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Feeling a Bit Woozy Baby?(Pietro x Reader) Part 4/?

»Reader is very close with Pietro but when he is sedated and reduced to acting like a 3 year old she is forced to take care of him. This ensues food, entertainment,keeping him out of trouble, bathing and bed time. And to think the reader is being kept from a mission for this.«

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

A/N: Halooo \(°*°)/ i am here with part 4 , i know sorry no gif this time but look at that cute pic, its beautiful and it still does the job haha anyway thanks again for all the feedback i love love love seeing you guys fangirl so keep it coming. This is so fun to write too! So ill keep writing as long as u keep on wanting them lol well carry on reading now. - Until the next one! :3


‘ouuuch’ “Well then!!! Since when are you two a thing?!?! Also you should probably put some ice on that (Y/N).” Tony couldn’t have walked in at a worse moment. He could have seen you when you were eating sandwiches but nooo it had to be when you had accidentally fallen asleep on each other.

You were cupping your jaw with your hand while staring at Tony from eyes wide beyond belief. You felt like you had just been caught committing treason against SHIELD, your face felt hot and your heart was about to burst out of your chest. You just sat there for a few seconds dreading having to come up with a good explanation that didn’t sound like you and Pietro have been together behind everyone’s backs.

While you were panicking in your own head Pietro was just panicking in general. He looked at you terrified and it broke your heart. He looked like a little boy who’s afraid of thunder during a storm.

“ ‘mm sso so-orry i did n-not mmean to ” Pietro desperately apologized and you weren’t sure if he was apologizing for your jaw or for falling asleep on you. “No Pietro It’s oka-” You tried to calm him down a bit but Tony interrupted

“Yeah. Ice. Definitely. Now speak up love birds or ill send the picture of your little nap to everyone on the team, Nat would love it, as for your sister I’m not so sure.” Tony grinned waving his phone at you both tauntingly.

You closed your eyes trying to get your ideas straight. “Listen Tony. It’s not what you think.”

But this time Pietro interrupted.“No-Nothing hap-happened Tonny i ssswear! i-it is mmy fault i fell ‘sleep b-but itss not w-what it looks like!” Pietro was all worked up and flustered trying to convince Tony that it wasn’t what he was already very convinced of.

“Oh yeah Silverlocks? Not what it looks like? Okay then. (Y/N) why do you have a hickey.” Tony pointed at your neck and Pietro’s gaze followed.

“Why do i have a - I HAVE A HICKEY???!?!?!?” You looked at Pietro who had sat back down and was hiding his face in a sofa cushion.

“PIETRO???!?!??????????” You got your phone and turned on the camera to look for yourself.

“Geez shouldn’t you know?” Tony was starting to get on your nerves. You turned your head to look at your neck and lo and behold there was a light purple bruise on your neck and a red mark on your jaw where another bruise would form if left untreated. You put your phone down.

“Listen Tony i don’t know how this happened but you gotta believe me we weren’t and probably never will make out. Fury must have told you about Pietro’s state. He still has the sedative in his system so please just let me figure this out and take care of him, just delete that picture. Please.” You managed to sound composed while saying that, hoping Tony was in a merciful mood.

“Boy you just had to guilt trip me didn’t'cha? You’re no fun. Ok deal you take care of Quickstutter over there and I’ll delete the picture. But if you do end up together i get to tell everyone!” Tony said and left the room mumbling something about never getting to have fun.

You took let out the breath you were holding in with relief. At least you have one thing less to worry about. Now on to why in the world you have a hickey. “Pietro?” You said and he slowly lifted his head from the pillow with a guilty puppy look.

“Can you explain how this happened?” You asked him in a very nice calm voice. Pietro nodded slowly while still staring at the sofa cushion. He sucked in a breath and was about to explain but then stopped and remained silent. You were confused but when he looked up at you through his lashed you brain sort of clicked. “You don’t want to speak?” Pietro shook his head. “Is that why you hadn’t talked since you spoke at first today?” You were getting better at using the mommy voice you didn’t know you had. He didn’t respond.

“Can you write it down?” You asked pointing at a piece of paper that was on the coffee table. He shook his head no.

“Can you type?” You said taking out your phone again and offering it to him. He nodded and took your phone. When he was done he handed it back to you and lifted up the cushion so it hid the bottom half of his face.

You read: ‘i do that to myself in my sleep sometimes, the hickeys, usually my wrist, im verry sorry (Y/N), and im so so sorry i hit your jaw’

You brought your hand up to your neck and were thinking about how you would conceal it with make up when the thought of Pietro actually giving you a hickey crossed your mind and your ears went red at the fact that that actually happened. Pietro must have been thinking the same because now his whole face was behind the cushion.

“Pietro its…its fine, let’s just forget about it.” You said and he agreed but you both knew you that wasn’t gonna happen.

“It’s late, i have to take a shower an- Are you okay??” Pietro had his head in his hands. You kneeled in front of him so you could look at his face. “Piet are you okay, what’s wrong?” You said in a more serious tone.

Pietro closed his eyes tight and shook his head. His breathing was sped up.

“Are you lightheaded? Do you have a headache?” Pietro nodded.

“Both? Both. Okay c'mon.” You said pulling him up and guiding him to the bathroom in your room, that was the closest. While walking there you were looking at his arms and noticed two fading bruises that you hadn’t noticed before. One on his wrist and one on his bicep.

‘oh my god he actually did it in his sleep’ Your blushed, he probably never intended to let anyone know about that.

Once there, you made him sit on the toilet while you looked through the very assorted medicine cabinet.

You got out pain killers, and an instant ice pack for your jaw. Then you filled up a cup that was there with water and handed it to Pietro with the pills. He thankfully took them but he was still worked up so his breathing hadn’t slowed down. While holding the ice pack to your jaw you sat down next to him on the edge of the bathtub and spoke in the most relaxing tone you could muster.

“Pietro, sweetie, i need you to calm down, if you don’t slow down your breathing you are going to pass out. You are supposed to be getting better today not worse. Everything is fine now. Okay? Nothing actually happened. Now i need you to take slow deep breaths for me.”

Pietro started to do so and calm down and after a few minutes he was better.

“There, isn’t that much better?” You asked “No reason to panic.” You smiled

And he smiled back. You were glad to see that smile, he had scared you there for a second, so seeing him okay again made you breathe easier. You sat there in silence for a few seconds before you realized you were staring at each other and you both looked away embarrassed. “Well as i was saying before it’s getting late, i need to shower.” Pietro nodded and then you remembered. “…aand so do you….okay uh I’ll…I’ll go first then we figure out how to work out the rest.” You said standing up, Pietro following suit but stumbling off balance. Luckily you caught him. “Take it easy, don’t want you falling and breaking an arm or something.” You gently nudged him out the bathroom door.“Now go wait for me on the couch while i shower.” You almost didn’t close the door, he looked so sad to be kicked out.“Go on watch tv or something…be careful don’t trip on anything.”

You smiled and shut the door.


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- Tessa