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aw man i have so many pets i have an all orange cat named mios he's super cuddly w me and i love him. then theres wrex who is my bros cat and hes all white and so good. then theres babs who is an orange and white cat who i found like maybe a year ago just randomly outside at 2 am shes a miracle baby and shes v afraid of everything but shes getting better and exploring things now! and finally i have pearl who is a teeny white mouse and shes v good and v old i have pics of all of them if u want em

NICE!!!! i have an orange cat too! they are the best. all ur cats sound like perfect lil sweethearts tho, i already love them. AND! you have a mouse thats so cool!!!! i love mice so much, also rats. and hell yea friend if theres any kind of pics im always up for receiving its pet pics!

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Do you ever get a little sad looking at old OS episode pics or promo art, etc. and realize that portion of the anime is long over and will never happen again? I look at some of the ep pics or advert promos you post and remember those scenes or episodes like it was only yesterday, then I remember the stuff you're posting originally came out around 18-20 years ago. Makes me feel old too. It's almost like looking back in time so to speak.

Sometimes, yeah.

You guys, I found a really fucking old photo of me and Kyle from when we were like, 18. Kyle actually had fucking facial hair at one time. It wasn’t a lot but he has a small goatee like thing on his face. This was like, when Kyle had that shitty razor phone back in 2004 and I found it looking through shit. I had no idea his old phone still worked. I’m gonna post it soon, I just gotta figure out how to get old pics onto our computer.

I was scrolling through old instagram pics today when I realized it’s almost been a year since I met my boyfriend. It blows my mind the relationship we’ve built up since then. I have never felt as happy, secure and validated as I do with him. I have never met such a kind and easygoing person as him. The night we met and realized we had so much in common, even though we were just haphazardly introduced by an insanely drunk mutual friend at a party, I had a pretty good feeling about where it was going to go, and I was so, so right.

I always feel comfortable telling him how I feel, in that I can gush about him without freaking him out and I can let him know if something is wrong. I have shared things with him (like my bisexuality) that I have been terrified to tell other people I’ve been with. He helped me conquer my monstrous fear of driving, talks me through many over-dramatic anxiety episodes, and is overall such a wonderful partner. I am so happy that he and his family have welcomed me into their lives. As #basic as this phrase is, I truly didn’t know what love was until Tanner.

I did not really think anyone would love me the way he does. I hope someday I can see myself in half the same light as he sees me, and I hope he already sees himself the way I see him. We have one more year until we get to move in together and it can’t come soon enough.