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hi darling, congrats on 200💞 could i please get a headcanon with tom where i’m stressing about studying and he makes me feel better?? either that or taking care of me when i’m ill?? you’d be an absolute star if you could, ily 💛

  • omg this idea gets me so deep in my feels for the masterpiece that is tom holland wow
  • ok tom is the most comforting boyfriend anyone could ask for!!
  • you have a huge exam coming up that you’ve been prepping ages for and he know this, the bags under your eyes being a telltale sign as well as the countless nights of you sitting in front of your computer, textbooks, and notes
  • one day you’re just so utterly drained, but you force yourself to ‘just get through one last section’
    • “love, come to bed already. it’s nearly 2am”
    • “i just have to study this last paragraph and i’ll go to bed, i promise.”
  • it’s now been an hour and ur still sitting in front of your textbook, your eyelids as heavy as weights, your head dropping every few moments
  • tom wakes up a half hour later to see you asleep and drooling over all your study material, frowning to himself, knowing how drained you’d been the past week
  • he gently wakes you with soft, sweet words
    • “gorgeous, time to go to bed.”
    • “t- *yawn*”
    • “yeah, up you go, love.”
  • he practically has to carry you himself to the bathroom, brushing your teeth for you and using those makeup wipes he always watched you use
  • once you make it back to your bedroom, he undresses you, kissing your forehead, then putting one of his sweatshirts over you that you loved to wear to sleep (homeboy took notice)
  • he tucks you in to bed once he maneuvers you under the covers, then rounds the bed and gets in himself, hugging you tightly to his chest and kissing your hair
  • he says somethings even tho you’re fast asleep by now
    • “i love you angel.”
    • “you need to stop torturing yourself over these tests.”
    • “you deserve rest”
    • “and if you don’t see that, then i’m forcing you to bed next time by all means necessary.”
    • “good night, my love.”
  • the next day ur back at it again with the white vans studying and tom makes sure you eat and drink water bc when ur in the zone you seem to forget to do simple things like that
    • “open up, darling,” tom says as he holds a sandwich up to your lips
    • “tom i can feed my-”
    • he shoves it in your mouth
    • “hush, sweet child”
  • later that night you bets believe he used his notorious arms, pulling you away from your bad studying habit and into bed with him
    • “tom, no”
    • “y/n, i don’t care. you’re going to sleep now whether you like it or not”
    • “tom you can’t jus-” he starts kissing that spot on your neck that he knows is ur weakness 
    • you sigh, throwing your arms around him and allowing him to pick you up,“fuck it, i’m all yours now tommy”
Knives and Other Blades

Summary: Reader is well known in the female hockey division. She’s been a part of Team Canada for over a year, but she’s knows there’s more out there than just criminals. Monsters are real as her parents and grandparents explain but other than training, reader has never hunted in her life. What happens when two hunters find out her ‘normal’ life?

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester


Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Supernatural or the show. I do not own anything to do with Team Canada either. This is simply fiction and not real. Nor do I own any gifs or images.

Warnings: possible swearing, death (drowning), little bit of angst.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: If you want to be tagged in anything to do with Marvel or Supernatural let me know!

A/N It’s been sitting in my computer for quite some time.


Originally posted by speakslow13

You were beyond tired. You were so sore you felt that your hair itself was crying. You were used to the hard work that came with being a hunter but this was a different kind of ache. The first memory you have is holding your father’s hockey stick awkwardly at age two; a blurry memory but also one close to your heart.
You played it for the fun up until you’re father lost his ability to play when his health declined after a nasty car accident that left you with a catatonic mother, and a shell of the man you used to idolize. When you and your father sat in the doctors office at only age fifteen you decided right there to make him proud and play for the both of you. You dreamed of being part of Team Canada from that moment on knowing that with enough training you could use that hidden talent and succeed.

A year and a half later you accepted the offer of joining the team playing as hard as you could among the talented females. The first person you told was your father and he cried in joy of knowing his daughter would play a huge part in the history of women’s hockey. You were only seventeen when he drowned in a boating accident.

You had grown up knowing about the things underneath you bed, hell your grandparents hunted them until the day they took their last breath. It was a known fact in the hunting world that living to thirty was the average. You had training from the summers you spent at their home which greatly helped your stamina for hockey training. Your parents hadn’t liked the hunting world after getting married and having you but they understood the need for the training.

The only person left in the world that was your family was an aunt that was estranged from your mother, her sister, and an uncle that was grouchy and unbelievably rich. Needless to say you considered yourself to be an orphan due to your mother having walked out on your dad and you back when you were only two years old. She simply didn’t want to be a mother or wife yet.

Today you were on ice in America for a stupid practice before the gold medal game coming up in two days. The team was nervous and on edge but with enough practicing the feelings would decrease allowing a clear head for the big game coming up. The Winchesters were out on a salt and burn hunt that you had decided to take time away using the excuse of being too tired to be able to focus; you would have been killed if you had.

The only problem was that the caretaker of the arena was a relative to the ghost that was the monster of the hunt. You hadn’t expected to see the boys in the area but they were waiting for the caretaker to finish using the Zamboni but he was waiting for you to get off the ice. You were practicing your slaphots to gain more accuracy and less time to take the shot. You could see as you drank your water greedily that they were inspecting cautiously. The tapping on the glass from the caretaker pulled you from your thoughts and made you finally get off the ice.

“Holy shit.” Dean said when you pulled the helmet off your head, “What the fuck?”

“Hey.” You said slightly out of breath, “Something wrong?”

“God you smell like shit from other here!” Sam pretending to gag.

“Comes with the territory.” You grinned ignoring the smell wafted off your body.

“How long have you done with sport?” Dean asked leaning back against the wall, gaining a visual of all the room.

“I was around the age of three.” You frowned remembering, “I have a game coming up so we’re practicing a lot and I can’t exactly hunt.”

Sam and Dean stared at you not comprehending how you had managed to hide this from them, hell by the jersey displaying the Canadian flag they finally realized you had always been different from the people they had met over the years. Sam’s eyes widened as he realized that you were in fact not America but instead a Canadian.

“I’ll go shower while you talk with the caretaker. It’s best I don’t join you. He’s not impressed that I stay late which makes him have to stay late and miss family dinners.”

Before either could reply you had grabbed your gloves, stick and helmet and gracefully opened the change room door and stepped in. You smiled taking in the gross smell that no matter how much air freshener used could not get rid of. Every dressing room had this distinct smell that from the first day would smell and you freaking loved it.

Meanwhile outside Dean and Sam had slammed the caretaker against the wall inside his office. He was acting sketchy and Dean, using the alias of FBI agent Carter, did not like that at all. Sam, using his alias as FBI agent Barnes, had pointed out the books around the room, the symbols, and the trophy from his kill of the young girl. By the time they had stepped out of the room you were leaning against the wall now looking at your phone with the hockey bag at your feet.

“How did it go?” You questioned not even looking up.

“He’s the one that caused this problem. He killed her for wanting to tell his wife that they were having an affair and then he pulled spells out of his ass and kept her around.” Dean explained scoffing at the explanation.

“He kept the trophy in there and we all watched as it burnt.” Sam explained ignoring his brother’s distaste.

“Salt and burning the body didn’t work?” You asked pushing the phone into your pocket and quickly making your hair into a messy bun. Dean watched as a drop of water trailed down the side of your neck.


“Son of a bitch.” You cussed.

“Hey that’s Dean’s line.” Sam grinned at his brother. Dean rolled his eyes pulling the car keys from his pocket.

“Well now we can go home. Talk about your deception about your hobby and nationality.” Dean raised one eyebrow not allowing any other emotion on his face.

You groaned realizing that your sore body wouldn’t be able to soak in the tub than collapse in bed. You may have had a shower but you need to relax in warm water with a glass of wine beside you. You had been looking forward to it when the trainer had decided to use drills at the hardest level.

“Can’t we do it tomorrow?”

“Oh hell no.”


You had gotten into the bunker with the bag that Sam tried his hardest to take from you obviously sore body. You refused despite the aching need to let him take it. Dean was little help for he had taken up sulking throughout the drive and getting into the door. The first place he went? The fridge for a beer.

“So do you play on a team? Like a hobby?” Dean finally asked.

“Surree.” You cleared your throat. You didn’t feel happy about the way that he had called your dedication but really how could you say anything when they never even knew about it.

“Rec?” Sam asked sitting down at the kitchen table.

“Wha?” Dean questioned not expecting his brother to know anything about the sport.

“No actually. I play in a women’s league. I have a game in a few days, and it’s pretty big. I play for Team Canada.”

“WHAT?!” Sam exclaimed shocked, “Seriously? I had a girlfriend back in high school that was absolutely obsessed with the team.”

“Ooh learn about a chick’s favourite sport.” Dean winked.

“Seriously?” Sam asked looking at him, “Maybe I find the sport interesting? Maybe if we hadn’t grown up with this life I would be playing hockey?”

Dean simply stared at Sam imaging how their life would have been without the hunting and instead lived in a town living the naive life of a ‘normal’ family. He could see himself taking an interest in mechanics and not drinking so much. Hell maybe he would have played a sport himself.

“See that’s the thing Sam. You got the chance for normal and I didn’t. I don’t see the point of wanting something unattainable anymore.” Dean snapped storming out the room. He didn’t want to regret the life he was raised in because he might not have been as close to Sam as he is now.

You watched the fuming brunette wanting nothing more than to chase after him but you couldn’t. He wouldn’t appreciate looking weak nor letting you see a weak man. Little did he know that you craved being the one he would run to not from.

tumblr girls picking at age differences in hetero relationships is nothing but pure projection. “It’s so creepyyy” yea Katie-Lynn I’m sure it has nothing to do with your adverse reaction to penis and vise versa. Y’all act like being in a room full of grown ass men is tantamount to torture, yet you sit behind your computers thirsting over a 30-40+ yr old actor’s dick size, obsessing other folks relationships because getting a good man of your own would mean you’d have to face how much of a mediocre hoe you are. You’re jealous cowards who’ve bought into the “my pussy is a present” mentality. You were spent before you even began, and it kills you to see other women crushing the relationship game, nabbing niggas with big hearts, full time jobs and 401k

git good or git the fuck out bitch

@kintatsujo‘s Team Ishtar au.

I found these in a folder from 2015!! :0 I think I asked ages ago if I could colour  something of yours back then. Well… apparently I did? I remember having planned to do the whole team ishtar au, but this is all that got done in the end.

Image heavy under the cut.

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May I have this dance, my lady?

This has been sitting on my computer for a long while now, so I just slapped some colour on it and decided to share it! I painted it right over a screenshot from the game, but took some liberties with certain things (ha, what is a background?

Arya Lavellan and Cullen :D

Liam Dunbar Imagine #1

you are new to the school and he gets called to the office to show you around. But you are really shy so you don’t talk much until you get stuck in a classroom because the lock broke or something and you get freaked out.


No one liked moving to a different school. Having to meet all new friends. Having to learn the layout of the school, where all your classes are, where the bathroom is. You knew it was gonna be one hell of a journey before you make new friends. Not being one to run up to people and ask to be there friend, it would take awhile. And normally, no one talks to the new girl. Especially when they are a freshman, like you.

You strolled to the entrance of Beacon Hills high School, just from looking around at the building, you got a weird vibe. You shook it off before entering the school. You entered through the main entrance, walking into a empty hallway. The admin told you to come around 10:30, which you guess is in the middle of a class period.

You looked around the hallway, noticing a small sign over a door that had big broad letters, saying “OFFICE”. You took in a big breath, before walking to the door, entering with a knock. You were greeted with smile from the secretary.

“Hello, what can I help you with today?” She said bubbly. You returned a smile before answering.

“Hi, I am new and I started classes today.” You said, trying to keep a confident face on.

“Oh! Are you the new freshman, (Y/n) (Y/l/n)?” She questions, raising an eyebrow through her glasses.

“Yeah, that’s me.” You sigh, leaning against the desk. You slightly tap your fingers on the desk, hearing little thuds.

There was a slight pause, while the Secretary typed away on her computer. “Here, Ill have a classmate of yours give you a tour. His name is Liam,” She says, looking at for a second. “Have a seat, he will be here shortly.”

You nod and sit down, it was silent for a little while, until she started small talk. Her name is Joan Adams. She has been married for 15 years, and she has been at that school for years, she actually enrolled here when she was my age.

Finally, after a few minutes, a guy comes into the room. You looked up at him, but stay seated. Unsure if he was just late.

“Awh, Liam! Nice to see you, that’s (Y/n). Would you mind giving her a tour around school before you go to your next class?” Mrs. Adams asks.

“I wouldn’t mind, have a nice day Mrs. Adams,” Liam restates, looking from her to you. “You ready to go?” He asks. You nod your head, gathering all of your stuff and standing up, following Liam out the door.

The two of you walk the hallways, having small chat here and there.

“So, how’s your day going?” He asks awkwardly. You bite the inside of your lip before answering.

“Good…” You answer quietly. You have always been good with talking to adult, but with other teenagers and strangers. The whole tour of the school was awkward, not really grasping the schools layout. But everything changed when you were exiting the empty Economics room and the door wouldn’t budge.

“Oh hold on,” Liam mutters, “This always get jammed.” He jiggled the lock aggressively. You stood behind him with a concerned. You watched his hands jiggle the door knob before it eventually broke off.

“Uhm, it broke…” Liam mumbles, looking down at the lock at his hands as he turns around and looks at you. You don’t really see this as a bad thing though, shockingly you start to laugh.  The slight chuckle rose from your mouth. Liam looks up and a chuckle rose from his mouth. It’s weird that you guys are laughing about being locked in a classroom, but it just happened.

You both stop laughing and look at each other. “I can call my friend, but classes just started so we might be in here for a little while.”

“Alright.” You say, louder than the last time you spoke to him. Liam texts his friend, Scott you think his name was. He replied but said he couldn’t get out of his class to help and that we might have to wait another half hour.

You both sit on the table in the middle of the room looking at the floor. Before Liam speaks up. “So, what’s your favorite color?” He asks.

You chuckle slightly, “(Y/F/C)”. The stupid question made you like him, that he actually broke the silence and spoke up, only to ask such a common question.

“Nice. How are you liking the school so far?” He questions.

“It’s alright, New. Much better than my old school.” It was, your old school was horrible. Not a good place if you actually wanted to learn. The teachers never really teached, there was bugs in some of the books, nasty.

After about  an hour of talking, laughing at his stupid jokes. You found out he was a really cool guy. He wasn’t that shy and actually made an effort to talk to you. Soon, his friend came in. Slamming through the door with ease. He introduced himself with a chuckle.

“Hey, I’m Scott, Liam’s friend.” He smiled

“HI, I’m (y/n). Im new.” You quietly respond.

For the rest of the school day, Liam showed you the rest of the school. But you were kinda happy you were stuck with him in the classroom. You learned he was a pretty nice guy. You wouldn’t mind getting stuck with him again.


This took soooooo lonnngg I am about to post a Stuart one. Everything will be posted by tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks yall for being cooperative. 


I’ve had the worst artist block for a few months now and I’m still setting up my new computer, but I felt bad these have been sitting in my inbox so I hope pencil sketches are okay for this. e_e;;

Please note that in the current canon, my brats are basically in college and would probably never meet Tammy’s kids. They might be in Inkopolis on the rare occasion and pass by each other, but that’s about it. For the sake of this post though, they’re more close in age and familiar with them.  

Anon A
: I thought about this for a while and I think the biggest standout would be that Mercy (a merciless ice queen) would likely have a small crush on Jonquil. Funny thing about Mercy is she prefers squids who’re opposite of her, especially ones who're a cute face that pack a punch. Unfortunately, it’d never go anywhere. Poor girl’s had a hard love life, and she believes giving her name to a flirt would be a waste of time.

As for the others? Saeko is very anti-social and wouldn’t care to meet them but her boyfriend Jian would probably like discussing sniper tactics with Clem and Logan and drag Saeko with him. As for Heart? Well… She’s always happy to flirt with the ladies. Lets keep her and Jonquil separated, as much as possible. e_e;;

Anon B: After the Angelo piece, I wondered about this as well. In the end though, I think Saeko would want nothing to do with the fellow Octoling. There’re two things Saeko can’t deal with: Octolings she can’t trust and small talk. …But if Tetrox were to wear a shirt that says something like, “DJ OCTAVIO’s MUSIC IS LAME!” then maybe something could get worked out. - v -

As for Angelo’s mask? I like to think Saeko got curious about it at first (old habits and loyalties die hard…) but she’d get over it quickly. Considering Tetrox wondered about it too? That probably made her want to avoid Angelo. : \

Jonquil and Tetrox belong to @tamarinfrog
Mercy and Saeko are mine.

Step by step, moment by moment.

One big (and, I think) hopeful piece of news for me - I’ve been diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea, and I decided to do some work on my room, in part to make way for the darth vader machine that’s going to be coming my way in the next couple of weeks.  While I am distinctly unthrilled about the mask, my desperate hope is that I can maybe, finally get restful sleep, and not feel, well, so fucking exhausted all the the fucking time.  Yeah, that.

The other thing I’ve really been wanting to do is get my computer out of my room.  Having it in there (as opposed to the craft room which is currently open to my daughter’s living space, which means I couldn’t use it at night) was an experiment, and I didn’t end up liking it all.  I decided that I wanted to create a little reading/lounging area in my room.  This also involved, because it’s me, a fair amount of cleaning/straightening, and really, just fucking FINISHING the laundry.

For example,

has been sitting behind my door for ages, it’s all clean, ready to go, it just hasn’t…gone.  Except now, it’s all done!

And where the computer was:

Is now the Big Green Chair!

Whenever I next get to Ikea, I’ll add a floor lamp in the corner and maybe an actual side table.  I think it’d look better angled out to the room, but the ottoman is pretty big, and I’m not sure it’ll fit.  I absolutely love that fucking chair - we got that very early in our marriage, along with a couch, and it’s the first real solid furniture I think I’d ever purchased.

And, general chaos

has been returned to order, pretty much.

That paper bag has things that I’m donating, and I really don’t know where to put them until they leave the house.  We cleaned out the basement and have created a kind of music zone down there, so that’s where my guitar went.

And lastly,

The computer’s new home!

From Anon Sue

Anon Sue sent a long message for everyone.  You can read it by clicking below.

Anon Sue - I love you lady.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!    I can’t say I agree with 100% of your comments but what I can say is that you are one classy lady. And I hope work gets better for you.  And I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.      xoxo

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