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Look at this old ass pic of me back in 2013. (Left) Now look at this pic of me currently. (Right) some things sure have changed.

Kelly Clarkson and her adorable daughter, River Rose, are always up to something! The 33-year-old singer has been teasing a mystery #NewProject on Instagram for days sharing several baby-themed videos and pics.  On Sunday, Clarkson debuted the cutest sort-of Super Bowl commercial never to air, featuring

Ah, I got to block a creepy old man porn blog and a young guy with a terrible selfie as his pic with no posts who tried to hit on me through messages today. My passion. My kink.

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Can we see some pics of your old hair colors? I've never seen it dyed!

Did I make that post saying how I’m remembered as the girl who had a bunch of different hair colors 😳
I thought I canceled it lol

itvnews: Investigation launched into funeral home 'stored bodies in dirty corridor next to old bike' …

itvnews: Investigation launched into funeral home ‘stored bodies in dirty corridor next to old bike’ …

— Sterling M Holmes (@STERLINGMHOLMES)

February 10, 2016

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February 09, 2016 at 11:32PM

Movie review:

The Grand Budapest Hotel 5/5

Yes yes I know! This movie was out in 2014, but it’s one of my all time favorite ones.

I watched it recently and man, every time I watch it I discover a new detail or a line that I haven’t heard before.
If you watch it, you’ll see how beautifully shot and detailed it is. Every detail in every shot is so beautiful. I mean each of the three timelines in the movie was shot with a different type of camera.

The set design, makeup and costumes are so perfect, it hurts me! (Tried to match them with my snapchat pic, it’s the only filter that really works for this)

Watch it.

There’s Ray Fiennes, an old Tilda Swinton(great makeup!) Mendl’s Bakery, a guy named zero, a jail, Arabian baths, boy with Apple painting, Jeff Goldblum as a lawyer, ITS A FUCKING WES ANDERSON MOVIE. Byeeeeee

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Shannon's "symbol" in the ban has always been a lightening bolt... His autograph is a bolt.. He use to have one in a necklace around his neck.,old or new it refers to him. That's why when you click on her IG link, in her about section when she says fuel not fashion, a lightening bolt is there with the skull and other things. I think it is a new pic. She also has an older on very similar.
Old pic

“Playmate” is Born

With our trails rapidly shrinking due to development, TRAKS members have been focusing their time and attention to re-open old trails that have fallen into disrepair, plus we are building additional features into them to add for more enjoyment for hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers.

The latest effort is “Playmate”. In general terms, it is above Plan C+/ Plan C Horse, and if you ride it from the arrows in the pic below, it will add another 1.4-km to your route, and give you just a wee bit of extra climbing! The exit point is the gate at Plan A.

You can also ride it from the other direction, though the first section coming from the gate at Plan A may be a little steep for some riders. Get through that, and you’ll still have a blast the rest of the way!

The reason we are calling it “Playmate” is because this opens up more opportunities to create fun for everyone. We plan to use the old “Rumpy Bumpy” to build drops/ jumps in either directions, and there are two areas below the power lines for people to build a pump track. For now, however, please stick to only Playmate to enable it to bed down.

You can find the track file here: Playmate Trail

If you don’t have a GPS, ride it in the next few weeks since the trail work is obvious; cangkul work to create three single track sections, leaves swept at junctions, and bushes cut back. As of this morning (10 Feb 2016) the trail is all clear.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding in a few surprises for people to play with, so stay tuned and enjoy the rebirth of this area.

Not all of the trail has been raked or completely pruned (yet). It will be in the coming days.

The entrance onto the second single track section

The middle of the second section (this pic and the next one)

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Ooook, it's an 3 1/2 year old pic Milli's posting 😂 What the flying fuck? Does she try to cope with her 💔? Aww, poor Inchie has never gotten anywhere with her #prettythoughts as her #truelove couldn't care less about her existance. Tbh, I would applaude her if she had ever managed to post a pic of 🐍 but, damn her, she is just as useless as ykw and ZFace 😖

*sits and waits*

Make me proud, Milli!